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  • Análise das Demonstrações Financeiras - 2ª...

    Morante,Antonio Salvador

    Este livro tem como objetivo simplificar a arte de analisar balanços, ou analisar e interpretar mais rapidamente as demonstrações financeiras. Com o tempo, o autor aprendeu que, para interpretá-las, os profissionais precisavam dissecar muitas...

  • Plano Geral de Contabilidade Moçambique -...

    Editora Porto

    Plano Geral de Contabilidade Moçambique - Col. Legislação

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  • Plano Geral de Contabilidade Angola - Col....

    Editora Porto

    Plano Geral de Contabilidade Angola - Col. Legislação

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  • Sarbanes-Oxley For Dummies 2nd Edition


    You may not believe that there’s a fun and easy way to comply with Sarbanes –Oxley, but once you have Sarbanes-Oxley For Dummies, Second Edition in front of you, you’re sure to change your mind. This friendly guide gets you quickly up to speed with...

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  • Exercicios de Contabilidade Analítica


    Exercicios de Contabilidade Analítica

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  • IFRS Essentials

    Christian,; Christian,Dieter; L?denbach,Norbert; Ludenbach,Norbert

    Gain a deeper understanding of financial reporting under IFRS through clear explanations and extensive practical examples.IFRS can be a complex topic, and books on the subject often tackle its intricacies through dense explanation across thousands of...

  • Financial Accounting

    Kimmel,Paul D; Weygandt,Jerry J; Kieso,Donald E

    Financial Accounting

  • Intermediate Accounting

    Kieso,Donald E.; Weygandt,Jerry J.; Warfield,Terry D.

    The new, enhanced edition of a standard text includes substantial new content and new pedagogical features. Coverage begins with a chapter on financial accounting and accounting standards and continues through 24 chapters covering such topics as...

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  • Management Accounting


    Management Accounting

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  • Management Accounting

    "bhimani,Al; Bromwich, Michael"

    This book is part of the celebrations to mark CIMA’s 90th anniversary in 2009. It looks at the development of cost and management accounting from the founding of the Institute to today. It considers a number of immediate challenges to management...

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  • Managerial Accounting

    Balakrishnan,Ramji; Sivaramakrishnan,Konduru; Sprinkle,Geoff

    Balakrishnan's 'Managerial Accounting' 2nd edition presents accounting information in the context of a unifying problem-solving framework that shows students the why behind the what and how. Through the framework, students begin to understand the...

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  • Managerial Accounting


    This text is an unbound, binder-ready edition. Recognizing that most students will pursue careers as managers, not accountants, Managerial Accounting, 5th edition by James Jiambalvo is designed to teach the fundamental ideas of managerial accounting...

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  • Ifrs Conversion

    Marshall,Ken; Steve Arnold

    A required guide for every company facing IFRS conversionThe US is moving to IFRS. Today, the burning questions have little to do with specific regulations or laws, but focus instead on the challenges of converting a corporate reporting system from...

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  • A Good Home For Every Wage-Earner (Classic...


    Excerpt from A Good Home for Every Wage-Earner Then, housing is, of course, closely related to the build ing interests, materials of construction, and the loss by depreciation and fire. It Is affected directly by policies with regard to land and...

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  • The Finance Acts Of 1915 An Annotated Reprint...


    Excerpt from The Finance Acts of 1915 an Annotated Reprint of the Income Tax Provisions of the New Acts S. 12 Increase of Rates s. 13 Diminished Incomes finance act, 1915 3. IO Increase of Rates 11 - 14 Assurance Companies s. 15 Foreign Assurance...

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  • International Gaap 2015

    Ernst & Young Llp

    International GAAP 2015: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Under International Financial Reporting Standards.IFRSs, the standards set by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), are complex and sometimes obscure. Understanding...

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  • The Mining Magazine, Vol. 4 - From January To...

    Rickard,Thomas Arthur

    Excerpt from The Mining Magazine, Vol. 4: From January to June, 1911 T IS known that in the Pleistocene period much of the northern hemisphere was covered with ice, and that parts of Europe now mild and fertile were then frost-bound. In other words,...

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  • International Taxation Handbook


    International taxation is evolving in response to globalization, capital mobility, and the increased trade in services, and introduces international tax practitioner, student and researcher to the theory, practice, and international examples of the...

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  • Financial Accounting Demystified

    Berry,Leonard Eugene

    The simple solution to complex accounting You don't need a genius IQ to ace your financial accounting curriculum. The only prerequisites are a little discipline and a comprehensive tutorial devoid of confusing jargon. Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD...

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  • Advances In Accounting


    The series focuses on the academic and theoretical side of the profession in the areas of financial accounting, accounting education and auditing. The articles range from empirical, to analytical, to the development of new technologies.

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  • Accounting Best Practices

    Bragg,Steven M.

    Accounting Best Practices, Sixth Edition includes 90 new best practices. These new best practices are included in the chapters on Treasury Management, Billing Best Practices, in the new chapter on Credit, the new chapter on Collections, revised...

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  • Accounting For Improvement


    Accounting for Improvement offers concrete and constructive demonstrations of the possibilities of designing participative forms of organization. Field experiment cases illustrate how the operational level can assume a new significance in...

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  • Advances In Accounting


    This series focuses on the academic and theoretical side of the profession in the areas of financial accounting, accounting education and auditing. Articles range from empirical and analytical, to the development of new technologies.

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  • Corporate Financial Strategy

    Ward,Keith; Bender,Ruth

    The third edition of this popular and practical textbook illustrates how Financial strategy can add value to the overall competitive strategy of an organization. With updated real company case studies and Working Insight sections Coporate Financial...

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  • Understanding Balance Sheets

    Friedlob,George Thomas; Friedlob,G Thomas; Plewa,Franklin J

    From cash flow to ROI, budgeting to income statements, this essential reference source enables financial managers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons to learn the basics of the balance sheet and beyond--quickly, easily...

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  • Lei do Contrato Seguro, a

    Martinez,Pedro Romano

    Publica-se neste livro o texto do novo regime jurídico do contrato de seguro, também designado por «Lei do Contrato de Seguro», em vigor após 1 de Janeiro de 2009.Resultante de uma aturada reforma do regime do contrato de seguro existente...

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  • A Bulletin On The Condition Of The County,...

    Ellwood, Charles Abram

    Excerpt from A Bulletin on the Condition of the County, Almshouses of Missouri It is universally recognized by those who have studied almshouse administration that the almshouse is not fitted to care for those classes of dependents who require...

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  • Ideas On A Decision-Information System For...

    Urban, Glen L

    Excerpt from Ideas on a Decision-Information System for Family Planning: June 1969 Probably the greatest problem facing developing countries is how to control their population growth. This population problem has basically resulted from the use of...

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  • Uniform Crime Reports, Vol. 18 - For The...


    Excerpt from Uniform Crime Reports, Vol. 18: For the United States and Its Possessions J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U. S. Department of Justice, Washington, D. C. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds...

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  • Uniform Crime Reports For The United States,...

    Investigation, Federal Bureau of

    Excerpt from Uniform Crime Reports for the United States, Vol. 28: Semiannual Bulletin, 1957 J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U. S. Department of Justice, Washington, D. C. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes...

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  • A Model For The Management Of A Family...

    Urban, Glen L

    Excerpt from A Model for the Management of a Family Planning System: 613 72 From a macro point of view, the question in population is What should the population growth rate be? Growth rates in the u.s.a. In the last five years imply our population...

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  • Dispute Resolution And The Transformation Of...

    Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Joel

    Excerpt from Dispute Resolution and the Transformation of U. S. Industrial Relations: A Negotiations Perspective The industry has been heavily unionized by one dominant union, the United Paper Workers, and remains heavily unionized. The primary...

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  • Expenses At Harvard - An Address By Professor...

    Palmer, George Herbert

    Excerpt from Expenses at Harvard: An Address by Professor George Herbert Palmer Before Harvard Graduates, Commencement Day, 1887 HE subject of college expenses has been much debated lately. At our Commencement dinner, a year ago, attention was called...

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  • Environmental Planning For Offshore Oil And...


    Excerpt from Environmental Planning for Offshore Oil and Gas, Vol. 3: Effects on Living Resources and Habitats This report provides basic information for advance assessment of the effects of outer continental shelf oil and gas recovery on fish and...

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  • Recreation And Delinquency - A Study Of Five...

    Shanas, Ethel

    Excerpt from Recreation and Delinquency: A Study of Five Selected Chicago Communities, Made for the Chicago Recreation Commission Participation of Ten to seventeen-year-old Boys in Supervised and Unsupervised Play in the South Chicago Area of Chicago...

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  • Applied Mergers And Acquisitions

    Bruner,Robert F.

    A comprehensive guide to the world of mergers and acquisitionsWhy do so many M&A transactions fail? And what drives the success of those deals that are consummated? Robert Bruner explains that M&A can be understood as a response by managers to forces...

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  • Essentials Of Shared Services

    Bergeron,Bryan P.

    What works, why it works, and how to evaluate a shared services program Shared services, a form of 'internal outsourcing,' enables corporations to achieve economies of scale by creating a separate entity within the company to perform specific...

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  • Research Methods In Accounting


    Designed specifically for accounting students and researchers, Research Methods in Accounting is a unique text used by over 10,000 students that provides a thorough understanding of the research process. Using practical and real life examples from...

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  • Twenty-Seventh Report To The Legislature Of...

    Warner, Oliver

    Excerpt from Twenty-Seventh Report to the Legislature of Massachusetts, Relating to the Registry and Return of Births, Marriages, and Deaths in the Commonwealth, for the Year Ending December 31, 1868 Births. Number for seventeen years Table, Comments...

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  • Eighteenth Report To The Legislature Of...

    Warner, Oliver

    Excerpt from Eighteenth Report to the Legislature of Massachusetts Relating to the Registry and Return of Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Commonwealth: For the Year Ending December 31, 1859 In compliance with the law relating to the Registry and...

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  • The Third Winter Of Unemployment - The Report...


    Excerpt from The Third Winter of Unemployment: The Report of an Enquiry Undertaken in the Autumn of 1922 IN the following pages are summarised the results of a study of the unemployment problem undertaken by us in August and September of the present...

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  • Twenty-Third Report To The Legislature Of...


    Excerpt from Twenty-Third Report to the Legislature of Massachusetts, Relating to the Registry and Return of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, in the Commonwealth: For the Year Ending December 31, 1864 Comparison with the average for five years, Natural...

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  • Financial Planning Using Excel


    This book covers all aspects of budget preparation, from designing and creating a budgetary control system, consolidating data and working with spreadsheets. Now fully updated to include the latest version of Excel, Excel 2007 and for easy budgeting...

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  • Pulp And News-Print Paper Industry - Message...


    Excerpt from Pulp and News-Print Paper Industry: Message From the President of the United States, Transmitting a Report by the Tariff Board, Relative to Pulp and News-Print Paper Industry; May 17, 1911 I have the honor to present herewith a report of...

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