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  • Cut-Through Board Book Old Macdonald Had A...

    Ede, Lara

    The well-known rhyme Old Macdonald Had a Farm gets a funny twist in this sweet board book. Charming illustrations show Old Macdonald doing jobs on the farm. As children turn each page, cut-through windows reveal what the animals get up to without the...

  • e-book

    História de Uma Década Quase Perdida - Pt,...

    Almeida,Gelsom Rozentino de

    Os anos 80 foram uma década perdida? Esta tese é colocada em xeque ao longo da obra de Gelsom Rozentino. Com escrita agradável e de fácil leitura, enfrenta problemas cruciais da história do Brasil recente. O autor consegue interrogar este debate sem...

  • Wasteland 2 - Director's Cut - PS4



    Wasteland 2 é um RPG de estratégia que coloca o jogador em combates táticos por turnos, proporciona desenvolvimento de personagem aos moldes dos RPGs, e apresenta escolhas significativas que afetam a história e os personagens. É a continuação direta...

  • Cut


    The latest addition to the Dark Horse horror line is this chilling original graphic novel from writer and publisher Mike Richardson (The Secret, Cravan). Twentysomething Meagan Walters regains consciousness and finds herself locked in an empty room...

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  • Deus Ex - Human Revolution - Director's Cut -...


    A batalha para controlar a evolução provoca uma revolução neste shooter futurista, onde a cibernética, biotecnologia, nanotecnologia e outras pesquisas no aprimoramento do corpo humano são as novas drogas. O protagonista é Adam Jensen, um...

  • Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams - Directors...


    Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director's Cut é um jogo de plataforma com ritmo rápido e cheio de surpresas. Passe por fases repletas de desafios e transforme o mundo inteiro como quiser neste jogo premiado.Você vai adorar a combinação única de...

  • e-book

    The Cut and the Building of Psychoanalysis -...

    Carlo Bonomi

    The Cut and the Building of Psychoanalysis Volume II explores how the unformulated trauma associated with surgery performed on Emma Eckstein'apos;s genitalia, and the hallucinations that Eckstein experienced, influenced Freud'apos;s self-analysis,...

  • Cut & Assemble An Early American Seaport -...

    Smith,A G

    Relive the excitement and bustle of life in an early New England seaport, where men unloaded barrels of whale oil from waiting boats, the smell of freshly caught clams cut through the salty air, and the bell of a distant lighthouse tolled a...

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  • e-book

    Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video


    Learn how skilled editors can turn raw footage into polished art for film, television, or web. With practical project guidelines and advice on organizing digital and film cutting rooms, and much more.

  • e-book

    Cut-Pieces - Celluloid Obscenity and Popular...

    Lotte Hoek

    Imagine watching an action film in a small-town cinema hall in Bangladesh, and in between the gun battles and fistfights, a short pornographic clip appears. This is known as a cut-piece, a strip of locally made celluloid pornography surreptitiously...

  • e-book

    Cut by Cut - Editing Your Film or Video


    This second edition of Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video covers the current landscape of postproduction process, taking the reader step by step through the editor's journey from receiving dailies to delivering on film, tape, file, or disk for...

  • Cut & Assemble Victorian Cottage - An...

    Gillon, Edmund V

    This marvelous replica of a typical Victorian cottage, selected from an 1880 sourcebook of residential designs for prospective home builders, recreates a Queen Anne-style residence. Hardly a 'cottage' in the modern sense, this type of house was...

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  • Cut


    From National Book Award finalist Patricia McCormick, a new look for her debut novel, which THE BOSTON GLOBE called 'Riveting and hopeful, sweet, heartbreaking.' A tingle arced across my scalp. The floor tipped up at me and my body spiraled away....

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  • Cut & Assemble The Capitol Building - An...


    The country's finest example of Federalist architecture, the U. S. Capitol Building represents a triumph of Neoclassical design. Inspired by the great buildings of ancient Rome, the Capitol also follows the architectural styles of England and France....

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  • Cut Up This Book! - Step-by-step Instruction...


    Cut Up This Book! - Step-by-step Instruction For Artworks, Greeting Cards, Keepsakes, And More

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  • Cut & Assemble Icosahedra - Twelve Models In...


    When studying solid geometry, there is no substitute for holding a model in your hands, and this fun but challenging book offers that very opportunity. Twelvecut-and-assemble models of icosahedra offer children and professional mathematicians alike a...

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  • Cut & Assemble Haunted House


    A deliciously creepy Victorian mansion is loaded with spooky fun, inside and out!Enter an eerie world with this cut-and-assemble model, which allows you to see both sides of a haunted house. One side features the exterior of a tall, narrow home with...

  • Cut & Color Things That Go


    Every page of this exciting activity book promises an adventure-packed trip on land, sea, or air. Coloring media, scissors, paste, and paper clips are the only tickets you'll need to go places.You can fly high in a colorful hot air balloon, an...

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  • Cut & Assemble Santa's Workshop


    Get ready for Christmas with a fun-filled project that not only offers a holiday activity for the whole family but also makes a charming keepsake decoration. One side of this festive model looks like a traditional cut-and-assemble building and the...

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  • Cut & Assemble A Medieval Castle - A...

    Smith,A. G.

    Cut & Assemble A Medieval Castle - A Full-Color Model Of Caernarvon Castle In Wales

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  • Cut & Color My Fun Furniture


    If you love rearranging furniture, you'll have a grand time with this creative activity book. With some simple coloring, cutting, and folding, you can fill a make-believe house with 28 different types of home furnishings from a bed covered in a...

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  • Cut-Paper Flower Stickers


    Create your own dainty bouquets of floral favorites with the whimsical images in this colorful sticker collection. Twenty-four full-color, peel-and-apply illustrations, featuring the popular and decorative cut-paper look, depict a Black-eyed Susan,...

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  • Cut & Color Paper Dolls - Maria And Megan


    These two very 'now' little girls love wearing the latest fashions -- perfect for school, dance classes, the beach, play dates, and sleepovers.Dress Maria and Megan in the latest clothing styles and add accessories that include hats, lunchboxes, and...

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  • Cut & Assemble Paper Airplanes That Fly


    Cut & Assemble Paper Airplanes That Fly

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  • Cut & Assemble An Old-Fashioned Train In Full...

    Smith,A. G.

    Relive the exciting days of the 'iron horse' with this meticulously rendered model of an old-fashioned, steam-driven train. Authentically recreated by noted author and paper engineer A.G. Smith, this ready-to-be-assembled, three-dimensional facsimile...

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  • Cut And Fold Paper Spaceships That Fly


    Cut And Fold Paper Spaceships That Fly

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  • Cut And Make A Human Skeleton

    Smith,A. G.

    Create your own three-dimensional paper model of the human skeleton with this exciting and educational activity book. Easy to assemble, the finished model stands 16 1/2 inches tall and offers an accurate representation of the complete skeletal...

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  • e-book

    Cut - A Medical Murder Mystery

    Peele,Amy S.

    A well-respected transplant nurse and her best friend meet the corrupt world of organ transplants in a wild roller coaster ride through lifestyles of the rich and famous.

  • e-book

    Cut Throat Mafia

    Johnson,Derrick PhD

    In a country known for its underground criminal organizations, no state in America more so deserved the titled of the city of"Cut Throats". Cleveland, Ohio is the birthplace of many things, but more infamous the growth and development of the...

  • e-book

    Cut Loose

    Lucy Chesser

    Ethan is 14 and running wild. This is Sumatra, Indonesia. Land of jungles and volcanoes. And heart-stopping traffic and cheap beer and clove cigarettes. The rules from home don’t seem to apply here and Ethan’s having a ball. Ethan’s party is Jon’s...

  • e-book

    Cut to the Chase - A Hollis Grant Mystery


    Danson Lafleur'apos;s been on a crusade to investigate deported criminals who return undetected to Canada, and now he'apos;s missing. Can he be the unidentified man in the morgue? Danson'apos;s desperate sister pleads with artist and amateur sleuth...

  • e-book

    Cut to the Quick - Julian Kestrel #1


    Julian Kestrel is the walking definition of a Regency-era dandy. He cares about little beyond the perfection of his tailoring, he lives for the bon mot, and his life has the specific gravity and the fleeting charm of a soap-bubble. At least that's...

  • e-book

    Cut to the Bone


    Jefferson Bass’s Cut to the Bone, the long-awaited prequel to his New York Times bestselling mystery series, turns the clock back to reveal the Body Farm's creation—and Dr. Bill Brockton's deadly duel with a serial killer.In the summer of 1992,...

  • e-book

    Cut, Crop& Die

    Slan,Joanna Campbell

    Acclaim for Paper, Scissors, Death, the first Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft Mystery: An Agatha Award Finalist! 'quot;A well-turned cozy with loads of scrapbooking tips.'quot;—Kirkus 'quot;Settle in for a fast-paced adventure . ....

  • e-book

    Cut to the Bone - A Hollis Grant Mystery


    In the fourth Hollis Grant mystery, Hollis investigates disappearances and murders at her apartment building and discovers connections to missing Native women. She again crosses swords with detective Rhona Simpson as they run parallel and often...

  • e-book

    Cut Short


    'apos;UNMISSABLE'apos; - LEE CHILD * 'apos;COMPELLING'apos; - PETER JAMES * 'apos;BRILLIANT'apos; - JEFFREY DEAVERShortlisted for the CWA New Blood DaggerWill DI Geraldine Steel become a serial killer'apos;s ultimate trophy?When DI Geraldine Steel...

  • e-book

    Cut Off His Tale - A Hollis Grant Mystery


    The starter'apos;s gun explodes, and Hollis Grant excitedly begins her first marathon, only to stumble over a body lying in the road, the body of the Reverend Paul Robertson, her soon-to-be ex-husband. When the crush of runners passes and the medics...

  • e-book

    Cut Short


    In the tradition of Ruth Rendell, Lynda La Plante, Frances Fyfield, and Barbara Vine, Cut Short is a gripping psychological thriller that introduces Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel, a woman whose past is threatening to collide with her...

  • e-book

    Cut to the Chase - A Hollis Grant Mystery


    Danson Lafleur'apos;s been on a crusade to investigate deported criminals who return undetected to Canada, and now he'apos;s missing. Can he be the unidentified man in the morgue? Danson'apos;s desperate sister pleads with artist and amateur sleuth...

  • Cut and Make Gi Paper Soldiers

    Smith,A. G.

    Cut and Make Gi Paper Soldiers

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  • Cut & Assemble Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie...


    Cut & Assemble Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House

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  • Cut and Run

    Abbott, Jeff

    When the mother who abandoned him years earlier to pursue a life of crime is framed for murder and the target of a ruthless Houston crime cartel, Judge Whit Mosley delves into a deadly world of betrayal, corruption, and greed, where he defies the...

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  • Cut to the Heart

    Day,Ava Dianne

    Inspired by the true heroism of legendary nurse Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, award-winning author Ava Dianne Day weaves a suspenseful blend of fact and fiction in a gripping historical thriller set against the violent upheavals of...

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  • Cut And Run


    When the mob steals the master witness protection list from the Justice Department, agent Roland Larson finds himself torn between protecting Hope Stevens, the witness he loves, and recovering the list before thousands are put in jeopardy.

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