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  • e-book

    Dark house


    Há sempre algo fora do normal em Perry Palomina. Embora ela esteja vivendo uma crise ao passar pela síndrome pós-faculdade, assim como qualquer garota de vinte e poucos anos, ela não é o que chamaríamos de comum. Perry possui um passado que prefere...

  • e-book

    The Dark Net

    Jamie Bartlett

    Beyond the familiar online world that most of us inhabit lies a vast network of sites, communities and cultures where freedom is pushed to its limits. A world that is as creative and complex as it is dangerous and disturbing. A world that is much...

  • The Witcher 1 - House Of Glass


    Travelling near the edge of the Brokilon forest, monster hunter Geralt meets a widowed fisherman who's dead and murderous wife resides in a eerie mansion known as the House of Glass, which seems to have endless rooms, nothing to fill them with, and...

  • House Of Night Legacy


    Until recently, Zoey Redbird was an average high-school student worrying about grades, boys, and breakouts. But priorities have a way of changing when you're Marked as a vampyre, enroll in the vampyre academy House of Night, and have to figure out a...

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  • e-book

    Dark Blue - Color Me Lonely

    Carlson, Melody

    Kara Hendricks and Jordan Ferguson have been best friends since kindergarten. That is until Jordan started hanging out with a new “cool” crowd and decided Kara was a popularity liability. Devastated, Kara feels betrayed and abandoned by everyone—even...

  • Dark Places


    Libby Day was seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered in “The Satan Sacrifice' of Kinnakee, Kansas.” She survived - and famously testified that her fifteen-year-old brother, Ben, was the killer. Twenty-five years later, the Kill Club - a...

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  • His Dark Materials

    Pullman, Philip

    His Dark Materials

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  • e-book

    A Dark and Twisted Tide - Lacey Flint Series,...

    Bolton, Sharon

    'apos;Bolton is a gripping storyteller, with fine, haunted characters'apos; PETER JAMES Police sergeant Lacey Flint thinks she'apos;s safe. She thinks her new job with the river police, and her new life on a house boat, will keep her away from...

  • House Of Gold & Bones

    Taylor, Corey

    In a nightmarish world, the Human finds himself at a crossroads as wild adventure ensues and he's thrust into a morphing landscape of rolling hills, dense forest, and an ominous Crimson City. Chased by a crazed mob and mysterious characters neither...

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  • e-book

    Summoning, The - A Supernatural Dark Fantasy

    F.G. Cottam

    When student Adam Parker unearths a mysterious metal artefact during an archaeological dig in a Scottish forest, his life changes forever. For Adam has been summoned to fulfil his destiny, playing his part in an epic battle for supremacy that has...

  • e-book

    Dark Run


    The Keiko is a ship of smugglers, soldiers of fortune and adventurers, travelling Earth'apos;s colony planets searching for the next job. And nobody talks about their past.But when a face from Captain Ichabod Drift'apos;s former life send them on a...

  • e-book

    Dark Side

    Duffy, Margaret

    When a dangerous criminal who once attacked Patrick Gillard and Ingrid Langley's friend DCI James Carrick is released from prison and then murdered, Carrick quickly becomes the prime suspect. Ingrid and Patrick take up the case, but how far will...

  • e-book

    Dark Lady


    Jennie Jerome was a controversial American society girl and mother of Britain'apos;s most revered statesman, Winston Churchill. A single-minded and dynamic woman she was an early feminist, advocate of Irish independence, and, above all, was notorious...

  • e-book

    Dark Waters


    When Milt Kovak wins a seven-day cruise for four to Puerto Rico, he takes his family - wife Jean and son, Johnny Mac, plus Johnny Mac'apos;s best friend, Early Rollins. It'apos;s spring break and the ship is running over with children - and they...

  • e-book

    The Dark House A Knot Unravelled

    George Manville Fenn
    (3373453) present you this new edition. Mr Preenham, the butler, stood by the table in the gloomy servants' hall, as if he had received a shock.

  • e-book

    Dark Sky


    For the crew of the Keiko, their stay at the Grand House casino on New Samara was supposed to be a well-deserved rest. It didn'apos;t last.Captain Ichabod Drift promised that the side-trip to the mining planet Uragan would be a quick in and out - a...

  • e-book

    Dark Possession

    Goodman, Carol

    How far would you go for love?Callie McFay is about to cross worlds and time...Fairwick used to be populated by all manner of magical creatures but when a cabal of witches forced the closure of the last door to Fairie, the townsfolk had to choose...

  • e-book

    Dark Touch

    Johnson, Debbie

    It'apos;s not easy finding out you'apos;re a Goddess. For Lily McCain, the move from local music journalist to being the incarnation of Mabe, Mother of Mortals was a surprise to say the least.Thrust into a game of gods and monsters, the rules of...

  • e-book

    Dark Entry

    Trow, M.J.

    First in the thrilling new Kit Marlowe historical mystery series - Cambridge, 1583. About to graduate from Corpus Christi, the young Christopher Marlowe spends his days studying and his nights carousing with old friends. But when one of them is...

  • e-book

    Dark Enchantment

    Ashbless, Janine

    Dark, sexy and erotic paranormal romance...Janine Ashbless brings you more breathtaking tales of lust and magic, dark fantasy and even darker desires. An unearthly stranger who pursues a newlywed on her Mediterranean holiday, an opera production...

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  • e-book

    Dark Omens

    Rowe, Rosemary

    Libertus accepts a contract to install a pavement for Genialis, a self-important citizen from a nearby town, in the house of the customer'apos;s intended but unwilling and young bride, Silvia. However, the winter is exceptionally severe, and although...

  • e-book

    Dark Obsession


    Scandal and mischief in the aristocracy - a classic romp from Fredrica AlleynAmbitious young interior designer Annabel Moss is delighted when a new assignment takes her to Leyton hall - home of the very wealthy Lord and Lady Corbett-Wynne. But the...

  • e-book

    Dark Vision

    Johnson, Debbie

    Lily McCain is cursed.With just one touch she can see a person'apos;s future, whether it'apos;s a good fortune or a terrible fate. Afraid of the potent visions she foresees, she distances herself from the world, succumbing to a life of solitude.But...

  • e-book

    The Dark House

    Georg Manville Fenn

    An extremely wealthy but reclusive man has died, leaving an eccentric will which hints at great riches hidden somewhere in the house. Most of the people at the reading of the will did not know the deceased in person, but had received kindnesses from...

  • e-book

    The Dark House

    I.A.R. Wylie

    Robert Stonehouse's mother disappeared, and they said she was dead. But late at night the door to his room would open, and there his mother would stand, stern and wonderful, on the threshold of his darkened room -- until his adoration became an agony...

  • e-book

    Dark Desires

    Rey, Maria Del

    Sexual diversity is the hallmark of Maria del Rey'apos;s work. Here, for the first time in one volume, is a collection of her kinkiest stories - each one striking in its originality - with settings to suit all tastes. Fetishists, submissives and...

  • e-book

    Dark Designs

    Ellis, Madelynne

    Remy Davies is under pressure, as the designer for an opulent gothic wedding. There's the over-stressed bride, a trinity of vampire-obsessed bridesmaids, a wayward groom, and then there's the best man . . . Silk looks like he's been drawn by a manga...

  • e-book

    Dark Angel - Anders Knutas series 6


    Family ties can bind dangerously tightViktor Algard was in love. Reckless in the grip of passion, he left his wife and grown-up children to be with his new lover. His last act was a celebratory drink at a glamorous party . . .Inspector Anders Knutas...

  • e-book

    Dark Lies the Island

    Barry, Kevin

    Winner of the Sunday Times short story prizeWinner of the Edge Hill short story prizeA kiss that just won'apos;t happen. A disco at the end of the world. A teenage goth on a terror mission. And OAP kiddie-snatchers, and scouse real-ale enthusiasts,...

  • e-book

    Dark As My Heart

    Tuomainen, Antti

    The latest thriller from the 'apos;King of Helsinki Noir'apos; and award-winning author of The Healer, Antti TuomainenAleksi lost his mother on a rainy October day when he was thirteen years old. Twenty years later, he is certain that he knows...

  • e-book

    Dark Times in the City

    Kerrigan, Gene

    Danny Callaghan is just out of jail and enjoying a quiet drink in a Dublin pub when two men walk in with guns. On impulse, he intervenes to rescue the intended victim, petty criminal Walter Bennett, and finds himself dragged into Dublin'apos;s murky...

  • e-book

    Dark Delights

    Rey, Maria Del

    In this anthology of short stories Maria Del Ray once more demonstrates her love of the bizarre and the power of her erotic imagination. Superbly written, original and highly arousing, this collection revels in the forbidden, taking the reader on an...

  • e-book

    Dark Lady

    Spencer, Sally

    The night after the mysterious appearance of the legendary Dark Lady on the road outside Westbury Park, a German efficiency expert, Gerhard Schultz, is found battered to death in the woods and Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend is faced with his most...

  • e-book

    Dark Heart


    Richard and Robin Mariner are thrust into danger as they enter the dark heart of West Africa . . . - Having helped the President of a powerful West African nation take control of the country, Richard and Robin Mariner are now among a select group of...

  • e-book

    Dark and Stormy Night, A


    The new 'Dorothy Martin' mystery - When Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, are invited to a country house weekend, they expect nothing more explosive than the Guy Fawkes fireworks. Having read every Agatha Christie...

  • e-book

    Dark. Sweet. - New& Selected Poems

    Hogan, Linda

    Clear-eyed, soaring poems capture our intimacy with the natural world and represent best of the Pulitzer and NBCC finalist'apos;s career.

  • e-book

    Dark Secret Love - A Story of Submission

    Tyler, Alison

    'apos;I knew what I wanted - Someone who wouldn'apos;t laugh or scowl or turn away in disgust when I confessed my darkest fantasies. Someone who had a brush, and a belt, and a set of cuffs and was not afraid to use them.'apos; Based on the...

  • e-book

    Dark Palace, The - Murder and mystery in...


    April, 1914. The premiere of notorious Austrian director Konrad Waechter's new film is interrupted by the screams of a woman in the street outside. She has been viciously mutilated in a horrific act of violence which eerily echoes a macabre act of...

  • His Dark Materials

    Pullman, Philip

    His Dark Materials

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    House of Dark Pleasure - Gothic Erotica


    Welcome to Romily Manor!Bizarre Erotic Novel with a Gothic Feel and Atmosphere. A creepy, sex-filled Gothic soap opera where the heroine, Heather, often seems very willing to take part in the sexual encounters that come along!Little did Heather know...

  • e-book

    In a Dark House

    Crombie, Deborah

    An abandoned Southwark warehouse burns next door to a women's shelter for victims of spousal abuse. Within it lies the charred corpse of a female body burned beyond all recognition. At the same time, workers at Guy's Hospital anxiously discuss the...

  • e-book

    The Dark Side of The Road - A country house...

    Green, Simon R.

    Ishmael Jones can't afford to be noticed. He's employed to search out secrets and shine a light in dark places. Sometimes he kills people. Invited by his employer, the enigmatic Colonel, to join him and his family for Christmas, Ishmael arrives at...

  • e-book

    A Dark Enchantment

    Vernon, Roland

    Greece, 1869Godwin Tudor, a young English photographer recently arrived in Athens, is intrigued by the mysterious and maverick British landowner Edgar Brooke, whose vast estate dominates the island of Pyroxenia.Whilst visiting Brooke'apos;s remote...

  • e-book

    Light in a Dark House

    Bell, Anthea; Wagner, Jan Costin

    Finnish detective Kimmo Joentaa is called to the local hospital in which his young wife died several years before. An unidentified woman in a coma has been murdered by someone who wept over the body, their tears staining the sheets around her. The...

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