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  • A Mágica de Pensar Grande

    Schwartz,David Joseph

    Milhares de pessoas conseguiram prosperar graças às técnicas ensinadas por David J. Schwartz, um dos maiores especialistas em motivação do mundo. Em cada capítulo deste livro você encontrará princípios que lhe possibilitarão dominar e direcionar o...

  • Schwartz's Principles Of Surgery - 10th...

    Schwartz,Seymour I.; Pollock, Raphael E., M.D.; Billiar,Timothy R.; Ashley, Philip; Hunter,John G., M.D.; Brunicardi,F. Charles, M.D.; Dunn,David L.; Anderson,Dana K.

    The Tenth Edition of Schwartz's Principles of Surgery maintains the book's unmatched coverage of the foundations of surgery while bringing into sharper focus new and emerging technologies. We have entered a new era of surgery in which minimally...

  • Schwartz's Principles of Surgery - 8th...

    Schwartz,Seymour I.; Pollock, Raphael E., M.D.; Billiar,Timothy R.; Ashley,Philip; Hunter,John G., M.D.; Brunicardi,F. Charles, M.D.; Dunn,David L.; Anderson,Dana K.

    Schwartz's Principles of Surgery - 8th Edition

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  • A Mágica de Pensar Grande

    Schwartz,David Joseph

    Em 'A Mágica de Pensar Grande', o leitor encontra um conjunto de métodos e técnicas originais que vão ajudá-lo a adquirir confiança, estabilidade e desembaraço para ir ao encontro daquilo que sempre sonhou: um padrão de vida excelente, um bom...

  • A Magica do Sucesso

    Schwartz,David Joseph

    A Magica do Sucesso

  • Millions to Measure

    Schwartz,David M.; Kellogg,Steven

    Marvelosissimo the Magician explains the development of standard units of measure, and shows the simplicity of calculating length, height, weight, and volume using the metric system.

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  • In the Forest

    Schwartz,David M.; Kuhn,Dwight

    In the Forest

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  • If You Hopped Like A Frog

    Schwartz,David M.; Warhola,James

    Did you know that a frog can jump 20 times its body length? Or that an ant can lift an object 50 times its own weight? By applying these ratios and proportions to their own bodies, readers will discover what they could do if they had the amazing...

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  • How Much Is a Million?

    Schwartz,David M.; Kellogg,Steven

    Mathematician David M. Schwartz and illustrator Steven Kellog join forces to knock complex numbers down to size, with some help from Mavelossissimo the Mathematical Magician. It's a math class you'll never forget.

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  • e-book

    Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management, Second...

    Schwartz,David; Te'eni,Dov

    The Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management, Second Edition provides a compendium of terms, definitions and explanations of concepts, processes and acronyms addressing the challenges of knowledge management. This two-volume collection covers all aspects...

  • e-book

    Learn to Program with Phrogram¿! (Digital...

    Witus, David; Morrison, Walt; Jon Schwartz

    This is the eBook version of the printed book. 'quot;This guide will quickly and easily walk complete beginners through creating their first simple games using Phrogram. The material is friendly and approachable to the young and to the...

  • e-book

    Learn to Program with Phrogram¿! (Digital...

    Schwartz, Jon,; Witus, David; Morrison, Walt

    'This guide will quickly and easily walk complete beginners through creating their first simple games using Phrogram. The material is friendly and approachable to the young and to the technologically timid alike.' --Alfred Thompson, Academic...

  • The Magic Of Thinking Big

    Schwartz, David J.

    First published in 1959, David J Schwartz's classic teachings are as powerful today as they were then. Practical, empowering and hugely engaging, this book will not only inspire you, it will give you the tools to change your life for the better -...

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  • White On Black

    Gallego,Ruben; Schwartz, Marian; Gonsales Galego,Ruben David

    Recounts how the author, a grandson of the Spanish Communist Party secretary general in 1960s Moscow, was abandoned to a life of institutions and orphanages due to his cerebral palsy and endured a childhood rife with neglect, emotional mistreatment,...

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  • e-book

    Emergency Radiology - Case Studies


    Effectively and confidently interpret even the most challenging radiographic studyA Doody'apos;s Core Title!'quot;...should be a part of every emergency medicine resident'apos;s personal library. In addition to residents, I would highly recommend...

  • Animal Skin & Scales

    Schwartz,David M.

    Animal Skin & Scales

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  • e-book

    Consuming Choices - Ethics in a Global...

    Schwartz, David T.

    David T. Schwartz provides the most detailed philosophical exploration to date on consumer ethics.

  • The Postmodern Bible

    Aichele,George; Burnett,Fred W.; Jobling,David; Wuellner,Wilhelm; Pippin,Tina; Fowler,Robert M.; Phillips,Gary A.; Castelli,Elizabeth A.; Schwartz,Rgina M.; Moore,Stephen D.

    The Postmodern Bible

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  • Schwartz's Manual of Surgery

    Schwartz,Seymour I.; Anderson,Dana K.; Billiar,Timothy R.; Brunicardi,F. Charles, M.D.; Dunn,David L.; Pollock,Raphael E., M.D.; Brunicardi,F. Charles

    Schwartz's Manual of Surgery

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  • Use o Poder de Sua Mente

    Schwartz,David Joseph

    Coloque a seu serviço esse poder mágico, e você terá sob controle a força mais poderosa do mundo! Tudo o que quiser será seu - dinheiro, amigos, boa saúde, vida conjugal feliz - e mesmo as inúmeras recompensas espirituais que, em geral, se tenta...

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  • If You Made a Million

    Schwartz,David M.; Kellogg,Steven

    Saving and spending, bills and checks, value and interest--these and other money matters are explained in simple, easy-to-grasp terms, in an entertaintaining introduction for the incipient millionaire

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  • How Much Is a Million?

    Schwartz,David M.; Kellogg,Steven

    Text and pictures try to make possible the conceptualization of a million, a billion, and a trillion.

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  • Wicked The Grimmerie

    Cote,David; Schwartz,Stephen; Marcus,Joan; Holzman,Winnie

    A companion volume to the hit Broadway musical set in Oz recounts the exploits of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda, the good witch, and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the musical and its creation, profiles of cast and crew,...

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  • Hexenbesen

    David L. Schwartz

    Seldar is a witch with a mission. He wants to create a flying broom and through many trials manages to make one. With this unique transportation device, he roams the solar system and the galaxy at the speed of thought looking for extraterrestrial...

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  • Cooperating Heterogeneous Systems

    Schwartz,David G.

    Cooperating Heterogeneous Systems provides an in-depth introduction to the issues and techniques surrounding the integration and control of diverse and independent software components. Organizations increasingly rely upon...

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