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18 produtos
  • Darkness, Sing Me A Song - A Holland Taylor...

    Housewright, David

    David Housewright's Edgar Award-winning Holland Taylor series returns with a case of murder resulting from tragic, twisted drama in an extremely wealthy family in Darkness, Sing Me a Song.Holland Taylor is a PI who does simple background checks and...

  • The Hot Book Of Chillies


    For aficionados of hot, spicy food, the humble chilli inspires near-fanatical devotion. Chillies come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours - from long and thin to round and berry-like, and from green to fiery orange - and there is a huge...

  • Desing Sourcebook - Jewellry


    Desing Sourcebook - Jewellry

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  • Palms And Cycads


    With their distinctive fronds and straight trunks, palms make a bold statement, while cycads are regarded by many as the dinosaurs of the plant world. As well as being economically useful in many tropical countries, palms and cycads add an exotic...

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  • e-book

    Paul Harvey'apos;s America

    Mansfield,Stephen; HOLLAND, DAVID

    New York Times best selling biographer Stephen Mansfield and coauthor David A. Holland present a fascinating look at America’s most popular radio host. You’ll discover how the brutal murder of his father shaped Paul Harvey’s life and career; how a...

  • e-book

    The 4 Keys to Doubling Your Business

    David Holland MBA

    This book aspires to use philosophy of W Edwards Deming, and describes a system that can be used to manage the contributory factors that deliver results in business, and enable a structured, predictable and repeatable way to business success...

  • The Devil's Game


    In 1834 Bellminster, when a hotly contested Parliamentary election turns lethal and a political riot ends in death, Reverend Tuckworth is called in to investigate, only to find himself embroiled in a hotbed of political intrigue, betrayal, and...

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  • The Presidential Recordings Lyndon B. Johnson

    Johnson,Robert David; Holland,Max; Shreve,David

    Ranging from the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963 through the turbulent period that followed, this three volume set includes annotated transcripts of Lyndon B. Johnson's White House conversations as he struggles to come to terms with...

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  • e-book

    Blind over Cuba - The Photo Gap and the...

    Barrett, David M.; Holland, Max

    In the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis, questions persisted about how the potential cataclysm had been allowed to develop. A subsequent congressional investigation focused on what came to be known as the “photo gap”: five weeks during which...

  • e-book

    Electrical Product Safety: A Step-by-Step...

    Holland,David; Tzimenakis, Jimmy

    This book provides a step-by-step approach to meeting the LVD and reducing safety approval costs. It is a practical and easy to follow guide aimed at helping manufacturers of electrical products, and in particular small and medium sized businesses...

  • The Hot Book of Chillies


    What makes chilies hot? What are the health benefits of eating them? What are the best ways to grow them, cook with them, and preserve them? Chili lovers will salivate as they browse a gallery of 97 of the most popular varieties, from the mild...

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  • Pocket Bonsai


    Pocket Bonsai

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  • Niels Bohr Collected Works


    This volume is divided into five parts. The title of the volume refers primarily to part I, which is by far the largest and comprises papers discussing the fundamental questions of biology and related psychological and philosophical problems....

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  • Norman Blake Sam Bush & David Holland


    Norman Blake Sam Bush & David Holland

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  • The Hot Book of Chillies


    What makes chilies hot? What are the health benefits of eating them? What are the best ways to grow them, cook with them, and preserve them? Chili lovers will salivate as they browse a gallery of 97 of the most popular varieties, from the mild...

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  • Legendary Cocktails


    Designed for anyone interested in mixing their own special drink, this guide is for those who enjoy mixing exotic concoctions at home for their friends and family, and also for professional bartenders. It provides a brief overview of the history of...

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  • After Dinner Drinks


    A companion to choosing and enjoying nightcap, this book is a guide to enjoying brandy, cognac and port. It covers after-dinner drinks, including dessert wines, Madeira, whisky, bourbon, Armagnac, and other liqueurs. It has sections including...

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  • Modeling the Earth's Climate And Its...

    "holland,W.r.; Joussaume, S.; David, F."

    Understanding and predicting the Earth's climate system, particularly climate variability and possible human-induced climate change, presents one of the most difficult and urgent challenges in science. Climate scientists worldwide have responded to...

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