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  • Chinese Democracy


    O Guns’n’Roses, uma das maiores bandas da história do Rock e que vendeu mais de 90 MILHÕES de cópias em todo o mundo, lança o álbum mais aguardado de todos os tempos “Chinese Democracy”. A banda não lança nenhum material inédito desde 1991, quando...

  • Appetite For Democracy - DVD + 2 CDs


    “Appetite For Democracy” é o primeiro DVD oficial a ser lançado desde “Use For Illusion” de 1992 e apresenta uma performace explosiva ao vivo dos clássicos do Guns N' Roses, incluindo “Welcome to the jungle”, “Sweet child o’mine”, “Paradise City”,...

  • Appetite For Democracy - DVD


    “Appetite For Democracy” é o primeiro DVD oficial a ser lançado desde “Use For Illusion” de 1992 e apresenta uma performace explosiva ao vivo dos clássicos do Guns N' Roses, incluindo “Welcome to the jungle”, “Sweet child o’mine”, “Paradise City”,...

  • Democracy, Corruption And The Politics Of...

    Bubandt, Nils

    Indonesia has been an electoral democracy for more than a decade, and yet the political landscape of the world's third-largest democracy is as complex and enigmatic as ever. The country has achieved a successful transition to democracy and yet...

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  • Democracy in America

    Tocqueville, Alexis de; Goldhammer, Arthur

    An influential study of America's national government, egalitarian ideals, and character offers reflections on the effect of majority rule on the rights of individuals and provides insight into the rewards and responsibilities of a democratic...

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  • e-book

    Democracy in America


    Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America (De la démocratie en Amérique) is a classic text detailing the United States of the 1830s, showing a primarily favorable view by Tocqueville as he compares it to his native France. Considered to be an...

  • e-book

    Democracy, Fascism and the New World Order


    Democracy is not a universal good, it is a political system, and like all political systems it is open to corruption. The word 'democracy' means 'rule by the people', not rule by a simple majority. To achieve rule by all the people, it used to be...

  • e-book

    Democracy and Complexity - A Realist Approach


    This book is a highly original and provocative contribution to democratic theory. Zolo argues that the increasing complexity of modern societies represents a fundamental challenge to the basic assumptions of the Western democratic tradition and calls...

  • e-book

    Democracy and Justice - Reading Derrida in...

    Agnes Czajka

    This book explores the possibilities offered by Derrida'apos;s work on democracy for interpreting contemporary struggles over democracy in Turkey. The relationship between democracy and justice seems of unquestionable importance to Derrida, with...

  • e-book

    Democracy in Argentina - Hope and Disillusion

    Tedesco, Laura

    This book offers a new approach to the democratisation process and economic adjustment in Argentina during the 1980s. The objective of the book is to provid the key to understanding the changes undergone by the state and economy in the 1990s.

  • e-book

    Democracy, Islam, and Secularism in Turkey

    Stepan,Alfred; Kuru, Ahmet

    While Turkey has grown as a world power, promoting the image of a progressive and stable nation, several policy choices have strained its relationship with the East and the West. Providing social, historical, and religious context for Turkey's...

  • e-book

    Democracy and Democratization in Comparative...

    Møller,Jørgen; Skaaning,Svend-Erik

    This book provides an introduction to democratic theory and empirical research on democracy and democratization. The book first examines conceptions of democracy from the origins in ancient Greece to the present day, then tracks when and where modern...

  • e-book

    Democracy in Turkey - The Impact of EU...

    Usul, Ali Resul

    This book examines the impact of European political conditionality on the process of democratization in Turkey over a twenty year period. Employing theoretical and conceptual approaches to the issue of EU conditionality, the author compares the case...

  • e-book

    Democracy Kills

    Hawksley, Humphrey

    For many years Western governments have insisted that the only way to achieve long-term prosperity and political stability is through a combination of free-market economics and democratic government. Yet, all evidence now indicates that this argument...

  • e-book

    Democracy'apos;s Privileged Few


    This book is the first to compare the freedoms and protections of members of the United States Congress with those of Britain's Parliament. Placing legislative privilege in historical context, Josh Chafetz explores how and why legislators in Britain...

  • e-book

    Democracy and Famine

    Olivier Rubin

    Famine is the most extreme manifestation of the existence of poverty, inequality and political apathy. Whereas poverty, hunger and diseases are not easily eradicated in the world today, famines are often perceived to be relatively simple to avert....

  • e-book

    Democracy in New Zealand


    An up-to-date and concise introduction to New Zealand politi and how it works. New Zealand is one of the world's oldest democracies for men and women, Maori and Pakeha, with one of the highest political participation rates. But - from MMP to...

  • e-book

    Democracy, Militarism, and Nationalism in...

    Marvin Goldwert

    Until 1930, Argentina was one of the great hopes for stable democracy in Latin America. Argentines themselves believed in the destiny of their nation to become the leading Latin American country in wealth, power, and culture. But the revolution of...

  • e-book

    Democracy in America - Volume 2

    Tocqueville, Alexis de

    This antiquarian book contains the second volume of Alexis de Tocqueville's seminal book, 'Democracy in America'. Within this text, Tocqueville analyses the living standards and social conditions of individuals, and in particular their connection to...

  • e-book

    Democracy and its Critics (Routledge...


    Originally published in 1989, a guide for students coming for the first time to the study of democracy, who often find it difficult to trace the developement of the idea and to place it in historical context. In this accesible and informative text,...

  • e-book

    Democracy and Authority in Korea - The...

    Helgesen, Geir

    This controversial new study, breaks with the tradition of basing political studies on analyses of institutions and political personalities, by likening the Republic of Korea to a laboratory for the clash of political cultures. In the late 1940s, the...

  • e-book

    Democracy in Dialogue, Dialogue in Democracy...

    Leszek Dr Koczanowicz

    It is widely accepted that the machinery of multicultural societies and liberal democratic systems is dependent upon various forms of dialogue - dialogue between political parties, between different social groups, between the ruling and the ruled....

  • e-book

    Democracy in America

    Tocqueville, Alexis de

    'Democracy in America' is one of the masterpieces by Tocqueville. It presents the author's reflections regarding American people's outlook on politics. He comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the democratic system that was in some aspects the...

  • e-book

    Democracy, Law and Security - Internal...


    In the past decade there have been significant changes in the operations of security and intelligence agencies throughout Europe. Those in the former Eastern Europe have undergone the most obvious changes in their targets and the legal context...

  • e-book

    Democracy Undone

    Dale Tavris

    Democracy Undone shows how the 2000 and 2004 elections were corrupted, and what we can do to combat fraud this time. Our electoral process is rotten: in their quest for private profit, American corporations and billionaires have progressively...

  • e-book

    Democracy Promotion and Conflict-Based...

    Hill,Matthew Alan Alan

    This book investigates US foreign policy and tests the hypothesis that transition-inspired democracy promotion will successfully establish liberal democracy around the world, and thus fulfil the aims of the American mission and its application of the...

  • e-book

    Democracy and the Political Unconscious


    Political philosopher Noelle McAfee proposes a powerful new political theory for our post-9/11 world, in which an old pathology-the repetition compulsion-has manifested itself in a seemingly endless war on terror. McAfee argues that the...

  • e-book

    Democracy at the Crossroads

    Barnes,Craig S.

    Some were warriors. Some were lawyers, some historians, some moved by an inner passion so great that they appeared to move against kingly power like moths to the flame, risking, and often giving, their lives. They wrote, cajoled, and sometimes cried...

  • e-book

    Democracy - An American Novel

    Henry Adams

    Originally published anonymously, it was later revealed that this classic work of political fiction was penned by Henry Brooks Adams, the renowned essayist and journalist best known for the autobiography The Education of Henry Adams. Though...

  • e-book

    Democracy Promotion as Foreign Policy -...


    This book looks at democracy promotion as a form of foreign policy. Elliott asks why democracy was seen to be the answer to the 7/7 bombings in London, and why it should be promoted not in Britain, but in Pakistan. The book provides a detailed answer...

  • e-book

    Democracy in the Developing World - Africa,...

    Haynes, Jeffrey

    Until the late 1980s, there were very few democratically elected governments in the developing world. These areas were characterized by a range of authoritarian regimes from military administrations to one-party dictatorships. Over the past decade,...

  • e-book

    Democracy Derailed in Russia

    Fish,M. Steven

    Why has democracy failed to take root in Russia? After shedding the shackles of Soviet rule, some countries in the postcommunist region undertook lasting democratization. Yet Russia did not. Russia experienced dramatic political breakthroughs in the...

  • e-book

    Democracy for All - Restoring Immigrant...


    Voting is for citizens only, right? Not exactly. It is not widely known that immigrants, or noncitizens, currently vote in local elections in over a half dozen cities and towns in the U.S.; nor that campaigns to expand the franchise to noncitizens...

  • e-book

    Democracy and the Global Order - From the...

    David Held

    This book provides a highly original account of the changing meaning of democracy in the contemporary world, offering both an historical and philosophical analysis of the nature and prospects of democracy today.

  • e-book

    Democracy and Pluralism - The Political...


    William E. Connolly'apos;s political theory forms a distinct and influential contribution to contemporary debates about the nature and prospects of democratic life in the twenty-first century. His original conceptualisations of pluralism, naturalism,...

  • e-book

    Democracy Reconsidered


    Democracy Reconsidered provides an enlightening study of democracy in America's post-modern context. Elizabeth Kaufer Busch and Peter Augustine Lawler explore some of the foundational principles of democracy as they have been borne out in American...

  • e-book

    Democracy Without Associations -...

    Chhibber,Pradeep K.

    India's party system has undergone a profound transformation over the last decade. The Congress Party, a catch-all party that brought independence in 1947 and governed India for much of the period since then, no longer dominates the electoral scene....

  • e-book

    Democracy by Decree

    Adis Merdzanovic

    The introduction of consociational power sharing as a post-war political system has become one of the international community'apos;s preferred post-conflict devices. In situations where warring polities are internally divided by ethnic, religious,...

  • e-book

    Democracy in Post-War Japan - Maruyama Masao...

    Kersten, Rikki

    Democracy in Post-War Japan assesses the development of democracy through the writings of the brilliant political thinker Maruyama Masao. The author explores the significance of Maruyama'apos;s notion of personal and social autonomy and its impact on...

  • e-book

    Democracy - A Comparative Approach

    Ersson,Svante; Lane,Jan-Erik

    What is democracy? Under what conditions does it thrive? What are the consequences of democracy?This book aims to answer these questions and more by exploring different varieties of democracies around the world. It starts with definitions of...

  • e-book

    Democracy as a Way of Life in America - A...

    Schneirov,Richard; Gaston A. Fernandez

    The United States is a nation whose identity is defined by the idea of democracy. Yet democracy in the U.S. is often taken for granted, narrowly understood, and rarely critically examined. In Democracy as a Way of Life in America, Schneirov and...

  • e-book

    Democracy and Coercive Diplomacy

    Schultz,Kenneth A.

    Kenneth Schultz explores the effects of democratic politics on the use and success of coercive diplomacy. He argues that open political competition between the government and opposition parties influences the decision to use threats in international...

  • e-book

    Democracy, Equality, and Justice

    Matravers, Matt; Meyer,Lukas H.

    In addressing democracy, equality, and justice together, the book stimulates discussions that go beyond the sometimes increasingly technical and increasingly discrete literatures that now dominate the study of each concept. The chapters fall into...

  • e-book

    Democracy For Beginners

    Cavalier, Robert

    With all the talk about “democracy” these days, it’s surprising how little time is spent concentrating on the concept of democracy itself, its history and justification as a form of political governance. Democracy for Beginners looks at democracy’s...

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