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  • Casa - Design e Decoração - Col. Passo A...


    Ideal para quem pretende fazer mudanças e pequenas reformas em casa de modo prático e econômico, Casa: design e decoração ensina técnicas para renovar ambientes, pintar paredes, otimizar espaços e muito mais. Para todos os cômodos da casa, apresenta...

  • New Bedroom Design

    Daab Press

    New Bedroom Design

  • Design, Cultura e Sociedade


     Este livro de Gui Bonsiepe apresenta uma inquietante análise sobre a evolução do design ao longo do século XX, registrando seus principais sucessos e descaminhos. De um lado, relata o desenvolvimento do design, delineado pelas várias políticas...

  • Como Criar Uma Cadeira - Série Como Criar

    Design Museum

    'Como criar uma Cadeira' traz tudo o que precisa saber sobre o tema, focando os princípios e processos da criação, desde as propriedades simbólicas e funcionais da cadeira até o domínio dos materiais e das técnicas de produção em massa. Em um estudo...

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  • Design Pop

    Roberts,Lisa S.

    DesignPOP is a survey of trends in contemporary furniture and products that reveals how design is not only changing with the times it is inventing the future. The game-changing projects that compose DesignPOP push the boundaries of our expectations...

  • Interior Design

    San Martin,Macarena

    Interior Design

  • Total Design


    One of America's most innovative interior designers explains how to transform one's inner sanctum into a personal space that both soothes the soul and nourishes the senses. 15,000 first printing.

  • Design / Decor: Loft


    Design / Decor: Loft

  • Design School Confidential

    Heller, Steven; Talarico, Lita

    Every great design school in the world is defined, in part, by the work of its students at any given time. The various project challenges given to a class determine the success of a school’s pedagogy, but also the ingenuity of its faculty and...

  • Design Idea Book

    Oxmoor House; Templer,Karen

    Leading magazine editors team up with top builders and designers to provide fresh ideas that represent the best in modern home design, in a colorful volume that tours thirty-nine inspirational residences that combine real-world functionality with...

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  • Design Inteligence Made Visible

    Conran, Terence; Bayley,Stephen

    A series of essays which begin by introducing how design has its place in modern cultural history. This book deals with iconic people, products and processes from 20th century onwards with biographies of designers, as well as corporate histories,...

  • Design For Special Events

    Top, Peleg

    Special events either get noticed or fail. Design is the most important factor in which course an event will take. With often a very large investment and high expectations for turnout at the pressure of the design team to create a memorable visual...

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  • Design Ideas For Kitchens

    Hillstrom,Susan Boyle; Samu,Mark

    Design Ideas For Kitchens

  • Design Bloggers At Home

    Tennant , Ellie

    A digital revolution is underway. A global network of creative, interior design bloggers has emerged, publishing fresh and inspiring content online every day. With diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, these individual bloggers combine to create a...

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  • Design & Decorate - Colour Schemes

    Taylor, Lesley

    Whether you are decorating an entire house from scratch or simply revamping one particular room, this book provides inspiration and practical advice. Included is comprehensive information on how and why colour works, the importance of tone and mixing...

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  • Novas Fronteiras do Design Gráfico

    Belluzzo de Campos,Gisela

    Este livro nasceu de um Encontro em Buenos Aires, em outubro de 2009, na UBA (Universidade de Buenos Aires) proposto para discutir as Novas Fronteiras do Design Gráfico. Aqueles que foram ao Encontro, a grande maioria argentinos – professores e...

  • Design Design - Muebles And Luces


    Este libro ofrece una muestra de piezas de mobiliario y lámparas, realizadas por marcas de reconocido nombre, a partir de las colaboraciones con diseñadores reconocidos como Xavier Lust, David Abad, Guido Rosati, Oscar Tusquets, Alvaro Siza, Ingo...

  • Design Ideas For Kitchens - 2nd Edition

    Hillstrom,Susan Boyle; Samu,Mark

    Design Ideas For Kitchens - 2nd Edition

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  • Furniture Design 2nd Edition


    From history to theory to technology: a comprehensive survey of furniture design. Designing furniture is both an art and a science that draws upon a broad range of knowledge and disciplines. It is helpful for today's furniture designers to have a...

  • Wa - The Essence Of Japanese Design


    Explore the enduring beauty of Japanese design through some 250 objects, ranging from bento boxes, calligraphy brushes, and Shoji sliding doors to Noguchi’s Akari lamp, the iconic Kikkoman soy sauce bootle, and a modern–day kimono designed by Issey...

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  • Resort Design


    This volume brings to mind visions of white sandy beaches; leafy palm trees and azure waters provide the backdrop for these dream getaways. All of these resorts and settings are unique and share certain elements in common a beautiful natural location...

  • Interior Design Course


    Offers step-by-step tutorials to guide readers through the design process and provides a photo gallery of finished examples by professional designers.

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  • A Referência No Design Gráfico - Um Guia...

    Gomez-palacio,Bryony; Vit,Armin

     A referência no design gráfico - um guia visual para a linguagem, aplicações e história do design gráfico é um informativo com os termos mais referenciados, momentos históricos e profissionais influentes no campo do design gráfico. A obra apresenta...

  • Package Design Now !

    Kozac ,Gisela

    Package Design Now !

  • Casas Inovação e Design


    As casas que ilustram estas magníficas páginas coloridas desafiam em todo momento à arquitetura convencional. A variedade de projetos oscila entre o visualmente excitante e o tecnologicamente elegante e encontra sua finalidade através de um audaz...

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  • Drink Design


    Aquí se ofrecen los diseños de productos del mundo de la bebida, que ya forman parte de la vida cotidiana del consumidor.

  • Kids' Design


    Cute little bears in all different colours, grinning elephants and cuddly mice cavorting on the padding on the changing table, the winter parka, the playhouse: the design quality of products for children frequently leaves much to be desired. But...

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  • Total Design

    Marcus,George H.

    Celebrating the ultimate masterpieces of modernist design, from the Arts and Crafts movement up to the twenty-first century, Total Design offers an intimate tour of houses conceived as complete works of art. Each of the spectacular houses making up...

  • Restaurant Design


    Bethan Ryder celebrates the most inspirational and beautiful restaurant spaces from around the world - places built to seduce diners and capture the imagination. Internationally renowned designers featured include Christian Liaigre, David Rockwell,...

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  • Cool Design Hotels

    San Martin,Macarena

    Cool Design Hotels

  • Interior Design Master Class

    Dellatore, Carl

    Opening Interior Design Master Class is like sitting down to the best dinner party you ve ever attended. A classic in the making, the book features one hundred essays by America s top designers from established design legends to members of the new...

  • Curtain Design Sourcebook

    Clifton-mogg, Caroline

    Curtain Design Sourcebook

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  • Garden Design Details

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    From walls and paving to lawns, topiary, water features and even tables and chairs, 'Garden Design Details' shows the huge variety of materials and forms, and then explains how to choose the best for you.

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  • Basic Design: Layout

    Ambrose, Gavin; Harris, Paul

    Basic Design: Layout

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  • History of Interior Design And Furniture:...

    Blakemore,Robbie G.

    History of Interior Design And Furniture: From Ancient Egypt To Nineteenth-century Europe, 2nd Editi

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  • Exhibition Design - An Introduction

    Hughes, Philip

    Exhibition Design 2 describes the skills needed to become an exhibition designer, including: developing a brief and working with clients; design principles for graphics, circulation, lighting, and accessibility; presenting ideas to clients; and the...

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  • Green Design For Kids

    Josep M. Minguet; Eva M. Camara

    Los niños deben tener su propio espacio dentro de casa, ya que es donde transcurre la mayor parte de su tiempo de ocio, descanso, estudio, y donde desarrollan su creatividad, de ahí la importancia que tiene la decoración de estos lugares, para...

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  • Interior Design Best Of Year


    Interior Design proudly presents the inaugural Best of Year commemorative book: a must-have for the design community immersed in the culture and those looking for a valuable resource on the best work of today. Best of Year recognizes superior design...

  • Interior Design Illustrated, 2nd Edition

    Binggeli, Corky

    Francis D. K. Ching's illustrated introduction to interior design is now completely revised and even more clear and accessible than in the previous bestselling edition. His unique approach is more useful than ever, with a reformatted, larger trim...

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  • Bio Design - Nature Science Creativity

    Antonelli,Paola; Myers,William

    Designers and artists have always looked to nature for inspiration and materials, but only recently have they been able to alter and incorporate living organisms in their work. In a world with finite resources and a growing population, design that...

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  • Home Theater Design


    Home Theater Design

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  • Templates Para Design Gráfico e Design de...


    Continuação do grande sucesso Templates para Design Gráfico e Design de Embalagens, este segundo volume apresenta cem outros exemplos de design para catálogos, cartões comemorativos, CDs, DVS, etiquetas, entre outros. A obra reúne um conjunto...

  • Contemporary Design In Detail - Sustainable...


    The Contemporary Design Details series takes a highly visual look at architectural design details that are more often dealt with in a technical textbook format. The books take readers on a tour of the best details designed by great architects around...

  • Workspheres : Design And Contemporary Work...


    Workspheres : Design And Contemporary Work Styles

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