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23 produtos
  • 5 Language Visual Dictionary


    The Five Language Visual Dictionary puts the perfect English, French, German, Spanish or Italian translation at your fingertips.Fully revised and updated, This illustrated dictionary is organised into 15 different themes, including eating out, work...

  • Merriam-Webster's Compact - Five Language...


    A portable visual inventory of today's world listing thousands of words and concepts in five different languages, Covers Englih, Spanish, French, German and Italian, Thousands of full-color images with each term identified in five languages, ...

  • Dictionary Of Aviation: Over 5,500 Terms...

    Crocker, David

    Dictionary Of Aviation: Over 5,500 Terms Clearly Defined

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  • LEGO® Ninjago Visual Dictionary

    DK Publishing

    Jump into the world of LEGO Ninjago minifigures, weapons and battlesThe Visual Dictionary is packed with all the exciting LEGO Ninjago minifigures, including great heroes, mortal enemies and amazing weapons. Explore dramatic story lines from LEGO...

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  • Children's Illustrated Dictionary


    Packed with thousands of words and definitions the Children's Illustrated Dictionary is here to help with any child struggling with spellings and meanings. If you're stumbling over spellings or unsure of meanings this dictionary for kids is here to...

  • Dictionary Of American Regional English - 05...

    Hall,Joan Houston

    With this fifth volume of the 'Dictionary of American Regional English, ' readers now have the full panoply of American regional vocabulary, from Adam's housecat to Zydeco. Like the first four volumes, the fifth is filled with words that reflect our...

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  • My First Dictionary


    This title is now in PDF. Make language come alive. A colourful and modern update of 'My First Dictionary', with 1000 words, bright colour pictures and clear definitions that will help your child perfect their As, Bs and Cs in no time. The perfect...

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  • Macmillan First Dictionary

    Simon & Schuster Inc

    Up-to-Date and Easy to Use - The MOST words and pictures - Designed especially for ages 5-8 - Fully revised and updated

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  • First Children's Dictionary

    Kindersley, Dorling

    Filled with useful definitions, First Children's Dictionary is an ideal first reference book for children eager to expand their vocabulary. With over 3,000 entries of updated, curriculum-linked content, First Children's Dictionary is an ideal...

  • Illustrated English Spelling Dictionary


    Over 25,000 words are arranged in alphabetical order in this classic English language reference book to help with spelling. It comes with useful tips and hints and rules about spelling on each page. This book also contains ways to visualise words...

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  • French-english Picture Dictionary


    It's never too soon to start teaching boys and girls a second language, and this book presents pages filled with cheerful color pictures that help teach French words to English-speaking children in early grades. It presents more than 350...

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  • Curious George's Dictionary

    American Heritage Dictionaries

    The world’s most curious monkey investigates new words in this lively picture dictionary for young children.Curious George’s Dictionary is an engaging picture dictionary specially designed for children from preschool through first grade. Both...

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  • Children's Illustrated Dictionary


    Thousands of fascinating entries, definitions, photographs and pictures make this dictionary essential reference for readers, writers and curious minds of all ages. Organised like a traditional dictionary from A to Z, clear descriptions and examples...

  • Nutrition And Diet Therapy Reference...


    Completely up-to-date, this revised edition provides the most comprehensive nutrition and diet therapy dictionary available for health care professionals. The wide-ranging volume covers all aspects of nutrition, including assessment, drug nutrient...

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  • Random House Webster's Pocket French...

    Langbaum,Francesca L. V.

    This portable French-English, English-French dictionary has been expanded to include hundreds of new words and meanings in this new second edition. International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) pronunciations are provided for words in both languages. 30,000+...

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  • Five Language Visual Dictionary - English -...


    The quick and intuitive way to learn and recall everyday vocabulary in English, French, Spanish and Italian, this is the only visual dictionary to feature a complete range of objects and scenes from everyday life - showing you that other language...

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  • Dictionary Of Business And Economic Terms -...

    P. Friedman Ph.d. C.p.a.,Jack

    Barron's Business Dictionaries are pocket-size books that define several thousand specialized terms within their subject area. They are ideal fast-reference books for business students and business managers. Terms and definitions are supplemented...

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  • First Picture Dictionary


    A first dictionary contains more than eight hundred words and pictures chosen by specialists and organized thematically in a bright, clear, and child-friendly style.

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  • Dictionary Of Scientific And Technical...

    A.S. Markov; V.A. Romanov; V.I. Rydnik

    Dictionary Of Scientific And Technical Terminology

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  • Spanish-english Picture Dictionary


    It's never too soon to start teaching boys and girls a second language, and this book presents pages filled with cheerful color pictures that help teach Spanish words to English-speaking children in early grades. It presents more than 350...

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  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English -...

    Editora Longman

    Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English - 5ª Ed.

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  • Collins German-English English German...

    Breitsprecher,Roland; Schnorr,Veronika; Smith,Wendy V. A.; Terrell,Peter

    A bilingual reference features more than 850,000 entries that include the most current business, political, and technical terms, in a volume complemented by a phonetic pronunciation guide. 10,000 first printing.

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  • Quiddities - An Intermittently Philosophical...

    Quine,W V

    and small. For this select audience, it is an ideal book for browsing.

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