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  • Luta Pelos Direitos Sociais Globais

    Möller, Kolja

    A sociedade mundial está em crise. Política e economia parecem caminhar fora de rumo. Por outro lado, as vozes de contestação estão cada vez mais claras. O movimento Occupy nos EUA, os jovens na praça Puerta del Sol em Madrid, a resistência do...

  • Cidadania e Nacionalidade - Efeitos Regionais...

    Oliveira,Odete Maria de; Ri Júnior,Arno Dal

    A obra pretende demonstrar que, simultaneamente à evolução dinâmica e singular dos processos do regionalismo e da globalização, voltados, com ênfase, ao âmbito econômico, e das consequências que por isso causam aos cidadãos, o conceito clássico de...

  • e-book

    Startupland - How Three Guys Risked...

    Adler, Carlye; Mikkel Svane

    The real story of what it takes to risk it all and go for broke. Conventional wisdom says most startups need to be in Silicon Valley, started by young engineers around a sexy new idea, and backed by VC funding. But as Mikkel Svane reveals in...

  • Direitos Humanos na Ordem Contemporânea -...

    Piovesan, Flavia; Ikawa,Daniela

    O objetivo maior da presente obra é identificar e enfrentar temas contemporâneos que instigam a agenda dos Direitos Humanos, em sua pluralidade, dinamicidade e complexidade, sob as perspectivas global, regional e local. O “estado da arte” dos...

  • e-book

    Managing Global Business Strategies - A...

    Don White; Botten, neil; John T McManus

    Aimed at key decision makers and those responsible for global strategy, this book is about changing markets and the complexity of undertaking business in a fast paced technological and knowledge based age in a dynamic and strategic context. Trends...

  • Ordem Global e Transnormatividade


    Esta obra de Wagner Menezes traz à teoria do direito uma contribuição essencial na medida em que ela critica os fundamentos do direito internacional. O seu estudo leva o leitor a uma reflexão.

  • e-book

    Global Climate Change - Turning Knowledge...

    David E. Kitchen

    The science of climate change is a complex subject that balances the physical record and scientific fact with politics, policy, and ethics - and is of particular importance to the geosciences. This thoughtfully crafted new text and accompanying media...

  • e-book

    Australian Climate Law in Global Context

    Godden, Lee; Zahar, Alexander; Peel, Jacqueline

    Australian Climate Law in Global Context is a comprehensive guide to current climate change law in Australia and internationally. It includes discussion of: emission trading schemes and carbon pricing laws, laws on renewable energy, biosequestration,...

  • e-book

    Virginia Climate Fever - How Global Warming...

    Stephen Nash

    Climate disruption is often discussed on a global scale, affording many a degree of detachment from what is happening in their own backyards. Yet the consequences of global warming are of an increasingly acute and serious nature.In Virginia Climate...

  • Derecho Global

    Bartolome Clavero

    Este no es un libro de predicación y promoción de derechos humanos o, al menos, no lo es em forma directa y paladina. Se dedica a su historia hasta el presente, marcando las distancias entre filosofía, política e historia de los derechos a los...

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  • e-book

    Enforcing Corporate Social Responsibility...

    Anna Beckers

    Corporate social responsibility codes are guidelines that companies voluntarily develop and publish with the objective of showing the public their commitment to respect human rights, to improve fundamental workplace standards worldwide and to protect...

  • e-book

    Global Careers

    Baruch, Yehuda; Dickmann, Michael

    With interest in the global environment and the management of 'apos;talent'apos; increasing, understanding the issue of global careers is crucial for students and managers alike. This exciting book captures broad research extending to a large set of...

  • e-book

    Governança Global e o Papel da OMC

    Rodrigo Luiz Zanethi

    A governança é, por natureza, uma abordagem multidimensional, e no âmbito do Direito Internacional surge como nova e promissora oportunidade de aplicação. Nesse sentido, estudos como o de Rodrigo Luiz Zanethi contribuem muito para sua difusão. Sua...

  • e-book

    Global Marketing Co-Operation and Networks

    Dana, Leo Paul

    Learn how to compete in international markets!The nature of business has changed, and Global Marketing Co-Operation and Networks explains how and why former competitors are now joining forces. Exploring co-operation, networks, and...

  • e-book

    Normative Justification of a Global Ethic - A...


    This book focuses on the normative questions raised by the postulation and declaration of a global ethic. Its scope covers the questions “why do we need a global ethic?”, “what kind of global ethic do we need and what sort of normative justification...

  • The Global Expansion of Judicial Power

    Tate,C. Neal; Vallinder,Torbjorn

    The Global Expansion of Judicial Power

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  • Direito Ambiental e Aquecimento Global

    Weyermüller,André Rafael

    Este livro permite que o leitor conheça o contexto no qual se insere o aquecimento global e as possíveis mudanças climáticas decorrentes e a possibilidade de um enfrentamento do problema pelo Direito através dos créditos de carbono como uma forma de...

  • e-book

    Leading Global Projects

    Moran, Robert T.; Moran, Robert T. T.; Youngdahl, William

    This book is a must-read for anyone responsible for projects and initiatives that span functional and geographical divides. Authors Moran and Youngdahl bring extensive experience and learning from industry practice to present a clear and...

  • e-book

    The Global Workplace

    Blanpain, Roger; Corbett,William R.; Bisom-Rapp,Susan

    With the forces of globalization as a backdrop, this casebook develops labor and employment law in the context of the national laws of nine countries important to the global economy - the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, China, Japan and...

  • e-book

    Terrestrial Global Productivity

    Saugier, Bernard; Roy, Jacques

    As the global climate changes, there are concomitant changes in global biological productivity. This book is devoted to the assessment of terrestrial Net Primary Productivity ('the total amount of energy acquired by green plants during photosynthesis...

  • e-book

    The Global Debt Bomb


    Within a historical perspective, Clayton clearly explains the 'culture of debt' - its definition, how it got to be such a major burden, why we can't live without it, and ways to manage it more efficiently. He addresses the development of debt over...

  • e-book

    Global Visions, Local Landscapes

    Gezon, Lisa L.

    Gezon argues that local events continuously redefine and challenge global processes of land use and land degradation. Her ethnographic study of Antankarana-identifying rice farmers and cattle herders in northern Madagascar weaves together an analysis...

  • e-book

    The Global Governance of Knowledge

    Drahos, Peter

    Patent offices around the world have granted millions of patents to multinational companies. Patent offices are rarely studied and yet they are crucial agents in the global knowledge economy. Based on a study of forty-five rich and poor countries...

  • e-book

    The Global Environment and International Law

    Joseph F. C. DiMento

    International law has become the key arena for protecting the global environment. Since the 1970s, literally hundreds of international treaties, protocols, conventions, and rules under customary law have been enacted to deal with such problems as...

  • e-book

    The Global Reach of EU Law

    Elaine Fahey

    The EU strives to be a leading rule-making organisation with global reach in both economic and non-economic fields. But how should we understand the science behind this? This book focuses upon unpacking the uncertainty, the form and directions of the...

  • e-book

    The Global Economy in Turbulent Times

    See-Yan Lin

    A leading authority's answer to today's global economic challenges In Global Economy in Turbulent Times, Harvard economist Dr. See-Yan Lin offers his timely and incisive views on today's key economic issues. Adapted from his hugely popular column in...

  • e-book

    The Global Reach of EU Law

    Elaine Fahey

    The EU strives to be a leading rule-making organisation with global reach in both economic and non-economic fields. But how should we understand the science behind this? This book focuses upon unpacking the uncertainty, the form and directions of the...

  • e-book

    Unstoppable Global Warming - Every 1,500...

    Fred S. Singer; Fred Singer; Dennis Avery

    Supported by in-depth scientific evidence, Singer and Avery present the compelling concept that global temperatures have been rising mostly or entirely because of a natural cycle. Unstoppable Global Warming explains why we're warming, why it's not...

  • e-book

    Corporations, Global Governance and...

    Davis, Peter

    In the past two decades, the international community has shown an increased proclivity to engage in programmes of post-conflict reconstruction in the aftermath of wars. During the same period, increased globalisation has meant that multinational...

  • e-book

    On Global Citizenship - James Tully in...

    Tully, James

    Global Citizenship develops James Tully'apos;s distinctive and influential approach to political philosophy, first outlined in his 2008 two-volume work Public Philosophy in a New Key, and applies it to the field of citizenship.

  • e-book

    The Global Enterprise - Entrepreneurship and...

    Kaynak, Erdener; Riad Ajami; Marca Marie Bear

    Practical insights on the role of the entrepreneur in the global business contextEntrepreneurial ideas that look great on the drawing board can turn out to be deal breakers when introduced in real markets, even when they’ve been put through the...

  • e-book

    The Global Decline of the Mandatory Death...

    Andrew Novak

    Historically, at English common law, the death penalty was mandatory for the crime of murder and other violent felonies. Over the last three decades, however, many former British colonies have reformed their capital punishment regimes to permit...

  • e-book

    Eco-global Crimes - Contemporary Problems and...

    Ragnhild Sollund

    Building on knowledge within the fields of green and eco-global criminology, this book uses empirical and theoretical arguments to discuss the multi-dimensional character of eco-global crime. It provides an overview of eco-global crimes and discusses...

  • e-book

    The Global Quality Management System -...

    Suresh Patel

    The Global Quality Management System: Improvement Through Systems Thinking shows you how to understand and implement a global quality management system (GQMS) to achieve world-class business excellence. It illustrates the business excellence pyramid...

  • e-book

    The Global Casino, Fifth Edition - An...

    Middleton, Nick

    The Global Casino is an introduction to environmental issues which deals both with the workings of the physical environment and the political, economic and social frameworks in which the issues occur. Using examples from all over the world, the book...

  • e-book

    The Global Casino, Fifth Edition - An...

    Middleton, Nick

    The Global Casino is an introduction to environmental issues which deals both with the workings of the physical environment and the political, economic and social frameworks in which the issues occur. Using examples from all over the world, the book...

  • e-book

    The Global Anti-Money Laundering Regulatory...

    Mugarura, Norman

    Examining the challenges of using the global anti-money laundering (AML) framework in an uneven global regulatory landscape, this book discusses the difficulties of relating de-regulation, liberalization and conflict of laws to the dynamics of the...

  • e-book

    The Global Governance of Climate Change - G7,...

    Kirton, John J.; Ella Kokotsis

    Climate change control has risen to the top of the international agenda. Failed efforts, centred in the United Nations, to allocate responsibility have resulted in a challenge now reaching crisis stage. John J. Kirton and Ella Kokotsis analyse the...

  • e-book

    The Global Free Trade Error - The...

    Baiman, Ron

    The doctrine of 'quot;free trade'quot; is second only to that of 'quot;free markets'quot; in undergirding ideological support for our current global economic structures and rules. From David Ricardo'apos;s 'quot;comparative advantage principle'quot;...

  • e-book

    Artificial Higher Order Neural Networks for...


    Artificial Higher Order Neural Networks (HONNs) significantly change the research methodology that is used in economics and business areas for nonlinear data simulation and prediction. With the important advances in HONNs, it becomes imperative to...

  • e-book

    Developing the Global Organization

    Moran, Robert T.; Harris, Philip R.; J.D. William G. Stripp

    With expanding world markets and increased international business competition comes a corresponding demand for organizations and individuals who are prepared to operate in these new arenas of global commerce. As a human resource professional, it is...

  • e-book

    Quest - Leading Global Transformations

    Barsoux, Jean-louis; Anand, N.

    This book identifies and addresses the seven transformation journeys that are reshaping corporations today. It integrates and builds on the collective experience and learning of IMD's professors, who work directly with many organizations around the...

  • e-book

    The Pinewood Global Inc


    A 100 Page Global Case Study to be used as an IN BASKET - IN TRAY exercise at an Assessment - Development - Leadership Center. Or at a Staffing - Selections - Hiring Process. Applicable to all levels of management. Administered over a period of 3...

  • e-book

    Direito Ambiental do Global ao Local


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