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34 produtos
  • The Art Of The LP - Classic Album Covers 1955...

    Morgan,Johnny; Wardle,Ben

    Sexy, provocative, playful, beautiful: from their earliest days, LP covers have been objects of art and fascination. This celebration of album artistry presents more than 350 of the best covers, and departs from the usual approach by organizing the...

  • Rough Terrain (LP)


    Vivacious Brigetta Ter Hoorn captivates Bram de Boer's heart until he finds her as enticing as bees do his prized tulips. But problems not easily discussed haunt the newly-weds until they wonder if their marriage will survive. Beginning in the early...

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  • Beautiful Sacrifice LP


    'This author delivers pure, undiluted excitement.'--Jayne Ann Krentz 'Romantic suspense is her true forte.'--Minneapolis Star-Tribune 'Elizabeth Lowell's keen ear for dialogue and intuitive characterizations consistently place her a cut above most...

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  • Ripple Effect (LP)


    Friends old & new always meet at the Crosby ND Threshing Show each July. But rarely are they as unlikely to connect as 3 people whose problems created unending ripples in the pools of their divergent lives. Helene seeks to fuel a hope for her future,...

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  • Shaky Ground (LP)


    They met when they were both in diapers. Cory Whipple was the 'boy next door' who became the love of Bibs Johnson's life. Cory proposed when they were 6 years old, Bibs accepted, and they never changed their minds. Then came The Sixties. Cory, raised...

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  • Hidden Crossing (LP)


    Cate Jones is a woman in love, nearing the pinnacle of happiness she and Luke Larson have awaited for 24 years. She has no time for strangers with shattering news. First comes an unnerving letter, and then a man who walks the streets of Prairie Rose,...

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  • Storm Path (LP)


    Al and Joy Jenkins' relationship began as love-at-first-sight and remains, nearly 30 years later, undimmed and rock-solid. They had believed this was true of their friends' marriage, too. But when hurricane-strength trouble blows Frank and Helen off...

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  • Unguarded Edge (LP)


    Cornelis and Lena's decade-long secret ripped two families apart. He ran; she kept silent. Now he's back, expecting her to forgive and forget-and teach his daughters.

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  • Prevailing Winds (LP)


    A marriage ends . . . but a secret lingers; a friendship totters . . . and a relationship spins. Granted, Cory isn't Bennett, but Laurel seeks neither a husband nor a clone in Little River CA-all she wants is peace. Instead, she finds herself flung...

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  • Feito Em Casa - LP


    Um dos grandes nomes da música instrumental nacional, o pianista, arranjador e produtor Antonio Adolfo lançou, em 1977, o álbum “Feito em Casa”. O disco, que saiu pelo seu próprio selo, Artezanal, foi o pioneiro da produção independente no Brasil. E...

  • Sidney Sheldon's Angel Of The Dark LP


    Once again, author Tilly Bagshawe takes up the mantle of the late, great Sidney Sheldon--and again, she succeeds magnificently. Written in the inimitable Sheldon style and based on extensive, never before published material from his private archives,...

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  • Portrait Of a Spy LP


    Portrait Of a Spy LP

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  • Zumbis do Espaço - Em Uma Missão de Satanás -...


    Comemorando vinte anos ininterruptos de carreira, a banda Zumbis do Espaço anunciou o disco intitulado “Em uma missão de Satanás”. Gravado no estúdio Casanegra em São Paulo e produzido por Rafael Augusto Lopes, o oitavo álbum do Zumbis do Espaço,...

  • A Lesson In Secrets LP - a Maisie Dobbs Novel


    A Lesson In Secrets LP - a Maisie Dobbs Novel

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  • Clean LP


    'The Clean program works....The wisdom and information contained in this book is deeply helpful and life changing.' --Gwyneth PaltrowAs featured on!From Alejandro Junger, Eastern medicine specialist, cardiologist, and head of the Integrative...

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  • Mi Primera LP China 1 Es


    Es el libro MÁS AUTÉNTICO sobre uno de los países más impresionantes del mundo, CHINA, y cuenta cosas increíbles sobre imperios antiguos, artes marciales, el descubrimiento de la pólvora y la primera taza de té.Te esperan divertidas historias sobre...

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  • Mi Primera LP Estados Unidos 1 Es


    Es el libro MÁS AUTÉNTICO sobre uno de los países más impresionantes del mundo, ESTADOS UNIDOS, y cuenta apasionantes relatos sobre el Salvaje Oeste, carreras de cucarachas, un enorme cañón y bodas en Las Vegas. Descubre historias alucinantes sobre...

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  • Paulo Coelho: A Warrior's Life Lp: The...

    Morais, Fernando

    Traces Paulo Coelho's roots in Brazil to his time as a musician and pop lyricist to his wild days of rock and roll to the publication of the best-selling novel The Alchemist and beyond, in a biography that tells the real tale of one of the most...

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  • A Book Of Angels (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from A Book of Angels IN a book devoted to one subject by several writers there must needs be some reiteration of theme; but, as every mind sees a subject differently, the light thrown on it may, for this very reason, be particularly valuable...

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  • Discografia Em Vinil Los Hermanos - Box Com 5...


    Uma da bandas mais criativas e festejadas do Brasil, o Los Hermanos tem agora sua discografia completa lançada em vinil. Com supervisão do próprio grupo, o projeto consta do lançamento dos quatro álbuns de estúdio e de uma linda caixa de luxe...

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  • Café Preto + Céu - Água, Fogo, Terramar - LP


    'Dois grandes nomes da música nacional, o Café Preto e Céu, lançam a parceria ''Água, Fogo, Terramar''. A canção traz o ritmo dub e ragga do duo pernambucano, formado por Cannibal (voz) e Pierre (programação, Roland JX-8p, Korg ex-8000), e a voz...

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  • The Art of the Lp

    Morgan,Johnny; Wardle,Ben

    Sexy, provocative, playful, beautiful: from their earliest days, LP covers have been objects of art and fascination. This celebration of album artistry presents more than 350 of the best covers, and departs from the usual approach by organizing the...

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  • Aqui, Ali, Em Qualquer Lugar - Lp


    Lançado em 2001 com ótima repercussão e vendagem, o CD “Aqui, Ali, em Qualquer Lugar” ganha versão em vinil. Nele, Rita Lee interpreta sucessos dos Beatles em bossa nova de forma surpreendente, dando nova cara a sucessos consagrados. Produzido por...

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  • Kill'em All


    The true birth of thrash. On Kill 'Em All, Metallica fuses the intricate riffing of New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Diamond Head with the velocity of Motörhead and hardcore punk. James Hetfield's highly...

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  • Bitterroot LP


    Bitterroot LP

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  • Kill 'em All - Deluxe - 2 Lps


    Kill 'em All - Deluxe - 2 Lps

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  • Dark Tort Lp

    Davidson,Diane Mott

    When caterer Goldy Schulz stumbles upon a dead paralegal while on her latest catering job at a local law firm, she does her own snooping to find the killer, at the behest of the victim's mother, and is soon knee-deep in suspects. (Mystery &...

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  • Taxi


    Das habilidosas mãos de Gustavo Duarte, nasce mais uma preciosidade dos quadrinhos. Sem afobamentos ou precipitações, esse novo trabalho inspira segurança. Mostra um domínio crescente da narrativa gráfica e, o mais raro, arranca gargalhadas sinceras...

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  • The Christmas Box LP

    Richard Paul Evans

    The Christmas Box LP

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  • Os Novos Bahianos - É Ferro na Boneca! - LP


    Antes do aclamado “Acabou Chorare”, Os Novos Bahianos, como assinavam nesse período, lançaram em 1970 seu primeiro álbum, “É Ferro na Boneca”. Com um estilo um pouco diferente de seu sucessor, o disco foi uma grande estreia, que anunciava a chegada...

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