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  • Display Multiuso A4 Dello - Cristal


    Display em polipropileno auto-adesivo. Ideal para ser fixado em hospitais, elevadores, condomínios, quadro de avisos.

  • Adaptador Wireless Microsoft Display Adapter...


    Veja tudo na sua tela grandeCompartilhe o que você tem no seu tablet, laptop ou smartphone1 em uma HDTV ou monitor com o Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Transmita filmes, veja fotos pessoais ou faça uma apresentação em uma tela grande – tudo isso...

  • Monitor Gamer Tela Curva" Samsung Lc24fg70...


    Ajuste de altura com Design sofisitcado, Tecnologia de Ponto Quantico, 1800R de Curvatura, Entradas 1DP, 2 HDMI e Headphone, com performance de1ms de tempo de resposta e taxa de atualização de 144Hz.

  • Zendoodle Coloring: Caring Thoughts -...


    Featuring over 60 beautiful and simple designs with wide-open areas to fill with color, Zendoodle Coloring: Caring Thoughts is the perfect gift for the colorist in your life. Featured on every page is an inviting illustration displaying thoughtful...

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  • Zendoodle Color-By-Number: Stained Glass -...


    Beautiful, mosaic stained-glass windows shine in these full-page pictures. Colorists can achieve realistic effects and perfect shading with the help of tiny numbers that correspond to a robust color key. Specially designed for ravenous colorists...

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  • Zendoodle Colorscapes: Enchanting Islands -...

    Muller, Deborah

    Sneak away to colorful escapes!A new series in an attractive square format that brings our best-selling Zendoodle artists to a new audience. With beautiful hand-drawn artwork, high-quality paper, and perforated pages, colorists will be proud to...

  • Paolo Veronese - Piety And Display In An Age...

    Cocke, Richard

    This title was first published in 2001: Paolo Veronese: Piety and Display in an Age of Religious Reform examines the large body of religious paintings with which Veronese (1528 -1588) played a crucial role in shaping Venetian piety. With 117...

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  • Display Advertising - An Hour A Day

    Booth,David; Koberg,Corey

    A complete guide to developing, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing an online display ad campaign The display business is online advertising's fastest growing field. Google and others are starting to provide easy tools to enable small- and...

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  • audio livro

    Display Frequency - The UKAR Podcast


    Display Frequency will bring you the very latest interviews with the people who matter in the airshow game, in-depth analysis of the major news stories, as well as previews and reaction to the summers aviation events. The podcast will be hosted by...

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Subject To Display - Reframing Race In...

    Gonzalez, Jennifer A

    James Luna, Fred Wilson, Amalia Mesa-Bains, Pepon Osorio and Renee Green have had a profound impact on the meaning and practice of installation art in the US. This work offers an analysis of their contributions, linking the history and legacy of race...

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  • Decorative Display Alphabets - 100 Complete...

    Solo,Dan X.

    Decorative Display Alphabets - 100 Complete Fonts

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  • Elegant Display Alphabets

    Solo,Dan X.

    Elegant Display Alphabets

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  • Victorian Display Alphabets

    Solo,Dan X.

    Victorian Display Alphabets

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  • 24 Calligraphic Display Fonts - With CD

    Dover Staff

    Remarkably diverse typefaces, perfect for adding flair to certificates, bulletins, announcements, and other forms of printed communication, range in style from the elegant and graceful Espania and the dark and commanding Matrix Text, to the antique...

  • 24 Grunge Display Fonts - With CD

    Dover Staff

    Unconventional typefaces: bold Device, bumpy Gooseflesh, elementary Kidprint, provocative Ransom Note.

  • 24 Gothic Display Fonts - With CD

    Dover Staff

    Attractive and versatile collection of 24 black-and-white, dynamic alphabets. Fonts include such classic type styles as Academy Text, Antique Black, Church Text, Engravers Old English, Libra, Nicolini Broadpen, Rhapsodie, Solemnis, and more. Most...

  • 24 Circus Display Fonts - With CD

    Dover Staff

    Easy to use and rich in applications, this CD-ROM and book collection features 24 fonts reminiscent of the exuberant print styles found on turn-of-the-century posters and broadsides. Black-and-white fonts include attention-getting Panjandrum and...

  • 24 Moderne Display Fonts - With CD

    Dover Staff

    The striking, black-and-white typefaces in this CD-ROM and book collection will add up-to-date dash to almost any graphic assignment. Among the eye-catching modern fonts are such bold and very 'now' faces as Futurama Italic, Cubist, Double Vision,...

  • Creative Display


    Treasured personal possessions are what turns a house into a home, but finding ways to display them can be a challenge. Whether you have a single treasured objet d art or a collection of nature finds gathered on a country walk, a family of framed...

  • Art Nouveau Display Alphabets

    Solo,Dan X.

    Art Nouveau Display Alphabets

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  • 24 Bold Script Display Fonts - With CD

    Dover Staff

    Outstanding treasury of alphabets gives graphic designers many opportunities to create the 'right' look with such eye-catching typefaces as Adastra Royal, Elvira Bold Italic, Novelty Script, and Zorba Solid. All black-and-white fonts contain...

  • 24 Special-effects Display Fonts - With CD

    Dover Staff

    Give any message high impact with this easy-to-use set of royalty-free fonts including star-spangled letters; letters made of bones; letters that evoke far-off lands, distant times and more. Mac or Windows-compatible. Selected by noted typographer...

  • 24 Art Nouveau Display Fonts - With CD

    Solo,Dan X.

    24 unique, royalty-free typefaces: Ambrosia, Carmen, Oceana, Odessa, Siegfried, and more. All with capital letters and most with lowercase letters and numbers. Disk contains all items in book.

  • 24 Art Deco Display Fonts - With CD

    Dover Staff

    Lampoon, Chic, Parisian, Publicity Gothic, more. Most alphabets include upper/ lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation. One CD-ROM and book. 24 fonts.

  • e-book

    OLED Display Fundamentals and Applications

    Takatoshi Tsujimura

    This book covers all of the aspects necessary to the design and manufacturing of OLED displays. Topics include emission mechanism, material selection, device processing, manufacturing issues and countermeasures and display design basics. In addition,...

  • e-book

    Deliberate Display

    Mckeown, John; Thornton, Abigail; Marlene Yong

    An Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including menage, threesome, bisexual, heterosexual, wife-watching, science fiction/fantasy, interracial, neighbours, male stripper and masturbation.

  • e-book

    For Display Purposes Only


    These poems pause for the spectacle: cloning technologies, super-slo-mo photography, narcotic cab rides. Making fun of consciousness, they describe a system of tripwires, pitfalls and decoys that this notion of daily viewership entails. These poems...

  • e-book

    On Display

    Dee Voyse

    On Display is a collection of four short stories all about young women finding themselves by pushing their limits and feeling the ultimate sense of trust and vulnerability.

  • e-book

    For Display Purposes Only


    Poems that borrow from the lexicon of filmmaking to let us find some solace in our facades.

  • 24 Celtic And Medieval Display Fonts - With...

    Dover Staff

    Inspired by the extravagant calligraphy of Celtic and medieval scribes, this extraordinary resource for artists and craftspeople features 24 striking, royalty-free typefaces — Anglo Text, Colchester Black, Cimbrian, Fenwick, Harrowgate, King's Cross,...

  • 24 Script And Cursive Display Fonts - With CD

    Dover Staff

    This set contains 24 elegant, black-and-white typefaces — all with capital letters and most with lower-case letters and numbers. Includes such graceful and refined fonts as Amapola, Carpenter Script, Figaro, Flare, Gloria, Orion Script, Park Avenue...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    House - From Display to Back to Front

    Fran Cottell

    An overview of a series of installations (2001-2011) made by artist Fran Cottell in her house.

  • e-book

    Art Nouveau Display Alphabets

    Solo,Dan X.

    100 complete fonts from Solo-type Typographers Catalog: upper and lower cases, alternate forms, swash forms, numerals, secondaries. Whiplash, organic, cursive, Orientalized, other styles.

  • e-book

    Flat-Panel Display Technologies - Japan,...

    Lawrence Jr. Tannas

    Large scale manufacturing of liquid crystal flat panel displays (LCDs) by Japan brought the world's attention to the existence of an enormous market potential exists when there are alternatives to the cathode ray tube (CRT). The Japanese have...

  • Tamashii Effect Wave Blue - Display


    Blue Wave chega para você recriar suas cenas de batalhas e é ideal para cenas de ação!

  • Tamashii Effect Wave Clear - Display


    Clear Wave chega para você recriar suas cenas de batalhas e é ideal para cenas de ação!

  • e-book

    OLED Display Fundamentals and Applications

    Takatoshi Tsujimura

    This book covers all of the aspects necessary to the design and manufacturing of OLED displays. Topics include emission mechanism, material selection, device processing, manufacturing issues and countermeasures and display design basics. In addition,...

  • e-book

    Phage Display of Peptides and Proteins - A...

    McCafferty, John; Winter, Jill

    Both novices and experts will benefit from this insightful step-by-step discussion of phage display protocols.Phage Display of Peptides and Proteins: A Laboratory Manual reviews the literature and outlines the strategies for maximizing the successful...

  • e-book

    Visual Merchandising and Display

    Pegler, Martin M.

    This new edition of the bestselling text is for anyone in merchandising, from store planners and manufacturers to visual merchandisers, and includes a new section on sustainability.

  • The Solotype Catalog Of 4,147 Display...

    Solo,Dan X.

    The Solotype Catalog Of 4,147 Display Typefaces

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  • The Magic Of Flowers - Color, Frame & Display


    The Magic Of Flowers - Color, Frame & Display

    sob encomenda
  • Magic Of Mandalas - Color Magic To Frame &...


    Reawaken your individuality with this hot new trend: coloring books! Adults love it because it allows them to tune in, tune out, and turn off their screens. The result? Less stress, enhanced creativity, and better health. Once you ve completed each...

    sob encomenda
  • Tamashii Effect Explosion Red - Display


    Explosion Red chega para você recriar suas cenas de batalhas e é ideal para cenas de ação!

  • e-book

    Redisplaying Museum Collections -...

    Hannah Paddon

    This is the first book to examine, in depth, the multi-million pound redisplay and reinterpretation process in British museums in the early twenty-first century. Acknowledging the importance of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) as project catalyst,...

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