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  • Segunda Chance Para O Amor - Série Second...


    Korinne Anders tinha tudo: o emprego, a casa e o marido dos sonhos. Após uma tragédia, seu mundo toma um rumo devastador. Seis meses depois de perder o marido em um acidente, Korinne prometeu nunca mais amar de novo. Se ela não deixar que outro homem...

  • A Christmas Carol

    Dickens, Charles

    A Christmas Carol

  • Alice's Adventures In Wonderland


    These timeless tales are perfect entertainment for the entire family.

  • Pollyanna

    Porter,Eleanor H.; Porter,Eleanor H.

    When orphaned Pollyanna Whittier comes to live with her stern maiden aunt, the entire town of Beldingsville is affected by the bubbly nature of this lively eleven-year-old. Not only is she perpetually cheerful, she also brightens the lives of...

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  • Peter Pan

    Barrie,J. M.; Barrie, J.M.

    Peter Pan

  • Art Forms In Nature

    Haeckel, Ernst

    Art Forms In Nature

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  • Anna Karenina

    Tolstoy, Leo; Tolstoy, Leo



    Anna Karenina

  • Kahlo - 16 Art Stickers


    Kahlo - 16 Art Stickers

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  • Van Gogh - 16 Art Stickers

    Van Gogh,Vincent; Gogh,Vincent Van

    Van Gogh - 16 Art Stickers

  • Alice In Wonderland


    'Curiouser and curiouser!' thought Alice. There she was, sitting sleepily on the riverbank with her sister, when suddenly a white rabbit ran past -- and not just any rabbit, but a rabbit murmuring 'Dear, dear! I shall be too late!' before pulling a...

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  • Happy Christmas Coloring Book


    Recapture the magic of Christmas with coloring fun for kids! Santa Claus is coming to town, and these 30 adorable images are guaranteed to get girls and boys into the holiday spirit. Perfect for children ages 6 to 10, the playful illustrations...

  • Dover Books On Magic, Games And Puzzles - Big...

    Fulves; Fulves,Karl; Fukves, Karl

    'The best book yet on easy-to-do magic.' Martin GardnerAmaze friends, astonish your family, and fascinate any audience by infallibly dealing a royal flush, correctly predicting the outcome of the World Series, unmasking a psychic fraud, and...

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  • Dover Books On Astronomy - Seeing The Sky -...


    Discover the fascination of astronomy with 100 easy, inexpensive projects that promise loads of fun for sky watchers of all ages. Geared toward beginning astronomers fromjunior high school level and up, this entertaining guide was written in direct,...

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  • Pride And Prejudice




    One of the most universally loved and admired English novels, Pride and Prejudice was penned as a popular entertainment. But the consummate artistry of Jane Austen (1775–1817) transformed this effervescent tale of rural romance into a witty, shrewdly...

  • The Phoenix And The Carpet


    The kids from Five Children and It are back, this time with a flying carpet! Under the guidance of a phoenix, the siblings travel around Edwardian London and further afield to a French castle, an Indian bazaar, and a remote desert island. 'The magic...

  • The Story Of Robin Hood Coloring Book


    Travel back in time to join the famous archer and his merry men! Escape to Sherwood Forest to meet the heroic outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Forty-four illustrations to color, accompanied by informative captions, depict dramatic...

  • Monday Or Tuesday - Eight Stories


    Monday Or Tuesday - Eight Stories

  • Dover Coloring Books - Amazing Angels Stained...


    Sixteen original illustrations that evoke the glories of cathedral windows will delight angel enthusiasts of all ages. The images are printed on special translucent paper that perfectly captures the look of leaded glass. After coloring, the angelic...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Floral Mandalas...

    Noble, Marty

    Flowers are nature's mandalas, and the original art in this soul-satisfying stained glass edition combines the beauty and wonder of flowers with the peace and inspiration of mandalas. Offeringhours of meditative coloring, the 16 imageswill sparkle...

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  • Dover Maze Books - Mandala Mazes

    Noble, Marty

    This unusual and challenging array of mazes features 36 intricate designs inspired by the mystical mandala. These mazes are neither too easy nor too hard in fact, they're perfect for puzzlists ages 8 and up! Plus, the mandalas offer a wealth of...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Wild Horses Stained...

    Noble, Marty

    Sixteen images of equine power and grace form a majestic stained glass gallery of untamed horses in their natural environment. Individually and in groups, the horses gallop through plains and forests, splash along a shoreline, and roam through a...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Fanciful Butterflies...

    Noble, Marty

    Sixteen stained glass butterfly images soar to imaginative heights! Posed against backgrounds of sunbursts, clouds, and lush tropical gardens, these imaginary butterflies sport wings decorated with flowers and other fantastic ornaments. After...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Christmas Cheer!...


    Be of good cheer Christmas coloring is here! Sixteen lovely black-and-white illustrations to color include candy canes, reindeer, poinsettias, and other festive symbols of Christmas. Each central motif is surrounded by elaborate borders of evergreens...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - The Animal Babies ABC...


    Explore the alphabet with a cast of delightful fairy tale animals! This enchanting coloring book introduces a host of magical royal creatures along with the ABCs: P is for palace, home of Princess Mouse; T is for the tower that imprisons poor...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Robots Coloring Book


    Welcome to the future a lively world of robot moms, robot dogs, and robot rock bands. These big, bold images depict a bustling population of endearingly wacky robotsas they go about their daily business: working in a futuristic city, piloting a...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Look & Find Shapes To...


    This coloring book offers the excitement of a treasure hunt, with circles, triangles, cubes, and other geometric shapes as prizes! Full-page drawings of everyday activities incorporate distinctive shapes for young colorists to seek and find....

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Things That Fly...


    Young colorists will delight in this playful collection of flying machines. Inventive illustrations include planes, helicopters, hang gliders, dirigibles, and other vehicles. After coloring, kids can place the pages near a window, lamp, or other...

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  • Dover Doodle Books - What To Doodle? Jr.--On...

    McClurkan, Rob

    Oodles of doodles await with this sketchbook safari!You'll discover familiar and exotic animals as you roam the fields of a farm and explore jungle thickets with this compact sketchbook. Easy-to-follow captionsofferhints as to howto complete more...

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  • Dover Doodle Books - What To Doodle?...


    Join in the action-packed exploits of Curlybeard the Pirate, Treasure Hunter Bing Carter, Space Ranger Roger, and the dinosaur-hunting Percival family. Easy-to-follow promptstell you how to fill in the details of more than 60 unfinished scenes from...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Sea Monsters Coloring...

    Copeland,Peter F

    Since ancient times, there have been tales of immense, nightmarish creatures inhabiting the unexplored depths of the sea. Many were mythical beasts, merely the product of overactive imaginations; but many other so-called monsters of the deep do...

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  • Dover Coloring Books For Children - Seek,...


    Come along on a drawing and coloring safari!Every other page of this exciting book features a hidden picture puzzle that's alive with images of a particular animal. The pages in between offer sketchpads for doodlers ages 6 and up to draw their own...

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  • Dover Doodle Books - What To Doodle?...


    The pictures in the four fantastic stories in this book are incomplete -- they need your creative help! Use your imagination to fill in the background images and characters for more than 60 unfinished images. Helpful captions provide ideas for your...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Princess Coloring Book

    Miller, Eileen Rudisill

    Add a rainbow of color to the world of a royal princess!Your little princess will enjoy hours of enchantment adding vivid colors to this magical world of royal adventures. Thirty fairy tale scenes portray a lovely lady strolling in the royal garden,...

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  • Dover Maze Books - Treasure Hunter Activity...


    A goldmine of adventure awaits youngsters in this action-packed activity book. They can join forces with Bing Carter, Annabelle Smith and other daring action heroes to find hidden pictures, solve mysteries, explore mazes, and more.

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Alphabetimals In The...


    Kids will love to learn their letters with these adorable alphabetical creations. From Alligator to Zebra, each Alphabetimalfeatures an animal in the shape ofa letter, cheerfully posed in a ready-to-color habitat.Plus, allthe letters are repeatedat...

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  • Dover Coloring Books For Children - Color &...


    Budding young chefs will savor this flavorful book and its mixture of puzzles and games. Join Molly and Jack for a feast of mazes, crosswords, and creative coloring pages, all focused on tasty foods. Decorative pages provide a place to record...

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  • Dover Science Books For Children - Science...


    Written by the dean of children's science books, this colossal resource is a must-have for young scientists ages 9 and up. Revitalized with more than 175 new and revised entries plus 260 freshly colorized illustrations, the book now features more...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Cute Cats Color By...

    Holm,Sharon Lane

    Follow the numbers to color these lively pictures of adorable kitties! Young cat fanciers will fall in love with these 30 color-by-number pictures. An easy-to-follow numbered color guide appears on each page of amusing illustrations of cats sledding,...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Women Of The Bible


    This gallery ofthirty detailed, ready-to-color illustrations features scenes from the lives of the Bible's most remarkable women. Some are renowned for their heroic deeds or acts of treachery; others as the wives and mothers ofsuch well-known figures...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Colortwist: Purple...

    Mazurkiewicz, Jessica

    This mind-blowing gallery of 32 abstract designs, printed in purple ink, provides colorists of all ages with a fabulous array of creative possibilities. Geometric and figurative images of patterned wheels, leaves, clamshells, clouds, and other shapes...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Dogs Stained Glass...


    Fetching portraits of canine companions, from a lively Lab to a snoozing bulldog, these stained glass images of 16 of theAmerican Kennel Club's top dogs encompass a winning array of beloved breeds, including the sporting, hound, toy, and terrier...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Heart To Heart Stained...


    Blooming like flowers on the vine, grouped in twosomes as well as in abundant clusters, these charming stained glass images feature whimsical depictions of hearts. Sixteen lovely illustrations portray valentines in swirling fantasy settings, adorned...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - In The Wild Stained...


    Color a world of wildlife with these striking stained glass images! Sixteen stylized stained glass illustrations transport colorists into natural habitats with depictions of a fox, rabbit, owl, armadillo, and other creatures. The scenes portray...

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  • Dover Coloring Books - Late Victorian And...


    From hoop skirts to bustles: a practical book that's also fun to colorAn era that saw women's fashions go from hoop skirts to softly draped bustles, the late Victorian and Edwardian periods also provided well-to-do ladies with elegant day dresses...

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