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  • Doutor Estranho - Blu-Ray


    Em Doutor Estranho da Marvel, um neurocirurgião mundialmente famoso procurando por cura, encontra uma magia poderosa em um misterioso lugar conhecido como Kamar-Taj – a linha de frente de uma batalha contra invisíveis forças negras empenhadas em...

  • O Segredo Dos Corpos

    Franscell,Ron; Di Maio,Dr. Vincent

    Há mais de 40 anos, ele desvenda segredos daqueles que já se foram, muitos de forma misteriosa e violenta. Não há nada de místico em seu trabalho. Devoto da ciência, o dr. Vincent Di Maio é um dos mais renomados médicos forenses dos EUA, e ele...

  • Dr. Slump Vol. 2


    Arale decide que quer voar, e agora o Doutor Senbe tem a tarefa de realizar a nova vontade de sua criação! E são mais personagens malucos e engenhocas na Vila Pinguim!

  • CDs - A Saúde É Possível

    Ludwig Kalcker,Dr Andreas

    O mundo está mudando a passos gigantescos. A economia, as religiões, as relações pessoais, nossas prioridades, incluindo o nossos próprio planeta, não parecem os mesmos. Cada vez mais pessoas estão decididas e mudar, explorar novos caminhos, e, se...

  • Uma Prova do Céu - A Jornada de Um...

    Alexander III, Dr. Eben

    Cético, defensor da lógica científica e neurocirurgião há mais de 25 anos, o Dr. Eben Alexander viu sua vida virar do avesso quando passou por uma experiência que ele mesmo considerava impossível. Vítima de uma meningite bacteriana grave, ficou em...

  • Ben Carson - o Menino Pobre Que Se Tornou...

    Carson,Dr. Ben

    Ben Carson era um menino pobre de Detroit, desmotivado, que tirava más notas na escola. Entretanto, aos33 anos, ele se tornou o diretor do Centro de Neurologia Pediátrica do Hospital Universitário Johns Hopkins, em Baltimore, Estados Unidos. Em 1987,...

  • Dr. Sevier (Classic Reprint)

    Cable, George Washington

    Excerpt from Dr. Sevier He changed in later years; this was in 1856. To resist not evil seemed to him then only a rather feeble sort of knavery. To face it in its nakedness, and to inveigh against it in high places and low, seemed the consummation of...

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  • Dr. Lavendar's People (Classic Reprint)

    Deland, Margaret

    Excerpt from Dr. Lavendar's People For instance: there was the time that David undertook the charge of a private library in Upper Chester, and three months afterwards the owner sold it! Then Mr. Hays found a job for him, and just as he was going to...

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  • Dr. Slump Vol. 1


    Arale é uma robô criada pelo doutor Senbe Norimaki, a obra-prima desse gênio da tecnologia! Sua aparência é idêntica à de uma criança humana, e ela tem superforça... mas precisa usar óculos e... é muito sem noção! Agora, essa dupla vai aprontar de...

  • e-book

    Dr. Gregory Boyd'apos;s Myth of a Christian...

    John Teller

    In his best-selling book, The Myth of a Christian Nation, Dr. Gregory Boyd, argues that the church was established to serve the world with a Christ-like love that is diametrically opposed to the pursuit of political power. At last-there is now a...

  • e-book

    Dr. Dobson'apos;s Handbook of Family Advice -...

    Dobson, Dr. James

    Families worldwide seek the godly guidance of respected counselor and internationally recognized radio host Dr. James Dobson. Now in this helpful collection, families young and old have quick access to Dr. Dobson'apos;s advice and wisdom to nurture...

  • e-book

    Dr. Bob'apos;s Guide to Optimal Health -...


    Dr. Bob'apos;s Guide to Optimal Health is a compilation of Dr. Bob DeMaria'apos;s 30 years of experience in the wellness health field. Based on a year long pattern and wellness model lifestyle enhancement, this book provides a Bible based guide...

  • e-book

    Dr. Malachi'apos;s Prescription for the U.S.

    James Tarter

    In this book we see how Malachi in the Bible describes the spiritual illness in the U.S. and certain other materially 'developed' nations today. The symptoms reveal their obvious cause. Malachi goes further to reveal the often unseen source of the...

  • e-book

    Dr. Susan Taylor's Rx for Brown Skin

    Taylor, Susan C.

    Brown skin has a naturally warm, glowing complexion that ranges in shade from yellow to olive to dark brown and black (Asian, Latin, African-American, and Native American skin). The extra melanin that imparts these rich tones and helps protect skin...

  • Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters

    Weyn, Suzanne

    A new generation is creating a monster.... When Doctor Victor Frankenstein died, he left behind a legacy of well as two unacknowledged, beautiful twin daughters. Now these girls are seventeen, and they've come to Frankenstein's castle to...

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  • e-book

    Dr No - James Bond 007

    Fleming, Ian

    Dr Julius No is a man with a mysterious past. Nobody knows what secrets are hidden on his Caribbean island, and all those who have attempted to investigate further have disappeared.When two British agents go missing in Jamaica, Bond is sent to...

  • Dr Estranho


    O Doutor Stephen Strange é o Mago Supremo da Terra e passas seus dias protegendo os humanos de ameaças inimagináveis. No entanto, alguma coisa não está certa e um fluxo crescente de criaturas místicas está fugindo para nossa dimensão. E é claro que...

  • e-book

    Dr U Who

    Darren Bane

    In 2005, television's most famous time traveller made a triumphant return to the Saturday night schedules, and began a journey which saw him achieve huge worldwide success and popularity. Times have never been so good.But it wasn't always this way....

  • e-book

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde

    Robert, Louis Stevenson

    The idea for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde famously came to Robert Louis Stevenson one night in a dream. This graphic novel adaptation has transformed that dream into an exquisite nightmare combining an already-chilling tale with truly...

  • e-book

    Dr. Sax

    Jack Kerouac

    In this haunting novel of intensely felt adolescence, Jack Kerouac tells the story of Jack Duluoz, a French-Canadian boy growing up, as Kerouac himself did, in the dingy factory town of Lowell, Massachusetts. Dr. Sax, with his flowing cape, slouch...

  • e-book

    Dr. Strangelove (Or - How I Learned to Stop...


    It is the height of the Cold War and the two power-blocs stand on the brink of war. On a routine patrol, US bombers receive a coded message. Doomsday has arrived; the fight for democracy, freedom and bodily fluids has just gone nuclear...The official...

  • e-book

    Dr. Heidenhoff'apos;s Process

    Edward Bellamy

    The hand of the clock fastened up on the white wall of the conference room, just over the framed card bearing the words 'Stand up for Jesus,' and between two other similar cards, respectively bearing the sentences 'Come unto Me,' and 'The Wonderful,...

  • e-book

    Dr Jack - Calcutta'apos;s Pavement Doctor


    In the backstreets of Calcutta, shielded from the scorching sun by a tattered tarpaulin, mothers clutching semi-conscious, emaciated babies, and adults and children with missing or gangrenous limbs or suffering from tuberculosis or leprosy, queue in...

  • e-book

    Dr. Thorne

    Anthony Trollope

    'Dr. Thorne' is a warm performance of riches and marriage. It is one of Trollope's most popular novels. It's the story of penniless social outcasts, Mary Thorne and Frank Gresham. Who tries to save his landed family's ill fortunes by making a 'good...

  • e-book

    Dr. Horatio vs. the Six-Toed Cat


    This bonus e-only short story is the perfect introduction to bestselling author Virginia Smith'apos;s latest series, Tales from the Goose Creek B&B. Set in the years before the Richardsons launch their bed-and-breakfast scheme, the quirky residents...

  • e-book

    Dr Wortle'apos;s School

    Anthony Trollope

    Anthony Trollope's classic novel of scandal in Victorian England was his 40th published book.

  • e-book

    Dr. Breen's Practice

    Howells,William, Dean
    (3374816) present you this new edition. Near the verge of a bold promontory stands the hotel, and looks southeastward over a sweep of sea unbroken to the horizon. Behind it stretches the vast forest, which after two hundred years has resumed the...

  • e-book

    Dr. Montessori'apos;s Own Handbook - The...

    Maria Montessori

    Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook - The Original Classic Edition

  • e-book

    Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde

    Stevenson,Robert Louis

    Not Provided by Publisher

  • e-book

    Dr Bakewell'apos;s Wondrous School of...

    L. T. Talbot

    Lemonade pies, chocolate marshmallow truffles, afternoon tea and Edible Arts are everyday occurrences at Honeycomb Hall. Dr Bakewell, world-famous baker and Headmaster of the top-secret school, runs a competition with an incredible prize; all ten...

  • e-book

    Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Stories

    Robert Louis Stevenson

    How thin is the line between good and evil?Dr Jekyll has been experimenting with his identity. He has developed a drug which separates the two sides of his nature and allows him occasionally to abandon himself to his most corrupt inclinations as the...

  • e-book

    Dr. Nof Is Missing


    Dr. Nof, a biochemist who has traveled to a moon called Barom in order to find a cure for plagues, is missing. Because dangerous beasts roam Barom’s jungles, finding her will be a challenge.

  • e-book

    Dr.Reynard'apos;s Experiment


    The year is 1885, and Dr Reynard, a brilliant young surgeon, is desperate for excitement. A chance meeting with Lord Spearman opens up a whole new world of sexual adventure. Swept along, Dy Reynard finds blackmail threatening to destroy him, and an...

  • e-book

    Dr. Breen'apos;s Practice

    William Dean Howells

    Throughout his career, author and editor William Dean Howells made it a point to deal with emerging social issues in his novels, often causing controversy and scandal upon their publication. In Dr. Breen's Practice, he introduces readers to Dr. Grace...

  • e-book

    Dr. Sally'apos;s Voodoo Man


    Dr. Sally retreats to Cameroon, Africa on a Fulbright scholarship to escape her past and find meaning in life. She falls under the spell of Dr. Ibo, who consumes her thoughts, actions and desire. When she realizes she's an unwitting tool in the...

  • e-book

    Dr Mukti and Other Tales of Woe

    Will Self

    Shiva Mukti is a hardworking and conscientious psychiatrist, who, in the inauspicious surroundings of St Mungo's - a central London hospital of more than average decrepitude - does his level best to staunch the flow of mental illness. But Mukti is...

  • e-book

    Dr. Heidenhoff'apos;s Process

    Edward Bellamy

    This early novel from the author of the socialist utopian tale Looking Backwards is another classic of the nineteenth-century science fiction and fantasy genre. The 'process' in the book's title refers to a procedure that removes painful or unwanted...

  • e-book

    Dr. Noah and the Sugar Plum Fairy


    College senior and not-so-ex-ballerina Jane Trumbull is home for Christmas break. She welcomes the joyful chaos of a happy family holiday-then the rollercoaster of emotions begins. Veterinarian Dr. Noah Barron hopes his return to Texas and his new...

  • e-book

    Dr Bakewell and the Cupcake Queen

    L. T. Talbot

    As September falls, so beckons the start of another year at Dr Bakewell's Wondrous School of Confectionery.After a delightfully sweet and eventful year at Honeycomb Hall drew to a close in July, Vaughan, Verity and Caroline are eager to be back at...

  • e-book

    Dr Johnson'apos;s Reliquary of Rediscovered...

    Johnson, Neil

    In these pages you will discover words you never knew existed, and rediscover many that you had forgotten or had given up all hope of ever seeing again.If the amoindering of our language by fifish chuffs leads you to fleer and the infandous...

  • e-book

    Dr. Joyce Brothers - The Founding Mother of...

    Kathleen Collins

    This is the first book to examine the life and career of Dr. Joyce Brothers, a nearly ubiquitous figure who appeared on television from the mid-1950s (as a contestant on The $64,000 Question) through the twenty-first century. Known primarily for her...

  • e-book
  • e-book

    Dr. Bird'apos;s Advice for Sad Poets


    A teenager'apos;s attempt to save himself by writing poems, hugging trees, and figuring out what it takes to be a good brother. James experiences the highs and lows of teenage depression while he tries to figure out how it’s possible to survive, even...

  • e-book

    Dr. Morelle at Midnight - A Classic Crime...

    Ernest Dudley

    Ian Laking is pathologically jealous of his beautiful wife, and obsessed with murder. His only hope lies in being treated by Dr. Morelle, the well-known psychiatrist and criminologist. Laking suspects his business associate, Duke Fenton, of being his...

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