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  • Hogwarts, A Cinematic Yearbook - Imagine,...


    Imagine your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! What would it be like to ride on the Hogwarts Express from King's Cross station, shop in Diagon Alley, be sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses, attend a Potions class and...

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  • Draw The Circle Prayer Journal - A 40-Day...


    Experience a deeper, more passionate, and intimate prayer life. If you press into God's presence like never before, you will experience God like never before.Drawn from bestselling books The Circle Maker and Draw the Circle by pastor Mark Batterson,...

  • A Magical Yearbook - A Cinematic Journey:...


    Imagine if you could travel through the eras of J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World!What would you pack if you were going to 1920's New York? What kind of beasts would you imagine finding in Newt's case? What do you think it would be like to study at...

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  • Praticando Corel Draw - Abrange Versões 7 a...

    Nascimento,Gláucio Marcel

    Este livro tem como objetivo fornecer exercícios práticos de CorelDRAW para fortalecer a teoria transmitida pelos instrutores de escolas profissionalizantes e de cursos de Informática. Indicado para estudantes e profissionais que já dominam o...

  • Draw It 3D

    Editors of Klutz

    Learn how to make your art POP from the page with nothing more than the tools included with this book: pencil, pen, ruler, and eraser-3D glasses not required! The drawing techniques in this book are just as fun for doodlers and scribblers as they are...

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  • Draw It! (Dover) - Dinosaurs

    Radtke, Becky J

    From the long-necked diplodocus to the tiny microraptor and the towering janenschia, this sketchbook features 38 double-page spreads of famous and lesser-known dinosaurs. Aspiring artists ages 8 and up can follow the drawing instructions, which...

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  • Draw It! (Dover) - Sea Life

    Radtke, Becky J

    Sharpen your skills by drawing captivating sea creatures! Create a comical clownfish, a friendly dolphin, a playful sea otter, and a variety of sharks, from the hammerhead to the great white. Aspiring artists ages 8 and up can follow these simple...

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  • Draw It! (Dover) - Princesses, Mermaids And...

    Radtke, Becky J

    Sketch fantasy figures plus dozens of other enchanting images and accessories! This easy-to-use guide and sketchbook features fanciful figures and adorable accessories for aspiring artists ages 8 and up to draw. Each of the 38 double-page spreads...

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  • Draw And Color Insects


    Using step-by-step instructions, shows how to draw a variety of insects, including beetles, spiders, and wasps.

  • Draw The World Your Way

    Editors of Klutz

    Typical drawing books show how to draw something - a horse, for example, or maybe a car - in solitary splendor on a blank white page. But wouldn’t you rather learn how to draw a complete scene, so that the horse can be driving the car, down a freeway...

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  • Draw And Color - Reptiles & Amphibians


    This colorful book reveals a spectacular world of rare and exciting creatures with easy-to-follow illustrations for drawing 29 different species. And the book features fascinating facts about each subject--from iguanas and snakes to turtles and...

  • Draw Star Wars - The Clone Wars 6-pack

    The Editors Of Klutz

    Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars is packed with tips and techniques, practice space to draw right in the book, and translucent overlays to make you a master of drawing. Start with stick figures, move onto basic shapes, and finish up with the details....

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  • Draw To Win - A Crash Course On How To Lead,...


    The most concise, simple, and easiest-to-apply book of Dan Roam's distinguished career. Dan Roam's brilliant strategies for creating images, sharing them and explaining them have finally been distilled into a 'best of' handbook for busy readers who...

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  • Pokémon How-To-Draw Kit- Starting with...

    Press, Pikachu

    Discover the Pokémon artist in you with over a dozen different all-star Pokémon to draw, color, and decorate! Everything you need to get started is inside all you need to add is your own artist’s talent! You can even draw your own stickers and use...

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  • e-book

    Draw Close - A Devotional for Couples

    Harley, Willard F. Jr.; Joyce S. Harley

    A couples devotional from the bestselling author ofHis Needs, Her Needs that helps husbands and wives draw closer to each other and God.

  • Draw Me A House - Architectural Ideas,...

    Herem, Thibaud

    'Draw Me a House' is a playbook for budding architects and anyone interested in the built environment. Illustrated by Thibaud Herem, it celebrates the primary delights of architecture, inviting people of all ages to color in, think about, doodle and...

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  • Let Us Draw Nigh! - The Way To A Life Abiding...

    Murray, Andrew

    Excerpt from Let Us Draw Nigh!: The Way to a Life Abiding Continually in the Secret of God's Presence; Meditations on Hebrews X: 19-25 The twelve chapters that form this little book are part of a larger work that has just been published.1 They are...

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  • Doodle Design & Draw Rock Star Fashions

    Sun, Jennie

    Create your own dynamic, original fashions, fit for any rock star!Fashionistas, fans of popular music, and aspiring designers of all ages will love this doodle book! Filled with trendy outfits for on stage and off, the book offers loads of unfinished...

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  • All About Marvelous Me! - A Draw And Write...

    Radtke, Becky J

    Kids can have fun reflecting on their past, present, and future!Loaded with fun things to do, from fill-in-the-blanks and checklists to drawing and journaling, this book will inspire children to write and illustrate details of their daily lives and...

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  • Fancy Nancy - Express Yourself! - A Doodle...

    O'Connor, Jane

    Nancy is on a mission to make the world a fancier place, but she needs your help! In this Doodle and Draw Book, you get the chance to glam up Nancy's bedroom, neighborhood, clothes, pets, and more! Let your imagination get spectacular (that means...

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  • Doodle Design & Draw Fashion

    Sun, Jennie

    Fashionistas of all ages will love this new doodle book. Organized by season, it's chock-full of sophisticated and trendy images that encourage aspiring designers to experiment with color and pattern to create original fashions. Illustrated by an...

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  • How to Draw Insects

    Levy, Barbara Soloff; Drawing,

    This easy-to-follow guide makes it simple for youngsters -- and aspiring artists of all ages -- to create recognizable likenesses of 30 different insects. By following clear, step-by-step illustrations, nature artists will learn how to use circles,...

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  • How to Draw Dinosaurs

    Levy, Barbara Soloff; Drawing,

    Simple, easy-to-follow guide enables even young children to draw 28 dinosaurs in convincing detail: tyrannosaurus rex, dimetrodon, megalosaurus, triceratops, ankylosaurus, archaeopteryx, and other prehistoric creatures. Easy lessonsshow thebasic...

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  • How To Draw Flowers

    Levy, Barbara Soloff

    How To Draw Flowers

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  • How To Draw Faces

    Levy, Barbara Soloff

    How To Draw Faces

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  • You Can Draw Animals

    Levy,Barbara Soloff

    You Can Draw Animals

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  • How To Draw Sharks

    Roytman, Arkady

    'A terrific new drawing book about sharks! Clear simple directions -- the kids are going to love this one!' -- S. D. Spady Elementary SchoolWith this step-by-step guide on how to create images of the marine world's fierce predators, kids can learn to...

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  • How To Draw Aquarium Animals

    Levy,Barbara Soloff

    How To Draw Aquarium Animals

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  • Doodle Design & Draw Dream Bridal Fashions

    Miller, Eileen Rudisill

    Design the wedding gown of your dreams with this delightful doodle book!Bring your wedding fantasies to life with inspirations from this fabulous collection of traditional and modern bridal fashions. More than 60 pages of unfinished drawings for you...

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  • Doodle Design & Draw - Doodle Design & Draw...

    Petruccio, Steven James

    Aspiring young artists can gear up for fun with this creative new book for car-obsessed kids! Each incomplete image gives youngsters the chance to show off their design savvy as they create vehicles powered by their imaginations. From customizing a...

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  • Doodle Design & Draw - Doodle Design & Draw...

    Kraft, Ellen Christiansen

    Buddingyoung decorators can practice their craft with this new doodle book and itstrendy room-design ideas. More than 60 drawings range from sparsely furnished or completelybare rooms to fully decorated spaces that offerlots of...

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  • How To Draw Wizards, Dragons And Other...

    Soloff Levy, Barbara

    Kids and beginning artists of all ages can discover easy ways to draw supernatural characters. This helpful guide shows how to combine basic geometric shapes in a series of three or four easy steps. You'll see how linking together circles, squares,...

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  • Draw + Color Fun - Faces

    Roitman,Tanya; Ziefert,Harriet

    In these first activity books, kids can complete and color all kinds of faces: boys, girls, tigers, monkeys, even ladybugs. At first, toddlers might only draw a circle for a face, not adding eyes, nose, or mouth. But in time, they will fill in the...

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  • How To Draw - How To Draw Ferocious Dinosaurs...


    ROAR! From Stegosaurus to Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mosasaurus, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor and beyond, kids learn to draw more than 80 amazing ancient creatures. This small but informative drawing book will help young artists discover and expand on their...

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  • How To Draw - How To Draw Incredible Sharks...


    Fierce sharks, friendly dolphins, and enormous sting rays are just some of the 80 drawing projects ocean lovers and budding artists will find here. This small but informative drawing book will help young artists discover and expand on their creative...

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  • Fancy Nancy - Girl On The Go - A Doodle And...

    O'Connor, Jane

    Bon voyage!Grab your binoculars, pack your fanciest luggage, and get ready for adventure! Travel along with Nancy as she explores dozens of new and exciting places and add your own creative touches along the way! With sixty-four pages of fun-filled...

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  • How To Draw 101 Things That Go


    How To Draw 101 Things That Go

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  • Let's Draw!


    This is a fantastic, accessible drawing book from which children can learn all the necessary skills to draw almost any subject. The step-by-step approach ensures steady progress is achieved, and useful tips on artists' materials, tools and techniques...

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  • How To Draw

    DK Publishing

    How To Draw is a fun, exciting way for your child to learn how to draw and unleash their inner artist. With simple skill building, encouraging tips and prompts, and beautiful examples from famous artists' work, drawing has never been so easy and...

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  • Dover How To Draw - Tony Tallarico's Quick...

    Tallarico, Tony

    In just three or four easy steps, kids can learn to draw a variety of animals, from a cute kitty to a ferocious lion. Simple lessons by an expert instructor show how to turn shapes and lines into a menagerie of more than 50 lively critters -- a...

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  • How To Draw 101 Pets


    How To Draw 101 Pets

    sob encomenda
  • How To Draw 101 Horses & Ponies


    How To Draw 101 Horses & Ponies

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  • How To Draw 101 Funny People


    How To Draw 101 Funny People

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  • Dover How To Draw - Art Start Sea Creatures -...

    Levy, Barbara Soloff

    Kids ages 4 and up can learn to draw an octopus, starfish, pelican, and 27 other cartoon-style sea creatures. Based on a proven, classroom-tested method, this easy-to-follow guide features four simple steps for every character. Each step shows how to...

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