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  • High School DXD Vol. 1

    Mishima, Hiroji; Ishibumi,Ichiei

    When unpopular high schooler Issei Hyoudou ilas a less than romantic encounter with his first-ever girlfriend, the consequences are fatal! As he lies dying, who should come to his rescue but the prettiest girl in school, Rias Gremory! And the...

  • High School DXD vol. 5

    Mishima, Hiroji; Ishibumi,Ichiei

    'Would you like to have a fling with me?'Akeno-san drops a bombshell?! Issei has just started cohabiting with his beloved President Rias, so he's all 'viva sexy time!' But will Akeno-san's proposition lead to a deadly lovers' quarrel?! And what will...

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  • High School Dxd - Vol. 9

    Mishima, Hiroji

    Summer has arrived! The Team Gremory vs Team Sitri Rating Game is on, and Issei has an important role to play! As the battles between the two teams commence, who will emerge victorious?

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  • High School DXD vol. 6

    Mishima, Hiroji; Ishibumi,Ichiei

    I'm gonna suck on the president's boobs! The fight over the holy swords heats up, and so do Issei's passions! As devils, fallen angels, and agents of the church all vie for control of the stolen Excaliburs, devil sword user Kiba's hidden past comes...

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  • High School DXD Vol. 3

    Mishima, Hiroji; Ishibumi,Ichiei

    'Hold me, Issei.'...Are you serious, President?!Issei Hyoudou, recently brought back to life as a devil, works hard every day in pursuit of his ultimate goal--to become the 'Harem King'! Meanwhile, a handsome aristocrat, Riser Phoenix, makes his...

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  • High School DXD Vol. 2

    Mishima,Hiroji; Ishibumi,Ichiei

    Is love in the air between lowly servant Issei and his mistress, the bewitching Rias?! Reincarnated as a demon by Rias, the school beauty, Issei finds himself in servitude to his devilish mistress. But when Issei befriends Sister Asia, a nun from the...

  • High School DXD Vol. 8


    'I wanna do dirty things with the President!' Issei wildly pitches this explosive straight ball at an all-important conference! Archangels, devil kings, and fallen angels come together at the 'Three-Way Deadlock Conference,' but a mysterious power...

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  • High School DXD vol. 4

    Mishima, Hiroji; Ishibumi,Ichiei

    Issei's on a rampage?! 'President Rias's virginity is gonna be mine!!'President Rias, the beautiful young devil, is betting her engagement on the outcome of a 'rating game,' and Issei's joining the fight. But does he even stand a chance against...

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  • High School DXD vol. 7


    A conference between devils, angels, and fallen angels?! Kuou Private Academy will never be the same!!Devil King Sirzechs pays a visit to the Hyoudou household, and he's got some shocking info for Issei and the gang! Later, the beautiful swordswoman...

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  • High School Dxd - Vol. 10


    AN AWESOME POWER IS UNLEASHED...WITH THE HELP OF THE PRESIDENT'S CHEST?! Now that training is done and Rias's peerage is back together again, it's time to party! With just one day before the big game, tensions are running high, and things only get...

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