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  • Superman - Entre A Foice e o Martelo

    Johnson,Dave; Millar,Mark

    Depois dessa surpreendente releitura de um conto mais que familiar, uma certa nave kryptoniana cai na Terra, trazendo um infante que um dia se tornará o ser mais poderoso do planeta. Mas seu veículo não caiu nos Estados Unidos. Ele não foi criado em...

  • Lápis De Cor Sextavado Faber Castell 60 Cores


    'Você fará belíssimos trabalhos com estes lápis de cor da Faber-Castell. Apresentam cores mais vivas, desenham muito mais macio e são fáceis de apontar. Produzido em madeira super-resistente, pode ser utilizado tanto na escola quanto em demais...

  • Jardim Secreto – Livro de Colorir e Caça ao...


    Bem-vindo ao meu mundo secreto! Faça um passeio por estes lindos jardins e se aventure em uma caça ao tesouro tão fascinante que todos os seus problemas ficarão para trás. As ilustrações ricas em detalhes estão só esperando por você para ganhar vida....

  • Caligrafia Para Relaxar


    Uma introdução simples e divertida à arte da caligrafia.Unindo técnicas de escrita à mão com textos inspiradores sobre a necessidade de desacelerar e de aceitar a vida como ela é, este livro é uma ótima maneira de cultivar a calma, promover a alegria...

  • Lápis Cor Sextavado Faber Castell 48 Cores


    Você fará belíssimos trabalhos com estes lápis de cor da Faber-Castell. Apresentam cores mais vivas, desenham muito mais macio e são fáceis de apontar. Produzido em madeira super-resistente, pode ser utilizado tanto na escola quanto em demais...

  • Lápis De Cor Super Soft Faber Castell 24...


    Excelente cobertura sobre papéis claros e escuros.Exclusiva mina supermacia.Máximo conforto ao pintar.

  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them -...


    Celebrate the artistry of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with this Newt-Scamander-themed stationery set. Celebrate the artistry of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with this Newt Scamander–themed stationery set. This deluxe...

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  • Lápis de Cor Bicolor Faber Castell com 24...


    Você já conhece a qualidade Faber-Castell, agora você vai conhecer um produto que vai ocupar menos espaço em seu estojo, mas trará muito mais cores para suas pinturas! Os 24 lápis de cor bicolor possuem cores vivas e escrita macia, são 24 lápis e 48...

  • Harry Potter - Gryffindor Deluxe Stationery...

    Editions, Insight

    Celebrate the artistry of the Harry Potter films with this Gryffindor themed stationery set, inspired by the colors and heraldry of Hogwarts’ bravest house. This deluxe collectible set includes a 192-page blank journal, a wax stamp and two wax sticks...

  • Lápis De Cor Aquarelável Faber Castell 60...


    Sortimento exclusivo com 60 cores vira uma pintura de Aquarela. Inclui um pincel Soft Touch, estojo exclusivo resistente e durável.

  • Caneta Hidrográfica Colors Faber Castell 12...


    Canetinha regular , formulação com corantes de alta qualidade cores vivas e grande durabilidade - caneta hidrográfica c/12 cores.

  • Drawing For Dummies 2e


    The fast and easy way to learn to draw Drawing can enrich your life in extraordinary and unexpected ways. Drawing your everyday experiences can change how you and others see the world, while drawing from your imagination can give rise to fantastic...

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  • Color Your Own Thor

    Artists, Various

    Unleash a Rainbow Bridge of color! If ye be worthy, lift your pencils, crayons or markers aloft, and go to town on page after page of mighty artwork featuring Thor and his many friends and foes! Whether it's the original Thunder God himself or Jane...

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  • Posh Ultimate Creative Activity Book

    Andrews McMeel Publishing

    Clear your mind and flex your imagination with the Posh Creativity Series! The Posh Ultimate Creative Activity Book has a little bit of everything: extreme puzzle challenges, eye-watering mazes, crazy color-by-number pages, and complex dot-to-dots.

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  • God's Promises Coloring Book

    Countryman, Jack

    Relax and reflect on God's goodness and provision with the God's Promises(R) Coloring Book. If you are looking for a way to incorporate more Scripture into your day-to-day life and to enjoy a deeper understanding of God's love and promises for you,...

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  • Creative Haven Ocean Fantasies Coloring Book

    Pocock, Aaron

    Alluring mermaids, friendly dolphins, sunken treasures, giant sea monsters, and mythological sea gods abound in this fantastical coloring book. Thirty-one images include Neptune brandishing his trident, an artful collection of shells and starfish, a...

  • Creative Haven Seashore Scenes Coloring Book


    Escape to tropical beaches, a bay dotted with sailboats, the underwater world of coral reefs, and other vivid marine settings with these 31 idyllic illustrations. Add your colors to images of majestic palm trees, romantic beach scenes, towering...

  • Creative Haven Good Vibrations Coloring Book


    Lovers of psychedelic art and geometric patterns will be feeling groovy with these 31 original designs. Swirling stars, wavy lines, twisted rectangles, and other dynamic motifs form bold patterns to color. Many feature black backgrounds that will...

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  • Creative Haven Flowers Dot-To-Dot


    Each of these 30 complex connect-the-dots puzzles features hundreds of dots that eventually reveal eye-opening pictures of common and exotic flowers. When done, it's easy to double the fun by coloring the finished puzzles, which include lilies,...

  • Routledge Handbook Of Sustainable Product...

    Chapman, Jonathan

    As a cultivated form of invention, product design is a deeply human phenomenon that enables us to shape, modify and alter the world around us - for better or worse. The recent emergence of the sustainability imperative in product design compels us to...

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  • Zendoodle Calm - Stress-Free Pattern Play For...


    A guided doodling book that soothes and relaxes as it coaxes out your creativity. Allow your mind to unwind and let your creativity flow as you doodle, tangle, and design in this gorgeous book of guided play with patterns. Whether you are an amateur...

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  • Bliss Joy Coloring Book - Your Passport To...


    Fancy a cup of tea? Or a cupcake? How about a singing bird, a bicycle decked with flowers, a snoozing cat, or a seaside seat under a shady umbrella with a cool tropical drink at the ready? These 46 illustrations to color are sure to incite joyful...

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  • Posh Sticker Studio - Creative Sticker Art To...

    Andrews McMeel Publishing

    Learn to clear your mind and flex your imagination with the Posh Creativity series. Posh Sticker Studio allows readers to complete detailed patterns and designs using sticker shapes. With thousands of stickers to choose from, readers can complete the...

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  • Creative Haven Grumpy Cat's Least Favorite...

    Mazurkiewicz, Jessica

    Grumpy Cat is back to offer a cranky look at indoor and outdoor pastimes. Join the curmudgeonly kitty for more than 31 pages of coloring fun about fishing and bird watching, chess playing and video games, scrapbooking and photography, and other...

  • Jesus Always Adult Coloring Book: Creative...


    Embrace Joy in the Presence of the Savior Who Is Always with YouReceive the joy of the Lord as you relax and reflect on Scripture and quotes from #1 bestselling Jesus Always while coloring intricate illustrations and learning hand lettering. This...

  • Creative Haven U.S.A. Whimsy - A Wordplay...


    Thirty-one original illustrations form the shapes of all 50 states by using names of cities, sports teams, and other words especially relevant to each region: 'redwood,' 'gold rush' and others for California, 'Lone Star,' 'oil,' and more for Texas....

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  • Art Of Coloring Star Wars The Last Jedi -...


    A keepsakecoloring book for parents and Padawans, featuring fan-favorite artist KatieCook's adorable black & white line art from ABC-3PO and OBI-123.Featuring new characters, ships, and vehicles from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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  • Designing For How People Think - Using Brain...

    Whalen, John

    Understanding the mind of a customer is essential for any product or service designer. True, some designers can perceive what their customers need or want, but in the era of artificial intelligence, augmented cognition, and 'thinking' designs,...

  • O Desenho da Figura No Design de Moda, Nova...


    Desenhos de moda s?o o principal meio de visualiza?o das idias e conceitos de figurino e design de moda. Para se obter uma idia exata do que estNB na mente de um designer, fundamental dominar as regras do desenho de figura, bem como compreender...

  • O Desenho da Figura Masculina No Design de...

    Drudi, Elisabetta

    FIGURE DRAWING FOR MEN'S FASHION focuses on the male form in fashion design. It offers a concise, topic-by-topic guide to acquiring and perfecting the skills needed to produce realistic and precise fashion plates that accurately reflect a designer?s...

  • Batman Arkham Universe The Ultimate Visual...


    Terror reigns in the Arkham universe. Welcome to hell - there is no escape!Batman™: Arkham Universe: The Ultimate Visual Guide is the first-ever detailed exploration and celebration of the dark and dangerous Batman: Arkham universe. The book details...

  • Tall Ships Tattoos

    Menges, Jeff A

    There was a time when most tattooed people were sailors, and many of those mariners favored nautical themes. In the best maritime tradition, this collection of body art features six stalwart ships, all reminiscent of when sails ruled the seas and all...

  • Paraíso Tropical – Uma Aventura de Colorir


    Millie Marotta é autora de Reino Animal e já vendeu 4 milhões de livros no mundo.Perca-se numa profusão de cores e formas enquanto dá vida às exóticas plantas e criaturas do Paraíso Tropical. As belas e intrincadas ilustrações de Millie Marotta...

  • Merry Christmas Activity Book

    Tallarico, Tony J

    This festive activity book is bursting with holiday cheer! Thirty-six entertaining Christmas puzzles challenge kids to figure out the names of Santa's reindeers, identify matching ornaments, and solve crossword puzzles with illustrated clues of a...

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  • Serenity Adult Coloring Book


    Join the crew of the Serenity on an adventure through the 'verse where you can relive your favorite moments from the Firefly series- and more! This stunning adult coloring book is filled with 45 detailed and completely original black-and-white...

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  • Eek! Monsters Activity Book

    Miner, Julie Dobson

    With their big eyes, snaggle teeth, and funny shapes, these playful little monsters promise to both challenge and entertain children. The cute characters appear in more than 30 activities: mazes, connect the dots, spot-the-differences, secret codes,...

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  • Fundamentos do Desenho Artístico - 2ª Ed....


    'Fundamentos do desenho artístico' é um guia completo e pormenorizado dos princípios elementares do desenho, dos materiais e instrumentos mais comuns, das técnicas básicas para dominar traços, hachuras e sombreados, assim como a composição, a...

  • The Witcher Adult Coloring Book

    Cd Projekt Red

    Forty-five colorable images from the fantastical world of The Witcher! Journey along with Geralt, Ciri, Triss, Yennefer, Roach, Shani, and all of your favorite Witcher characters in a variety of fantastic settings . . . all inspired by the hit video...

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  • Creative Haven Cars Coloring Book


    These detailed illustrations of classic cars, rendered in woodcut style, race through the decades from a 1926 Ford Model T to a 2006 Ferrari. Thirty-one images depict the cars in evocative settings, including a VW Bus at the Matterhorn, a Peugeot...

  • Creative Haven Psalms Coloring Book


    'O sing unto the Lord a new song' rejoices Psalm 98:1, and adult colorists will find fresh sources of inspiration from this collection of divinely rendered King James Bible quotations. Thirty-one full-page designs combine flowers, stars, birds, and...

  • Fantastic Ornament: French Color Design


    Never before printed and selected from a one-of-a-kind, early 20th-century hand-painted studio sourcebook, these brilliant silk patterns are bursting with vibrant color and naturalistic forms: flowers, swirls, vines, and more. Originating from Lyon...

  • Creative Haven Nightscapes Coloring Book

    Boylan, Lindsey

    Color your way around the world under the cover of darkness! This spellbinding coloring book features 31 picturesque images of famous cities -- all under magical night skies. Imaginative details whisk you from Amsterdam and Bangkok to Venice and...

  • Pintoricchio - Umbrian School (Classic...


    Excerpt from Pintoricchio: Umbrian School In 1492 he entered into an agreement to paint two evangelists and two Fathers Of the Church in the cathedral at Orvieto, the price settled upon being one hundred ducats. To carry out this commission, and at...

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  • Spark Curious Cats Coloring Book

    Hall, Susan T

    These fabulous kitties are out of this world! Thirty imaginative illustrations feature cats napping on Neptune, singing songs atop Saturn, swimming under the sea, and frolicking among backdrops bursting with stars, flowers, fish, and other...

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