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  • e-book

    Out of Bounds


    The first rule of football--don'apos;t screw with a streak. My career is finally looking up, and I'apos;m leading a new pro team down the field every Sunday. No way will I mess with that. But when I meet the most stunning and captivating woman...

  • e-book

    Princess Academy - Palace of Stone

    Hale, Shannon

    Miri goes from student to queen's lady-in-waiting in the highly anticipated sequel to the 2006 Newbery-Honor winning novel, PRINCESS ACADEMY

  • e-book

    Catullus - Poems

    Catullus, Gaius Valerius

    Catullus, who lived from about 84 to 54 BC, was one of ancient Rome'apos;s most gifted, versatile and passionate poets. Living at a time of radical social change at the end of the Roman Republic, he belonged to a group of young poets who embraced...

  • e-book

    Karl Marx, Anthropologist

    Patterson, Thomas C.

    After being widely rejected in the late 20th century the work of Karl Marx is now being reassessed by many theorists and activists. Karl Marx, Anthropologist explores how this most influential of modern thinkers is still highly relevant for...

  • e-book

    Lindsay Anderson Diaries

    Anderson, Lindsay

    As a director, critic, writer and actor, Lindsay Anderson established a reputation as one of the most innovative, impassioned and fiercely independent British artists of the twentieth century.

  • e-book

    Virgil - Aeneid VI

    Virgil,; Virgil

    This pivotal book of theAeneid has Aeneas - like Odysseus in Odyssey XI - visiting the Underworld. He is poised, as it were, between the world of his 'apos;Homeric'apos; past, the wanderings he has undergone in the poem'apos;s first half, and the...

  • e-book

    Un Niño Perdido

    Hahn, Nancy

    El libro de niños de Nancy Hahn “Un Muchacho Perdido”, diciendo la historia de la vida de Bol Malual. Es el primer libro de niños para dirigirse a la historia de los Muchachos Perdidos de Sudán.

  • e-book

    Dario Fo - People'apos;s Court Jester

    Mitchell, Tony

    A revised critical study covering the various phases of Dario Fo's theatrical career.

  • e-book

    Victorian Tales - The Twisted Tunnels

    Terry Deary

    From the bestselling author of Horrible Histories...In a tunnel under the Thames, an urchin named Jenny and the young Queen Victoria dream of a wonderful new idea - underground trains! Twenty years later, the dream is finally becoming a reality....

  • e-book

    Pirate Tales - The Pirate Queen

    Terry Deary

    Grace O'apos;Malley is the greatest pirate that ever lived, the terror ofthe Irish Sea. Her gang of cut-throats rule the waves ... until Grace iscaptured! But instead of being hanged, she is sent to London - by royalcommand. What will happen when the...

  • e-book

    Pirate Tales - The Pirate Captain

    Terry Deary

    Captain Fly is the greatest pirate to sail the seven seas - or so hesays. But can his captives Jed and Arthur stop the cruel captain?

  • e-book


    Hale, Shannon

    The beloved novel set at a Jane Austen fantasy camp for women, fromNew York Times-bestselling author and Newbery Honor winner Shannon Hale.Don'apos;t miss Shannon Hale'apos;s newest novel Midnight in Austenland, where a mystery is set at the Pemberly...

  • e-book


    Murakami, Ryu

    Every night, Kawashima Masayuki creeps from his bed and watches over his baby girl'apos;s crib while his wife sleeps. But this is no ordinary domestic scene. He has an ice pick in his hand, and a barely controllable desire to use it. Deciding to...

  • e-book



    This biography looks beneath the usual assessment of Adolf Hitler the monster, digging deeper into his life and examining his successes alongside his many failings. Through his meticulous research and illuminating writing, Stone reveals a man who was...

  • e-book



    'apos;I was born because a man came to kill my father.'apos;

  • e-book


    Patti Smith

    National Book Award-winning author of Just Kids, Patti Smith writes of her childhood in this glittering memoir

  • e-book


    William Boyd

    A rich and diverse collection of non-fiction by the author of Richard and Judy bestseller, Restless

  • e-book



    The shocking psycho-thriller behind the cult Japanese horror film

  • e-book


    Saunders, George

    'apos;Saunders is an astoundingly tuned voice - graceful, dark, authentic and funny - telling just the kind of stories we need to get us through these times'apos; Thomas PynchonIn PASTORALIA elements of contemporary life are twisted, merged and...

  • e-book


    William Boyd

    Winner of the Costa Novel Award 2006

  • e-book


    Aboulela, Leila

    A unique novel about the life of an orthodox Muslim woman forced into a new life in London

  • e-book


    Wheatley, Dennis

    'apos;Before there was James Bond, there was Gregory Sallust.'apos; Tina Rosenberg, Salon.comContraband is the first in Dennis Wheatley'apos;s bestselling Gregory Sallust series featuring the debonair spy Gregory Sallust, a forerunner to Ian...

  • e-book



    A gripping, real-life thriller set in the world of the most important tradeable commodity on earth: oil

  • e-book


    Robert L. Pike

    Robert L. Pike's classic crime thriller - made into the seminal film starring Steve McQueen

  • e-book


    Barker, Raffaella

    For a year, Venetia Summers has been'apos;buffered from single-motherhood'apos; by boyfriend David, but when work takes him to a Brazilian rainforest, things begin to unravel. Phone lines crackle, emails languish, and high-tech, long-distance love...

  • e-book



    A wonderful novel of fated love in Karachi, by the author of Salt and Saffron

  • e-book



    First published in 1984, this is the first biography of Stanley Baldwin for more than ten years, although there had been four in the preceding decade. This is strange, for Baldwin has recently begun to swim back into fashion. In part this is a...

  • e-book



    Mord, Intrigen und ein spektakuläres Schachturnier im vorrevolutionären St. Petersburg

  • e-book


    Hodge, Jane Aiken

    When Caterina Gomez returns to her beloved home of Oporto, Portugal, her troubles have only just begun. For the country is at war with France, and, even though Oporto is no longer in French hands, it is a shadow of its former self. The scandalous...

  • e-book


    Crankshaw, Edward

    This is the story of the rise and fall of one man against the background of his country'apos;s history - bloody, tumultuous, yet immensely significant - since the revolution in 1917.Nikita Sergei Khrushchev was born in 1894, the child of peasants...

  • e-book


    McDermott, Alice

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE INTERNATIONAL IMPAC DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD 2015LONGLISTED FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD 2014Someone begins on the stoop of a Brooklyn apartment building where Marie is waiting for her father to come home from work. It is the 1920s...

  • e-book


    Poirier, Mark

    Ellis is fourteen. His parents have split up - Mom'apos;s gone New Age in Tucson with some asshole abstract artist; and Dad - Fucker Frank, is sporting nerdy glasses and retailing Mexican knick-knacks to Washington wannabes. Ellis is about to start...

  • e-book


    Read, Piers Paul

    It is the late 18th century and Sicilian nobleman Vitello Scarpia finds himself penniless and in disgrace on the streets of Rome. After leaving his home in pursuit of a military career, his fiery passion has seen him expelled from the Spanish royal...

  • e-book


    Matthew Griffin

    Set in a declining textile town in North Carolina,Hide is the love story of Wendell Wilson, a taxidermist, and Frank Clifton, a veteran of World War II. They meet after the war, in a time when such love holds real danger. But, severing nearly all...

  • e-book


    Jenkins, Roy

    First published in 1964,Asquith was one of the most crucial and controversial of modern Prime Ministers. He was opposed with a bitterness and a violence that English politicians have not subsequently known, yet he enjoyed eight and a half years of...

  • e-book



    A stunning, prize-winning collection of linked stories which traces the fine lines of politics, tradition and community

  • e-book



    The new collection of stories from the South African Nobel laureate

  • e-book


    Fraser, David

    First published in 1982, this is the story of'apos;Alanbrooke,'apos; of whom General MacArthur wrote, 'apos;is undoubtedly the greatest soldier that England has produced since Wellington.'apos; He fought with the artillery in the First World War, had...

  • e-book


    Will Self

    The very best of Will Self'apos;s columns for the Independent on the oddities of place, with Ralph Steadman'apos;s trademark illustrations.

  • e-book


    Jenkins, Roy

    In his time, Harry S. Truman was one of the most under-rated presidents of the twentieth century. Succeeding the charismatic Roosevelt, he was often seen as an uninspiring leader, a poor diplomat and a fumbling politician. He was the first man to...

  • e-book



    Richard Ford meets E Annie Proulx in a deeply compelling, stunningly written story of fathers and sons, friendship and betrayal, by the winner of the BBC National Short Story Award 2011

  • e-book


    Clark, Simon

    Video scriptwriter Richard Young is looking forward to a week at home with his wife and their little daughter. He thinks it'apos;s going to be a pleasant time of barbecues and lazy summer days. It isn'apos;t. It is going to be hell.Because the...

  • e-book


    Hill, Tobias

    In an isolated trailer home in the far north of Japan, an old criminal scrutinizes his tattooed skin while he waits for the past to catch up with him. A year later, the life of a young policeman breaks down as he investigates a tattooed corpse and...

  • e-book


    Campbell, Karen

    Escaping a city and a man that have almost broken her, Justine is running for her life. She heads north, to the mountains and valleys of the Scottish Highlands, where she hopes to hide and survive.Michael and Hannah are running too. Gathering...

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