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  • A Revolução Dos Ebooks - A Indústria Dos...


    Uma revolução tecnológica, prevista por especialistas como Michael Hart, Don Tapscott, Bill Gates, Chris Anderson e Tim Berners-Lee, projetou as mídias digitais ao mainstream e finalmente alcançou o mundo dos livros. Mas essa revolução tecnológica...

  • e-book

    Metz 1944 - Patton'apos;s fortified nemesis

    Zaloga,Steven J.

    General George Patton's most controversial campaign was the series of battles in autumn 1944 battles along the German frontier which centered on the fortified city of Metz. In part, the problem was logistics. As was the case with the rest of the...

  • e-book

    Nashville 1864 - From the Tennessee to the...


    In September 1864, the Confederate army abandoned Atlanta and were on the verge of being driven out of the critical state of Tennessee. In an attempt to regain the initiative, John Bell Hood launched an attack on Union General Sherman'apos;s supply...

  • e-book

    Dragon Flight

    George,Jessica Day

    With the Dragon Wars over, Creel finds herself bored with life as a seamstress. Then word comes that a bordering country has been breeding dragons in preparation for an invasion. Never one to miss out on the action, Creel throws herself headlong into...

  • e-book

    Love, Tommy - Letters Home, from the Great...

    The Imperial Wa The Imperial War Museum

    A legacy of an empire and a nation at war, Love Tommy, is a collection of letters housed at the Imperial War Museum sent by British and Commonwealth troops from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa from the front line of war to their loved...

  • e-book

    Winston Churchill - The Story of the Great...


    WinstonChurchill was far more than a just successful wartime leader.International war correspondent, WWI soldier and Nobel Prize winningwriter, Churchill willalways be remembered as the man who led the allied forces to victory,freeing Europe from the...

  • e-book

    eBooks Collection - Artwork finalization and...

    Ricardo Minoru Horie

    This collection of books was designed in order to provide the knowledge to help diagramming professionals of many different segments.This allows them to produce eBooks in the ePub, Mobi and PDF formats, to be read and displayed by applications...

  • e-book

    Office of Strategic Services 1942-45 - The...

    Eugene Liptak

    The Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA, was founded in 1942 by William 'Wild Bill' Donovan under the direction of President Roosevelt. Agents were enlisted from both the armed services and civilians to produce operational groups...

  • e-book

    Theoretical Writings


    Alain Badiou is arguably the most original and influential philosopher working in France today. Working against the tide of postmodern orthodoxy, Badiou revitalizes philosophy'apos;s perennial attempt to provide a systematic theory of truth. ...

  • e-book

    The Return of the King - Messianic...

    Michael K. Snearly

    The clear structure of psalm groups in Psalms 107-150 can be interpreted as signaling a renewed hope in the royal/Davidic promises. Each psalm group of Book V is organized around a theme or key word that is related to the royal/Davidic hope in the...

  • e-book

    Neil Young'apos;s Harvest

    Inglis, Sam

    Neil Young'apos;s Harvest is one of those strange albums that has achieved lasting success without ever winning the full approval of rock critics or hardcore fans. Even Young himself has been equivocal, describing it in one breath as his...

  • e-book

    Foinavon - The Story of the Grand...


    It was the upset to end all upsets. On 8 April 1967 at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool, a 100-1 outsider in peculiar blinkers sidestepped chaos extraordinary even by the Grand National'apos;s standards and won the world'apos;s toughest steeplechase....

  • e-book

    Sapper Martin - The Secret Great War Diary of...


    Newly-discovered diaries that take us back to the trenches and present the war as it really was.

  • e-book

    Down with Big Brother - The Fall of the...

    Michael Dobbs

    The author of this volume was present during the final decade of the Soviet empire, first for Reuters, then for the "Washington Post". While Dobbs watched, playwrights and elctricians were transformed into presidents, while Communist Party leaders...

  • e-book

    The Complete Naturalist


    Nick Baker'apos;s fascination with the natural world began at an early age, inspired by Gerald and Lee Durrell'apos;s classic book The Amateur Naturalist. His The Complete Naturalist is an up-to-date, practical introduction to observing,...

  • e-book

    City Boy - My Life in New York During the...


    An irresistible literary treat: a memoir of the social and sexual lives of New York City'apos;s cultural and intellectual in-crowd in the tumultuous 1970s, from acclaimed author Edmund White.

  • e-book

    A History of the Urals - Russia'apos;s...


    The Urals are best known as the boundary between Europe and Asia.A History of the Urals demonstrates the region'apos;s importance in its own right, as a crucible of Russia'apos;s defence industry in particular. In the first English-language book to...

  • e-book

    My Life In Art


    No one has had a greater influence on acting as we know it than Stanislavski. His'apos;method'apos; - or interpretations of it - has become the central force determining almost every performance we see on stage or screen. In My Life in Art...

  • e-book

    My First Coup d'apos;Etat - And Other True...

    Mahama,John Dramani

    From the Vice President of Ghana, a coming-of-age memoir in the form of fable-like tales of the little-written-about post-colonial years in the country widely hailed as Africa's success story-- and of the burgeoning political consciousness of a young...

  • e-book

    Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death


    Sidney Chambers, the Vicar of Grantchester and Honorary Canon of Ely Cathedral, is a thirty-two year old bachelor. Tall, with dark brown hair, eyes the colour of hazelnuts and a reassuringly gentle manner, Sidney is an unconventional clergyman and...

  • e-book

    The Digital Scholar - How Technology is...


    This book delves into the changes in technology regarding higher education and seeks to define what it means to be a scholar in the digital age.

  • e-book

    Coleção eBooks - Arte-finalização e conversão...

    Ricardo Minoru Horie

    O primeiro volume da coleção 'eBooks' explica em detalhes os procedimentos para que profissionais de diagramação de livros dos mais variados segmentos, possam produzir livros eletrônicos nos formatos ePub, Mobi e PDF, para serem lidos e visualizados...

  • e-book


    Zaloga,Steven J.

    Dwight Eisenhower represented a fundamentally new type of modern military commander. Eisenhower was a manager commander, whose grasp of the politics and large-scale tactics of battle were uniquely suited to leading the huge coalition of forces that...

  • e-book

    Basics Animation 02 - Digital Animation


    Basics Animation 02: Digital Animation takes a comprehensive look at the history of the medium, its growth and development over the last 50 years.This book features exciting contributions from innovators and pioneers in the medium as well as present...

  • e-book

    eBooks Collection - Artwork finalization and...

    Ricardo Minoru Horie

    This collection of books was designed in order to provide the knowledge to help diagramming professionals of many different segments.This allows them to produce eBooks in the ePub, Mobi and PDF formats, to be read and displayed by applications...

  • e-book

    Ebooks and the School Library Program - A...

    Cathy Leverkus

    Whether you have an interest in starting an ebook collection for your school library program or are working on enhancing an ebook collection you've already established, this handbook is for you.

  • e-book



    The Spitfire is an icon of World War II, becoming the darling of the British public through defending the skies during the Battle of Britain. The Spitfire's combat ability and superb handling meant it was loved by British, Commonwealth and American...

  • e-book



    The German Panther is one of the most famous, and greatest, tanks of World War II. Often considered the most elegant tank design of the war, it embodied a balance of firepower, armour protection, and mobility unmatched by any other tank of the...

  • e-book



    The German Panther is one of the most famous, and greatest, tanks of World War II. Often considered the most elegant tank design of the war, it embodied a balance of firepower, armour protection, and mobility unmatched by any other tank of the...

  • e-book

    Sorceress - ePub eBook edition


    The outstanding sequel to critically acclaimed bestsellerWitch Child

  • e-book

    Modern Snipers


    The years since 9/11 have seen major changes in the way snipers are employed on the modern battlefield, alongside an incredibly rapid evolution in their weapons, equipment and training. This book covers the 14 years of near-constant warfare since the...

  • e-book

    Augustan Rome

    Andrew Wallace-Hadrill

    A concise introduction to Rome in the age of Augustus.

  • e-book

    Not Born Digital - Poetics, Print Literacy,...


    Not Born Digital addresses from multiple perspectives - ethical, historical, psychological, conceptual, aesthetic - the vexing problems and sublime potential of disseminating lyrics, the ancient form of transmission and preservation of the human...

  • e-book

    Spilled Water - ePub eBook edition

    Grindley, Sally

    A powerful drama set in modern-day ChinaWinner of the 2004 Gold Smarties Award

  • e-book


    Bernhard Dietz

    The danger to British democracy in the interwar period came from a different source to that which has thus far been assumed. It came from a network of radical conservatives who challenged the political system and sought to replace it with an...

  • e-book

    Witch Child - ePub eBook edition


    An outstanding historical novel - compelling characters and a powerful narrative ensure this bestseller stays a firm favourite

  • e-book

    The Cardturner - ePub eBook edition


    A 17-year-old boy, a rich blind uncle, an attractive girl and a mother who is looking forward to an inheritance create a heady and exciting cocktail of opportunityThis brand new novel from the bestselling author of Holes, is nominated for the...

  • e-book

    Brecht Plays 8


    The latest volume in Methuen'apos;s Collected Brecht includes two plays previously untranslated into EnglishVolume 8 of Brecht'apos;s collected plays contains his last completed plays, from the eight years between his return from America to Europe...

  • e-book

    Matchbox Toys


    Matchbox toys were ubiquitous items for children across the Western world. Originally labelled Christmas-cracker trash by retailers and shopkeepers, the small-scale 1-75 series soon began to see unprecedented worldwide sales in the 1950s. Smaller and...

  • e-book

    Grenada 1983

    Lee E Russell

    On 21 October 1983, following the death of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, the leaders of the six small nations forming the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States voted to intervene militarily to restore order in Grenada. As none possessed the...

  • e-book

    George Washington


    Despite his lack of formal military training, George Washington may be one of history's must underrated commanders. Building an army virtually from scratch, he defeated the pre-eminent military power of his day. Although, he made mistakes, especially...

  • e-book

    Confederate Currency


    On February 4, 1861, the Confederate States of America was formed, and almost immediately the first Confederate notes were printed - the famous 'Montgomery†? notes. These would be followed by many designs over the next four years. The seventy...

  • e-book

    Georgy Zhukov


    Zhukov was the dominant figure in the Red Army during World War II even though his actual job title varied from day to day. Serving as a senior General Staff representative from the Stavka, Zhukov moved from one critical sector to the next, serving...

  • e-book

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi


    Arguably the greatest military commander in the history of the samurai, Toyotomi Hideyoshi rose from the ranks of the peasantry to rule over all Japan. A student of the great unifier Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi would later avenge the murder of his master...

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