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  • The Economic Institutions of Capitalism

    Williamson,Oliver E.

    The Economic Institutions of Capitalism

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  • Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health...

    Drummond, M. F.; Stoddart, Greg L.; Sculpher, Mark J.; Torrance, George W.; O'brien, Bernie J.

    The purpose of economic evaluation is to inform decisions intended to improve healthcare. The new edition of Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes equips the reader with the essential hands-on experience required to undertake...

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  • China's Rise - Challenges And Opportunities

    Freeman, Charles; Outros; Bergsten,C. Fred

    This bestseller captures the dynamism of China's rise to global economic superpower status and explores the implications for America and the world. The authors focus on military modernization, domestic political development, monetary policy, energy...

  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man


    A former consultant to the U.S. government reveals the inner workings of the high-stakes economic game that encourages Third World economies to borrow money so that major corporations like Halliburton end up getting the contracts.

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  • e-book

    Why Save the Bankers? - And Other Essays on...


    Incisive commentary on the financial meltdown and its aftermath, from one of the world's leading economists

  • Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change

    Winter,Sidney G.; Nelson,Richard R.

    Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change

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  • The Informational City - Economic...

    Castells, Manuel

    The Informational City - Economic Restructuring and Urban Development

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  • e-book

    Economic Policy - Thoughts for Today and...

    Mises,Ludwig Von

    Economic Policy contains six lectures Ludwig von Mises delivered in 1959 for the Centro de Estudios sobre la Libertad in Argentina. This volume serves as an excellent introduction to what Mises sees as the simple truths of history in terms of...

  • e-book

    Economic and Social Change in a MIdland Town...

    Church,Roy A.

    This book was first published in 1966.

  • e-book

    Economic Development

    Nafziger, E. Wayne

    Nafziger explains the reasons for the recent fast growth of India, Poland, Brazil, China, and other Pacific Rim countries, and the slow, yet essential, growth for a turnaround of sub-Saharan Africa. The book is suitable for those with a background in...

  • e-book

    Economic Growth in the West - Comparative...


    Hailed a 'quot;an outstanding contribution to our knowledge of the way in which western economies work'quot; [Times Literary Supplement], this penetrating study of economic growth compares and analyzes tic rates of economic advance in the twelve...

  • e-book

    Economic Doctrine and Method

    Joseph Schumpeter

    First published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    Economic Reforms and Development in China -...


    This book, in three volumes, presents the thoughts and reflections of the highly regarded Chinese scholar and statesman, Cheng Siwei. The author outlines his theories for bringing economic reform to China in the context of a global economy. Using the...

  • e-book

    Economic Development and Transition

    Lin, Justin Yifu

    In Economic Development and Transition, renowned development economist Justin Yifu Lin argues that economic performance in developing countries depends largely on government strategy. If the government plays a facilitating role, enabling firms to...

  • e-book

    Economic Development

    Nafziger,E. Wayne

    In this fourth edition of his textbook E. Wayne Nafziger analyzes the economic development of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and East-Central Europe. This comprehensive and clearly written text explains the growth in real income per person and income...

  • e-book

    Economic Developments in Contemporary China


    This book provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of contemporary economic developments in China. Key topics include the growth of the market; the market replacing central planning; the reform of state owned enterprises; the...

  • e-book

    Economic Dynamics

    Shone, Ronald

    This is the substantially revised and restructured second edition of Ron Shone's successful advanced textbook Economic Dynamics. The book provides detailed coverage of dynamics and phase diagrams, including: quantitative and qualitative dynamic...

  • e-book

    Economic Development in Tatarstan - Global...

    McCann, Leo

    Based on extensive original research in the Republic of Tatarstan, in the Central Volga region of Russia, this book examines the economic development path followed by Tatarstan since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Russian financial crash...

  • e-book

    Economic Planning and Policies in Britain,...

    Murray Forsyth; Geoffrey Denton; Malcolm MacLennan

    Examining the innovations of economic policy in the UK, France and Germany in the 1960s, this book originally published in 1968, assesses the degree of success of these policies and draws conclusion for the oreintation of future policy. The book...

  • e-book

    Economic Methodology - A Historical...

    Maas, Harro

    Ever since the inception of economics over two hundred years ago, the tools at the discipline'apos;s disposal have grown more and more more sophisticated. This book provides a historical introduction to the methodology of economics through the eyes...

  • e-book

    Economic Growth and Income Inequality in...

    Mukhopadhaya, Pundarik; Rao,Bhanoji; Shantakumar,G

    The world at large is watching both China and India as powerhouses of economic growth. The two nations have achieved significantly high rates of economic growth ever since their respective economies liberalized in 1978 and 1991. Singapore, despite...

  • e-book

    Economic Calculations and Policy Formation...

    Thompson, Grahame

    These essays develop a Marxist response to and approach to aspects of the recent economic past in the United Kingdom. They reflect issues and controversies that have arisen within economic policy debate and the economic theory associated with the...

  • e-book

    Economic Reforms and Development in China


    This book, in three volumes, presents the thoughts and reflections of the highly regarded Chinese scholar and statesman, Cheng Siwei. The author outlines his theories for bringing economic reform to China in the context of a global economy. Using the...

  • e-book

    Economic Openness and Territorial Politics in...


    Why and how has the Chinese central government so far managed to fend off the centrifugal forces under rising globalization that are predicted to undermine national-level political authority everywhere? When institutionally empowered by centralized...

  • e-book

    Economic Justice and Democracy - From...

    Hahnel, Robin

    InEconomic Justice and Democracy Robin Hahnel argues that progressives need to go back to the drawing board and rethink how they conceive of economic justice and economic democracy. He presents a coherent set of economic institutions and procedures...

  • e-book

    Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Dynamics

    Dowrick,Steve; Turnovsky,Stephen J.; Pitchford,Rohan

    The development of the endogenous growth model rekindled interest in growth theory. In contrast to the neo-classical model, long-run endogenous growth emerged as an equilibrium outcome, reflecting the behaviour of optimizing agents in the economy....

  • e-book

    Economic Integration in Africa


    First published in 1968, this reissue is a study of contemporary international economic policy, with particular emphasis upon economic integration as a means of bringing about a faster rate of economic progress and of helping to overcome poverty....

  • e-book

    Economic Governance in the Eu - Implementing...


    In the course of its development the EU has had to deal with an expanding policy agenda, covering ever more subjects and an increased diversity of instruments. It has also had to deal with an increased number of member states and an extended range of...

  • e-book

    Economic Evaluation of Soviet Socialism -...

    Alan Abouchar

    Economic Evaluation of Soviet Socialism examines the economic achievements of Soviet socialism from a variety of perspectives. The Soviet Union'apos;s failure to eliminate inflation and its implications for the economy are considered in comparison to...

  • e-book

    Economic Crisis - Explanation and Policy...


    This book examines the U.S economy from 1967 to 2011 and utilizes a new method to predict the future of the economy as far ahead as 2030. Projections using estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Census are used to further project personal income, personal...

  • e-book

    Economic Progress and Policy in Developing...

    Maddison, Angus

    First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    Economic Equality and Fertility in Developing...


    This book briefly reviews sociological, economic, and demographic literature pertaining to the relationship between income and fertility in developed and developing countries. He presents a conceptual framework to examine how fertility responds to...

  • e-book

    Economic Indicators For Dummies


    Everything you need to easily get a handle on economic indicators In today's volatile, often troubling economic landscape, there are myriad statistics and reports that paint an economic picture that can sometimes resemble a work by Jackson Pollock....

  • e-book

    Economic Analysis of Environmental Impacts

    Richard Carpenter; Dixon,John; Louise Scura

    This revised and updated guide to the environmental economics of development projects demonstrates how the environmental impacts of projects can be translated into monetary values. The theoretical bases are examined, and the techniques themselves...

  • e-book

    Economic Policy in the Age of Globalization

    Acocella, Nicola

    In the age of globalisation both domestic and foreign economic policies play an important role in determining firms' strategies. Understanding such policies is an essential part of the cultural background of managers at all levels of a firm. At the...

  • e-book

    Economic Geography

    D. E. Willington

    Economic geography, or commercial geography as it is often termed, is the study of the influence of man's physical environment on his activities in obtaining the necessities of life and material goods of all kinds. It treats of commerce as affected...

  • e-book

    Economic Development in Seven Pacific Island...

    Christopher Browne

    This book, by Christopher Browne with Douglas A. Scott, reviews the economic progress that Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Western Samoa have made since independence. An overview of the region examines...

  • e-book

    Economic Thought - A Brief History

    Heinz D Kurz

    In this concise and strategic history, Heinz D. Kurz selects major moments in the development of economic ideas to portray the growth of the field and how economic insights are acquired, lost, and reborn. His timeline focuses on the dynamic...

  • e-book

    Economic Growth in the 1990s: Learning from a...

    World Bank Group,

    'This book is part of a larger effort undertaken by the World Bank to understand the development experience of the 1990s, an extraordinary eventful decade. Each of the project's three volumes serves a different purpose. Development Challenges in the...

  • e-book

    Economic Growth and Environmental...


    Ekins breaks new ground in defining the conditions of compatibility between economic growth and environmental sustainabilty, and provides measures and criteria by which the environmental sustainabilty of economic growth can be judged.

  • e-book

    Economic Impact or Contribution - Essays on...

    Murat Arik

    This book contributes to the applied regional economic literature by providing a framework for handling a diverse set of projects and providing detailed case studies of fieldwork regarding the health care industry, higher education institutions, the...

  • e-book

    Economic Policy-Making by Local Authorities...

    Johnson,Nevil; Cochrane,Allan

    Originally published in 1981 but now with a new preface, this volume provided the first detailed comparative analysis of how local authorities in the UK and W. Germany faced up to the challenge of trying to help local industry and improve employment...

  • e-book

    Economic Impact of Selected Conflicts in the...

    Randa Miss Sab

    Using narrative-based country-case studies, war episodes in the Middle East were examined to assess their economic impact on conflict and neighboring economies. The paper found that conflicts led to a contraction in growth, higher inflation, large...

  • e-book

    Economic Integration Among Unequal Partners -...

    Alicia Puyana De Palacios

    Economic Integration among Unequal Partners: The Case of the Andean Group discusses concerns regarding economic integration among less developed countries. The book provides quantitative analysis of progress and economic costs and benefits of the...

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