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  • City Boy - Minha Vida Em Nova York

    White, Edmund

    ''City Boy' é um testemunho sincero sobre Nova York, suas ruas mal-iluminadas, em uma época que se podia perder ou ganhar tudo. Intrigante, ácido, mordaz e delicioso, este livro cita nomes e constantemente nos deixa com a pulga atrás da orelha....

  • Genet : Uma Biografia - Col. Contra.luz


    ´Genet: uma Biografia´ é o relato definitivo da vida marginal - dos internatos à deportação, passando pelas cadeias - de um dos mais polêmicos escritores franceses do século XX. Edmund White apresenta uma biografia meticulosa, fruto de um trabalho de...

  • Rimbaud - A Vida Dupla de um Rebelde


    Neste ensaio biográfico, o crítico Edmund White refaz a trajetória do artista, de sua juventude sob os auspícios da mãe dominadora à boemia da Paris do fim do século xix, até as andanças do poeta pela Europa e pelo continente africano depois de...

  • e-book

    The White Road - a pilgrimage of sorts

    Waal,Edmund de

    ** A Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller **'quot;Other things in the world are white but for me porcelain comes first'quot;A handful of clay from a Chinese hillside carries a promise: that mixed with the right materials, it might survive the fire of the...

  • e-book

    A Boy'apos;s Own Story - Picador Classic


    With an introduction by Alan Hollinghurst.It was his power that stupefied me and made me regard my knowledge as nothing more than hired cleverness he might choose to show off at a dinner party.A Boy'apos;s Own Story traces an unnamed narrator'apos;s...

  • e-book

    Hotel de Dream


    In a damp, old Sussex castle, American literary phenomenon Stephen Crane lies on his deathbed, wasting away from tuberculosis at the age of twenty-eight. The world-famous author has retreated to England with his wife, Cora, in part to avoid gossip...

  • e-book

    Jack Holmes and His Friend


    A moving, expertly-crafted novel from one of New York'apos;s most prolific and well-respected authors

  • e-book

    Inside a Pearl: My Years in Paris


    Edmund White was forty-three years old when he moved to Paris in 1983. He spoke no French and knew just two people in the entire city, but soon discovered the anxieties and pleasures of mastering a new culture. White fell passionately in love with...

  • e-book

    The Flaneur - A Stroll through the Paradoxes...


    TheNew York Times bestselling look at Paris: an erudite, eloquent guided sojourn through the city'apos;s streets, by acclaimed author Edmund White.

  • e-book

    Ben and Irene - A Love Story

    Terri Edmund White

    The story of a couple who meet quite by chance and cross paths later, to the fall in love and live a Camelot-like life, sadly interrupted by tragedy.

  • e-book

    City Boy - My Life in New York During the...


    An irresistible literary treat: a memoir of the social and sexual lives of New York City'apos;s cultural and intellectual in-crowd in the tumultuous 1970s, from acclaimed author Edmund White.

  • Spontaneous Mind

    Ginsberg,Allen; Havel,Vaclav; White,Edmund

    In a series of lively interviews and reminiscences, the acclaimed poet speaks out candidly on his poetry, his literary influences, drug experimentation, his homosexuality, his sexual affair with fellow Beat Jack Kerouac, and his longtime relationship...

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    Não são poucas as biografias que procuram entender o mistério de Arthur Rimbaud (1854-91). Talento precoce, o poeta francês compôs toda a sua obra antes dos vinte anos, para depois abandonar qualquer projeto de criação artística. Neste ensaio...

  • e-book



    O autobiográfico City Boy apresenta uma Manhattan sórdida e livre entre a Revolução Sexual e a descoberta da aids sob o olhar de um de seus maiores protagonistas. Edmund White abriu mão de um título em Harvard para perseguir o amor em Nova York,...

  • The Flaneur


    A collection of essays by the acclaimed author of A Boy's Own Story explores the unfamiliar byways of the City of Lights, taking readers into virtually unknown sections of Paris as he shares his observations and meditations on the city's bookshops...

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  • e-book

    The Story of Florence (Medieval Towns Series)

    Gardner,Edmund G.

    'The Story of Florence' presents the fascinating history of the beautiful Italian city, exploring it's architecture, people, traditions, notable events, and more. Highly recommended for those with an interest in Florence and Italian history in...

  • British Animals Extinct Within Historic Times...

    Harting,James Edmund

    Excerpt from British Animals Extinct Within Historic Times: With Some Account of British Wild White Cattle The interest which attaches to the history of extinct British animals can only be equalled by the regret which must be felt, by all true...

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  • The Unpunished Vice - A Life Of Reading


    A new memoir from acclaimed author Edmund White about his life as a reader.Literary icon Edmund White made his name through his writing but remembers his life through the books he has read. For White, each momentous occasion came with a book to...

  • e-book

    States of Desire Revisited - Travels in Gay...


    States of Desire Revisited looks back from the twenty-first century at a pivotal moment in the late 1970s: Gay Liberation was a new and flourishing movement of creative culture, political activism, and sexual freedom, just before the 1980s...

  • Marcel Proust - Breves Biografias


    Uma existência brilhante e complexa pode ser flagrada de forma sensível e incisiva por meio de um relato curto. Ainda mais quando este perfil leva a assinatura de um talentoso escritor, assumidamente apaixonado por seu retratado. Essa é a idéia da...

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  • Edmund And The White Witch

    Driggs,Scout; Sweet,Justin

    Soon after Edmund stumbles out of the wardrobe and into Narnia, he is befriended by a beautiful woman who offers him his favorite treat, Turkish Delight, but Edmund doesn't know that she is the White Witch, the evil queen of Narnia.

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  • O Flaneur


    Um flâneur é alguém que perambula sem compromisso por uma cidade, alguém que percorre as ruas sem objetivo aparente, mas secretamente atento à história dos lugares por onde passa e à possibilidade de aventuras estéticas ou eróticas. O escritor que...

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  • Our Paris

    White,Edmund; Sorin,Hubert

    The celebrated author of A Boy's Own Story joins forces with a French artist and architect to paint a witty, smart portrait of Paris and Parisian life, from its chic couturiers and poetic shopkeepers to its intimate and colorful neighborhoods.

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  • My Lives


    Arranged thematically rather than chronologically, a collection of reminiscences by the critically acclaimed author integrates social history and humor as he discusses such topics as his psychologists, lovers, family, and friends.

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  • O Homem Casado


    Austin Smith, um cinqüentão desiludido com o amor e conformado com sua vida solitária, um dia encontra Julien, muito mais jovem e casado. Contra qualquer expectativa, o contato entre eles evolui para um relacionamento. No princípio, as dificuldades...

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