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  • The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

    Waite,Arthur Edward



    First issued in 1910, the Rider-Waite Tarot is almost certainly the most widely used tarot deck in the world. There are 78 cards, divided into the Major and Minor Arcanas, designed by Pamela Colman Smith in accordance with A.E. Waite’s instructions....

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  • Os Remedios Florais do Dr. Bach

    Bach, Edward



    Os Remedios Florais do Dr. Bach

  • Edward Mãos de Tesoura - DVD



    Peg Boggs, uma vendedora de produtos Avon, tem um dia difícil, mas mesmo assim não desanima e resolve visitar um velho castelo no final da rua. Chegando lá, encontra Edward, um jovem que possui mãos de tesoura, que foi criado por um inventor já...

  • e-book


    Oliver, Mykes; Gomes, Anastásia

    O livro Edward, é um livro de romance feito a quatro mãos que conta a saga, a vida de um ator e suas confusões em meio aos personagens dos espetáculos, a luta por uma melhor qualidade de vida e a busca incessante por métodos não convencionais de...

  • Orientalismo - O Oriente Como Invenção do...

    Said,Edward W.

    Nas palavras do romancista Milton Hatoum, Orientalismo é “um ensaio erudito sobre um tema fascinante”: como uma civilização fabrica ficções para entender as diversas culturas a seu redor. Para entender e para dominar. Neste livro de 1978, um clássico...

  • Fisiologia do Exercício - Teoria e Aplicação...

    Howley,Edward T; Powers,Scott K.

    Já em sua 9ª edição, Fisiologia do exercício – teoria e aplicação ao condicionamento e ao desempenho estabeleceu-se como obra de referência por oferecer não só uma sólida base téorica, fundamentada nos mais recentes achados científicos, como também...

  • Edward Ball And Some Of His Descendants...


    Excerpt from Edward Ball and Some of His Descendants The importance of preserving family records in print is now universally admitted by intelligent people, and family histories are constantly appearing. In the pages that fol low, an elaborate...

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  • Edward Young's Conjectures On Original...


    Excerpt from Edward Young's Conjectures on Original Composition There are other things in the pamphlet which are interesting in their relation to the critical thought of the time - the reference to rime in tragedy, for example, and the condemnation...

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  • Edward Fitzgerald And Omar Khayyam - An Essay...

    Jackson, Holbrook

    Excerpt from Edward Fitzgerald and Omar Khayyám: An Essay and a Bibliography See Appendix I.tuition, and when Cowell left England for India F itzgerald found his studies to be a bond of union between England and that somewhere East of Suez, where his...

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    Edward II and a Literature of Same-Sex Love -...

    Cornelius,Michael G.

    When one sees the name Edward II, one also sees his same-sex loves; this correlation between Edward and sexuality has become ingrained into our public recall of history. This text explores the discourses of sexuality that surround Edward II in...

  • e-book

    Edward Heath - A Singular Life


    Sir Edward Heath KG MBE MP (1916-2005) was the first leader of the Conservative Party to come from a working-class background; he was also the first leader to be elected by the party's MPs, rather than 'emerging'. His time as Prime Minister...

  • Edward Wortley Montagu, Vol. 1 Of 3 - An...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from Edward Wortley Montagu, Vol. 1 of 3: An Autobiography A gentleman to whom the manuscript of the following work was shown, said, The writer of it methinks must have felt as if he were God at the Day of Judgment, summoning before him the...

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  • Edward's Dream (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Edward's Dream Wilhelm Busch had views of his own which seemed to incapacitate him for a career on any of the traditionally pre scribed lines; and it was not easy for him to find his proper place in the world. He was neither an engineer...

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  • Edward Gets Messy


    A very particular little pig discovers the joys that come with getting messy in this sweet and silly debut picture book. Edward the pig never pets friendly dogs on the street. He never, ever eats food that spills or splatters. And he never, ever,...

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  • Edward Various Views Of Human Nature, Taken...


    Excerpt from Edward Various Views of Human Nature, Taken From Life and Manners, Chiefly in England, Vol. 1 of 2 By no means, faid Mrs. Barnet; let the child remain, and the woman alfo; there is room for us all. About the Publisher Forgotten Books...

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  • Edward (the Puppy Place #49)


    Edward (the Puppy Place #49)

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  • Edward Various Views Of Human Nature, Taken...


    Excerpt from Edward Various Views of Human Nature, Taken From Life and Manners, Chiefly in England, Vol. 2 of 2 Edward. And on that general idea you aifert, that he is there now; you ought to remember how dearly you paid for fame thing of the fame...

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  • Edward Hopper


    Briefly examines the life and work of the American realist painter, describing and giving examples of his art

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  • Edward Clodd - A Memoir (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Edward Clodd: A Memoir Edward Clodd that the romance of his career, the quality of his work, and the exceptional charm of his personality make a memoir of him very desirable. Few of the outstanding men of the late Victorian period had...

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  • Edward Turner - The Man Behind The...


    Reprinted after a long absence! For the first time, the life of Edward Turner, one of Britain's most talented motorcycle designers, is revealed! Although seen by many as an irascible man who ran a very tight ship, it is an inescapable fact that...

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  • Edward Teller


    In this biography of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Edward Teller, interviews with fifty of Teller's colleagues and friends, as well a dialogue with Teller himself, provide a clearer view the contradictions and controversies surrounding his life.

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  • Edward M. Kennedy - A Biography


    Edward M. Kennedy is one of the most influential senators in Congress. For the last 35 years, he′s played a major role in events ranging from the Vietnam War to Supreme Court confirmations. He′s also been closely associated with issues such as health...

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  • Edward Albee


    Edward Albee

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  • A Arte De Fazer Um Grande Vinho

    Steinberg, Edward

    Para fazer este estudo aprofundado da produção de um grande vinho, o autor nos conta duas histórias: uma, a principal, trata de um único vinho, o Sorì San Lorenzo 1989, e acompanha a trajetória da bebida desde o vinhedo até o engarrafamento; a outra,...

  • Edward Thomas: Selected Poems And Prose


    Finally back in Penguin Classics: the poems and prose of cult WWI writer Edward Thomas, with a new introduction by Robert Macfarlane, authorofThe Old Ways Beloved writer Edward Thomas is best known for his evocative poetry, though his writing career...

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  • Edward Hildreth In Memoriam, 1833-1907...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown,Author

    Excerpt from Edward Hildreth in Memoriam, 1833-1907 September io, 1833 - June 23, 1907. Between these two inconspicuous dates there lies enfolded the record of a life to which the church, the community, and the larger world beyond owe much. Measured...

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    Edward M. Kennedy


    Edward M. Kennedy is one of the most influential senators in Congress. For the last 35 years, he′s played a major role in events ranging from the Vietnam War to Supreme Court confirmations. He′s also been closely associated with issues such as health...

  • e-book

    Edward R. Roybal - The Mexican American...

    Dr. Frank Javier Garcia Berumen

    'Edward R. Roybal: The Mexican American Struggle for Political Empowerment' showcases Roybal's accomplishments as a leader in the political struggles of his time and inspires us all to work for the betterment of our communities.

  • e-book

    Edward Heath - A Biography

    John Campbell

    The son of a carpenter, Edward Heath broke the patrician mould of Tory leaders. He pioneered free enterprise Conservatism ahead of Thatcher. He committed Britain to Europe. With accomplishments outside politics - in music and international sailing -...

  • e-book

    Edward the Confessor


    Frank Barlow'apos;s magisterial biography, first published in 1970 and now reissued with new material, rescues Edward the Confessor from contemporary myth and subsequent bogus scholarship. Disentangling verifiable fact from saintly legend, he vividly...

  • e-book

    Edward Bancroft - Scientist, Author, Spy

    Thomas J. Schaeper

    A man of as many names as motives, Edward Bancroft is a singular figure in the history of Revolutionary America. Born in Massachusetts in 1745, Bancroft moved to England as a young man in the 1760s and began building a respectable résumé as both a...

  • e-book

    Edward III

    Ormrod, W Mark

    Edward III (1312–1377) was the most successful European ruler of his age. Reigning for over fifty years, he achieved spectacular military triumphs and overcame grave threats to his authority, from parliamentary revolt to the Black Death. Revered by...

  • e-book

    Edward the Rake


    Growing up in the supreme moral rigour of Queen Victoria'apos;s court, young Bertie was always going to find it hard to live up to his parents'apos; expectation. He was far from a brilliant student, and though charming, his carnal inclinations were...

  • e-book

    Edward Koiki Mabo - His Life and Struggle for...

    Loos,Noel; Mabo,Eddie Koiki

    Here, largely in his own words, is the incredible life story of Edward Koiki Mabo, from his childhood on the Island of Mer through to his struggle within the union cause and the black rights movement as well as the historic High Court native-title...

  • e-book

    Edward II


    Edward II (1284–1327), King of England, Lord of Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine, was the object of ignominy during his lifetime and calumny since it. Conventionally viewed as worthless, incapable of sustained policy, and significant only for his...

  • e-book

    Edward IV


    In his own time Edward IV was seen as an able and successful king who rescued England from the miseries of civil war and provided the country with firm, judicious, and popular government. The prejudices of later historians diminished this high...

  • e-book

    Edward James Lennox - "quot;Builder of...

    Litvak,Marilyn M.

    'Concise, informative and well-illustrated, this short volume speaks reams about a career that included Toronto's first millennial project (Old City Hall), a castle (Casa Loma), as well as the massive generating power station at Niagara Falls (Palace...

  • Cirurgia Oral e Maxilofacial Contemporânea -...

    Ellis,Edward Robb; Tucker,Myron R.; Hupp,James R.

    Chegou 'Cirurgia Oral e Maxilofacil Contemporânea 6ª edição”. Nesta obra você encontrará descrições detalhadas das técnicas básicas de avaliação, diagnóstico, e procedimentos, permitindo a imediata aplicação clínica.Informações sobre aspectos...

  • e-book

    Edward R. Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast...


    'quot;Get it, read it, and pass it on.'quot;-Bill Moyers'quot;Most Americans living today never heard Ed Murrow in a live broadcast. This book is for them I want them to know that broadcast journalism was established by someone with the highest...

  • e-book

    Edward II


    This is a modern-spelling, fully-annotated edition of ChristopherMarlowe'apos;s play Edward the Second'quot;. It is part of the New Mermaidsseries and includes a critical introduction, biography of the author,discussions of sources, textual details,...

  • e-book

    Edward Albee - A Casebook


    From the'quot;angry young man'quot; who wrote Who'apos;s Afraid of Virginia Woolf in 1962, determined to expose the emptiness of American experience to Tiny Alice which reveals his indebtedness to Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco'apos;s Theatre of...

  • e-book

    Edward Gordon Craig - A Vision of Theatre

    Innes, Christopher

    Edward Gordon Craig'apos;s ideas regarding set and lighting have had an enormous impact on the development of the theatre we know today. In this new and updated edition of his well-known study of Edward Gordon Craig, Professor Christopher Innes shows...

  • e-book

    Edward II - A Critical Reader


    Edward II: A Critical Reader gives students, teachers and scholars alike an overview of the play'apos;s reception both in the theatre and among artists and critics, from the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 21st. The volume also offers...

  • e-book

    Edward Bond - The Playwright Speaks: Dry Ice;...

    David Tuaillon

    Over 50 years after his first appearance on the theatre scene, Edward Bond remains a hugely significant figure in the history of modern British playwriting. His plays are the subject of much debate and frequent misinterpretation, with his extensive...

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