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  • Elixir





  • Box - Trilogia Elixir




    Box contendo os três títulos da Trilogia ElixirElixirNo primeiro volume da série, Elixir, Clea Raymond encontrou sua alma gêmea: Sage, um rapaz misterioso e muito bonito. Ela descobre que eles se amam há muitas vidas, mas em cada uma delas, a paixão...

  • e-book

    Elixir do amor - A cura infalível do amor -...

    Michele Stringhini



    “Elixir do Amor – a cura infalível do amor” é baseado em fatos reais e compartilha a transformação de vida da jovem Milena Minchillo, que sofreu duas tentativas de estupro, é enganada e invejada por falsas amizades, mergulhada num estado depressivo...

  • e-book


    Ruth Vincent

    Mabily 'Mab' Jones is just a twenty-something, over-educated, under-employed New Yorker trying to survive as a private eye's unpaid intern . . . or is she? Once a powerful fairy, but tricked by the Fairy Queen into human form, Mab is forced to face...

  • e-book

    Elixir of Death, The

    Knight, Bernard

    1195. Prince John still plots to seize the throne from his brother, Richard the Lionheart--and in his wicked schemes, he is supported by Philip of France. The French king offers to help John financially by sending him a mysterious alchemist, a...

  • Elixir do Pajé - Poemas de Humos, Sátira e...

    Bernardo Guimarães

    Elixir do Pajé - Poemas de Humos, Sátira e Escatologia

  • Elixir para Cabelos Danificados Da Raiz ao...

    R$ 15,96
    em 1x sem juros de R$ 15,96
  • e-book


    Hilary Duff

    Clea é uma jovem rica e, com apenas dezessete anos, já é uma famosa fotojornalista. Quando o pai desaparece, ela começa a perceber em suas fotos imagens de um homem que nunca viu antes, pelo qual sente uma conexão forte e instantânea. Qual a verdade...

  • Elixir de La Felicidad, El


    Elixir de La Felicidad, El

    sob encomenda
  • Elixir do Pajé - Aluguel Digital


    Três colegiais leem e comentam, às escondidas, o poema erótico-cômico Elixir do Pagé, de Bernardo Guimarães. Publicado pela primeira vez em 1875, em Ouro Preto, o poema é um divertido monólogo de um homem com seu membro (não mais) viril.

    R$ 3,99
  • e-book

    Elixir - A History of Water and Humankind


    New York Times bestselling author Brian Fagan tells the story of our most vital resource and how it has shaped our history, tracing "three ages of water."

  • Elixir do Pajé - Compra Digital


    Três colegiais leem e comentam, às escondidas, o poema erótico-cômico Elixir do Pagé, de Bernardo Guimarães. Publicado pela primeira vez em 1875, em Ouro Preto, o poema é um divertido monólogo de um homem com seu membro (não mais) viril.

    R$ 14,99
  • Elixir

    Allen,Elise; Duff,Hilary

    Clea Raymond has felt the glare of the spotlight her entire life. The daughter of a renowned surgeon and a prominent Washington DC politician, Clea has grown to be a talented photojournalist who takes refuge in a career that allows her to travel to...

    sob encomenda
  • O Elixir da Longa Vida

    Rochester,John Wilmot



    Rochester aguça a nossa curiosidade e torna verdadeiros mitos e lendas da humanidade. O tema principal é um elixir que dá àquele que o beber a juventude eterna e a prova de suportar a perseguição de espíritos maus e a necessidade de aprender a...

  • audio livro

    Elixir Fountain


    Your weekly podcast for news & interviews from around the @Elixirlang Community hosted by @johnny_rugger RSS Feed:

    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • Paradise Elixir Feminino Eau de Toilette 80...

    R$ 99,00
    em 6x sem juros de R$ 16,50
  • e-book

    The Elixir of Life

    Honore de Balzac
    (3164933) present you this new edition. At the very outset of the writer's literary career, a friend, long since dead, gave him the subject of this Study. Later on he found the same story in a collection published about the beginning of the present...

  • e-book

    The Elixir of Life


    Auriol Darcy is surprised attempting to remove the heads of two traitors from the Southwark Gateway of Old London Bridge. He is injured by the warder, Baldred, and carried to the house of Dr Lamb, an alchemist and Auriol Darcy's grandfather, who is...

  • e-book

    The Elixir of Life

    Honore de Balzac

    Some of the short stories in the Philosophical Studies section of Honore de Balzac's The Human Comedy have hints of the mystical and supernatural. These elements are very pronounced in the spine-chilling tale 'The Elixir of Life,' which veers into...

  • e-book

    Auriol The Elixir of Life

    William Harrison Ainsworth

    This remarkable work by Ainsworth revolves around life of the protagonist in changing times. A spooky and mysterious atmosphere pervades the whole story. The characters are brilliantly drawn and are blended skillfully into the plot. Exhilarating!

  • Perfume Shakira Elixir Feminino Eau de...

    R$ 79,00
    em 5x sem juros de R$ 15,80
  • e-book

    The Elusive Elixir

    Gigi Pandian

    Dorian Robert-Houdin, the three-and-a-half-foot gargoyle chef who fancies himself a modern-day Poirot, is slowly turning into stone, and it'apos;s up to Zoe Faust to unravel the alchemical secrets that can save him. When they discover that a...

  • Perfume Shakira Elixir Feminino Eau de...

    R$ 126,00
    em 8x sem juros de R$ 15,75
  • e-book

    The Elixir of Truth - Journey On the Sufi...

    Musa Muhaiyaddeen

    Written from the perspective of an American Sufi, 'The Elixir of Truth' conveys answers to some of humankind's most basic questions. At the same time, it also dispels many commonly held misconceptions about the role of religious traditions and how...

  • e-book

    The Elixir of Love

    Muhammad Rayshahri

    This book is one of the many Islamic publications distributed by Ahlulbayt Organization throughout the world in different languages with the aim of conveying the message of Islam to the people of the world. Ahlulbayt Organization is a registered...

  • e-book

    The Elixir of Truth - Inner Dimensions

    Musa Muhaiyaddeen

    There is this mystery of man's relationship to God. Every person has this relationship. We need to make the exploration of that relationship a life-long priority. Weidentify with our bodies, but we are not our body. Similarly, we identify with our...

  • Perfume Lady Emblem Elixir Feminino Eau de...

    R$ 209,00
    em 12x sem juros de R$ 17,41
  • e-book

    AURIOL or The Elixir of Life

    William Harrison Ainsworth

    Flashes of light passed before Auriol's eyes, and strange noises smote his ears. The furnace breathed forth flames and mephitic vapors; the spiral worm of the alembic became red hot, and seemed filled with molten lead; the skeletons grinned and...

  • Perfume Shakira Wild Elixir Feminino Eau de...

    R$ 67,00
    em 4x sem juros de R$ 16,75
  • e-book

    The Devil'apos;s Elixir

    HOFFMANN ,E. T. A.

    This early work by E. T. A. Hoffmann was originally published in 1824. Born in Königsberg, East Prussia in 1776, Hoffmann's family were all jurists, and during his youth he was initially encouraged to pursue a career in law. However, in his late...

  • e-book

    O elixir do pajé

    Bernardo Guimarães; Bernardo Guimar?es

    O Bernardo Guimarães erótico que poucos conhecemRepudiado pelos herdeiros (que não o incluíram nas poesias completas), publicado clandestinamente pelo próprio autor, Elixir do pajé é a grande obra erótico-satírica de Bernando Guimarães, e o mais...

  • Finalizador Siàge Define Cachos Elixir 150ml

    R$ 34,99
    em 2x sem juros de R$ 17,49
  • Perfume Flower By Kenzo Elixir Feminino Eau...

    R$ 199,00
    em 12x sem juros de R$ 16,58
  • Perfume Jeu D'amour L'Elixir Feminino Eau de...

    R$ 199,00
    em 12x sem juros de R$ 16,58
  • Golden Elixir Chi Kung


    Golden Elixir Chi Kung

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    The Elixir And The Stone: The Tradition of...

    Baigent,Michael; Leigh,Richard

    Since the seventeenth century, science has been contending with philosophy, organised religion and the arts for domination over Western civilisation and society. By the middle of the twentieth century, the battle appeared to be won; scientific...

  • e-book

    The Elixir of Life

    Honore de Balzac

    Don Juan is the story of a father and son. Don Juan's father asked Don Juan to revive him after death with an elixir of life. Don Juan makes a decision that will change his life forever.

  • e-book

    The Elixir of Love / Opera Journeys Mini...

    Fisher,Burton D

    A comprehensive guide to Donizetti's THE ELIXIR OF LOVE featuring STORY SYNOPSIS, PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS, STORY NARRATIVE with MUSIC HIGHLIGHT EXAMPLES, and insightful COMMENTARY and ANALYSIS about the opera and its composer.

  • audio livro

    Delicioso elixir



    R$ 24,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    The Elixir of Immortality - A Modern-Day...

    Cox,Robert E.

    MYSTICISM / ALCHEMYIn 1989, while attempting to extract precious minerals from his property, a wealthy Arizonan obtained a mysterious white material that initially defied scientific attempts to identify it. After several years of testing, this...

  • e-book

    That Elixir Called Love


    In this book Ramtha questions, what is love really about? Is it real? What makes us fall in love? What can we expect from our relationships? What is there to learn about who we really are? After almost two decades since the publication of Love...

  • e-book

    Essence With the Elixir of Enlightenment -...

    A.H. Almaas

    Essence has been combined with The Elixir of Enlightenment, a short introductory text directed toward students on the path who are frustrated by either the spiritual or psychological barriers that Western life can present. Discusses the values and...

  • O Fabuloso Elixir Do Corajoso - Col. Casa...

    Martins,Cláudio; Sypriano,Lilian

    Na casa grande e amarela acontece cada coisa que só você vendo para acreditar. Crimes, seqüestros, moradores misteriosos, fantasmas, gatos, ratos e um montão de gente aprontando a maior confusão.Você também participa, brinca de detetive, desvenda...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    The Technological Elixir - Invoking...

    Ryan D Gable

    The Technological Elixir takes the reader on a journey through philosophy and technology in an effort to attain that coveted medicine of the alchemists by the way of objectivity and reason. As the subtitle “Invoking Artificial Intelligence &...

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