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  • Classical Electrodynamics 3Rd Edition


    A revision of the defining book covering the physics and classical mathematics necessary to understand electromagnetic fields in materials and at surfaces and interfaces. The third edition has been revised to address the changes in emphasis and...

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  • Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation 7th...

    Lillesand,Thomas; Kiefer,Ralph W; Chipman,Jonathan

    Remote sensing and its kindred technologies, such as geographic information systems (GIS) and the Global Positioning System (GPS), are having a pervasive impact on the conduct of sciences, government, and business alike. This book is designed to be...

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  • Materials Science and Engineering - An...

    Callister Jr.,William D.; Rethwisch,David G.

    Building on the success of previous editions, this book continues to provide engineers with a strong understanding of the three primary types of materials and composites, as well as the relationships that exist between the structural elements of...

  • Mwh's Water Treatment - Principles And Design...

    Tchobanoglous,George; Howe,Kerry; Crittenden,John C; Hand,David W; Trussell,R Rhodes

    the definitive guide to the theory and practice of water treatment engineering This newly revised edition of the classic reference provides complete, up-to-date coverage of both theory and practice of water treatment system design. The Third Edition...

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  • Modelling Transport 4th Edition

    Ortuzar S.,Juan De Dios

    Already the market leader in the field, Modelling Transport has become still more indispensible following a thorough and detailed update. Enhancements include two entirely new chapters on modelling for private sector projects and on activity-based...

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  • An Introduction To Multiagent Systems 2nd...


    The eagerly anticipated updated resource on one of the most important areas of research and development: multi–agent systems Multi–agent systems allow many intelligent agents to interact with each other, and this field of study has advanced at a...

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  • e-book

    Fundamentos de Som e Acústica

    Braga, Newton C.

    No livro curso Eletrônica Básica – Volume 1 – do mesmo autor foi tratado de som e no volume 2 estudados diversos tipos de circuitos que amplificam sons ou ainda geram, podendo ser usados em instrumentos musicais. Mas não naqueles livros não se foi...

  • Separation Process Principles With...


    Separation Process Principles with Applications Using Process Simulator, 3rd Edition is the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of the major separation operations in the chemical industry. The 3rd edition focuses on using process simulators...

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  • Grid Converters For Photovoltaic And Wind...

    Blaabjerg, Frede; Rodriguez; Rodriguez,Pedro; Rodriguez; Teodorescu,Remus; Liserre,Marco; Teodorescu,; Liserre,

    Grid converters are the key player in renewable energy integration. The high penetration of renewable energy systems is calling for new more stringent grid requirements. As a consequence, the grid converters should be able to exhibit advanced...

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  • Materials Science And Engineering - An...

    Rethwisch,David G.; Callister,William D. Jr.

    Materials Science And Engineering - An Introduction

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  • Rfid Handbook: Fundamentals And Applications...

    Finkenzeller, Klaus; Waddington, Rachel (TRN)

    Rfid Handbook: Fundamentals And Applications In Contactless Smart Cards And Identification, 2nd Edit

  • Cold-Formed Steel Design 4Th Edition

    Yu,Wei-Wen; Laboube,Roger A

    The definitive text in the field, thoroughly updated and expanded Hailed by professionals around the world as the definitive text on the subject, Cold-Formed Steel Design is an indispensable resource for all who design for and work with cold-formed...

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  • Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Of Solids...

    Crisfield; Borst, De; Crisfield,Mike; De Borst, Ren?; Remmers,Joris; Verhoosel,Clemens; De Borst,Rene; Remmers,

    Built upon the two original books by Mike Crisfield and their own lecture notes, renowned scientist Rene de Borst and his team offer a thoroughly updated yet condensed edition that retains and builds upon the excellent reputation and appeal amongst...

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  • Adaptive Filters - Theory And Applications...

    Farhang-Boroujeny, Behrouz; Farhang-Boroujeny,B

    This second edition of 'Adaptive Filters: Theory and Applications' has been updated throughout to reflect the latest developments in this field; notably an increased coverage given to the practical applications of the theory to illustrate the much...

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  • Robot Modeling And Control

    Vidyasagar,M.; Hutchinson,Seth; Spong,Mark W.

    Based on the highly successful classic, Robot Dynamics and Control, by Spong and Vidyasagar (Wiley, 1989), Robot Modeling and Control offers a thoroughly up-to-date, self-contained introduction to the field. The text presents basic and advanced...

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  • Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics 2nd...

    Balanis, Constantine A.

    Balanis second edition of Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics a global best-seller for over 20 years covers the advanced knowledge engineers involved in electromagnetic need to know, particularly as the topic relates to the fast-moving, continually...

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  • Upstream Petroleum Fiscal And Valuation...

    ; Wood,David; Kasriel; Kasriel,Ken

    Please contact the authors at for details of how to access the trial version of Crystal Ball, as well as the Excel and other files which are *not* part of the e-book version download. ''This is a book no deal...

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  • Fundamentals of Machine Component Design 5th...


    The latest edition of Juvinall/Marshek's Fundamentals of Machine Component Design focuses on sound problem solving strategies and skills needed to navigate through large amounts of information. Revisions in the text include coverage of Fatigue in...

  • Smart Data Pricing

    Chiang, Mung; Sen, Soumya; Joe-Wong, Carlee; Ha, Sangtae

    A comprehensive text addressing the high demand for network, cloud, and content services through cutting-edge research on data pricing and business strategies 'Smart Data Pricing' tackles the timely issue of surging demand for network, cloud, and...

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  • Combining Pattern Classifiers - Methods And...

    Kuncheva,Ludmila I

    A unified, coherent treatment of current classifier ensemble methods, from fundamentals of pattern recognition to ensemble feature selection, now in its second edition The art and science of combining pattern classifiers has flourished into a...

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  • Introduction to Aircraft Aeroelasticity and...

    Wright; Wright,Jan Robert; Cooper,Jonathan E

    'Introduction to Aircraft Aeroelasticity and Loads, Second Edition' is an updated new edition offering comprehensive coverage of the main principles of aircraft aeroelasticity and loads. For ease of reference, the book is divided into three parts and...

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  • File Organization And Processing


    Introduces the many and powerful data structures for representing information physically (in contrast to a database management system that represents information with logical structures). Covers specialized data structures, and explains how to choose...

  • Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, 6th Edition

    Wylen,Gordon J. Van; Borgnakke,Claus; Sonntag,Richard E.; Van Wylen,Gordon J.

    Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, 6th Edition

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  • Understanding LTE With MATLAB - From...


    An introduction to technical details related to the Physical Layer of the LTE standard with MATLAB(R) The LTE (Long Term Evolution) and LTE-Advanced are among the latest mobile communications standards, designed to realize the dream of a truly global...

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  • Causes Of War

    Levy,Jack S; Thompson,William R

    Written by leading scholars in the field, 'Causes of War' provides the first comprehensive analysis of the leading theories relating to the origins of both interstate and civil wars. Utilizes historical examples to illustrate individual theories...

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  • Encyclopedia Of Automotive Engineering


    Provides for the first time a large, unified knowledge base laying the foundation for advanced study and research in automotive engineering. The 'Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering' provides for the first time a large, unified knowledge base...

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  • Digital Telephony 3Rd Edition


    From the reviews of the Second Edition . 'The book stresses how systems operate and the rationale behind their design, rather than presenting rigorous analytical formulations . [It provides] the practicality and breadth essential to mastering the...

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  • Applied Food Protein Chemistry


    Food proteins are of great interest, not only because of their nutritional importance and their functionality in foods, but also for their detrimental effects. Although proteins from milk, meats (including fish and poultry), eggs, cereals, legumes,...

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  • Structural Concrete - Theory And Design 6Th...

    Al-Manaseer, Akthem; Hassoun,M Nadim

    The most up to date structural concrete text, with the latest ACI revisions 'Structural Concrete' is the bestselling text on concrete structural design and analysis, providing the latest information and clear explanation in an easy to understand...

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  • Aircraft Propulsion

    Farokhi, Saeed

    New edition of the successful textbook updated to include new material on UAVs, design guidelines in aircraft engine component systems and additional end of chapter problems Aircraft Propulsion, Second Edition follows the successful first edition...

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  • Remote Sensing Of The Cryosphere

    Tedesco, Marco

    The cryosphere, that region of the world where water is temporarily or permanently frozen, plays a crucial role on our planet. Recent developments in remote sensing techniques, and the acquisition of new data sets, have resulted in significant...

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  • Civil Avionics Systems 2nd Edition

    Jukes, Malcolm; Moir, Ian; Seabridge, Allan; Moir,I

    'Civil Avionics Systems,' Second Edition, is an updated and in-depth practical guide to integrated avionic systems as applied to civil aircraft and this new edition has been expanded to include the latest developments in modern avionics. It describes...

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  • Heterogeneous Networks In LTE-Advanced

    Acharya,Joydeep; Gao, Long; Gaur, Sudhanshu

    A comprehensive summary of theoretical and practical developments in LTE Heterogeneous Networks The last decade has witnessed the proliferation of mobile broadband data and the trend is likely to increase in the coming years. Current cellular...

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  • Introductory Mathematics For Engineering...

    Rattan,Kuldip S; Klingbeil,Nathan W

    Rattan and Klingbeil's Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications is designed to help improve engineering student success through application-driven, just-in-time engineering math instruction. Intended to be taught by engineering faculty...

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  • Applied Reliability Engineering and Risk...

    Lisnianski, Anatoly; Frenkel,Ilia; Karagrigoriou, Alex; Kleyner,Andre V

    This complete resource on the theory and applications of reliability engineering, probabilistic models and risk analysis consolidates all the latest research, presenting the most up-to-date developments in this field.With comprehensive coverage of...

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  • Aircraft Aerodynamic Design - Geometry And...

    S?bester,Andr's; Forrester,Alexander; Sobester,; Saobester,Andraas; S Bester,Andr S

    Optimal aircraft design is impossible without a parametric representation of the geometry of the airframe. We need a mathematical model equipped with a set of controls, or design variables, which generates different candidate airframe shapes in...

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  • Nuclear Reactor Analysis


    Nuclear Reactor Analysis

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  • Introduction To Logistics Systems Management...

    Musmanno, Roberto; Laporte, Gilbert; Ghiani, Gianpaolo; Ghiani

    'Introduction to Logistics Systems Management' is the fully revised and enhanced version of the 2004 prize-winning textbook 'Introduction to Logistics Systems Planning and Control,' used in universities around the world. This textbook offers an...

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  • Fundamentals Of Heat And Mass Transfer 7Th...

    Incropera, Frank P.; Dewitt, David P.; Bergman, Theodore L.; Lavine, Adrienne S.

    Completely updated, the seventh edition provides engineers with an in-depth look at the key concepts in the field. It incorporates new discussions on emerging areas of heat transfer, discussing technologies that are related to nanotechnology,...

  • Automotive Handbook 9Th Edition

    Bosch,Robert; Bosch Gmbh,Robert

    'The Automotive Handbook, 9th Edition,' is the flagship publication in the Bosch handbook series on automotive technologies and is one of the most definitive sets of reference books that automotive engineers have at their disposal. As progress in the...

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  • Agricultural And Food Electroanalysis

    Gonzalez,Maria Cristina; Escarpa, Alberto; Lopez,Miguel; Gonz?lez,Mar?a Cristina; L?pez,Miguel Angel; Gonz Lez,Mar a Cristina

    'Agricultural and Food Electroanalysis' offers a comprehensive rationale of electroanalysis, revealing its enormous potential in agricultural food analysis. A unique approach is used which fills a gap in the literature by bringing in applications to...

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  • Handbook of Digital Imaging


    A comprehensive and practical analysis and overview of the imaging chain through acquisition, processing and display The 'Handbook of Digital Imaging' provides a coherent overview of the imaging science amalgam, focusing on the capture, storage and...

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  • Cloud Management and Security

    Abbadi,Imad M; Abbadi,

    Written by an expert with over 15 years' experience in the field, this book establishes the foundations of Cloud computing, building an in-depth and diverse understanding of the technologies behind Cloud computing. In this book, the author begins...

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  • Physics Of Magnetic Nanostructures

    Owens, Frank J.

    A comprehensive coverage of the physical properties and real-world applications of magnetic nanostructures This book discusses how the important properties of materials such as the cohesive energy, and the electronic and vibrational structures are...

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