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  • e-book

    Family Enterprises - The Essentials

    Leach, Peter

    Family firms are to be found in every sector of commercial activity. Commitment, family values and pride in the business are typically their special strengths, yet they also face major challenges in reconciling the needs of the business with those of...

  • Wall-e - Encontro nas Estrelas

    Disney Enterprises Inc

    Ano de 2805. Wall-E é o último robô da Terra. Ele é uma unidade compactadora de lixo, encarregado de limpar toda a poluição do planeta. Wall-E gosta do seu trabalho, mas se sente muito sozinho. O destino, porém, reservou uma surpresa para ele: uma...

  • e-book

    The Data Model Resource Book, Volume 1 - A...

    Silverston, Len

    A quick and reliable way to build proven databases for core business functions Industry experts raved about The Data Model Resource Book when it was first published in March 1997 because it provided a simple, cost-effective way to design databases...

  • e-book

    New Enterprises (Routledge Revivals) - A...

    Birley, Sue

    A constant growth of new small firms is an important part of a healthy economy, yet little is known about the factors which determine success or failure in a small business. Success is concerned not only with the development of a product and its...

  • e-book

    State Level Public Enterprises in India

    J. Kiranmai; R. K. Mishra

    This book is an attempt to study and analyse the functioning of the State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs) in India. The book is based on a study completed for the Department of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises,...

  • e-book

    Multinational Enterprises and Innovation

    Heidenreich,Martin; Barmeyer, Christoph; Koschatzky,Knut

    The crucial actors of a global knowledge-based economy are multinational enterprises (MNEs). MNEs depend on the embeddedness in an institutional framework; their competitive advantage depends on the cross-border utilisation of regional and national...

  • e-book

    Small Enterprises and Economic Development -...

    Mead, Donald C.; Carl E. Liedholm

    Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) have been recognized as a major contemporary source of employment and income in a growing number of developing countries. Yet, relatively little is known about the characteristics and patterns of change in these...

  • e-book

    Bliss Bibliographic Classification - Class T:...


    Bliss Bibliographic Classification, Second Edition is an outline composed of thorough and detailed analysis of the vocabulary of economics and management.The book is divided into two chapters. Chapter 1 includes concepts related to the subject, such...

  • e-book

    Data Lake for Enterprises

    Pankaj Misra; Tomcy John

    A practical guide to implementing your enterprise data lake using Lambda Architecture as the baseAbout This Book• Build a full-fledged data lake for your organization with popular big data technologies using the Lambda architecture as the base• Delve...

  • e-book

    Multinational Enterprises in India -...

    Kumar, Nagesh

    Multinational enterprises play a vital role in the economic activity of most developing countries. In India MNE affiliates dominate whole sectors of industry - such as plastics and pharmaceuticals - characterised by a high degree of product...

  • Family Enterprises

    Leach, Peter

    Family firms are to be found in every sector of commercial activity. Commitment, family values and pride in the business are typically their special strengths, yet they also face major challenges in reconciling the needs of the business with those of...

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  • Local Enterprises In the Global Economy


    Local Enterprises In the Global Economy

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  • e-book

    De Havilland Enterprises - A History

    Simons, Graham

    Captain Sir Geoffrey de Havilland was one of the world’s true pioneers of powered flight, a man as important to Britain in aviation terms as the Wright brothers were to America. From humble beginnings, he went on to develop some of the finest...

  • e-book

    De Havilland Enterprises - A History

    Simons, Graham

    Captain Sir Geoffrey de Havilland was one of the world’s true pioneers of powered flight, a man as important to Britain in aviation terms as the Wright brothers were to America. From humble beginnings, he went on to develop some of the finest...

  • e-book

    Cancertown - An Inconvenient Tooth


    Vince Morley is a man with big problems and a brain tumour like a baby's fist; living with one foot in a monstrous alternate world he calls Cancertown. When the lost and dispossessed of London start tripping over the same cracks in reality he spends...

  • e-book

    Strategic Challenges and Strategic Responses...


    This book focuses on the strategic challenges, strategic responses, and strategies for China'apos;s state-owned enterprises (SOE), which face significant challenges from a nationwide economic transformation towards a market economy, from rapid...

  • Magic Eye III

    Thing Enterprises,N. E.

    Complete instructions on viewing techniques accompany a selection of twenty-three computer-generated 3D illustrations that allow viewers to discover unique visual surprises

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  • Blackwater

    Vários Autores

    Meet BLACKWATER USA, the world's most secretive and powerful mercenary firm. Based in the wilderness of North Carolina, it is the fastest-growing private army on the planet with forces capable of carrying out regime change throughout the world....

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  • e-book

    Global Governance Enterprises - Creating...

    John J. Forrer

    Global Governance Enterprises focuses on a specific multi-sector collaboration-the formation of an entity that carries out global governance-providing a detailed analysis of the context of their emergence, as well as how they are created, managed,...

  • e-book

    Ten Cats Enterprises

    Graham Harrop

    Ten abandoned cats live in an old warehouse where they are looked after by a young girl named Annie. They include Chesney, the ringleader, Jack, his sidekick, and Oliver -a wide-eyed kitten. The warehouse contains a boardroom on the very top floor,...

  • e-book

    Bo-Ricky Enterprises


    Bo the Squirrel and Ricky the Rabbit just wanted to work! But nobody was calling, asking for their services which were rather confusing. So when Mrs. Bear called, they jumped at the chance. They could be plumbers, deliver men, house-repairmen,...

  • e-book

    The Lies We Tell

    Dunk, Elizabeth

    From the author of Arranged to Love comes a romantic story of forgiveness, secrets, small towns and second chances. Ten years ago, Todd Lansing stood over his father’s grave, his heart thumping out curses on Sia Collins for causing his death. When he...

  • e-book

    New Multinational Enterprises from Korea and...

    Van Hoesel, Roger

    This volume represents the first substantive study of emerging multinationals (MNEs) from Asian economies, drawing on the unique experiences of South Korea and Taiwan. Combining an econometric investigation with detailed case studies of leading ...

  • e-book

    Out Of Chances

    Husk, Shona

    Shona Husk'apos;s sexy new adult series about emerging rock band Selling the Sun concludes this month with a story about a woman who doesn'apos;t want to connect, a man who'apos;s forgotten how and the friendships that save our lives. Dan Clarke...

  • e-book

    Tango Love (novella)

    Flockton, Nicole

    A sexy short story about being in love with your best friend- and discovering it takes two to tango. Melinda Jones has been in love with her housemate, James Brady, since he moved in...but she has no intention of ever telling him. Except it seems...

  • e-book


    Grant, M.A.

    Best friends do everything together—including falling in love...Maya and Cat have been there for each other through thick and thin, the good and the bad, the laughter and the heartache. But with college graduation on the horizon and real life looming...

  • e-book


    Morgan, Lara

    High fantasy and romance mix with adventure and magic in the first of Lara Morgan’s Twins of Saranthium series. For two thousand years, the serpents of Salmut and their riders have kept the people of Saranthium safe — but the pact between human and...

  • e-book


    Dunk, Elizabeth

    Four stories of eroticism, strength, experimentation, and ultimate salvation. Cursed after death to live in grey nothingness until they atone for their sins, four spirits have spent centuries doing good for others. Finally they stumble upon the true...

  • e-book


    Ross, Cathleen

    The world'apos;s gone to hell, and her only chance of survival is the sexy, dominant soldier determined to keep her safe...Doctor Ruth Parker has always taken care of herself, and that'apos;s what she'apos;s doing now, hiding out in her apartment and...

  • e-book


    Amy Andrews And Ros Baxter

    What would you do differently if your days were...NUMBEREDLive every day like it was your last.Mathematician and many-time Loser in Love Poppy Devine believes in being prepared. So when she discovers she has breast cancer, all she has to do is dust...

  • e-book


    Morgan, Lara

    Romance, adventure, fantasy, and myth combine in the final book in Lara Morgan's enchanting Twins of Saranthium trilogy.Lost to the splitting, retrieved by the ring, sing with her bane and recast all things...Saranthium is enslaved by the power of...

  • e-book


    JC Harroway

    She can'apos;t help but want him. But neither can his millions of fans.With fame, fortune, looks and charisma, Nathan Banks may have it all. But Dr Sophia King wants nothing to do with him beyond treating him as any other patient. A family scandal...

  • e-book


    Dani Kristoff

    The Sydney coven is suffering from a man drought - some witches complain, and some witches just get creative. Grace lives with her cousin Elena and her mother Elvira, and life is pretty damn fine, barring the warlock drought that has the coven'apos;s...

  • e-book


    Curtis, Shannon

    What happens when fairytales get the romantic suspense treatment? A cross-genre mash-up with enchanting results!Once Upon A Crime...Gabriel Martin was shot by his boss, and now he'apos;s unemployed and unhappy. Furthermore, he has to deal with a...

  • e-book



    In the acclaimed, bestselling The Apollo Academy, Aurora fought for her life and her chance at love. Now she'apos;s ready to conquer the final frontier... space.She just wants to focus on her studies...It'apos;s a new semester of training at the...

  • e-book


    Kate Loveday

    An Australian rural romance about an unexpected inheritance that sends a city girl down deep into the country... When Cassie Taylor inherits Yallandoo, a cattle station near Cairns in Far North Queensland, she is shocked. What does she know about...

  • e-book


    JC Harroway

    Your true family is the one you choose...When nurse Jess Bellamy returns to her hometown for a cousin'apos;s wedding, she hopes to completely avoid her ex and first love, Morgan Price. But Morgan is the best man, and the groom'apos;s best friend, so...

  • e-book


    Paton, Ainslie

    Sometimes the only way to forgiveness is through loveFoley has a new boss she doesn'apos;t like, a flatmate who'apos;s been known to wear odd shoes, and a car that'apos;s ready to pack it in.  She hasn'apos;t met a guy worth lipstick in forever, and...

  • e-book


    Paton, Ainslie

    Love can be a great healer, except when it hurts...As voice actor royalty, Damon Donovan is trouble.  He'apos;s professionally intimidating.  He'apos;s confident. He'apos;s charming, funny and genuinely talented. And he triggers the nurturing...

  • e-book



    Raw and risky, a new rural romance that explores the dark side of small towns, and the people who put everything on the line to protect them...Kat Daily is excited to trade her Sydney airport quarantine uniform for an RSPCA inspector'apos;s uniform...

  • e-book



    Hot and flirty new romance from Maddie Jane about a woman who thinks she knows her limits, and the man who will help her see beyond.Taking a business-for-losers course over the summer is Annie Cassidy'apos;s idea of hell. Her place as 'apos;the looks...

  • e-book


    Jacquie Underdown

    A new adult story about what happens when you meet the perfect guy at the worst possible time. Anthea has loved him since her earliest memory, but she has no idea who he is, or if he even exists. But her heart belongs to him, and no one else can ever...

  • e-book


    Dani Kristoff

    The final bewitching story in a trilogy about sexy witches and second chances...Earl Pressonville knows he made a mistake, but he never expected it to cost him his life. Well, most of his life. Some small part of him survives, but only as a shadow, a...

  • e-book


    Ros Baxter

    The sequel to Fish Out of Water is a sexy, funny mystery about strength, love, and French fries.When the clerk at a burger joint is assaulted for trying to sell a fish burger to a hot blonde, it'apos;s just the beginning of a clash between Land and...

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