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  • e-book

    Powerful Executive Coaching

    John Mattone

    Leaders can make or break a company-which is why coaches are so crucial. Effective coaching can ensure that executives reach their peak potential and drive organizational results. Powerful Executive Coaching delivers a concise, but powerful look to...

  • e-book

    Executive Finance and Strategy

    Tiffin, Ralph

    Executive Finance and Strategy goes beyond demystifying accounts and explaining terminology. By linking finance with strategy in a practical way it focuses on putting finance into the context of top-level decision making and as a measure and...

  • e-book

    Executive's Guide to COSO Internal Controls -...

    Moeller, Robert R.

    Essential guidance on the revised COSO internal controls framework Need the latest on the new, revised COSO internal controls framework? Executive's Guide to COSO Internal Controls provides a step-by-step plan for installing and implementing...

  • e-book

    Executive Function"quot;Dysfunction"quot; -...

    Rebecca Moyes

    From bestselling author Rebecca Moyes, this book is the perfect primer for parents and educators of children with executive function difficulties. Rebecca describes what the executive functions are, how executive function difficulties may manifest,...

  • e-book

    Executive Presence

    Hewlett, Sylvia Ann

    Do you exude confidence and credibility? Can you command a room? Sylvia Ann Hewlett, one of the world's most influential business thinkers, cracks the code of Executive Presence (EP) for men and women intent on winning the next plum assignment and...

  • e-book

    Executive Ethics: Ethical Dilemmas and...

    Sims, Ronald R.; Quatro,Scott a

    Scott Quatro and Ronald Sims have put together an impressive group of experts that delve into the essential elements of C-suite leadership; especially, ethics-driven leadership. The book reminds us that the 'bottom line' is more complicated now....

  • e-book

    Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

    O'neill,Mary Beth A.

    Praise for Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart 'In this book, O'Neill brings form and structure to the art of executive coaching. Novices are provided a path while seasoned practitioners will find affirmation.' --Daryl R. Conner, CEO and...

  • e-book

    Executive's Guide to IT Governance

    Moeller, Robert R.

    Create strong IT governance processes In the current business climate where a tremendous amount of importance is being given to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), the concept of IT governance is becoming an increasingly strong component....

  • e-book

    Executive Team Leadership in the Global...

    Nolan, Richard L.

    Corporations have continued to grow and extend their operations into the global economy to the point that the modern corporation has become larger and more influential than many sovereign countries. In this global expansion, corporations have...

  • e-book

    Executive Presence - The Art of Commanding...


    Get the Key to the Boardroom with Powerful Executive Presence!'quot;This book can be a key aid in helping you make it to the next level! Great coaching for anyone who is even thinking of becoming an executive!'quot;Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times...

  • e-book

    Executive Intelligence

    Menkes, Justin

    The final word on what traits make for highly successful managers—and a detailed explanation of how to identify potential standout performers. Executive Intelligence is about the substance behind great leadership. Inspired by the work of Peter...

  • e-book

    Executive's Guide to Project Management

    Wysocki, Robert K.

    How-to guidance for defining and implementing a complex project performance environment Sharing his forty-five years of project management experience, best-selling author and industry guru Robert Wysocki presents a straightforward, enlightening, and...

  • e-book

    Executive's Guide to Project Management

    Wysocki, Robert K.

    How-to guidance for defining and implementing a complex project performance environment Sharing his forty-five years of project management experience, best-selling author and industry guru Robert Wysocki presents a straightforward, enlightening, and...

  • e-book

    Executive Advantage - Resilient Leadership...

    Grey, Jacqui

    Ambitious executives want to feel powerful, popular and in control. Executive Advantage gives you the strategies you need to bust the gremlins that hold you back, beat stress, and take control as a resilient 21st century leader.

  • Case Folio Quest Executive Collection Cg7ecmc...


    Case folio Quest para Galaxy 7, confeccionada em couro sintético rastelado marrom café e forrada em nobuk preto. Possui estrutura interna reforçada para dar maior proteção ao equipamento. Fechamento magnético externo e velcro de segurança no lacre...

  • e-book

    Successful Project Sponsorship - A Time-Saver...

    Molen, Michiel van der

    This practical guide will show you how to take ownership of the role of project sponsor or project executive to ensure that your projects succeed in achieving tangible benefits for your organization and its stakeholders.

  • e-book

    Executive Action

    Doyle, Richard

    Jack Meade wakes in a hospital bed. The doctors tell him he has been in the sea for two days - that he is lucky to be alive. His face is so salt ravaged he barely recognises himself. He has lost nearly all his memory. All he can remember is his name....

  • e-book

    Executive Recruiting For Dummies

    Perry, David E.; Mark J. Haluska

    Tips and strategies to fill executive-level positions Recruiting for high-end executives requires a special skill-set, and Executive Recruiting For Dummies is here to help you add this niche talent to your arsenal. Whether you're an in-house human...

  • e-book

    Executive Measures, Terrorism and National...

    David Professor Bonner

    David Bonner presents an historical and contemporary legal analysis of UK governmental use of executive measures, rather than criminal process, to deal with national security threats. The work examines measures of internment, deportation and...

  • e-book

    Executive Development and Organizational...

    Kaynak, Erdener; Robert M Fulmer; J Bernard Keys

    An essential reference book for you and your global organization, Executive Development and Organizational Learning for Global Business will guide you through the challenge of producing effective executives and masterminding learning organizations....

  • e-book

    Executive's Guide to Personal Security

    Katz, David S.; Ilan Caspi

    As a company or an individual, you cannot control the desire and the ability of criminals and terrorists. However, you have full control over effectively lowering your risk of being attacked by increasing security measures–physical, technical, and...

  • e-book

    Executive Search

    James Bone

    Change is threatening to most organizations but the challenge of changing executive leadership for nonprofits, universities, and colleges may be one of its most critical functions to get right. By the same token finding highly qualified leaders who...

  • e-book

    Executive Measures, Terrorism and National...

    Bonner, David

    David Bonner presents an historical and contemporary legal analysis of UK governmental use of executive measures, rather than criminal process, to deal with national security threats. The work examines measures of internment, deportation and...

  • e-book

    Executive Warfare

    David D'apos;Alessandro

    D'apos;Alessandro'apos;s Brand Warfare and Career Warfare were instant bestsellers, appearing on all three national business listsD'apos;Alessandro is a nationally known speaker, consultant, and business and career strategistThe author is also a...

  • Executive Presence - The Missing Link Between...

    Hewlett,Sylvia Ann

    Are you “leadership material?” More importantly, do others perceive you to be? Sylvia Ann Hewlett, a noted expert on workplace power and influence, shows you how to identify and embody the Executive Presence (EP) that you need to succeed.You can have...

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  • Executive Leadership - A Practical Guide To...

    Clement,Stephen D.; Jaques,Elliott

    Achieving decisive, accountable, value-adding, managerial leadership is critical to effective organizations. Jaques and Clement approach this leadership question in an entirely new way.By clarifying the meaning of leadership within the organizational...

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  • Executive Eq

    Cooper,Robert K.; Sawaf,Ayman

    Executive Eq

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  • e-book

    Executive Skills for Busy School Leaders

    Coley, David; Chris Hitch

    Prime yourself for all aspects of school leadership with effectiveness strategies from educators and experts Chris Hitch and David Coley. This comprehensive and practical handbook offers research-based tools to help you fulfill all of your leadership...

  • e-book

    Executive Skills and Reading Comprehension -...

    Kelly B. Cartwright

    How do K-12 students become self-regulated learners who actively deploy comprehension strategies to make meaning from texts? This cutting-edge guide is the first book to highlight the importance of executive skills for improving reading...

  • e-book

    Executive Compensation Best Practices -...

    Reviews, Cram101; CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Executive Compensation Best Practices. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information...

  • e-book

    Executive Intelligence - The Leader'apos;s...

    Buchen, Irving H.

    Executive Intelligence zeros in on leadership smarts and notes that in all lists compiled by leadership experts, head hunters, and boards of directors the one and only trait that appears in all is intelligence.

  • e-book

    Executive Politics in Semi-Presidential...

    Carrier, Martin

    This book analyzes the variation of power distribution between presidents and prime ministers in semi-presidential regimes. Through selected case studies, it exposes the necessity to understand power variation in a configurative perspective and to...

  • e-book

    Executive Power and Soviet Politics

    Eugene Huskey

    Ever since the behavioral revolution reached Communist studies more than 2 decades ago, Western scholarship has tended to ignore the powerful and unwieldy institutional structure of the Soviet government. Today, suddenly, it is clear that the...

  • Executive Coaching With Backbone And Heart: A...

    O'neill,Mary Beth

    Executive Coaching With Backbone And Heart: A Systems Approach To Engaging Leaders With Their Challe

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  • Executive Coaching


    Executive Coaching

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  • Executive Coaching

    Berger,Jennifer Garvey; Fitzgerald,Catherine

    Executive Coaching

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  • Executive Stamina - How To Optimize Time...

    Seldman,Marty; Seldman,Joshua

    Executive Stamina combines the wisdom and methodology of the best executive coaching with the cutting-edge training techniques of world-class athletes to help busy, stressed-out executives achieve peak performance. This holistic approach to executive...

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  • e-book

    Is Capping Executive Bonuses Useful?

    Kentaro Asai

    This paper develops a theoretical framework to study the impact of bonus caps on banks'risk taking. In the model, labor market price adjustments can offset the direct effects ofbonus caps. The calibrated model suggests that bonus caps are only...

  • Executive Coaching - A Guide For The Hr...

    Valerio, Anna Marie; Lee, Robert J.

    'Executive Coaching' is a 'consumer's guide' for HR professionals and executives who want to be good clients and savvy consumers of coaching services. Step by step, the book defines what coaching is, who uses it, when, and why. In this comprehensive...

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  • e-book

    Executive Coaching

    Sperry, Len

    For many mental health professionals, executive and personal coaching are attractive alternatives to managed care practice, having the appeal of practice flexibility and offering the opportunity to assist relatively healthy and productive individuals...

  • e-book

    Executive Coaching - Systems-Psychodynamic...


    A collection of papers by well-known contemporary writers that describe their own models of coaching and their thoughts on the theoretical roots that underpin their thinking and coaching practice.

  • Executive Roadmap To Fraud Prevention And...

    Biegelman,Martin T; Bartow,Joel T

    How-to, authoritative guidance for creating a best-in-class fraud prevention and compliance program in any organization Now in a Second Edition, this practical book helps corporate executives and managers understand the full ramifications of good...

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  • e-book

    Executive Sweetie

    Carolyn Foulkes

    Women enter business careers to climb the ladder as men have done. And this is where they're challenged - in business and in love. Men succeed because they're likeable and aggressive. But when a woman is beautiful and assertive, her sex works...

  • e-book

    Executive Privilege

    Margolin, Phillip

    When private detective Dana Cutler is hired to follow college student Charlotte Walsh, she never imagines the trail will lead to the White House. But the morning after Walsh's clandestine meeting with Christopher Farrington, President of the United...

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