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  • Batman- Death Of The Family Book And Joker...

    Snyder, Scott

    Eisner-Award winner Scott Snyder 's #1 New York Times bestselling graphic novel is now packaged the collectible Joker face mask!

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  • A Redenção - Série The Travis Family - Vol. 2

    Kleypas, Lisa

    Quando Os Destinos De Duas Pessoas Marcadas Pela Violência Se Cruzam, É Preciso Escolher Um Caminho A Seguir: O Amor Ou A Dor. Herdeira caçula de um verdadeiro império, Haven é uma mulher obstinada que vive de acordo com os próprios princípios e que...

  • DVD Box Modern Family - 1ª A 3ª Temporada -...


    A série acompanha o cotidiano de uma família americana moderna, cada um com diferentes origens. Toda as situações inusitadas e hilariantes acontecem enquanto todos estão participando da gravação de um documentário. A família, que é o tema deste...

  • Marina And The Diamonds - The Family Jewels


    'The Family Jewels” é o álbum de estreia da cantora e compositora inglesa Marina And The Diamonds, lançado originalmente em fevereiro de 2010. O álbum foi produzido principalmente por Liam Howe, Richard Stannard, Ash Howes, Pascal Gabriel, Greg...

  • e-book

    Family Relationships in Middle Childhood

    Dunn, Judy; Joanne Coldwell; Alison Pike

    Combining the perspectives of parents and young children aged 4-8, this book explores how family members relate to each other during 'middle childhood'.

  • e-book

    Family Therapy, Concepts and Methods

    CTI Reviews

    Facts101 is your complete guide to Family Therapy, Concepts and Methods. In this book, you will learn topics such as plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare...

  • e-book

    Family Secrets - Crossing the Colour Line

    Catherine Slaney

    A chance encounter led Catherine Slaney to investigate her family genealogy and revealed her great-grandfather, Dr. A.R. Abbott, Canada'apos;s first African-Canadian doctor.

  • e-book

    Family Child Care Basics - Advice, Activities...

    Jennifer Karnopp

    Beginning a new business venture can be a daunting task, and setting up an in-home child care program can be especially challenging. After the licenses have been applied for and acquired, what comes next? Now an expert on the subject provides advice,...

  • An American Host Family - Col. Modern Readers

    Andrade, Telma Guimarães Castro

    Mateus está muito ansioso. Ele é um estudante em seu segundo dia de intercâmbio cultural nos Estados Unidos. Quer conhecer o modo de vida americano e contar coisas sobre o Brasil também. Tudo é novidade para ele: a família, a comida, a escola, os...

  • e-book

    Family First - Tracing Relationships in the...

    Ruth Alexandra Symes

    This book is a blend of social history and family history covering the years 1800-1950. It is structured around the relationships which fascinate those interested in finding out more about their ancestors, fathers, mothers, babies, children, aunts,...

  • e-book

    Family Entrepreneur - Easier Said Than Done

    Fred Dawkins

    Family Entrepreneur guides you through a reassuring learning experience on the qualities entrepreneurs need and the challenges they can expect when operating a family business. Issues are brought out by discussion and a wide range of anecdotes.

  • e-book

    Family Therapy Around the World - A...

    Nichols, William

    An international celebration of the work of Florence W. Kaslow! Family Therapy Around the World: A Festschrift for Florence W. Kaslow celebrates the life and work of the distinguished family therapist with an international collection of essays that...

  • The Family Food Collection

    Parragon Books

    The Family Food Collection

  • e-book

    Money, Family, Murder

    Timothy Patten

    In the picture-perfect community of Newport Beach, violent crime is virtually nonexistent - until one sunny morning, when the beautiful bookkeeper of Newport's wealthiest family is found strangled in her bed. Johnny Barnes - loyal husband, dad,...

  • e-book

    A Family Affair - Inspirational Short...

    Yanatha Desouvre

    Celebrate Unconditional Love with 'A Family Affair- Inspirational Short Stories and Poetry about Family & Faith' Désouvré's work is so personal, however his inspirational work has such a universal theme. From his Family to yours, experience 'A...

  • e-book

    Family Coaching 36 Desafios para Pais...

    Sandra Belo e Ângela Coelho

    36 Desafios para Pais Extraordinários.Ser pai ou mãe é um trabalho muito importante, mas que pode ser verdadeiramente extenuante. Não é fácil gerir o stresse causado pela correria da dia-a-dia, equilibrar a vida profissional e familiar, impor regras...

  • Family And Friends - Level 3 - Class Book And...

    TAMZIN THOMPSON; Naomi Simmons

    Family And Friends - Level 3 - Class Book And Multirom Pack - Second Edition

  • e-book

    The Randolph Family Saga, Book One - The...

    Patricia A Leslie

    This enchanting speculative-fantasy series begins with an inspired retelling of the centuries-old Scottish legend of “Tam Lin.” This insightful coming-of-age story, set in the Scottish Borders country, takes its youthful protagonists on a fairytale...

  • e-book

    The Hayburn Family

    Mccrone, Guy

    The year is 1900, and as the old century ends and Queen Victoria's reign draws to a close, the past is catching up with Henry and Phoebe Hayburn. Dark secrets continue to haunt them, as they begin to plan for the future of the family business - the...

  • e-book

    The Swiss Family Robinson - or, Adventures on...

    Jean Rudolph Wyss

    A huge storm wrecks the Swiss Family Robinson's ship en route to Australia. Heroically all six of them - mother, father and four boys - fight their way toward a distant island. Surviving the storm is only the first of their many adventures together...

  • e-book

    Family Happiness

    Leo Tolstoy

    A short story from the Classic Shorts collection: Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy

  • e-book

    Word Family Tales - Spring in the Kingdom of...

    Charlesworth, Liza

    A humorous read-aloud story designed to help kids recognize the "-ing" word family, and learn to read words like "kingdom" and "spring"! Also includes riddles, a cheer, and reading tips!

  • e-book

    Doing Family Therapy, Third Edition - Craft...

    Taibbi, Robert

    Featuring rich case examples, this book has helped tens of thousands of students and therapists build the skills and confidence needed to tackle the full range of issues that families bring to therapy. Rather than advocating one best approach, Robert...

  • e-book

    Family Happiness and Other Stories

    Leo Tolstoy

    Rich in detail, shrewdly observed, and vividly narrated, these 6 tales include 'quot;Three Deaths,'quot; 'quot;The Three Hermits,'quot; 'quot;The Devil,'quot; 'quot;Father Sergius,'quot; 'quot;Master and Man,'quot; and the title story.

  • e-book

    Family of Fallen Leaves - Stories of Agent...


    Between 1962 and 1971, the U.S. military sprayed approximately twenty million gallons of Agent Orange and other chemical defoliants on Vietnam and Laos. This collection of twelve short stories by Vietnamese writers reveals this tragic legacy and...

  • e-book

    Family Affair

    Macomber, Debbie

    “Debbie Macomber writes characters that are as warm and funny as your best friends.”—Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author#1 New York Times bestseller Debbie Macomber invites readers to an unforgettable Family Affair—a glorious celebration...

  • e-book

    Family Plotters

    Arlene Hill

    Kelly Bigalow, new college graduate, just wants to teach elementary school; but finds herself in a mansion with a dead man and all his family who wanted him to die. The trouble is that Kelly seems to be next in line for ... death.

  • e-book

    Family Positions - The More the Merrier!...

    Long, Jennifer

    Sometimes the family that plays together.stays together!The youngest daughter has a wild streak a mile wide.while mother and stepson have an ongoing affair despite his marriage to an attractive young bride.The girl stretched out on the grassy bank,...

  • e-book

    Family Matters


    A romantic novel by Gillian Villiers

  • e-book

    Family Happiness

    Leo Tolstoy

    A short story from the Classic Shorts collection: Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy

  • e-book

    Family Tree

    Wiggs, Susan

    From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a powerful, emotionally complex story of love, loss, the pain of the past—and the promise of the future.Sometimes the greatest dream starts with the smallest element. A single cell, joining with...

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  • e-book

    Family Claims

    Phelan, Twist

    Hannah Dain, a skilled business lawyer, is on the verge of leaving her family's law firm for a better job. But her plan is derailed when a real estate deal she's put together suddenly goes bad. Two million dollars of investors' money has disappeared....

  • e-book

    Family Planning

    Karan Mahajan

    Mr Ahuja, Delhi'apos;s Minister of Urban Development, has too much on his hands: thirteen children and another on the way. Lost among his sprawling, noisy brood he reaches out to Arjun, his eldest, and seemingly wisest, son. But Arjun has his own...

  • e-book

    Family Life - Birth, Death and the Whole Damn...


    Not everyone keeps an eagle owl in the spare bedroom cupboard, plays chess for the French Foreign Legion, or goes to school on an obstinate donkey. But this was all just a day in the life of the four Luard children. For the Luards, growing up as...

  • e-book

    Family Jewels

    M. J. O'apos;Shea

    Corbin Ford, aka the Nightwatchman, named for the antique pocket watches he leaves behind at jobs, has been in the cat-burgling business for years. His father was. His grandfather was. His mother is still one of the most renowned thieves. Corbin...

  • e-book

    Family Fortunes - An Adams Family Saga Novel


    The 1950s are in full swing, and the Adams family is blessed with many new additions. Chinese Lady now has so many grandchildren that even she can sometimes scarcely remember them all. Boots and Sammy are kept up-to-date by the Adams youngsters ,...

  • e-book

    Guarded Passions - A family saga from World...

    Harris, Rosie

    1943. Wartime England. Married to a Guardsman at the age of eighteen, Helen Woodley believed her future was assured - only to be widowed before she was forty. And now Helen is faced with an unwelcome sense of déjà vu - her eighteen year old daughter...

  • e-book

    Moving On - A family saga set in 1970'apos;s...

    Harris, Rosie

    Widow Jenny Langton reluctantly decides to downsize to a small flat. It's difficult enough to start afresh, but her wayward granddaughter Karen's antics threaten to spoil her new life. Jenny must decide whether she should allow family loyalty to...

  • e-book

    Family Planning

    Mahajan, Karan

    Rakesh Ahuja, a Government Minister in New Delhi, is beset by problems: thirteen children and another on the way; a wife who mourns the loss of her favorite TV star; and a teenaged son with some really strong opinions about family planning.To make...

  • e-book



    A fresh, new look for the bestselling Firstborn series—the second installment in the continuing Baxter Family Drama from America’s number one inspirational novelist, Karen Kingsbury. Revisit the Baxter family in all their life-changing events, or...

  • e-book

    Family of Shadows

    Garin K. Hovannisian

    Combining the historical urgency of The Burning Tigris, the cultural sweep of Middlesex, and the psychological complexity of Bending Toward the Sun, Garin K. Hovannisian's Family of Shadows is a searing history of Armenia, realized through the lives...

  • e-book

    Family Tradition

    Lee, Edward; Pelan,John

    In this novel of Eldritch horror and gourmet cooking, the authors whet your appetite with a delectable trip to the Pacific Northwest in search of the rare Crackjaw Eel. This romp through the woods is flavored with inbred rednecks, sauced with...

  • e-book

    Family Planning

    Parks, Tim

    Raymond is mad, clever, manipulative and totally out of his parents' control. The other children are lying low, though still inextricably attached to their father's purse-strings. Amidst hilarious misunderstandings and poignant inadequacies, six...

  • e-book

    Family Affair + The Bet

    Macomber, Debbie

    Lacey Lancaster always longed to be a wife and mother. However, after a painful divorce, she just wants to lay low in her charming San Francisco apartment with her beautiful Abyssinian cat, Cleo.Everything would be wonderful if it wasn't for her...

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