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20 produtos
  • Fashion Illustration Step By Step


    Neste livro encontra-se centenas de modelos que surgem numa infinidade de gestos diferentes. Inclui os desenhos básicos, fala de acessórios e estampados e compara a peça isolada com os corpos ilustrados. É, em definitivo, um guia insusbitituível para...

  • Illustration Now! Fashion


    Desenhar ou esboçar é uma atividade inerente ao design de moda, não apenas como um ponto de partida para a criação, mas também como um meio de expressar estados de ânimo, emoções e experiências associadas ao vestuário. Criações feitas à mão ou...

  • Face Fashion: Drawing the Face In Modern...

    Nancy Riegelman

    Face Fashion: Drawing the Face In Modern Fashion Illustration

  • e-book

    Fashion Illustration 1920-1950 - Techniques...

    Foster,Walter T.

    Comprehensive, user-friendly guide combines four vintage instructional manuals by a famous teacher. Step-by-step drawings with helpful comments explain principles of figure and fashion drawing. Techniques include pencil, pen, wash, and opaque.

  • Fashion Illustration Now Anglais

    Hudson, Thames And

    Fashion Illustration Now Anglais

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  • Graphic Fashion - Design, Illustration &...

    La Santa

    Libro muy innovador que reúne infinidad de gráficos y estampados y su aplicación en el diseño de moda. Estos gráficos constituyen un fiel reflejo de las tendencias emergentes dentro de este campo y muestran cómo serán los futuros diseños. FASHION...

  • 20Th-Century Fashion Illustration - The...


    This fascinating retrospective chronicles the rise and development of modern fashion illustration from the early 1900s to the dawn of the twenty-first century. Its lively narration, illustrated byover seventy original works by fashion's top...

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  • Big Book of Fashion Illustration


    Big Book of Fashion Illustration

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  • Modern Fashion Illustration

    Lafuente,Maite; Navarro,Javier

    Modern Fashion Illustration

  • e-book

    Creative Fashion Illustration - How to...

    Stuart McKenzie

    Fashion illustration is skilful and inventive, and the best fashion illustrators can fulfil a brief creatively using their own unique approach. Visually-led and extremely accessible, this book is the go-to resource for anyone wanting to develop their...

  • New Fashion Illustration


    Martin Dawber showcases over 30 of the most accomplished and experimental illustrators from around the world. Each visual is complemented by information from the artists themselves on how they approach their work, their inspiration and their...

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  • e-book

    Essential Fashion Illustration - Men


    First-hand experience and passion for fashion illustration were the driving forces behind the creation of Essential Fashion Illustration: Men. The first half of the book focuses on technical drawings of the human body. The second half then branches...

  • Illustration Now! Fashion - Edição Trilíngue


    Ogni abito inizia con un disegno, ogni gonna con un bozzetto. Oltre che mezzo espressivo e punto di partenza di ogni modello, l’illustrazione è parte integrante del mondo della moda sia nella creazione di stampe e motivi sia per le immagini sulle...

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  • Fashion Illustration: Accessories


    Fashion Illustration: Accessories

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  • Fashion Illustration Next


    Editor Borrelli has chosen 40 international contemporary fashion illustrators, who range from the influential leaders in the profession to talented new comers. Most make free use of computer-aided technique but to widely varying effects. Mode 2's...

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  • Essential Fashion Illustration Color + Medium

    Vilaseca, Estel

    From the first rough sketch pursuing the development of an idea into fabric choice and draping style, fashion design is an exercise in imagination and problem solving. When it comes to documenting the evolution of fashion as culture, we could safely...

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  • Contemporary Fashion Illustration Techniques


    The primary skill needed by anyone who works in fashion is the ability to convey—to clients and the general public alike—images of the designs. The impression given to the viewer depends on whether the fashion design drawings are good. Contemporary...

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  • Fashion Illustration Next Anglais

    Hudson, Thames And

    Examining what it is that makes fashion illustration the choice of art directors and style magazines, this volume follows the renaissance predicted by the author's 2000 title, 'Fashion Illustration Now'.

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  • Essential Fashion Illustration


    An introduction to the process of fashion illustration encompasses a guide to such technical aspects as how to draw a human figures, light and shadow, material garments, accessories, and more, as well as the use of watercolor, wax, pastel, and other...

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  • Fashion Illustration For Designers


    Fashion Illustration For Designers

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