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  • Lápis Grafite Faber-Castell Ecolápis 9000...


    Lápis grafite preto sextavado de qualidade superior, com ponta mais resistente , ideal para uso técnico, artístico ou em escrita geral. 2 unidades - graduação 2B/6B. Caneta Fine Pen na cor preta, Possui corpo triangular Ergonômico, conforto, e...

  • e-book

    Fine Friends - A Little Book About You and Me

    Stein, Peter

    Fine Friends is a celebration of all things friendship. Sometimes the very best thing you can do with a fine friend is to share a little 'quot;aha'quot; moment . . . a small, knowing smile that says, 'quot;I may have toilet paper stuck to my shoe,...

  • e-book

    Fine, Feathered Friend

    Kovach, Kathleen E.

    Glenys is torn between the possibilities of a career-changing role that requires she be able to handle a falcon and the deep-seated fear that has affected most of her life. Glenys knows in her head that fear is not of God, but the wall keeping that...

  • e-book

    Fine Spirits (A Daisy Gumm Majesty Mystery,...

    Duncan, Alice

    Meet Daisy Gumm Majesty: spiritualist to folks with more money than sense.The 1920s may be roaring among Pasadena'apos;s wealthy, but Daisy must earn a living for her family. When Daisy is approached by Mrs. Bissel about exorcizing a ghost from her...

  • e-book

    Trace in Snowfield (Ducool Fine Compile and...


    Wei Bianchi'apos;s work can be divided into many types. This book bring us the true status of nature in which lives born and died, never stop. It makes people who are oppressed open their eyes to find the beauty of lives rather. Author encourages...

  • e-book

    The Wonderful Adventures Of Nils (Ducool Fine...


    This book tells an interesting story. A 14-year-old boy Nils lived in the southern part of Sweden. His parents are both kind and hardworking but poor peasants. Nils didn'apos;t like studying. He liked to tease little animals. One time he tried to...

  • e-book

    The Lady of the Camellias (Ducool Fine...

    Dumas Jr.

    Margaret is poor girl from country firstly. She goes to Paris for earning a living but becomes a whore unfortunately and gets a bad habit of wasting money. She pursues pleasure as mad for forgetting her sadness but hates this empty life in her deep...

  • e-book

    The Madman - His Parables and Poems

    Gibran, Kahlil

    2033 Reprint of 1957 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition. 'Active Listening', first developed by Rogers and Farson, is a therapeutic technique designed to promote positive change in the client. Active listening is a communication...

  • Fine Art Studio - Painting


    Have you ever dreamed of painting a masterpiece? With this new Fine Art Studio Painting kit, you’ll get everything you need to feel confident with a paintbrush. This unique, all-inclusive kit includes a set of painter’s tools, a detailed introduction...

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  • e-book

    Another Fine Mess

    Klesert, Kevin

    Here we go again into Another Fine Mess as former Secretary of Defense Alicia Calhoun and Admiral Sean Phillips take command of the 21st Century US Navy Enterprise Task Force as it travels back in time once again on another mission to change...

  • e-book

    Fine-Tuning the Clarinet Section - A Handbook...

    Brent Coppenbarger

    The amount of knowledge that the band director is expected to know can be overwhelming. He or she is expected to be a teacher, a conductor, an artist, a musician, and an expert on every instrument in the band. This book condenses and organizes the...

  • e-book

    Fine and Dandy - The Life and Work of Kay...

    Ohl, Vicki

    The first biography of a composer who broke the gender barrier on Broadway. Kay Swift (1897-1993) was one of the few women composers active on Broadway in the first half of the twentieth century. Best known as George Gershwin's assistant, musical...

  • e-book

    Fine Cuts - The Art of European Film Editing

    Crittenden, Roger

    Roger Crittenden reveals the experiences of many of the greatest living European film editors through his warm and perceptive interviews which offer a unique insight into the art of editing - direct from masters of the craft.In their interviews the...

  • e-book

    Fine Knacks for Ladies - Easy Piano Sheet...

    Silver Tonalities

    Elizabethan Love Song for Easy PianoA SilverTonalities Arrangement!Easy Note Style Sheet MusicLetter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!

  • e-book

    Fine Art Printing for Photographers -...

    Gulbins, Juergen

    Today'apos;s digital cameras continue to produce increasingly higher definition image data files, making high resolution, large-format output possible. As printing technology moves forward at an equally fast pace, the new inkjet printers are capable...

  • e-book

    Fine Motor Activities

    Adriana Olabi

    Synopsis: Fine motor skills are absolutely necessary for a normal child to develop the abilities to perform different activities. The period of pre-school is the stage in the child'apos;s life when transition from dependence to autonomy takes...

  • Caneta Esfero Stabilo Bille Fine 508Nf Ponta...


    Caneta esferográfica com ponta de aço tungstênio, ponta 0.4mm, com grip emborrachado e tampa.

  • e-book

    Fine Motor Skills, Ages 3 - 6


    Fine Motor Skills includes five levels of colorful and stimulating activities that gradually challenge little fingers. Each activity promotes learning and fine motor control while covering fundamental lessons in colors, shapes, counting, and writing.

  • Fine Woodworking Best Workbenches

    Fine Woodworking Editors

    Is it possible to create the perfect workbench? The answer is yes, with Fine Woodworking Best Workbenches, a collection of the best articles on the subject from Americas premier woodworking magazine. Filled with focused advice on how to choose and...

  • e-book

    Fine Art Inkjet Printing - The Craft and Art...

    Jim Nickelson

    In an era of digital capture, digital darkrooms, and online galleries, serious photographers still have a deep respect for the photographic print. There is a profound difference between posting your image to a website and printing and sharing your...

  • e-book

    Fine Art Nature Photography - Advanced...

    Sweet, Tony

    Tony Sweet's guide to taking beautiful color photos of outdoor scenes is now revised and updated, with new information about working digitally. With stunning landscapes and close-ups, all annotated by the author, and many taken within a few miles of...

  • e-book - My Story of Hope, Love, and...

    Fine, Randi G.

    '' is a compelling, impactful story about hope and love that builds brick by brick from the bottom up, and then screams victory from the roof-top. The story is a touching, honest, and insightful account of the author's rollercoaster ride...

  • e-book

    Fine Art Inkjet Printing - The Craft and Art...

    Jim Nickelson

    In an era of digital capture, digital darkrooms, and online galleries, serious photographers still have a deep respect for the photographic print. There is a profound difference between posting your image to a website and printing and sharing your...

  • e-book

    Fine Lines and Distinctions - Murder,...

    Morris, Terence; Blom-Cooper, Louis

    Written by two of the UK's leading experts on the law of homicide, contains new information and analysis and suggests a radical new solution to the 'mess' which English homicide law has become. In this powerful account, the authors show that-from Sir...

  • Fine Dell'estate

    Steel, Danielle

    La vita di Deanna sembra perfetta. Fino a quando scopre che il marito la tradisce. Disperata, scappa e si rifugia nella solitudine, fino all'arrivo dell'estate: quando incontra Ben e ritrova l'amore. Ma il destino è sempre in agguato.

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  • e-book

    Fine Chemicals - The Industry and the...

    Peter Pollak

    Now updated - the authoritative reference on one of the most exciting and challenging areas of the modern chemical industry This highly readable and informative reference continues to take a comprehensive, in-depth view of the products, markets, and...

  • e-book

    Fine Chemicals Manufacture - Technology and...

    Cybulski, A.; R. A. Sheldon; M. M. Sharma

    The sector of fine chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyes and pigments, fragrances and flavours, intermediates, and performance chemicals is growing fast. For obvious reasons chemistry is a key to the success in developing new...

  • Fine Art Studio - Pastels


    Opening a set of pastels is like finding a rainbow in a box! Fine Art Studio Pastels is the new all-inclusive kit from the Fine Art Studio series, and contains everything kids need to learn to use pastels like a pro. Written and illustrated by a...

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  • e-book

    Fine Particulate Pollution - A Report of the...

    Yong Zhou

    Fine Particulate Pollution deals with the state of knowledge and the status of technology relating to pollution caused by fine particulates. The topics span all scientific and technical disciplines associated with atmospheric fine particulate...

  • e-book

    Fine-Tuning Common Sense: A Safe Way To...

    Sjogren, Lars G.; Delmedico,Angela

    Lars shares his "know how" of more than forty years experience of sales in more than 100 countries all over the world. Not one industry has escaped him. Lars has trained more than 150,000 people worldwide. The main reason he wants to share this...

  • e-book

    Fine Sediment Dynamics in the Marine...


    Cohesive sediment, or mud, is encountered in most water bodies throughout the world. Often mud is a valuable resource, synonymous with fertile land, enriching the natural environment and used as an important building material. Yet mud also hinders...

  • e-book

    Fine Needle Aspiration of Palpable Masses

    Torsten Löwhagen; Michael W. Stanley

    Fine Needle Aspiration of Palpable Masses presents an extensive examination of the equipment, basic techniques, and staining procedures in medicine. It discusses the fundamental concepts in a direct, first line approach to the evaluation of tissue...

  • Fine Chocolates 3 - Great Experience -...


    The chocolate industry keeps on progressing. Science makes it possible to come up with new product options. Techniques also constantly evolve and improve. New raw materials are used, which have proven their usefulness and are at times indespensable,...

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  • Fine & Dandy

    Ohl, Vicki

    Fine & Dandy

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  • Fine Pore Aeratio

    Unknown Author

    Fine Pore Aeration for Wastewatr.Trmt.

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  • Fine Chocolates


    This extensive and practical manual produced by the famous Master Chocolatier, Jean-Pierre Wybauw, includes a theorical section with vivid illustrations. It tells you everthing you need to know about chocolate and sugar processing, rheology and shelf...

  • Fine Coal Processing

    "mishra,Surendra K.; Klimpel, Richard R."

    Fine Coal Processing

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  • Fine Woodworking Design Book Eight - Original...


    Fine Woodworking Design Book Eight - Original Furniture From the World's Finest Craftsmen

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  • Fine Art of Small Talk


    A renowned communications expert shares tips, techniques, and strategies to help anyone develop the fine art of conversation in any type of social situation, from a business lunch to cocktail party, with advice on how to start a conversation, prevent...

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  • Fine Jewelry Couture - Contemporary Heirlooms

    Dupon, Olivier

    This inspirational book features over 35 master jewelry designers, organized alphabetically. Hailing from Australia, Brazil, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, the UK and USA, they represent a wide variety of...

  • Fine Art, History Of Art - Songs Of...

    Blake, William; William, Blake

    This fascimile edition of one of Blake's celebrated 'Illuminated Books' reproduces a collection of calligraphed poems, each enclosed in a masterful full-colored illustration. Twenty-six plates reprinted from a rare 1826 etched edition include 'London...

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  • e-book



    Todos sentem falta, da época que eu era ‘’de boa’’. A Dani, o Junior e até, a Lilian que, não me conheceu naquela época, que já está bem distante. – E que muitos ainda se lembram.

  • Fine Cuts the Art of European Film Editi


    Fine Cuts the Art of European Film Editi

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  • e-book

    One Fine Cowboy

    Kennedy, Joanne

    He'apos;s got a way with horses...and with women...

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