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  • Uma Breve História do Tempo


    Marco definitivo da literatura de divulgação científica, “Uma breve história do tempo” é relançado em edição revista e atualizada.Uma das mentes mais geniais do mundo moderno, Stephen Hawking guia o leitor na busca por respostas a algumas das maiores...

  • Buracos Negros - Palestras da BBC Reith...


    Em palestras emblemáticas, o lendário físico discorre sobre as complexidades que cercam um dos mais fascinantes mistérios do universoEm 2016 Stephen Hawking participou da série de palestras BBC Reith Lectures, promovida pela rede de televisão...

  • O Universo Numa Casca de Noz


    Após o enorme sucesso de Uma breve história do tempo, a Intrínseca traz a luxuosa reedição de O universo numa casca de noz, na qual Stephen Hawking se vale de ilustrações, fotos e esquemas detalhados para mostrar grandes descobertas no campo da...

  • An Einstein Encyclopedia


    This is the single most complete guide to Albert Einstein's life and work for students, researchers, and browsers alike. Written by three leading Einstein scholars who draw on their combined wealth of expertise gained during their work on the...

  • Quantum Sense And Nonsense

    Bricmont, Jean

    Permeated by the author's delightful humor, this little book explains, with nearly no mathematics, the main conceptual issues associated with quantum mechanics: The issue of determinism. Does quantum mechanics signify the end of a deterministic...

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  • Wavelet Analysis In Civil Engineering

    Chatterjee, Pranesh

    Wavelets as a Powerful Signal Processing Tool The principles of wavelets can be applied to a range of problems in civil engineering structures, such as earthquake-induced vibration analysis, bridge vibrations, and damage identification. This book is...

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  • Fractional Diffusion Equations And Anomalous...

    Evangelista,Luiz Roberto

    Anomalous diffusion has been detected in a wide variety of scenarios, from fractal media, systems with memory, transport processes in porous media, to fluctuations of financial markets, tumour growth, and complex fluids. Providing a contemporary...

  • 50 Ideias de Física Quântica


    A história da física quântica é tão recheada de reviravoltas quanto de fenômenos estranhos. Ao longo do último século, uma série de personagens vívidos – de AlbertEinstein a Richard Feynman – tentou resolver o quebra-cabeça do interior dos átomos e...

  • The Principle Of Least Action - History And...

    Rojo, Alberto

    The principle of least action originates in the idea that, if nature has a purpose, it should follow a minimum or critical path. This simple principle, and its variants and generalizations, applies to optics, mechanics, electromagnetism, relativity,...

  • Acoustic Analyses Using MATLAB(R) And...

    Howard, Carl Q

    Techniques and Tools for Solving Acoustics Problems This is the first book of its kind that describes the use of ANSYS(R) finite element analysis (FEA) software, and MATLAB(R) engineering programming software to solve acoustic problems. It covers...

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  • Handbook Of Optoelectronic Device Modeling...

    Piprek, Joachim

    Optoelectronic devices are now ubiquitous in our daily lives, from light emitting diodes (LEDs) in many household appliances to solar cells for energy. This handbook shows how we can probe the underlying and highly complex physical processes using...

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  • Transport And NMR Studies Of Charge Glass In...

    Sato, Takuro

    This thesis experimentally demonstrates the much discussed electronic charge-glass states in solids. It focuses on quasi-two-dimensional organic conductors of the θ-(BEDT-TTF)2X family, which form anisotropic triangular lattices, and examines their...

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  • Losing The Nobel Prize - A Story Of Cosmology...

    Keating, Brian

    What would it have been like to be an eyewitness to the Big Bang? In 2014, astronomers wielding BICEP2, the most powerful cosmology telescope ever made, thought they'd glimpsed the spark that ignited the Big Bang. Millions around the world tuned in...

  • Solid State Physics

    Stamps, Robert L

    Solid State Physics, Volume 68 provides the latest information on a branch of physics that is primarily devoted to the study of matter in its solid phase, especially at the atomic level. Chapters in this updated volume include new research in the use...

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  • Física Quântica, a

    Etienne Klein

    Nascida com o século XX, a física quântica é, desde então, utilizada em todos os domínios da física contemporânea. No entanto, se a sua força operatória é considerável, que sentido deveremos dar ao seu formalismo? Segundo o autor, a interpretação da...

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  • The Microscope (Classic Reprint)

    Lardner, Dionysius

    Excerpt from The Microscope As this book is not paged, the figures in the Table of Contents refer to Paragraphs, and not' to Pages. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • Populare Schriften (Classic Reprint)

    Boltzmann, Ludwig

    Excerpt from Populare Schriften Allein es ist am Ende Sache der Definition, was man als Aufgabe, was als Mittel zu deren Erreichung bezeichnet. Hangt es ja sogar von der Definition der Existenz ab, was existiert, ob die Korper, ob deren lebendige...

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  • The Kinematics Of Vorticity

    Truesdell, Clifford

    Hailed by the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society as 'a valuable compendium of results that every expert in hydrodynamics, gas dynamics, or dynamical meteorology will want to keep by his side and refer to frequently,' this unique...

  • O Andar do Bêbado - Como o Acaso Determina...


    Não estamos preparados para lidar com o aleatório – e, por isso, não percebemos o quanto o acaso interfere em nossas vidas. Citando exemplos e pesquisas presentes em todos os âmbitos da vida, do mercado financeiro aos esportes, de Hollywood à...

  • Ueber Physikalische Kraftlinien (Classic...

    Maxwell, James Clerk

    Excerpt from Ueber Physikalische Kraftlinien Figuren im d104. (112 S.) Drittes Heft: Theil VI und VII. Anmer kungen. Mit 8 Figuren im d104. (172 S.) About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find...

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  • Fundamentos de Física 1 - Mecânica - 10ª Ed....

    Halliday,David; Resnick,Robert; Walker,Jearl

    Sucesso há mais de quatro décadas em todo o mundo, Fundamentos de Física continua cumprindo o desafio de apresentar a Física de maneira clara, unindo a teoria e os exercícios às aplicações práticas do mundo real. Novidades da 10ª Edição:...

  • Qbism - The Future Of Quantum Physics


    Measured by the accuracy of its predictions and the scope of its technological applications, quantum mechanics is one of the most successful theories in science--as well as one of the most misunderstood. The deeper meaning of quantum mechanics...

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  • Física em Banda Desenhada, a

    Gonick, Larry

    Física em Banda Desenhada, a

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  • Física Em 12 Lições - Fáceis e Não Tão Fáceis...

    Feynman,Richard P.

    Uma introdução sem igual ao mundo da Física por um dos maiores professores de todos os tempos. As aulas de Feynman, que revolucionaram o ensino dessa ciência pelo mundo, compõe a base desse livro. São 12 lições transmitidas com informalidade,...

  • Renewable Energy, Second Edition - A First...

    Ehrlich, Robert

    This revised edition is fully updated and continues to provide the best in-depth introduction to renewable energy science. It focuses mainly on renewable energy, but also addresses nonrenewable energy (fossil fuels and nuclear technology). The...

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  • Principles Of Electron Optics - Applied...

    Hawkes, Peter W

    Principles of Electron Optics: Applied Geometrical Optics, Second Edition gives detailed information about the many optical elements that use the theory presented in Volume 1: electrostatic and magnetic lenses, quadrupoles, cathode-lens-based...

  • Principles Of Electron Optics - Basic...

    Hawkes, Peter W

    Principles of Electron Optics: Basic Geometrical Optics, Second Edition, explores the geometrical optics needed to analyze an extremely wide range of instruments: cathode-ray tubes; the family of electron microscopes, including the fixed-beam and...

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  • Linear Ray And Wave Optics In Phase Space

    Torre, Amalia

    Linear Ray and Wave Optics in Phase Space, Second Edition, is a comprehensive introduction to Wigner optics. The book connects ray and wave optics, offering the optical phase space as the ambience and the Wigner function based technique as the...

  • Fear Of Physics - A Guide For The Perplexed


    A lively and informative look at physics and how physicists think.'A splendid book for those who...want to tour the forefront of theoretical physics with a lively and inventive mind.' '--Washington Post Book World' ' 'Fear of Physics' is perhaps the...

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  • Física dos Semicondutores - Fundamentos,...

    Mikhail I. Vasilevskiy; Isabel Calado Ferreir

    Física dos Semicondutores - Fundamentos, Aplicações e Nanoestruturas

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  • Alice no País do Quantum


    Nessa genial mistura de fantasia e ciência, Alice, aquela do País das Maravilhas, está prestes a embarcar em outra jornada. Ela conhecerá o País do Quantum ? uma espécie de parque de diversões intelectual menor que um átomo ? e irá se deparar com...

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  • The Great Unknown - Seven Journeys To The...

    Du Sautoy, Marcus

    'Brilliant and fascinating. No one is better at making the recondite accessible and exciting.' --Bill Bryson A captivating journey to the outer reaches of human knowledgeEver since the dawn of civilization we have been driven by a desire to know--to...

  • Fisica 1


    Este livro é importante referência para cursos introdutórios baseados em cálculo, sendo reconhecido pela sua apresentação clara e completa, procurando fornecer exemplos de cunho mais prático e, ao introduzir novos tópicos, seguir do caso particular...

  • Wissenschaft Und Hypothese - Autorisierte...

    Poincare, Henri

    Excerpt from Wissenschaft und Hypothese: Autorisierte Deutsche Ausgabe mit Erlauternden Anmerkungen Die Erorterungen erstrecken sich auf die Grundlagen der Arithmetik, die Grundbegriffe der Geometrie, die Hypothesen und Definitionen der Mechanik und...

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  • The Theoretical Minimum - What You Need To...

    Susskind, Leonard

    A Wall Street Journal Best Book of 2013 If you ever regretted not taking physics in college--or simply want to know how to think like a physicist--this is the book for you. In this bestselling introduction, physicist Leonard Susskind and...

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  • Física para Leigos


    Cheio de fatos legais da Física e exemplos reais.O modo divertido e fácil de ficar por dentro dos conceitos básicos da Física.A termodinâmica deixa-o indiferente? Você fica zangado com os vetores? O eletromagnetismo parece muito com a estática?...

  • The Quantum Labyrinth - How Richard Feynman...


    The story of the unlikely friendship between the two physicists who fundamentally recast the notion of time and historyIn 1939, Richard Feynman, a brilliant graduate of MIT, arrived in John Wheeler's Princeton office to report for duty as his...

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  • Física Conceitual - 12ª Ed. 2015

    Hewitt,Paul G.

    Com um texto atraente, bem humorado e repleto de ilustrações, Paul Hewitt torna o estudo da física interessante, compreensível e relevante, mesmo para quem não é da área. A estratégia pedagógica permanece a mesma das edições anteriores: conceitos...

  • The Spinning Magnet - The Force That Created...

    Mitchell, Alanna

    An engrossing history of the science of one of the four fundamental physical forces in the universe, electromagnetism, right up to the latest indications that the poles are soon to reverse and destroy the world's power grids and electronic...

  • Física Matemática


    Física Matemática

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  • Diccionario de Fisica


    Diccionario de Fisica

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  • The Principles Of Mechanics - Designed For...

    Wood, James

    Excerpt from The Principles of Mechanics: Designed for the Use of Students in the University Q4.) Solidity is that property of matter by which it fills space; or, by which any portion of matter excludes every other portion from that part of space...

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  • A History Of Science, Vol. 2 Of 5 - The...

    Williams, Henry Smith

    Excerpt from A History of Science, Vol. 2 of 5: The Beginnings of Modern Science N obvious distinction between the classical and medieval epochs may be found in the fact that the former produced, whereas the latter failed to pro duce, a few great...

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  • Física do Impossível


    Física do Impossível

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