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65 produtos
  • Livro de Colorir Antiestresse - Paisagens...




    Titulo completo: Livro de Colorir Antiestresse - Paisagens Cidades & Flores - Relaxe Sua Mente E Estimule Sua CriatividadeComecem a relaxar com este sofisticado livro de desenhos anti-stress, rabisque e pinte as imagens. Criando de linhas e...

  • Belas Flores - 25 Postais Para Colorir e...


    Seguindo a tendência dos livros de colorir, Mundo das Cores e Belas Flores são uma versão com páginas destacáveis que se transformam em cartões postais.

  • Flores Encantadas - Livro Para Colorir...

    Jenean Morrison



    Um novo e criativo LIVRO PARA COLORIR indicado para todas as idades, e especialmente para os adultos! Flores encantadas é um trabalho fantástico da artista Jenean Morrison, especialmente dedicado a você, que deseja descansar a sua mente e deixar...

  • Flores de Acuarela

    Brown,Claire Waite

    Flores de Acuarela

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  • Flores: 12 Modelos Diferentes para Pintar


    Flores: 12 Modelos Diferentes para Pintar

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  • Dibujar Flores - Desenhar Flores

    Huaitan Publications,S.l

    Este manual ofrece más de 500 motivos florales, soprendentes e innovadores, agrupados por temática de una forma realmente útil y sencilla. La guía floral gráfica más reciente para profesionales y futuros diseñadores.

  • Pintar Flores

    Jameson,Kenneth P.

    Pintar Flores

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  • Pintar Flores a La Acuarela - Serie Pintar a...


    Las flores son muy apreciadas para decorar la casa y el jardín, llenando de alegría el ambiente con su esplendor multicolor. Su gran variedad se aprecia en sus diferentes fragancias y son siempre un signo de alegría. Florecen en los campos o en el...

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  • Como Pintar Flores a La Acuarela


    Una guía práctica que enseña a captar la belleza y delicadeza de una magnífica selección de flores silvestres y de jardín a través de sencillas explicaciones paso a paso, con más de 30 fotografías y ejemplos de pinturas llenas de inspiración. Explica...

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  • Creative Haven Floral Designs Coloring Book


    Fresh from a fantasy garden, these 31 full-page patterns feature lush roses, dozens of daffodils, sprays of poppies, butterfly-bedizened sunflowers, and clusters of water lilies and dragonflies. Each illustration includes a fanciful floral border....

  • Floral Illustrations - A Treasury Of...


    Add antique flair to almost any graphic project calling for a flowery touch with the lovely illustrations in this practical archive of floral beauty. Reproduced from authentic nineteenth-century engravings in rare periodicals, these 750 royalty-free...

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  • A Morte do Beija-flor - Livro de Imagens


    Livros de imagens também contam histórias. Mas não contam histórias com palavras. Contam histórias com imagens. Uma imagem leva a outra que leva a outra que leva... E assim, através de imagens, narra-se a história. Como a deste livro, feita todinha...

  • Cómo Pintar Flores Silvestre a La Acuarela -...

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  • Floral Design - Doverpictura


    Floral Design - Doverpictura

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  • Floral Designs And Motifs For Artists,...


    Floral Designs And Motifs For Artists, Needleworkers And Craftspeople

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  • Floral Design - Second Series


    This fresh collection of floral images presents attractive banners, spot illustrations, and motifs created from individual flowers, sprays, leaves, buds, tendrils, and other organic elements.

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  • Creative Haven Floral Tattoo Coloring Book


    A skilled tattoo artist presents more than 30 black-and-white versions of his innovative floral designs. Stylized images of roses, peonies, and other lush blossoms appear in large, full-page formats that are ideal for colourist looking for more...

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  • Victorian Floral Illustrations - 344 Wood...


    Victorian Floral Illustrations - 344 Wood Engravings Of Exotic Flowers And Plants

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  • 1001 Floral Motifs And Ornaments For Artists...


    This comprehensive treasury of copyright-free floral designs chosen from rare periodicals and illustrated books offers graphic artists and craftworkers a variety of floral favorites in ornamental styles that range from 18th-century classical to...

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  • Creative Haven Floral Frenzy Coloring Book


    Hearts brimming with flowers, blossoms dripping with water, petals swirling together like the galaxy, and more: 31 surrealistic designs of abstract gardens and fantastical bouquets will inspire hours of experimental coloring. Pages are perforated and...

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  • Oriental Floral Designs And Motifs For...


    This book provides artists, needleworkers, and craftspeople with floral illustrations usable in a variety of ways. The full-page unified designs are complete patterns in themselves; the smaller motifs are individual spots that can be used directly or...

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  • Creative Haven Floral Designs Paint By Number


    Thirty-two floral designs include tulips, daffodils, roses, and other beautifulblossoms. Each of the images features numbers corresponding to a coloring key or usecolors of your own choice. The illustrations are printed on heavy, high-quality paper...

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  • Art Nouveau Floral And Animal Designs

    Verneuil,M P

    Selected and reproduced from rare publications of a century ago, this treasury of finely detailed designs offers practical and inspirational art. It features graceful images of garden flowers, reeds, and blossoming trees, along with fanciful...

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  • Treasury Of Floral Designs And Initials For...

    Waldrep,Mary Carolyn

    You'll find a thousand different uses for this practical archive of copyright-free designs with a floral theme. It includes over 700 wonderfully graceful and imaginative designs featuring flowers, leaves and vines in delicate interlacements. Most...

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  • Plant And Floral Studies For Artists And...

    Townsend, W G Paulson

    Remarkably broad in its applications, this helpful reference covers a wide variety of plants. More than 100 precise drawings of flowers, leaves, buds, and growth patterns are provided for such plants as the anemone, arbutus, broad bean, bell-flower,...

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  • Chinese Floral Place Cards And Matching...


    Handsome collection adapted from renderings of Chinese art by noted 19th-century British ornamental designer. Two different full-color floral motifs embellish 12 sets of table accessories easy to cut out and assemble. Napkin holders may need a bit of...

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  • Ready-To-Use Floral Borders


    Lending a note of completeness and unity to any visual display, border designs are among the most needed graphic elements in commercial art -- indeed, a printed announcement or advertisement can hardly be considered finished without one!This...

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  • Blossom Magic - Beautiful Floral Patterns...


    A new addition to the bestselling 'Color Magic' series! Beautiful blossoms, swirling vines, butterflies, lush foliage and more make wonderful patterns to color in. Once you complete these beautiful images, they are ideal for decorating, framing, and...

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  • Giotto

    D'arcais,Francesca Flores


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  • Ready-To-Use Old-Fashioned Floral...


    Ready-To-Use Old-Fashioned Floral Illustrations

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  • Dover Digital Design Source #3: Classic...


    Dover Digital Design Source #3: Classic Floral Designs

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  • Ready-To-Use Old-Fashioned Floral Borders On...


    Here is a rich selection of 40 royalty-free borders and frames in a dazzling array of styles: Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, William Morris, and more. Each design (24 full-page; 16 half-page) is printed on a nonreproducible blue grid...

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  • Creative Haven Coloring Books - Creative...


    Cluster of dogwood blossoms and pansies, sprightly arrays of tulips and daffodils, and dazzling depictions of roses, bleeding hearts, lilies, and other flowers provide a garden of coloring delights. Each of the 46 images features numbers...

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  • Desenho Floral


    Um guia completo de todos os aspectos da apaixonante arte do arranjo floral. Inclui uma série de sensacionais desenhos que, com certeza, servirão de inspiração para os amantes desta arte a todos os níveis, bem como, projetos com explicações passo a...

  • Cenas de Um Ensino de Desenho - Col. História...

    Machado ,Rosilene Beatriz; Flores,Cláudia Regina

    Neste livro as autoras no oferecem uma narrativa viva com contribuições importantes em diversos aspectos como, por exemplo, no método de pesquisa, bem como na narrativa clara, leve, literária e rica em detalhes no estilo metafórico com que trata do...

  • Toda Mafalda




    'El libro que los amantes, fans, y lectores agradecidos de Mafalda siempre desearon tener posée los siguientes contenidos:Prólogo / Visitas Ilustradas Mafaldas (Casi) Privadas / Mafalda Tira a Tira / Mafalda Inédita / Mafalda Mucho más Inedita / Los...

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  • Flores Colorir-Para Relaxar e Estimular A...


    Colorir é uma atividade lúdica, que desperta o ser humano para o seu interior, para um mundo de sonhos e de fantasias.Essa atividade está presente desde a infância, mas é interessante como, com o passar dos anos, ela vai ficando cada vez mais...

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  • Flores - Manuales Parramon

    Parramon,Jose Maria

    Flores - Manuales Parramon

    Produto indisponível

  • Flores En Acuarela - Ejercicios Y Técnicas...


    Siempre es un gozo ver y pintar flores, y esta guía inspiradora y práctica mostrará cómo pintar flores bonitas y vibrantes en acuarela, de acuerdo con el enfoque particular de la autora, en el que la composición fuerte y el color con primordiales.

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  • Retratos de Flores En Acuarela


    Retratos de Flores En Acuarela

    Produto indisponível

  • Floral Bouquets Stickers

    Grafton,Carol Belanger

    Floral Bouquets Stickers

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  • Floral And Decorative Allover Patterns

    Solo,Dan X.

    This treasury of 93 royalty-free allover patterns offers a multitude of applications in fabrics, packaging, textile and wallpaper designs, and many other artistic and commercial areas. Compiled by noted typographer Dan X. Solo, the patterns include...

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  • Magia Das Flores - Para Colorir, Estimular A...

    Equipe Coquetel

    Em Magia Das Flores, O Leitor É Convidado A Colorir Cenas Belíssimas E Relaxantes, Com Folhas, Flores, Pássaros E Muito Mais. Apesar De Parecer Uma Tarefa Simples, Colorir Gera Uma Sensação De Tranqüilidade, Bem-Estar E Estimula Áreas Cerebrais...

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  • Floral Designs And Initials - CD-ROM And...

    Waldrep,Mary Carolyn

    Floral Designs And Initials - CD-ROM And Book

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