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  • Taste It


    Depois de mais de três anos longe dos estúdios, o Forgotten Boys está de volta com um novo disco. Intitulado “Taste It” o álbum traz 11 canções inéditas, incendiárias e invocadas, escritas e produzidas pela própria banda. As faixas foram “mixadas”...

  • Forgotten Continent - A History Of The New...

    Reid, Michael

    A newly updated edition of the best-selling primer on the social, political, and economic challenges facing Central and South America Ten years after its first publication, Michael Reid's best-selling survey of the state of contemporary Latin America...

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  • Americaos Forgotten First War For Slavery And...

    Tucker, Phillip Thomas

    In Volume II of this ground-breaking series, Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D., has presented a 'new look' at the Texas Revolution of 1835-1836 without the traditional romance and myths. Mexico made the mistake of allowing American immigrants to settle in...

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  • Forgotten Ally - China's World War II,...

    Mitter, Rana

    An 'Economist 'Book of the Year A 'Financial Times' Book of the Year A book that has long cried out to be written. 'Observer '(UK), Books of the Year In 1937, two years before Hitler invaded Poland, Chinese troops clashed with Japanese occupiers in...

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  • Forgotten Armies

    Harper,Tim; Bayly,Christopher A.

    Forgotten Armies

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  • Forgotten Voices of Dunkirk


    Forgotten Voices of Dunkirk

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  • Forgotten Voices of the Victoria Cross

    Bailey,Roderick, the Imperial War Museum

    Forgotten Voices of the Victoria Cross

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  • Forgotten Voices of Burma

    Thompson, Julian

    Forgotten Voices of Burma

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  • Forgotten Wars - Freedom And Revolution In...

    Harper,Tim; Bayly,Christopher Alan

    In September 1945, after the fall of the atomic bomb - and with it, the Japanese empire - Asia was dominated by the British. This title presents an account of the bitter wars of the end of empire, seen not only through the eyes of the fighters, but...

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  • Forgotten Voices of D-day

    Bailey, Roderick

    Forgotten Voices of D-day

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  • They Came For Freedom - The Forgotten, Epic...

    Milbrandt, Jay

    A page-turning story of the Pilgrims, the courageous band of freedom-seekers who set out for a new life for themselves and forever changed the course of history.Once a year at Thanksgiving, we encounter Pilgrims as folksy people in funny hats before...

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  • Forgotten Realms Novel: Legend Of Drizzt - 03

    Salvatore, R A

    This trade paperback omnibus collects the complete texts of The Legacy, Starless Night, Siege of Darkness, and Passage to Dawn—New York Times best sellers all—in a great value package. The Legend of Drizzt® 25th Anniversary Editions are perfect for...

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  • The Forgotten Man


    This striking reinterpretation of the Great Depression looks at the neglected and moving stories of individual Americans, and shows how they had helped to establish the steadfast character that has developed a nation.

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  • Shantytown, USA - Forgotten Landscapes Of The...


    The word 'shantytown' conjures images of crowded slums in developing nations. Though their history is largely forgotten, shantytowns were a prominent feature of one developing nation in particular: the United States. Lisa Goff restores shantytowns to...

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  • Melanges De Logique (Classic Reprint)

    Kant, Immanuel

    Excerpt from Melanges de Logique J'ai suivi l'ordre chronologique. On voit mieux ainsi la variete, les progres et l'enchainement des pensees de l'auteur. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books....

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  • Il Principe (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from IL Principe But to know only what Machiavelli thought, and to understand the circumstances under which he lived, is not enough. We have to ask the further question, How was Machiavelli led to form the ideas to which he gives expression...

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  • George Washington (Classic Reprint)

    Thayer, William Roscoe

    Excerpt from George Washington In this sketch I have conceived of Washington as of some superb athlete equipped for every ordeal which life might cause him to face. The nature of each ordeal must be briefly stated; brief also, but sufficient, the...

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  • Römische Geschichte (Classic Reprint)

    Mommsen, Theodor

    Excerpt from Römische Geschichte Wenn uberhaupt ein Geschichtswerk in den meisten Fallen nur mit und durch die Landkarte anschaulich wird, so gilt dies von dieser Darstellung des Reiches der drei Erdtheile nach seinen Provinzen in besonderem Grade,...

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  • Vorlesungen Über Gastheorie (Classic...

    Boltzmann, Ludwig

    Excerpt from Vorlesungen Über Gastheorie Als der erste Theil der Gastheorie gedruckt wurde, hatte ich bereits ein Manuscript fiir den vorliegenden zweiten und letzten Theil fast vollstandig fertig, in welchem die schwierigeren Partien derselben...

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  • Americana - July, 1910 (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Americana: July, 1910 In the meantime, local conditions in many sections were little short of anarchy, for with no means of collecting from the government, and unable to redeem their depreciated script for anything like its real value,...

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  • The Mexican Guide (Classic Reprint)

    Janvier, Thomas A

    Excerpt from The Mexican Guide I am under great obligations to the Exmo. E Illmo. Sr. Dr. D. Pelagio Antonio de Labastida y Devalos, Archbishop of Mexico, for assistance in prosecuting my ecclesiastical researches. I em under obligations also to...

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  • Faust - A Tragedy (Classic Reprint)

    Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von

    Excerpt from Faust: A Tragedy Pearance of the admirable version of the same poem by my accomplished friend, Sir Theodore Martin, with whose laurels, thus nobly earned, I was inclined to think it a sort of impertinence to interfere. But, as time went...

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  • Illinois In 1818 (Classic Reprint)

    Buck,Solon Justus

    Excerpt from Illinois in 1818 Section 4. Whereas, an emergency exists; therefore, this Act shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books....

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  • Campaigning With Grant (Classic Reprint)

    Porter, Horace

    Excerpt from Campaigning With Grant HE object aimed at in this narrative is to recount the daily acts of General Grant in the field, to de scribe minutely his personal traits and habits, and to explain the motives which actuated him in important...

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  • Portraits Et Souvenirs Littéraires (Classic...


    Excerpt from Portraits Et Souvenirs Littéraires On eut dit qu'il voltigeait eu - dessus de la realite, soutenu par son reve. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • Grundriss Der Vergleichenden Anatomie...


    Excerpt from Grundriss der Vergleichenden Anatomie Seit ich die Umarbeitung meiner Grundzuge' der vergleichenden Anatomie in die erste Auflage dieses Grundrisses ausgefuhrt habe, ist eine Erweiterung und Sicherstellung unseres Wissens auf fast allen...

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  • Tableaux A La Plume (Classic Reprint)

    Gautier, Theophile

    Excerpt from Tableaux a la Plume Cette idee si simple de reunir les oeuvres de chaque ecole, les manieres de chaque maitre, de les faire se suivre chronologiquement de facon que l'on put lire comme dans un livre ouvert les ori gines, les progres et...

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  • Le Voyage Du Centurion (Classic Reprint)

    Psichari, Ernest

    Excerpt from Le Voyage du Centurion Saint Mathieu mis en epigraphe E t le Centurion repondit Seigneur, je ne suis pas digne que vous entrier sous mon toit. Mais dites un mot seulement, et mon fils sera gueri, car, moi aussi, je suis un homme qui...

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  • Utah - 1847 To 1870 (Classic Reprint)

    Ellis, Charles

    Excerpt from Utah: 1847 to 1870 In the spring of 1847, Brigham Young, with a band of pio nears, left the Missouri to find a new home for the Mormons west of the Rocky Mountains. They celebrated the Fourth of July on their march. On the twenty-fourth...

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  • Austin Phelps - A Memoir (Classic Reprint)

    Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart

    Excerpt from Austin Phelps: A Memoir There may be two reasons for writing a man's biography. His public service may have been of so valuable a kind as to create a public demand for the details of his history. Or, his private character may have been...

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  • Abriss Des Romischen Staatsrechts (Classic...

    Mommsen, Theodor

    Excerpt from Abriss des Romischen Staatsrechts Geschlecht und Gemeinde. Begriff des Geschlechts. Frauen und Kinder im Geschlecht. Frauen und Kinder in der Gemeinde. Schei dung der Geschlechtsgenossenschaft und des Burgerrechts. Mangelnde...

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  • Life Of William Pitt (Classic Reprint)

    MacAulay, Thomas Babington

    Excerpt from Life of William Pitt This volume of our biographical series contains a Life of the elder Pitt, by a writer in the Encyclopedia Britannica, who signs himself J. B - e; and a Life of the younger Pitt, by Lord Macaulay. The former is brief,...

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  • The Macdonalds Of Glengarry (Classic Reprint)

    MacKenzie, Alexander

    Excerpt from The Macdonalds of Glengarry It is, however, much more difficult to decide which of the other leading claimants are entitled to that high and distinguished honour. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • Goethe Geschichte Eines Menschen (Classic...

    Ludwig, Emil

    Excerpt from Goethe Geschichte Eines Menschen Wie ferne sie sind, die Freundin, der Freundl Denkt nicht am Ende doch jeder erst an sich? Bewegen Char lotte Stolz und Eifersucht nicht heftiger als Liebe und Freundschaft? Fesselt den Herzog sein...

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  • From Jefferson To Lincoln (Classic Reprint)

    MacDonald, William

    Excerpt from From Jefferson to Lincoln To tell in brief compass, but with accuracy and clearness, the history of the United States in the eventful period from 1815 to 1860, necessitates the exclusion of nearly everything that relates mainly to the...

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  • Johannes Capgrave De Illustribus Henricis...

    Capgrave, John

    Excerpt from Johannes Capgrave De Illustribus Henricis About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work....

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  • Memoirs Of Napoleon Bonaparte (Classic...

    Bourrienne, Louis Antoine Fauvelet de

    Excerpt from Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte He has stated that he always had in view the publication of his Memoirs of Napoleon, and that, from an early period, he commenced making notes and collecting documents, so as to preserve a perfect...

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  • Dictionary Of Historical Allusions (Classic...

    Harbottle, Thomas Benfield

    Excerpt from Dictionary of Historical Allusions A treaty between the English Barons and Louis IX of France, signed in 1259, shortly after the establishment in England Of the Council Of Fifteen. By its provisions England retained Bordeaux, Bayonne,...

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  • Carl Friedrich Gauss Werke (Classic Reprint)

    Gauss,Carl Friedrich

    Excerpt from Carl Friedrich Gauss Werke Volumen integrum corporis ewprz'mz'tnr per integrale fdswcos QX per lotam superficiem extensum. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at...

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  • The Far Eastern Tropics (Classic Reprint)

    Ireland, Alleyne

    Excerpt from The Far Eastern Tropics The present volume is made up of two series of articles written during my absence in the Far East. One series appeared in The Times (london), the other in The Outlook (new York) and they make, in the form in which...

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  • Colonies And Colonial Federations (Classic...

    Payne, Edward John

    Excerpt from Colonies and Colonial Federations IN the original issue of The English Citizen a single volume, entitled Colonies and Dependencies, was devoted to Imperial relations, and most of the space was taken up by the Indian Empire, less than...

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  • Diplomacy And The War (Classic Reprint)

    Andrassy, Julius

    Excerpt from Diplomacy and the War At the moment when the revolver shots rang out in the streets of Serajevo, whose consequences plunged the world deeper into bloodshed and destruction than any other single human act, I was strongly opposed to the...

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  • Wild Earth And Other Poems (Classic Reprint)

    Colum, Padraic

    Excerpt from Wild Earth and Other Poems TO Meath of the pastures, From wet hills by the sea, Through Leitrim and Longford, GO my cattle and me. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more...

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  • Stories Of The Badger State (Classic Reprint)

    Thwaites, Reuben Gold

    Excerpt from Stories of the Badger State The student of nature lives in a broader and more interesting world than does he who has not learned the story of the birds, the streams, the fields, the woods, and the hedgerows. So, too, the student of local...

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