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  • e-book

    Fossils and Paleontology for kids - Facts,...


    If you impose education on a child, then chances are high that learning will fail. But if make the task easy to do and fun, then chances are high your child will fall in love with knowledge! The key is to use resources that attract and keep a child's...

  • Darwin's Fossils - The Collection That Shaped...


    Reveals how Darwin's study of fossils shaped his scientific thinking and led to his development of the theory of evolution. Darwin's Fossils is an accessible account of Darwin's pioneering work on fossils, his adventures in South America, and his...

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  • Fossils and Strata Number 39 Orthacean and...

    Baarli,B G; Baarli,

    Fossils and Strata Number 39 Orthacean and Strophomenid Brachiopods from the Lower Silurian of the Central Oslo Region

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  • Fossils and Strata Number 44 Coniacian and...

    Schulz; Kennedy; Christensen; Kennedy; Christensen,W K; Schulz,M G; Kennedy,W J; Schulz,Charles C

    The definitive guide to the belemnites of the island of Bornholm, DenmarkFossils and Strata, Number 44 covers Coniacian and Santonian Belemnite faunas from Bornholm and Santonian to Maastrichtian ammonites from Scania. Starting off with a brief...

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  • Fossils and Strata Number 51 Trace Fossils in...

    Webby,Barry; Buatois,Luis; Mangano,Maria Gabriela; Webby,; Buatois,; Mangano,

    Fossils and Strata Number 51 Trace Fossils in Evolutionary Palaeocology - Proceedings of Session 18 Trace Fossils of the

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  • Fossils and Strata Number 48 Conodont...

    Rasmussen; Rasmussen,J A

    Fossils and Strata Number 48 Conodont Biostratigraphy and Taxonomy of the Ordovician Shelf Margin Deposits in the Scandi

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  • e-book

    Fossils of the Carpathian Region

    Fzy,István; Szente,István

    István Fozy and István Szente provide a comprehensive review of the fossil record of the Carpathian Basin. Fossils of the Carpathian Region describes and illustrates the region'apos;s fossils, recounts their history, and tells the stories of key...

  • e-book

    Fossils at a Glance


    Fossils provide a powerful tool for the study of the nearly 4-billion-year history of life, and its role in the evolution of Earth systems. They also provide important data for evolutionary studies, and contribute to our understanding of the...

  • e-book

    Fossils And History


    What are fossils and what clues do they hold of the past? Teach your children the basics of paleontology in a fun and engaging manner. You want them to fall in love with the subject to encourage active learning. By using pictures and as little text...

  • e-book



    Bright photographs and kid-friendly text introduce students to fossils and are sure to inspire a closer look at the world of geology.

  • Fossils

    Palmer, Douglas


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  • Fossils

    Zim,Herbert Spencer; Shaffer,Paul R.; Rhodes,Frank Harold Trevor; Perlman,Raymond; Perlman, Raymond

    Provides information on the history of the development of life on earth, details of the typical plants and animals of significant geological areas, and maps of areas where fossils can be found.

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  • Fossils At A Glance 2nd Edition

    Rigby,Sue; Milsom, Clare

    Fossils provide a powerful tool for the study of the nearly 4-billion-year history of life, and its role in the evolution of Earth systems. They also provide important data for evolutionary studies, and contribute to our understanding of the...

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  • Fossils and Strata Number 56 Trilobites of...


    Fossils and Strata Number 56 Trilobites of the Middle Ordovician Elnes Formation of the Oslo Region Norway

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  • Fossils


    A new edition of the clearest, most authoritative guide to fossils Packed with more than 1,000 amazing photographs of over 500 species, this handbook is designed to cut through the complicated identification process and enable you to recognize...

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  • e-book



    Homo parentithicus. Found in most urban parts of Australia. Prone to roam in pairs. Over-protective towards their offspring. Parents! Fossils turns the spotlight on the complex relationship between teenagers and their parents.

  • e-book

    Trace Fossils as Indicators of Sedimentary...


    Integration of ichnological information into sedimentological models, and vice versa, is one of the main means by which we can improve our understanding of ancient depositional environments. Mainly intended for sedimentologists, this book aims to...

  • e-book

    Trace Fossils - Concepts, Problems, Prospects


    This book serves as an up-to-date introduction, as well as overview to modern trace fossil research and covers nearly all of the essential aspects of modern ichnology. Divided into three section, Trace Fossils covers the historical background and...

  • e-book

    Bringing Fossils to Life - An Introduction to...

    Prothero,Donald R.

    The leading textbook in its field, this work applies paleobiological principles to the fossil record while detailing the evolutionary history of major plant and animal phyla. It incorporates current research from biology, ecology, and population...

  • e-book

    Explore Fossils! - With 25 Great Projects

    Brown,Cynthia Light; Grace Brown

    In Explore Fossils! With 25 Great Projects, readers can expand their dinosaur obsessions into learning opportunities that take them beyond Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and even Tyrannosaurus rex to other animals, plants, and microbes that lived long...

  • e-book

    Fantastic Fossils


    In bold, colorful, graphic nonfiction format, Fantastic Fossils tells three captivating stories about early paleontology and the popular figures who helped develop the field, including Anning, Cope, and Marsh. These richly-illustrated, high-interest...

  • e-book

    Trace Fossils - Biology, Taxonomy and...

    Richard G. (Geological Institut Bromley

    The new edition of this work includes an appendix listing criteria for the identification of ichnotaxa. It covers all aspects of tiering trace fossil diversity and ichnoguilds, and is aimed at advanced undergraduates and postgraduates in...

  • Rocks & Fossils

    Hynes,Margaret; Horner,Jack (frw)

    Delves into the depths of the earth to explore the makeup of the world's fascinating outer layer, unraveling the history of rock, identifying the minerals that make them, describing their different uses, and explaining the formation of fossils....

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  • Sea-Weeds, Shells And Fossils (Classic...

    Gray, Peter; Gray,Peter

    Excerpt from Sea-Weeds, Shells and Fossils Fig. 2. A, Species of Gleocapsa, one of the Palmelleae, in various stages. A becomes B, C, D, and E by repeated division. Magnified 300 diameters. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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  • e-book

    The Jehol Fossils - The Emergence of...


    No other single volume reference to the Jehol site and its fossils exists and nowhere is there such a collection of fine photos of the fossils concerned. This book has pieced together the most up-to-date information on the Jehol Biota, a place that...

  • e-book

    Understanding Fossils - An Introduction to...


    The first introductory palaeontology text which demonstrates the importance of selected fossil groups in geological and biological studies, particularly in understanding evolutionary patterns, palaeoenvironmental analysis, and stratigraphy. Part one...

  • An Attempt Towards A Natural History Of The...


    Excerpt from An Attempt Towards a Natural History of the Fossils of England, Vol. 1: In a Catalogue of the English Fossils in the Collection of J. Woodward, M. D.; Part 1. Of the Fossils That Are Real and Natural, Earths, Stone, Marble, Talcs,...

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  • e-book

    Drawing& Understanding Fossils

    Nield,E. W.

    A practical manual for the student of palaeontology, giving a grounding in theory, in addition to teaching graphical skills needed to make clear, representative and pleasing drawings of fossil specimens. As most early practical work in palaeontology...

  • e-book

    The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang, China -...

    Williams,Mark; Purnell,Mark A.; Siveter,Derek J.; Ma Xiao-Ya; Hou Xian-Guang; Siveter,David J.; Gabbott,Sarah E.; Aldridge,Richard J.; Cong Pei-Yun

    The celebrated lower Cambrian Chengjiang biota of Yunnan Province, China, represents one of the most significant ever paleontological discoveries. Deposits of ancient mudstone, about 520 million years old, have yielded a spectacular variety of...

  • Outlines Of An Attempt To Establish A...


    Excerpt from Outlines of an Attempt to Establish a Knowledge of Extraneous Fossils on Scientific Principles, Vol. 1 of 2 The study of extraneous fossfis is confiessedly zuseful to she Geologist - edit enables him to distin guish the relative ages of...

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  • e-book

    Evolution - What the Fossils Say and Why It...

    Prothero,Donald R.

    Over the past twenty years, paleontologists have made tremendous fossil discoveries, including fossils that mark the growth of whales, manatees, and seals from land mammals and the origins of elephants, horses, and rhinos. Today there exists an...

  • Rocks And Fossils


    Text and illustrations introduce different kinds of rocks and fossils, and discuss how they are formed and where they can be found.

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  • Contributions To The Paleontology Of Iowa,...


    Excerpt from Contributions to the Paleontology of Iowa, Vol. 1: Being Descriptions of New Species of Crinoidea and Other Fossils Surface of plates marked by ridges rectangular to the margins, and coalescing towards the centre those from the lower...

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  • Dk Handbooks: Fossils


    Authoritative text, crystal-clear photography and a systematic approach make the Dorling Kindersley Handbook of Fossils the most comprehensive and concise pocket to fossils of the world. Packed withmore than 1,000 full-colour photographs of over 500...

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  • e-book

    How the Earth Works - 60 Fun Activities for...

    Michelle O'apos;Brien-Palmer

    Earth science comes alive for children 6 to 9 through 60 engrossing games, activities, and experiments. Kids “core sample” a filled cupcake and discover plate tectonics by floating graham cracker continents on a molten mantle of molasses. They learn...

  • e-book

    Florida'apos;s Fossils

    Robin C Brown

    For 50 million years Florida was home to hordes of strange and wonderful animals. Their remains accumulated in rivers, springs, and oceans. Today fossilized bones and teeth wash up along streams, banks, and beaches and lie in limerock quarries. This...

  • e-book

    A Field Guide to Fossils of Texas

    Charles Finsley

    This book is the only definitive guide that presents a collection of the state's most common fossils and also shows the most important, noteworthy, and unusual speciments.

  • Simon and Schuster's Guide to Fossils

    Arduini,Palolo; Teruzzi,Giorgio

    A guide for both beginning and expert fossil enthusiasts, with information on classification, geographic distribution, age, and how evolution is traced using fossils

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  • True Books - Earth Science - Fossils


    In the 4.6 billion years since Earth was formed, many plant and animal species have come and gone. Fossils are one of the most important tools we have for learning about long-extinct wildlife. Readers will discover how fossils are formed, how...

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  • The Palaeontological Association Field Guide...

    SWIFT; Swift,Andrew; Martill,; Martill,David; Martell,David

    The Rhaetian Penarth Group includes the former Westbury Beds, Cotham Beds, and White Lias. It crops out in a narrow strip from the Devon and Dorset coast to the mouth of the Tees, and is particularly well known from the exposures along the Bristol...

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  • e-book

    Bones of Contention - A Creationist...

    Lubenow,Marvin L.

    Seeking to disprove the theory of human evolution, the author examines the fossils of the so-called "ape men."

  • Fossils - The History of Life

    Fortey, Richard

    Fossils - The History of Life

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  • Atlas of Trace Fossils

    "pemberton,George; Maceachern, James; Gingra

    Atlas of Trace Fossils

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  • The Best Book of Fossils, Rocks, And Minerals


    Briefly describes different kinds of rocks and minerals, telling how they are formed, where they are found and their uses and examines what we can learn from fossils.

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