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  • D.Pedro - A História Não Contada - o Homem...

    Rezzutti, Paulo

    O primeiro imperador do Brasil foi um personagem que entrou nos livros de história, e no imaginário do brasileiro, cercado por uma aura a um só tempo caricatural e enigmática. Muito se fala do grito às margens do Ipiranga, da sexualidade exacerbada...

  • Homens e Mulheres da Idade Média

    Le Goff,Jacques

    Homens e mulheres da Idade Média, livro coletivo organizado pelo emérito historiador Jacques Le Goff, retraça a época em questão como um tempo “muito mais positivo e mais progressista do que se pensou”, nas palavras do próprio, que já se debruçara em...

  • O Homem Diante da Morte


    Neste abrangente estudo Philippe Ariès investiga o comportamento humano diante da morte ao longo do último milênio nas sociedades ocidentais. A partir de uma perspectiva histórica, sociológica e até mesmo psicológica, ele analisa textos literários,...

  • Idade Média, Idade Dos Homens

    Duby, Georges

    Idade Média, Idade dos Homens reúne diversos textos do grande historiador francês Georges Duby, tratando em sua maior parte da questão do amor na Idade Média. Permitindo uma visão de conjunto de seu pensamento, este trabalho é quase um “caderno de...

  • e-book

    Lincoln'apos;s Darkest Year - The War in 1862

    Marvel, William

    A revealing look at Lincoln’s actions in 1862—and a nation in the midst of warLincoln’s Darkest Year offers a gripping narrative of 1862, a pivotal year in our country’s Civil War. Marvel continues the story he began in Mr. Lincoln Goes to War, which...

  • e-book

    Ordinary Men

    Browning, Christopher R.

    The shocking account of how a unit of average middle-aged Germans became the cold-blooded murderers of tens of thousands of Jews.

  • e-book

    Ordinary Men


    Christopher R. Browning’s shocking account of how a unit of average middle-aged Germans became the cold-blooded murderers of tens of thousands of Jews—now with a new afterword and additional photographs. Ordinary Men is the true story of Reserve...

  • e-book

    Confidence Men

    Suskind, Ron

    The hidden history of Wall Street and the White House comes down to a single, powerful, quintessentially American concept: confidence. Both centers of power, tapping brazen innovations over the past three decades, learned how to manufacture it.Until...

  • e-book

    Representative Men

    Emerson, Ralph, Waldo

    Ralph Waldo Emerson was an American philosopher and poet, known for. A staunch advocate of individualism and clear-sighted critic of societal pressures, he led the early 19th century's Transcendentalist movement and greatly influenced the later New...

  • e-book

    New Men

    Casey, John

    New Men uncovers the narrative of veteran reentry into civilian life and exposes a growing gap between how former soldiers of the Civil War saw themselves and the representations of them created by late nineteenth-century American society. This gap...

  • O Homem e a Montanha - Introdução Ao Estudo...

    João Camilo de Oliveira Torres

    Integrante da coleção Historiografia de Minas Gerais, série Alfarrábios, este livro, publicado pela primeira vez na década de 1940, figura entre as mais significativas tentativas de interpretar Minas Gerais em chave ensaística. Vencedor do Prêmio...

  • e-book

    Windows into Men'apos;s Souls - Religious...

    Kenneth L. Campbell

    Windows into Men’s Souls focuses on the ways in which the concept of religious nonconformity was inherent in the English Reformation. The book’s uniqueness lies in its blending of different historiographical traditions dealing with Puritans,...

  • e-book

    The Shadow Men - The Leaders Who Shaped the...

    CONNOR, JOHN; Stockings, Craig

    Australian military history is full of heroes – big names that loom large in the public memory of the nation'apos;s wartime experiences, like Monash, Chauvel, Jacka and Blamey. There is no question that these famous figures of the Australian...

  • e-book

    O fim do homem soviético

    Svetlana Aleksiévitch

    A ganhadora do prêmio Nobel de 2015 examina o fim da União Soviética.O povo russo assistiu com espanto à queda do Império Soviético. A política de abertura do governo Gorbatchóv impôs uma mudança drástica da estrutura social, do cotidiano e,...

  • e-book

    All Men Are Brothers

    Gandhi, Mohandas K.

    Famous for his successful leadership of non-violent Nationalist resistance to British Imperial rule in India, Mohandas K. Gandhi is one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century.All Men Are Brothers brings together some of his most important...

  • História Do Homem – Nosso Lugar No Universo

    Trigueiro, Edmac

    Durante milênios, desde os gregos antigos e, até mesmo, antes disso, a humanidade vem procurando uma resposta para a indagação: “Como surgiu o Universo?”, “Como surgiu a vida?”, “Como surgiu o homem?”. Foi em busca das respostas para esses mistérios...

  • e-book

    Four Men Went to War

    Lewis, Bruce

    This book tells of the adventures of four men of different nationalities who found themselves caught up in the maelstrom of the Second World War.

  • e-book

    The Men Who United the States

    Simon Winchester

    For more than two centuries, E pluribus unum—'Out of many, one'—has been featured on America's official government seals and stamped on its currency. But how did America become 'one nation, indivisible'? In this monumental history, Simon Winchester...

  • e-book

    The Men Who Planned the War

    Paul Dr Harris

    During the Allied victory celebrations there were few who chose to raise a glass to the staff. The high cost of casualties endured by the British army tarnished the reputation of the military planners, which has yet to recover. This book examines the...

  • e-book

    Famous Men of the Middle Ages


    The study of history, like the study of a landscape, should begin with the most conspicuous features. Not until these have been fixed in memory will the lesser features fall into their appropriate places and assume their right proportions.

  • e-book

    Mawson - And the Ice Men of the Heroic Age:...


    History comes to life with Peter FitzSimons in the story of Australia'apos;s most famous polar explorer and the giants from the heroic age of polar exploration: Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton.Sir Douglas Mawson, born in 1882 and knighted in 1914,...

  • A Subsistência do Homem e Ensaios Correlatos


    Os textos mostram claramente a combinação de erudição e originalidade de Karl Polanyi, cuja obra vem despertando interesse crescente em todo o mundo.

  • e-book

    Family Men - Middle-Class Fatherhood in...

    Shawn Johansen

    First Published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • e-book

    Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave


    Noted lecturer Dave Breese unearths the deadly influence on our society of seven key historical figures, from the well-known Darwin and Marx to the lesser-known Dewey and Welhausen. A lively, challenging critique that prepares you to recognize and...

  • e-book

    The Men of Secession and Civil War, 1859-1861


    This compelling, highly readable book focuses on the men who shaped the events that led to secession and the Civil War. Secessionists tore at the bonds that bound Americans to one another and their government as they maligned Northerners and found...

  • e-book

    Reel Men at War - Masculinity and the...

    Donald, Ralph; MacDonald, Karen

    This analysis of nearly 150 movies and television programs considers the influence that war films bring to bear on the socialization of young boys in America. This book considers such issues as major male stereotypes—both positive and negative—in...

  • e-book

    Great Men and Famous Women - Soldiers and...


    'With the death of Sardanapalus, the great monarch of Assyria, and the taking of Nineveh, the capital city, by the Medes, the kingdom of Assyria came to an end, and the vast domain was parcelled out among the conquerors. At the time of the...

  • e-book

    Hollow Men - Writing, Objects, and Public...

    Susan Gaylard

    Analyzes texts and art objects from the 15th to the late 16th centuries to show that Renaissance theories of emulating classical heroes generated a deep skepticism about representation, as these theories forced men to construct a public image that...

  • e-book

    Why Men Fight - A Method of Abolishing the...

    Russell, Bertrand

    Bertrand Arthur William Russell,18 May 1872-2 February 1970) was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, social critic and political activist. At various points in his life he considered himself a liberal, a socialist, and...

  • e-book

    Broken Men - Shell Shock, Treatment and...


    Shell shock achieved a very high political profile in the years 1919-1922. Publications ranging from John Bull to the Morning Post insisted that shell-shocked men should be treated with respect, and the Minister for Health announced that the...

  • e-book

    The Men Who Gave us Wings - Britain and the...

    Peter Reesse

    Why did the British, then the leading nation in science and technology, fall far behind in the race to develop the aeroplane before the First World War? Despite their initial advantage, they were overtaken by the Wright brothers in America, by the...

  • e-book

    Made Men - Mafia Culture and the Power of...

    Danesi, Marcel; Nicaso, Antonio

    Despite depictions to the contrary, the mafia is not a cadre of noble and righteous warriors, a class of citizens working in the shadows but upholding traditional values. Instead, the authors argue, it is a brutal, violent, and ignoble organization...

  • e-book

    Becoming Men of Some Consequence - Youth and...

    John A. Ruddiman

    Young Continental soldiers carried a heavy burden in the American Revolution. Their experiences of coming of age during the upheavals of war provide a novel perspective on the Revolutionary era, eliciting questions of gender, family life, economic...

  • e-book

    Lincoln's Men

    Epstein, Daniel Mark

    Lincoln's Men is the first narrative portrait of the three young men who served as Lincoln's secretaries during the Civil War. John Nicolay and John Hay lived in the White House, across the hall from the president's office, and they and William...

  • e-book

    The Monster Men

    Edgar, Rice Burroughs,

    Trajectory presents classics of world literature with 21st century features! Our original-text editions include the following visual enhancements to foster a deeper understanding of the work: Word Clouds at the start of each chapter highlight...

  • e-book

    Boys Unto Men

    Robert M. Bersi

    From 1940 to 1950 four families in the great San Joaquin Valley of California struggle to raise their eight-year-old sons to manhood

  • e-book

    Where Men Only Dare to Go - Or the Story of a...

    Figg, Royall W.

    First published in 1885 and long out of print, Where Men Only Dare to Go by Royall W. Figg remains a classic memoir of Confederate service. This updated edition, with a new foreword by historian Robert K. Krick, brings Figg'apos;s captivating...

  • O Mapa Fantasma - Como a Luta de Dois Homens...

    Johnson, Steven

    Londres, 28 de agosto de 1854. Era verão, a cidade tinha um mau cheiro insuportável, resultado do amontoado recente e desorganizado de mais de dois milhões de seres humanos e seus dejetos. Em um bairro pobre da nova metrópole, Sarah Lewis aproveitou...

  • A História do Homem


    Com base nas mais recentes pesquisas históricas e arqueológicas, A história do homem se concentra nas ideias e inovações que mudaram o modo como vivemos. Ao abranger temas diversos, como o nascimento das grandes religiões, a ascensão e a queda de...

  • O Homem que Roubou Portugal

    Bloom,Murray Teigh

    Em 1924, Artur Virgilio Alves Reis, um comerciante português falido, trama sozinho o maior golpe financeiro de todos os tempos. Em dois anos se tornaria o homem mais rico e poderoso de seu país. O que parecia um plano com pouca eficácia de um homem...

  • Bismarck - O Homem e o Estadista

    Taylor,A. J. P.

    Otto von Bismarck (1815-1899) foi um dos mais importantes e influentes estadistas do século XIX, e fundador da moderna Alemanha. Bismarck foi primeiro-ministro do reino da Prússia, tornando-se posteriormente o primeiro político a exercer o cargo de...

  • e-book

    Men At Arnhem

    Powell, Geoffrey

    When Men at Arnhem was first published in 1976 the author modestly concealed his identity behind a pseudonym and changed the names of his comrades in arms. But the book was at once recognised as one of the finest evocations of an infantryman's war...

  • Nietzsche - Super-Homem e Superação - Uma...

    Oliveira Júnior, José Amorim De

    A superação encontra a sua mais clara expressão nos tipos fortes: eles escoam a força vital, possuem a capacidade de elevar o homem, criando grandes obras, gerando novos valores. Nesse sentido, é possível encontrar nas diversas etapas do pensamento...

  • Terra Dos Homens

    Claval, Paul

     O que faz de nosso planeta uma terra humana? Quais os riscos que corremos para torná-lo inabitável? Paul Claval, um dos maiores geógrafos da atualidade, traz neste livro uma discussão fundamental sobre e para a geografia.Já sabemos que no mundo em...

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