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  • Box - A História da Primeira Guerra Mundial...


    No verão de 1914, a Europa explodiu em um frenesi de violência em massa. A guerra que se seguiu teve repercussões globais, destruindo quatro impérios e custando milhões de vidas. Mesmo os países vitoriosos foram marcados por uma geração, e ainda hoje...

  • Box - Essencial Conquistadores - 3 Volumes

    Aeroplano Editora

    Alexandre, O Grande: Um dos maiores líderes da história não podia ser outra alcunha. Alexandre, o Grande, registrou uma das mais fascinantes séries de expansões territoriais da Antiguidade, construindo um poderoso Império, capaz de revolucionar toda...

  • Pirotechnia

    Biringuccio, Vannoccio

    Originally printed in 1540, this classic work on the field of metallurgy marked the beginning of a true technological literature.Biringuccio's Pirotechnia is the earliest printed work to cover the whole field of metallurgy. Originally printed in...

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  • Box - o Essencial da Segunda Guerra Mundial -...

    Editorial Aeroplano

    HolocaustoO Holocausto é um fenômeno talvez único em toda a História da humanidade: pela primeira vez uma nação moderna, a Alemanha, tentava realizar o extermínio sistemático de uma nação inteira: os judeus dispersos pelo continente europeu....

  • Imperial Triumph

    Kulikowski, Michael

    Imperial Triumph presents the history of Rome at the height of its imperial power. Beginning with the reign of Hadrian in Rome and ending with the death of Julian the Apostate on campaign in Persia, it offers an intimate account of the twists and...

  • Medieval Bodies


    Dripping with blood and gold, fetishized and tortured, gateway to earthly delights and point of contact with the divine, forcibly divided and powerful even beyond death, there was no territory more contested than the body in the medieval world.In...

  • Civilisations - Encounters

    Olusoga, David

    Kenneth Clark's 1969 BBC series Civilisation (note the singular) is perhaps the most celebrated documentary series ever made, except that it was entirely of its time: patrician to the exclusion of women and western to the exclusion of all other...

  • e-book

    Darkest Hour


    From the acclaimed novelist and screenwriter of The Theory of Everything comes a revelatory look at the period immediately following Winston Churchill’s ascendancy to Prime Minister—soon to be a major motion picture starring Gary Oldman.“He was...

  • The Greedy Queen

    Gray, Annie

    What does it mean to eat like a queen? Elizabeth gorged on sugar, Mary on chocolate and Anne was known as 'Brandy Nan'. Victoria ate all of this and more. The Greedy Queen celebrates Victoria's appetite, both for food and, indeed, for life.Born in...

  • Age Of Conquests

    Chaniotis, Angelos

    The ancient world that Alexander the Great transformed in his lifetime was transformed once more by his death. The imperial dynasties of his successors incorporated and reorganized the fallen Persian empire, creating a new land empire stretching from...

  • Inventing American History

    Hogeland, William

    A historian's call to make the celebration of America's past more honest.American public history -- in magazines and books, television documentaries, and museums -- tends to celebrate its subject at all costs, even to the point of denial and...

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  • A Heavy Reckoning

    Emily Mayhew

    As long as humans have lived together on the planet, there have been wars, and injured soldiers and civilians. But today, as we engage in wars across the globe with increasingly sophisticated technology, we are able to bring people back from ever...

  • Spacesuit - Fashioning Apollo

    De Monchaux, Nicholas

    How the twenty-one-layer Apollo spacesuit, made by Playtex, was a triumph of intimacy over engineering. When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the lunar surface in July of 1969, they wore spacesuits made by Playtex: twenty-one layers of...

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  • The Last Battle

    Hart, Peter

    By August 1918, the outcome of the Great War was not in doubt: the Allies would win. But what was unclear was how this defeat would play out - would the Germans hold on, prolonging the fighting deep into 1919, with the loss of hundreds of thousands...

  • Nefertiti's Face

    Tyldesley, Joyce

    More than three thousand years ago a sculptor working in the royal city of Amarna carved a limestone bust of an Egyptian queen. The queen was Nefertiti, consort of the 'heretic pharaoh' Akhenaten. Plastered and painted, Nefertiti's bust depicted an...

  • Rutherford - Simple Genius

    Wilson, David

    This is the first full-length biography of Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937), the most important experimental physicist of his time, and probably the most ingenious since Faraday. It was Rutherford who discovered the atomic nucleus and who first 'split'...

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  • e-book

    S Is for Southern

    Dibenedetto,David; Editors of Garden and Gun

    From the New York Times bestselling authors at Garden & Gun comes a lively compendium of Southern tradition and contemporary culture.The American South is a diverse region with its own vocabulary, peculiarities, and complexities. Tennessee whiskey...

  • e-book

    The Great Halifax Explosion

    Bacon,John U.

    The astonishing true story of history's largest manmade explosion before the atomic bomb, and its world-changing aftermath, from acclaimed New York Times bestselling author John U. BaconAfter steaming out of New York City on December 1, 1917, laden...

  • The Dawn Of Christianity


    Exploring the origins of Christianity, this book looks at why it was that people first in Judea and then in the Roman and Greek Mediterranean world became susceptible to the new religion. Robert Knapp looks for answers in a wide-ranging exploration...

  • Civilisations - How We Look

    Beard, Mary

    Kenneth Clark's 1969 BBC series Civilisation (note the singular) is perhaps the most celebrated documentary series ever made, except that it was entirely of its time: patrician to the exclusion of women and western to the exclusion of all other...

  • Russia - A Long View

    Gaidar, Yegor

    An important Russian economist and politician takes a long view of economic history and Russia's development.It is not so easy to take the long view of socioeconomic history when you are participating in a revolution. For that reason, Russian...

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  • Russia - A Long View

    Gaidar, Yegor

    An important Russian economist and politician takes a long view of economic history and Russia's development.It is not so easy to take the long view of socioeconomic history when you are participating in a revolution. For that reason, Russian...

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  • Urban Machinery - Inside Modern European...

    Hard, Mikael

    Modern European cities viewed as complex constructs entangled with technology: the most dramatic changes in the urban environment over the last century and half, abundantly illustrated with rare photographs.Urban Machinery investigates the...

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  • American Illuminations - Urban Lighting,...

    Nye, David E

    How Americans adapted European royal illuminations for patriotic celebrations, spectacular expositions, and intensely bright commercial lighting to create the world's most dazzling and glamorous cities.Illuminated fetes and civic celebrations began...

  • A Landscape History Of New England

    Harrison, Blake

    An examination of New England's diverse landscapes, and our varying perceptions of them, across two centuries of settlement, work, and recreation. A Landscape History of New England takes a view of New England's landscapes that goes beyond picture...

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  • In The Bonesetter's Waiting Room


    The story of medicine in India is rich and complex: uniting cutting-edge technological developments with ancient cultural traditions. Aarathi Prasad investigates how Indian medicine came to be the way it is. Her travels will take her to bonesetter...

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  • Music And The Making Of Modern Science

    Pesic, Peter

    A wide-ranging exploration of how music has influenced science through the ages, from fifteenth-century cosmology to twentieth-century string theory.In the natural science of ancient Greece, music formed the meeting place between numbers and...

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  • Why America Is Not A New Rome

    Smil, Vaclav

    An investigation of the America-Rome analogy that goes deeper than the facile comparisons made on talk shows and in glossy magazine articles.America's post--Cold War strategic dominance and its pre-recession affluence inspired pundits to make...

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  • 1808


    1808, o maior fenômeno de vendas do mercado editorial brasileiro na categoria não-ficção nos últimos anos, será relançado na Bienal Internacional de São Paulo em versão atualizada e ampliada pela Globo Livros. Entre outras novidades, o livro, que já...

  • Models Of Innovation - The History Of An Idea

    Godin, Benoit

    Benoit Godin is a Professor at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Montreal.Models abound in science, technology, and society (STS) studies and in science, technology, and innovation (STI) studies. They are continually being invented,...

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  • Q.E.D. - MIT In World War II

    Press, Mit

    The story of MIT's contribution to the war effort, 1939-1945, including the role of MIT scientists in research and development at the national level as well as the activities on the campus.

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  • What Do Science, Technology, And Innovation...

    Mavhunga, Clapperton Chakanetsa

    Explorations of science, technology, and innovation in Africa not as the product of 'technology transfer' from elsewhere but as the working of African knowledge.In the STI literature, Africa has often been regarded as a recipient of science,...

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  • In Praise Of Science - Curiosity,...

    Bais, Sander

    A virtuoso introduction to the field of science, the most democratic of human endeavors.In this engaging, lyrical book, physicist Sander Bais shows how science can liberate us from our cultural straitjacket of prejudice and intolerance. We're living...

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  • 1499

    Lopes,Reinaldo José

    Se você acha que a pré-história brasileira não passou de um interminável marasmo, povoado por pequenas tribos de índios nus que viviam em ocas rudimentares e assavam lambaris no espeto para o jantar, está na hora de ler este livro. Um conjunto...

  • Transformations Of Lamarckism - From Subtle...

    Gissis, Snait B

    In 1809 -- the year of Charles Darwin's birth -- Jean-Baptiste Lamarck published 'Philosophie zoologique,' the first comprehensive and systematic theory of biological evolution. The Lamarckian approach emphasizes the generation of developmental...

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  • Science And Technology In Korea - Traditional...

    Jeon, Sang-woon

    It might surprise Western scientists to learn that there were periods in Korean history when the level of scientific achievement was the highest in Asia. This is the proposition that Dr. Sang-woon Jeon sets forth in the first comprehensive and...

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  • Revolutionary Struggle 1947--1958 - Selected...

    Castro, Fidel

    A collection of Fidel Castro's chief statements -- letters, articles, interviews, press releases, proclamations, and decrees -- from the late 1940s to the fall of the Batista regime in 1959.Revolutionary Struggle 1947--1958: Volume 1 of the Selected...

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  • Reordering Life - Knowledge And Control In...

    Hilgartner, Stephen

    How the regimes governing biological research changed during the genomics revolution, focusing on the Human Genome Project.The rise of genomics engendered intense struggle over the control of knowledge. In Reordering Life, Stephen Hilgartner examines...

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  • The Politics Of Change In Venezuela - The...

    Bonilla, Frank

    The Failure of Elites is unique as an in-depth study of an operative elite in a country undergoing substantial modernizing change while experiencing profound conflict, including armed insurgency and terrorism. The book combines a historical account...

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  • American Hegemony And The Postwar...

    Krige, John

    In 1945, the United States was not only the strongest economic and military power in the world; it was also the world's leader in science and technology. In American Hegemony and the Postwar Reconstruction of Science in Europe, John Krige describes...

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  • The New Rumania - From People's Democracy To...

    Fischer-galati, Stephen

    Originally published in 1967; back in print in 2003As contemporary history in general, and political history in particular, this book will be of immeasurable interest to any student of East European affairs. It is based almost exclusively upon...

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  • From Embryology To Evo-Devo - A History Of...

    Laubichler, Manfred D

    Historians, philosophers, sociologists, and biologists explore the history of the idea that embryological development and evolution are linked.Although we now know that ontogeny (individual development) does not actually recapitulate phylogeny...

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  • Vivarium - Experimental, Quantitative, And...

    Muller, Gerd B

    The scientific achievements and forgotten legacy of a major Austrian research institute, from its founding in 1902 to its wartime destruction in 1945.The Biologische Versuchsanstalt was founded in Vienna in 1902 with the explicit goal to foster the...

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  • The Extension Of Man - A History Of Physics...

    Bernal, J D

    The late J. D. Bernal's lectures given to first-year students in physics at Birkbeck College, University of London, are presented here in their entirety, tracing the history of physics up to the end of the classical era at the end of 19th century,...

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