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  • George


    Um livro emocionante sobre a importância de ser quem realmente é. O primeiro livro juvenil com um personagem trans no Brasil. Seja quem você é. Quando as pessoas olham para George, acham que veem um menino. Mas ela sabe que não é um menino. Sabe que...

  • Box – As Crônicas de Gelo e Fogo – Pocket –...

    Martin, George R. R.

    Todo o reino de Westeros ao alcance das mãosA série Crônicas de Gelo e Fogo dispensa apresentações. São mais de 30 milhões de livros vendidos ao redor do mundo – e cerca de 2 milhões do Brasil. Os números, assim como a profusão de tramas e...

  • George Clooney - Por Favor, Case - Se Com...

    Nielsen, Susin

    George Clooney - Por Favor, Case - Se Com Minha Mãe

  • O Dragão de Gelo

    Martin, George R. R.; George R.R. Martin

    George R. R. Martin estreia na literatura infantil com o encantador “Dragão de Gelo”.O dragão de gelo era uma criatura lendária e temida, pois nenhum homem jamais havia domado um. Quando sobrevoava o mundo, deixava um rastro de frio desolador e...

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  • Caligrafia Silenciosa - Col. Espelho Do Mundo

    George Popescu

    A coleção Espelho do Mundo é uma janela do presente, aberta para a criação poética dos quatro cantos do globo, no diálogo entre os povos e na cultura da paz. Não o mundo, mas sua representação. Não a imagem, mas o espelho incerto, no qual brilham a...

  • A Princesa do Baile da Meia-noite

    George, Jessica Day

    Rosa é uma das doze princesas forçadas a dançar noite após noite no reino de baixo. Elas foram vítimas de um feitiço que nenhum príncipe, até mesmo dos reinos mais distantes, consegue desvendar. A chave para quebrar o encanto, porém, está na força de...

  • O Carvalho Falante

    Sand, George

    Carvalho, belo carvalho, não me expulse. Se eu descer, os lobos que correm na noite irão me comer.– Saia, Emmi, saia! – retrucou a voz, ainda mais suave.– Belo carvalho falante – Emmi retrucou também, num tom de súplica –, não me mande para os lobos....

  • e-book

    George Washington Carver - A Life

    Vella, Christina

    Nearly every American can cite one of the accomplishments of George Washington Carver. A national monument bears his name, a U.S. coin was minted in his honor, and his induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame is one of many tributes...

  • e-book

    George Dawson - The Little Giant

    Joyce Barkhouse

    George Mercer Dawson (18491901) defied health circumstances to become one of Canadas most exceptional geologists and explorers, particularly in the Yukon.

  • e-book

    St. George of Merrie England

    Flora Steel

    In the darksome depths of a thick forest lived Kalyb the fell enchantress. Terrible were her deeds, and few there were who had the hardihood to sound the brazen trumpet which hung over the iron gate that barred the way to the Abode of Witchcraft....

  • e-book

    George Herbert Mead and Human Conduct

    Blumer, Herbert

    Unpublished book manuscript and related correspondence by famous symbolic interactionist Herbert Blumer concerning the work of George Herbert Mead, the founder of symbolic interactionism. Includes an introduction and notes by Thomas J. Morrione.

  • e-book

    George Michael - The Life - 1963-2016: The...

    Herbert, Emily

    'apos;I WENT THROUGH A LONG PERIOD WHERE I WAS AFRAID OF DOING THINGS I WANTED TO DO, AND YOU GET YOUR COURAGE BACK, WHICH IS WHAT'apos;S IMPORTANT'apos; - GEORGE MICHAELBorn Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, George Michael was raised in a family of...

  • e-book

    George Sand (Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin) -...


    This book is part of a series on historical female figures. It features Baroness Dudevant who was best known by her pseudonym George Sand. She was the first female writer to become famous in France and was as well known for her novels, plays and...

  • e-book

    George Mueller

    Bailey,Faith Coxe Coxe.; Bailey,Faith Coxe

    Fascinating biographies of men who lived for God.

  • e-book

    George Whitefield Chadwick: The Life and...

    Faucett, Bill F.

    The definitive biography of a major American composer and musical leader

  • e-book

    George Bernard Shaw

    Chesterton, G. k.

    This early work by G. K. Chesterton was originally published in 1910. Gilbert Keith Chesterton was born in London in 1874. He studied at the Slade School of Art, and upon graduating began to work as a freelance journalist. Over the course of his...

  • e-book

    George Perez'apos;s Sirens #4 (of 6)

    Perez, George

    As the Sirens finally come face-to-face with the forces that imprisoned and scattered them across time, another complication arises: a zombie invasion of Earth!

  • e-book

    George Jones - King of Broken Hearts

    The Tennessean

    George Jones has been called one of country music's greatest singers. Jones' voice 'held the bracing power, the sweetness and the burn of an evening's final pull from a bourbon bottle,' as Tennessean music columnist Peter Cooper writes so eloquently...

  • e-book

    George Russell - The Story of an American...

    Heining, Duncan

    George Russell: The Story of an American Composer is the first biography of one of the greatest figures in jazz, written with Russell's full cooperation. Extensively researched with interviews from friends, family members, musicians, associates, and...

  • e-book

    George Silverman'apos;s Explanation

    Charles Dickens

    'Mother had the gripe and clutch of poverty upon her face, upon her figure, and not least of all upon her voice. Her sharp and high-pitched words were squeezed out of her, as by the compression of bony fingers on a leathern bag; and she had a way of...

  • e-book

    George& Martha Washington - A Revolutionary...

    Fraser, Flora

    George and Martha Washington, of Mount Vernon, Virginia, were America'apos;s original first couple. From the 1750s, when young soldier George wooed and wedded Martha Dandridge Custis, a pretty and rich young widow, to the forging of a new nation,...

  • e-book


    Baumli, George

    The true story of how George, the eleventh child born to Swiss immigrants in the mountains of Colorado grew up, experiencing the rugged life of hunting and fishing for food and the enjoying the care and nurturing of a large and loving family. He was...

  • e-book

    George Steinbrenner'apos;s Pipe Dream - The...

    Livingston, Bill

    In an eleventh-floor corner office in downtown Cleveland during the spring of 1961, 30-year-old George Steinbrenner sketched with his hands the future as he dreamed it. He grabbed the young basketball player who was sitting near him by the shoulder...

  • e-book

    George Ohr - Sophisticate and Rube

    Ellen J. Lippert

    The late nineteenth-century Biloxi potter, George Ohr, was considered an eccentric in his time but has emerged as a major figure in American art since the discovery of thousands of examples of his work in the 1960s. Currently, Ohr is celebrated as a...

  • e-book

    George Washington - The Wonder of the Age


    A much-needed concise biography of America'apos;s first president As editor of the award-winning Library of America collection of George Washington'apos;s writings and a curator of the great man'apos;s original papers, John Rhodehamel has established...

  • e-book

    George Bowring - A Tale of Cader Idris:...

    R. D. Blackmore

    English author R.D. Blackmore is best remembered for his popular novel Lorna Doone, a sweeping romance and action-adventure tale. This short story returns to the world Blackmore created in that novel, depicting a tragic episode that unfolds in a...

  • e-book

    George Wade 1673-1748

    Chantrey, Denise

    In Westminster Abbey a magnificent marble monument honours the memory of Field Marshal George Wade. He is best remembered for his role in disarming and pacifying the clans after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715, and for the network of roads and bridges...

  • e-book

    George Cruikshank

    William, Makepeace Thackeray

    The work sheds light on the brilliant works of George Cruikshank. He has managed to invest humor in all his caricatures. Thackeray calls him the 'English diamond' who brilliantly illumines everything he comes into contact with.

  • e-book

    George Ford - a new life and carnal discovery

    Hill Lane

    This publication was created at

  • e-book

    George& Rue


    The facts are clear. It was, by all accounts, a 'quot;slug-ugly'quot; crime: in 1949, George and Rufus Hamilton, two African Canadians, bludgeoned a taxi driver to death with a hammer in the dirt-poor settlement of Barker'apos;s Point, New Brunswick....

  • e-book

    George Anson'apos;s Voyage Around the World

    Walter, Richard

    The year is 1740, Spain is at war with Great Britain, and Commodore George Anson leads a mission to the Pacific to take control of Spanish possessions. In doing so he completed a circumnavigation of the globe. Read the true story of that voyage...

  • e-book

    George Washington

    Paul Johnson

    By far the most important figure in the history of the United States, George Washington liberated the thirteen colonies from the superior forces of the British Empire against all military odds, and presided over the production and ratification of a...

  • e-book

    George Balanchine


    The foremost contemporary choreographer in the history of ballet, George Balanchine extended the art form into radical new paths that came to seem inevitable under his direction. He transformed movement and dance in classical and modern ballet, on...

  • e-book

    George Clooney - The Last Great Movie Star...

    Potts, Kimberly

    (Applause Books). He's famous for twice being People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, for his penchant for practical jokes and his vow never to remarry, as well as for his Oscar-winning and Emmy-nominated acting career. But George Clooney's reputation...

  • e-book

    George Szell - A Life of Music

    Michael Charry

    This book is the first full biography of George Szell, one of the greatest orchestra and opera conductors of the twentieth century. From child prodigy pianist and composer to world-renowned conductor, Szell's career spanned seven decades, and he led...

  • e-book

    George W. Brackenridge - Maverick...

    Marilyn McAdams Sibley

    George W. Brackenridge (1832-1920) was a paradox to his fellow Texans. A Republican in a solidly Democratic state, a financier in a cattleman's country, a Prohibitionist in the goodtime town of San Antonio, he devoted his energies to making a fortune...

  • e-book

    George Silverman'apos;s Explanation

    Charles Dickens
    (3374023) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition.

  • e-book

    George Steinbrenner'apos;s Pipe Dream - The...

    Livingston, Bill

    In an eleventh-floor corner office in downtown Cleveland during the spring of 1961, 30-year-old George Steinbrenner sketched with his hands the future as he dreamed it. He grabbed the young basketball player who was sitting near him by the shoulder...

  • e-book

    George Washington

    Hobbs, Robert

    George Washington was the first President of the United States, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He presided over the convention that drafted...

  • e-book

    George at the Fort

    Castlemon, Harry; 1stWorld Library

    Captain, this thing must be stopped. I say it must be stopped, even if we have to resort to summary measures. We must find out who the ringleaders are, and make an example of them. The speaker was Colonel Brown, the commanding officer of Fort...

  • e-book

    George'apos;s Journey

    Kev Pickering

    Before he became the chief assistant to Caroline Jameson at Jameson Security in New York, George Simpson was one of the most wanted bank robbers in the United Kingdom - until he was caught.His escape from the court led to a journey across the country...

  • e-book

    George Sand, some aspects of her life and...

    Doumic, René||
    (3373895) thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. This volume is dedicated to Madame L. Landouzy

  • e-book

    George Evans

    A.F. Gillotti

    In the novelGeorge Evans, the title character and his friend Charles Fletcher both aspire to live the alluring life of an international banker in 1960s London.

  • George

    Gino, Alex

    BE WHO YOU ARE. When people look at George, they think they see a boy. But she knows she's not a boy. She knows she's a girl. George thinks she'll have to keep this a secret forever. Then her teacher announces that their class play is going to be...

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