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  • Design de Interiores Guia Útil

    Gibbs, Jenny

    Design de Interiores Guia Útil

  • e-book

    Design de interiores : Guia útil para...

    Gibbs, Jenny

    O design de interiores se converteu em uma profissão reconhecida, embora a indústria que gere seja complexa e ainda pouco conhecida. Esta nova edição de Design de interiores proporciona uma base sólida sobre os princípios do design, descreve as...

  • e-book

    Gibbs'apos; Entropic Paradox and Problems of...

    Eugene Barsky

    Gibbs'apos; Entropic Paradox and Problems of Separation Processes reviews the so-called Gibb'apos;s Paradox observed during the mixing of two systems. During the last 150 years, many physicists and specialists in thermodynamics, statistical and...

  • Twilight Garden Coloring Book - Published In...

    Trolle , Maria

    Maria Trolle’s Twilight Garden coloring book collection sets itself apart from the competition with its romantic sophistication. Striking black endpapers and white-on-black printed imagery dispersed throughout lend this hardbound edition a luxurious...

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  • Seasons Coloring Book - Published In Sweden


    The fourth coloring book collection from Sweden's coloring book sensation. Introducing the newest addition to Hanna Karlzon's beloved coloring book collection: Seasons. This hardbound volume boasts 96 pages of Karlzon's intricate designs, season by...

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  • e-book

    Foster Carers - Why They Stay and Why They...

    Wilson, Kate; Sinclair, Ian; Gibbs, Ian

    Foster carers look after two-thirds of the children cared for by English local authorities at any one time. The recruitment and retention of these carers is one of these authorities' central concerns. Against this background, this book examines the...

  • Churrasco - Grilling The Brazilian Way


    Churrasco cooking is a style of roasting meat over wood fires developed in southern Brazil in the early 1800s by the immigrant gauchos (cowboys). In rich story and mouthwatering imagery, Evandro Caregnato conveys his passion for his native southern...

  • The Brazilian Table

    Roberts,Yara Castro

    Feast on the exotic flavors of Brazil-a land of lovely people, upscale beaches and resorts, steamy rivers and jungles, and modern high-rise cities. Your palate will savor this fascinating and varied cuisine.

  • Cupcake Cakes


    Cupcakes make the perfect building blocks for fun and creative shaped cakes. With this book, you can make a purple hippo, spotted puppy, princess tiara, dump truck, lollipops, hedgehog, and much more. No special pans are required-just cupcakes. And...

  • Caramel

    Bloom, Carole

    Carole Bloom takes the rich luxurious flavor of caramel to new heights in Caramel. Her recipes for cakes, tarts, cookies, custards, candies, ice creams, and other delicious desserts are fabulously decadent and palate pleasing. Bloom expertly guides...

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  • Meringue


    Egg whites, sugar, a pinch of cream of tartar or a dash of vinegar-and air. So simple, yet so divine!Meringue isn't just magical. It's mysterious. No one can quite agree on its origins (and here's a hint: it wasn't invented in France). While most...

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  • Diseño de Interiores Guía Útil para...

    Gibbs, Jenny

    El diseño de interiores se ha convertido en una profesión reconocida, pero la industria que genera es compleja y desconocida. El proceso del diseño, desde el contacto inicial con el cliente hasta la finalizácion del proyecto, comprende varias fases e...

  • Frostings

    Whitmore, Courtney

    From rich and cream frostings to decadent ganaches and delicious glazes, Frostings not only contains fabulous recipes but pages upon pages of eye-candy for styling your sweet treats for parties! Whipped into a fluffy texture, drizzled for glazing, or...

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  • Carlos

    Bookman,Ken; Bronstein,Arlene Michlin; Nieto,Debbie; Nieto,Carlos; Futran,Eric


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  • Guest Rooms

    Heminway,Hilary; Heminway,Alex

    Filled with tips, suggestions, and practical advice, this inspirational guide to creating a perfect refuge for one's guests includes decorating ideas, accessories, and helpful guidelines on how to become the perfect host--or perfect guest.

  • Mexican Details


    Mexican Details

  • French By Design

    Phillips,Betty Lou

    French By Design

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  • Inspirations From France & Italy

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores

    Inspirations From France & Italy

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  • French Impressions

    Phillips,Betty Lou

     In this her tenth book, acclaimed interior designer and award-winning author Betty Lou Phillips presents spirit-lifting takes on classic style from a modern point of view. Mingling elegance with ease, in a manner relaxed yet refined, Phillips...

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  • e-book


    Gibbs, Maddie

    Many aquarium enthusiasts start out by owning goldfish. They are a classic pet. The simple, yet informative, text discusses the history of goldfish and offers tips on how to care for these beautiful creatures. Photographs show several different...

  • e-book

    The Last Musketeer

    Stuart Gibbs

    On the first day of a family trip to Paris, Greg Rich’s parents disappear. They’re not just missing from the city—they’re missing from the century. So Greg does what any other fourteen-year-old would do: He travels through time to rescue them.Greg...

  • e-book

    "quot;Then Gibbs Said to Riggins. . ."quot; -...

    Gehman, Jim

    Written for every sports fan who follows the Redskins, this account goes behind the scenes to peek into the private world of the players, coaches, and decision makers—all while eavesdropping on their personal conversations. From the Washington locker...

  • Directorio de Maderas


    Guía de 100 especies de las materas más comunes. Cada una de ellas fotografiada a escala, remarcando sus vetas, color y corte. Información clara de los orígenes, características y usos con explicación de los acabados y cómo obtener los mejores...

  • e-book

    Las cabras / Goats

    Gibbs, Maddie

    Why do farmers raise goats? What kinds of goats are there? This bilingual book answers these questions and more as it introduces readers to fun facts about goats that will ignite their interest and encourage their reading growth. Supplemented by a...

  • e-book

    Bo-Ricky Enterprises


    Bo the Squirrel and Ricky the Rabbit just wanted to work! But nobody was calling, asking for their services which were rather confusing. So when Mrs. Bear called, they jumped at the chance. They could be plumbers, deliver men, house-repairmen,...

  • e-book

    Failing Upwards

    Julian Caesar

    Failing Upwards is the classic coming of age story. Sort of. I spent a decade of my life depressed, angry and aimless. I responded to that with an amoral hedonism that at times, flirted with nihilism. At some point in that decade, something...

  • e-book


    Gibbs, Maddie

    Jackals are the clever and cunning omnivores of the grasslands. These adaptable members of the dog family are skilled at both hunting and scavenging. They are also known for their noisy yaps and howls. Readers will love learning about their lives and...

  • The Allure Of French & Italian Decor

    Lou Philips,Betty

    'The furnishings of France enchant the eye, Italian pieces sing to the soul.' -Betty Lou Phillips, ASIDFrance and Italy have long been the go-to spots for fashionistas, serious foodies and design mavens. Rich patinas, satisfying earthen hues and...

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  • e-book

    The Last Musketeer #2: Traitor's Chase

    Stuart Gibbs

    Greg Rich is beginning to get the hang of things in 1615 Paris. Having assumed the identity of a young D'Artagnan, Greg united the legendary three Musketeers and succeeded in freeing his parents from a dank prison cell. But he hasn't figured out how...

  • e-book

    Analise de dados qualitativos

    Graham Gibbs

    Este livro oferece uma base para analisar todos os tipos de dados qualitativos verbais, como entrevistas, grupos focais e biografias. Examina as várias abordagens e as questões práticas relacionadas ao entendimento dos dados qualitativos. Destaca o...

  • e-book

    Netball Gems 3 - Pivot and Win

    Lisa Gibbs; Bernadette Hellard

    A junior fiction series written in partnership with Netball AustraliaIs being a Gem enough for determined Lily?Lily comes from a family of great netballers and dreams of playing for the Diamonds one day. She loves being on court and jumping for every...

  • e-book

    Mr. Ferris and His Wheel

    Davis, Kathryn Gibbs

    Science, history, and engineering combine in this uplifting non-fiction picture book about the invention of the world'apos;s most iconic amusement park ride, the Ferris Wheel.  

  • Little Master Carroll - Alice In Wonderland

    Adams, Jennifer; Oliver, Alison

    The many peculiar characters in Carroll's novel, such as the red Queen of Hearts and the time-conscious white rabbit, lend themselves to a child's introduction to colors.

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  • e-book

    Netball Gems 7 - Go with the Flow

    Lisa Gibbs

    Why does Prani feel she has disappointed the Gems?Prani is the comedian of the Gems. She never takes anything too seriously, even netball, and loves having fun with her teammates. But when Coach Janet enters the Gems in a netball tournament and asks...

  • e-book

    Netball Gems 4 - Defend to the End

    Lisa Gibbs; Bernadette Hellard

    A junior fiction series written in partnership with Netball AustraliaWill Maia ever fit in with the Gems?Maia'apos;s just moved to Australia from New Zealand and is finding it tough. She misses her cousins, her netball team and the way everything...

  • Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe

    Gibbs ,Elika

    Bring order to your wardrobe, love your clothes again, and get dressed in an instant with the help of the Practical Princess. In Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe, organizational whizz and wardrobe expert Elika Gibbs shares the secrets of her...

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  • e-book

    The Last Musketeer #3: Double Cross

    Stuart Gibbs

    Greg Rich has traveled through time, become one of the legendary Musketeers, and—most recently— prevented the Spanish army from attacking Paris. He should feel invincible. Instead, he and his friends languish in prison, having stumbled into a trap...

  • e-book


    Gibbs, Jennifer

    Cerys is lost and drunk in her own life after years of blocking out reality with anything she can get her hands on. She and her best friend Daniel don't remember what it is to be sober. A family bereavement, big windfalls and larger betrayals combine...

  • e-book

    The Dark Heroine

    Gibbs, Abigail

    Do you fear me Violet Lee?Do you know what I could do to you?A chance encounter on a deserted street plunges Violet into a world beyond her wildest imaginings - a world of elegance and beauty where aristocratic vampires live for decadent pleasures…a...

  • e-book

    Autumn Rose

    Gibbs, Abigail

    Autumn Rose has the chance to save the world she loves. But how much will she have to sacrifice?Autumn Rose lives in a sleepy seaside town, but buried deep under the surface of her quiet life are dark secrets. Her grandmother is dead, murdered...

  • Concrete Architecture


    No longer the material of choice for just factories and industrial buildings, concrete is now fashionable and chic, adorning shops, restaurants, homes, and landscapes with its desirable, tactile surfaces. This reversal of fortune can be attributed to...

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  • Principles Of Urban Retail Planning And...


    ..'.Extraordinary: Gibbs has popped the hood and taken apart the engine of commercial design and development, showing us each individual part and explaining fit, form and function.' --Yaromir Steiner, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Steiner +...

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  • e-book

    Netball Gems 2 - Chase Your Goal


    A junior fiction series written in partnership with Netball AustraliaCan shy Phoebe find her place in the Gems?Phoebe loves to shoot goals, and she'apos;s great at it too. She dreams of being a famous netballer and playing in front of thousands. The...

  • e-book

    Making It

    Amanda Gibbs

    'Making It' by Amanda Gibbs tells a love story spanning several decades using poems, vignettes, dialogue and lists, inviting the reader into the most intimate and private moments of a couple's life

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