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206 produtos
  • Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone -...

    Rowling,J. K.

    This gift edition hardback, presented in a beautiful foiled cloth slipcase decorated with brand new line art by Jonny Duddle, is the perfect introduction to Harry Potter. Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping...

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  • Gift Folder DVD - 100 Wonders Of The World


    From breathtaking mountains to towering skyscrapers, this book collects 100 of the world's most stunning wonders in an informative and illuminating guide. Engaging text tells each landmark's history alongside fun facts and beautiful illustrations. A...

  • Gift Horse

    Nelson,S. D.

    Relates the story of a Lakota youth whose father gives him a horse in preparation for his making the transition from boyhood into manhood and becoming a Lakota Warrior

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  • Gift of Fire

    Krentz,Jayne Ann

    When her lean, sexy lover, Jonas Quarrel, leaves her to run her gourmet restaurant and travels to a Pacific Northwest island to search for missing Renaissance jewels, Verity Ames follows him, hoping to snare a husband. Reissue.

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  • Gift of Gold

    Krentz,Jayne Ann

    Restaurant owner Verity Ames tries to resist the tempting advances of her charming new employee, Jonas Quarrel, but when his past catches up with him, only Verity's kisses can save him. By the author of A Coral Kiss. Reissue.

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  • Gift From The Heart


    Gift From The Heart

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  • Gift of the Bambino


    Follows the coming-of-age of a young man who makes a special connection with his grandfather at the end of the latter's life, a period marked by the grandfather's hero-worship of Babe Ruth and memories about one of the athlete's early home runs. A...

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  • Gift of Therapy By Irvin D Yalom

    Yalom Irvin D.

    The Gift of Therapy is the new book from the bestselling author of Love's Executioner. The culmination of master psychiatrist Dr Irvin Yalom's forty-five years' work as a therapist, this book illustrates through real case studies how patients and...

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  • Sea Gift


    While out working on a lobster boat one summer, Lauchie finds a container in his trap that holds the secrets to the location of a hidden treasure of gold and silver coins from a 1608 wreck in a cave not far from where he lives, but trying to retrieve...

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  • Gift Wrapping

    Index Book

    First title from the new collection DIY, Do It Yourself, about wrapping. When it comes to giving a gift to a loved one, we dedicate time thinking about and looking for the something they'll like. More and more, we also pay attention to the way the...

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  • The Gift

    Garwood, Julie

    When the man she had wed as a child returns to claim her, Sara Winchester finds him arrogant yet handsome, but she is unaware of his past as the notorious pirate, Pagan

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  • The Gift


    Struggling with his family experiences and an unremarkable career, Phillip endeavors to bring a spiritual edge into his relationship with his wife and attempts to compete with his more financially impressive friends. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

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  • The Gift

    Steel, Danielle

    In a small, peaceful midwestern town during the 1950s, a happy family is shattered by a child's death, a loving marriage begins to unravel, and the arrival of a young woman will change many lives forever.

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  • The Gift

    Roberts, Nora

    Contains two captivating stories of holiday magic and romance--'Home for Christmas,' in which a renowned reporter returns home to win the love of a woman from his past, and 'All I Want for Christmas,' in which two mischievous twins get the best...

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  • The Gift-giver

    Hansen, Joyce

    Ten-year-old Doris's gradual friendship with the new boy in her inner-city neighborhood, Amir, brings her into a closer understanding with her family even though it divides her from her old friends.

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  • The Gift Moves


    In a futuristic United States devoid of wealth and material things, a teenage baker befriends a talented weaver's apprentice who holds a dark secret.

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  • The Gift of Christmas

    Houghton Mifflin Company; Broyles,William (edt); Van Allsburg,Chris (edt); Zemeckis,Robert (edt)

    Six die-cut spreads focus on the Bell and its magical journey from Santa's sleigh to under the Christmas tree, in a board-book adaptation of the new holiday movie.

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  • The Gift

    Ahern, Cecelia

    The Gift is a magical, fable-like Christmas story from Cecelia Ahern, the celebrated New York Times bestselling author of P.S. I Love You and Thanks for the Memories. The story of Lou Suffern, a successful executive frustrated by the fact that he...

  • The Gift


    The Gift is a magical, fable-like Christmas story from Cecelia Ahern, the celebrated New York Times bestselling author of P.S. I Love You and Thanks for the Memories. The story of Lou Suffern, a successful executive frustrated by the fact that he...

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  • The Gift


    This is the first book in the epic 'Pellinor' series - four books telling an extraordinary tale of another world. Maerad is a slave in a desperate and unforgiving settlement, taken there as a child when her family is destroyed in war. She is unaware...

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  • The Gift

    Nabokov Vladimir

    The Gift is the phantasmal autobiography of Fyodor Godunov-Cherdynstev, a writer living in the closed world of Russian émigré intellectuals in Berlin shortly after the First World War. In this his last, and to many his greatest, Russian novel,...

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  • The Gift of the Crocodile

    Sierra,Judy; Ruffins,Reynold

    In this Indonesian version of the Cinderella story, a girl named Damura escapes her cruel stepmother and stepsister and marries a handsome prince with the help of Grandmother Crocodile.

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  • A Gift from the Sea

    Banks,Kate; Hallensleben,Georg

    Unaware of its eons-old history, a boy finds a rock and takes it home to a shelf beside his sea glass and starfish.

    sob encomenda
  • The Gift of the Magi

    Lynch,P. J. (ilt); Henry,O.

    The Gift of the Magi

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  • A Gift From the Lonely Doll


    Originally published in 1966, a title in the Lonely Doll series offers a gentle holiday tale featuring Edith and her special friends, Mr. Bear and Little Bear. Simultaneous.

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  • A Gift From the Lonely Doll


    Originally published in 1966, a title in the Lonely Doll series offers a gentle holiday tale featuring Edith and her special friends, Mr. Bear and Little Bear. Simultaneous.

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  • A Gift of Grace


    A Gift of Grace

    sob encomenda
  • Christmas Gift: A Family


    Christmas Gift: A Family

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  • A Gift of Dragons

    Mccaffrey, Anne

    From 'New York Times' bestselling author McCaffrey comes a special illustrated gift book edition featuring three beloved Pern stories and a thrilling new Dragonriders tale.

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  • A Gift of Sanctuary

    Robb,Candace M.

    In a novel set in Wales in 1370, the son-in-law of Geoffrey Chaucer accompanies the ailing writer on a mission for the English King, to investigate a murder. Reprint.

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  • Gift and Mystery

    John Paul II,Pope

    A momentous anniversary caused the Roman Catholic pontiff to reflect on his original calling to the priesthood, the many years and experiences that have passed since then, and the meaning his choice now has for him. Reprint.

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  • The Simple Gift


    Having had enough of his abusive homelife, sixteen-year-old Billy packs up and heads down the road where, after moving into an old freight train, is befriended by Old Bill who tells him stories that make Billy think hard about his own future....

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  • A Simple Gift

    Patterson,Nancy Ruth

    A small-town community theater production based on one of her mother's books brings Carrie a glimpse of her mother's past and a new understanding of giving to others.

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  • Baby's Gift

    Brown, Margaret Wise; Hurd, Clement

    Packaged together for the very first time in a keepsake slipcase, two cherished classics--Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny--are a must have for any new baby's library.

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  • Charity's Gift

    Daniels,Lucy; Elwell,Tristan

    Josie offers to help with the feedings for an orphaned foal on a nearby farm, but when she realizes that the foal needs more than bottle feedings, Josie's horse Charity proves to be a source of love and comfort.

    sob encomenda
  • The Serpent Gift

    Kaaberbol, Lene

    As her brother Davin is unjustly confined to a prison and looks for a way to escape, Dina, now twelve years old, meets her father and learns whether she shares his serpent gift of having the ability to give people dreams.

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  • Gift Folder With DVD - Civil War


    Featuring vivid photographs, lithographs, and artist sketches from the Civil War alongside the letters, speeches, and memoirs that capture the emotions of those who experienced it, The Civil War: A Visual History explores American history in a new...

  • The Ultimate Gift


    The Ultimate Gift

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  • Gift Folder DVD - Mysteries Of The World

    Books, Parragon

    The highly illustrated book looks at the long unanswered questions that have enthralled humankind: What secrets lie hidden in the pyramids? Is Teotihuacan really a city modelled on the cosmos? Who built Stonehenge, and what was it used for? These...

  • Joyous Blooms To Color - 15 Postcards, 15...

    Fowler, Eleri

    Wander along a flowery, winding path with these beautifully rendered 15 postcards and 15 gift tags to color and cut out! Joyous Blooms to Color is perfect for sending sweet, personalized notes or creating unique gift tags for any occasion—from...

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  • A Gift Of Hope

    Steel, Danielle

    In her powerful memoir His Bright Light, #1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel opened her heart to share the devastating story of the loss of her beloved son. In A Gift of Hope, she shows us how she transformed that pain into a campaign...

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  • A Killing Gift


    When a retirement party for Lieutenant Bernardino, her former boss and mentor, results in murder, NYPD detective April Woo must cast aside her grief and find Bernardino's killer among her fellow police officers - an investigation that puts her life...

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  • Gabriel's Gift

    Kureishi, Hanif

    The son of a failed rock musician dreams of becoming an artist and escaping his stifling life, but his life will change radically when one of his dad's old bandmates shows up with advice on how to make up with his family.

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  • Zanna's Gift

    Richards,Scott; Meacham,Beth

    Devastated by the loss of her older brother, Ernie, just before Christmas in 1938, gifted four-year-old artist Suzanna retains a painting she had intended to give him as a Christmas gift, a work considered by her descendants to be her finest in spite...

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