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  • The Complete Stories

    O'connor, Flannery

    Thirty-one tales depicting the humorous, if near tragic conditions of life in the Deep South during the fifties

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  • The Donnie Darko Book

    Kelly,Richard X.; Scott,Kevin Conroy; Gyllenhaal,Jake

    The Donnie Darko Book

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  • The Inferno of Dante

    Dante Alighieri; Pinsky,Robert; Pinsky,Nicole

    A new translation of Dante's classic poem uses slant rhyme and near rhyme to preserve the original terza rima form without distorting the English meaning, providing a lively and faithful rendition of the poem. Reprint. Winner of the 1995 Harold...

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  • Thinking, Fast And Slow

    Kahneman, Daniel

    The guru to the gurus at last shares his knowledge with the rest of us. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman's seminal studies in behavioral psychology, behavioral economics, and happiness studies have influenced numerous other authors, including Steven...

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  • Islam's Black Slaves


    An incisive study of the Islamic slave trade examines the tradition in terms of a centuries-old institution that survives into the modern world, discussing the differences between the Eastern and Western trades, the extent of the slave trade, and the...

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  • e-book

    Giroux Reader

    Giroux,Henry A.; Robbins,Christopher G.

    One of the world's leading social critics and educational theorists, Henry A. Giroux has contributed significantly to critical pedagogy, cultural studies, youth studies, social theory, and cultural politics. This new book offers a carefully selected...

  • Holes

    Sachar, Louis

    As further evidence of his family's bad fortune attributed to a curse on a distant relative, Stanley Yelnats is sent to a hellish correctional camp in the Texas desert where he finds his first real friend, a treasure, and a new sense of himself.

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  • Brainstorm!

    Tucker,Tom; Loehle,Richard

    The stories of twenty ingenious young Americans who have filed patents with the U.S. Patent Office include Chester Greenwood, who invented ear muffs, and Vanessa Hess, who created colored car wax

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  • Of Sound Mind

    Ferris, Jean

    Tired of interpreting for his deaf family and resentful of their reliance on him, high school senior Theo finds support and understanding from Ivy, a new student who also has a deaf parent. Reprint.

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  • Ask Albert Einstein


    After sending a math problem to Albert Einstein at his home in New Jersey in order to help her older sister not fail her class, young April eagerly awaits for his reply until she suddenly begins to worry that maybe the genius is doing other things,...

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  • The Ninth Hour

    McDermott, Alice

    A portrait of the Irish-American experience is presented through the story of an Irish immigrant's suicide and how it reverberates through innumerable lives in early 20th-century Catholic Brooklyn. By the National Book Award-winning author of...

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  • The Gardener

    Stewart,Sarah; Small,David

    A series of letters relating what happens when, after her father loses his job, Lydia Grace goes to live with her Uncle Jim in the city but takes her love for gardening with her.

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  • Hickory Dickory Dock

    Marshall,James; Marshall, James

    An illustrated collection of familiar nursery rhymes introduces a supporting cast of cats, mice, geese, pigs, dogs, and chickens to join in the fun.

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  • And If the Moon Could Talk

    Banks,Kate; Hallensleben,Georg

    A warm and soothing picture book gives a moon's-eye view of bedtime, showing parents putting their son to bed inside a house and animals putting their little ones to sleep outside the house. Reprint.

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  • Scar Tissue


    A new collection by a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer investigates the tenuous relationship between description and actuality while reaffirming humanity's attempt to capture the natural world and its residents.

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  • The World Is Flat

    Friedman, Thomas L.

    Offers a concise history of globalization, discussing a wide range of topics, from the September 11 terrorist attacks to the growth of the middle class in both China and India.

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  • A Wrinkle in Time


    Meg Murry and her friends become involved with unearthly strangers and a search for Meg's father, who has disappeared while engaged in secret work for the government.

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  • Memoirs Of Hadrian

    Yourcenar,Marguerite; Frick,Grace (TRN)

    Memoirs Of Hadrian

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  • Tuck Everlasting


    The Tuck family is confronted with an agonizing situation when they discover that a ten-year-old girl and a malicious stranger now share their secret about a spring whose water prevents one from ever growing any older. Reissue.

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  • Speak

    Anderson,Laurie Halse

    A traumatic event near the end of the summer has a devastating effect on Melinda's freshman year in high school

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  • Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories

    Dahl, Roald

    A selection of fourteen outstanding tales of ghosts and apparitions includes works by Edith Wharton, Sheridan LeFanu, A.M. Burrage, and other notable writers

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  • Starry Messenger

    Sis, Peter

    Describes the life and work of the courageous man who changed the way people saw the galaxy, by offering objective evidence that the earth was not the fixed center of the universe.

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  • Close Your Eyes

    Banks,Kate; Hallensleben,Georg

    An adorable bedtime tale, filled with simple text and lively illustrations, follows little tiger, who is scared of what sleep might bring, as he is soothed by his mother's loving reassurances that once he closes his eyes, he will dream of fantastical...

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  • My Dad

    Browne, Anthony

    A young son proudly describes the many skills and diverse talents of the father he loves--a man who can jump over the moon, swim like a fish, and be as warm as toast.

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  • Tibet

    Sis, Peter

    Drawing on his father's long-hidden diary, an acclaimed Czech artist and writer recounts his father's experiences in Tibet during the 1950s, which included witnessing the Chinese invasion of the region, in a finely illustrated book. 50,000 first...

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  • The Silver Balloon


    When fourth-grader Gregory releases a helium-filled balloon into the sky with his name and address attached, it leads to an unusual friendship and an exchange of mystery gifts

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  • The Bfg

    Dahl, Roald; Blake,Quentin

    The BFG--Big Friendly Giant--kidnaps Sophie from her bed in the orphanage and takes her back to Giantland where she becomes involved in a scheme to end the loathsome activities of nine evil giants

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  • Beegu


    A small creature from space finds no welcome on Earth, until she meets a group of children on a playground.

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  • Wise Guy

    Usher, M.D.; Bramhall,William; Usher, Mark David

    A biography of Socrates, a philosopher and teacher in ancient Greece who held that wisdom comes from questioning ideas and values rather than simply accepting what is passed on by parents and teachers.

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  • Twister

    Beard,Darleen Bailey; Carpenter,Nancy

    Two children experience a tornado.

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  • Defiance


    While vacationing in the country, eleven-year-old Toby, a cancer patient, learns some important lessons about living and dying from an elderly poet and her cow.

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  • Sheep


    After a fire destroys the farm where he was born, a young border collie acquires a series of owners and learns about life as he seeks a home and longs to fulfill his life's purpose of shepherding sheep.

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  • Firegold


    Thirteen-year-old Jonathon, feared and hated by the brown-eyed Valley people because of his blue eyes, tries to find answers to his true identity in the Red Mountains, home of the Dalriada, a mountain people with magnificent horses, mystical powers,...

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  • Clay


    After their parents divorce, eleven-year-old Elsie and her younger brother Tommy, who is mentally 'different,' must deal with a terrible secret that causes them and their mother to move from place to place and stay in hiding.

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  • Colibri


    Kidnapped when she was very young by an unscrupulous man who has forced her to lie and beg to get money, a twelve-year-old Mayan girl endures an abusive life, always wishing she could return to the parents she can hardly remember.

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  • Mirabelle

    Lindgren, Astrid; Dyssegaard,Elisabeth Kallick; Lindenbaum,Pija

    Unable to have a doll due to her parents' poverty, Mirabelle can only wish for one, but her thoughts are diverted after receiving an unusual yellow seed from an old man.

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  • Snow


    As snowflakes slowly come down, one by one, people in the city ignore them, and only a boy and his dog think that the snowfall will amount to anything.

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  • Adele and Simon

    McClintock, Barbara

    When Adele walks her little brother Simon home from school he loses one more thing at every stop: his drawing of a cat at the grocer's shop, his books at the park, his crayons at the art museum, and more.

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  • The Halloween House

    Silverman, Erica; Agee,Jon

    Two jailbirds hiding out in an old mansion come face to face with the ten spooky families that live there, in a playful rhyming tale with hilarious illustrations. Reprint.

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  • Sparrow Jack


    In 1868, John Bardsley, an immigrant from England, brought one thousand sparrows from his home country back to Philadelphia, where he hoped they would help save the trees from the inch-worms that were destroying them.

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  • Full Service


    In the summer of 1965, teenager Paul Sutton, a northern Minnesota farm boy, takes a job at a gas station in town, where his strict religious upbringing is challenged by new people and experiences.

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  • The Boxer


    Having learned how to box while in prison, fifteen-year-old Johnny sets out to discover if he can make a decent living as a fighter in late nineteenth-century New York City.

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  • Shrinking Violet

    Best,Cari; Potter,Giselle

    Violet, who is very shy and hates for anyone to look at her in school, finally comes out of her shell when she is cast as Lady Space in a play about the solar system and saves the production from disaster.

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  • Landed

    Lee,Milly; Choi,Yangsook

    Leaving China to start life anew in America in 1882, Sun is prepared for the difficult journey ahead and aware of the oral exam he will need to take before being let into the country, but once in detainment and away from his family, Sun begins to...

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