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  • God Of War - PS4


    É um novo começo para Kratos!O Santa Monica Studio e o diretor de criação Cory Barlog lançam um novo começo para um dos personagens mais conhecidos dos jogos. Vivendo como um homem, fora da sombra dos deuses, Kratos deve se adaptar a terras...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Pursuit of Man - Tozer'apos;s...

    A.w. Tozer

    God'apos;s Pursuit of Man by A.W. Tozer is the profound prequel to The Pursuit of God.  Although A.W. Tozer wrote this two years after the publication of The Pursuit of God it was set forth as the biblical truth needed before man can pursue God. ...

  • God And Little Children - The Blessed State...


    Excerpt from God and Little Children: The Blessed State of All Who Die in Childhood Proved and Taught as a Part of the Gospel of Christ T /ze5e sermons were not written for t/ze press, but for t/ze pulpit, amid t/ze inces sant cares and labours of a...

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  • e-book

    God save Africa


    This book follows a six months journey of a Zulu man born under Apartheid and raised in the new South Africa.It is set in the first half of 2015 and captures Themba's dream for a future beyond freedom.The invitation to the reader is to believe in...

  • God's Puppets (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from God's Puppets IN that early and unlovely day in our national life when men coming home from the Civil War still regarded pain-giving as one of the high vir tues, the times-globe never referred to Colonel Longford less gently than as that...

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  • e-book

    God's Other Children

    Bradley Malkovsky

    God’s Other Children by Bradley Malkovsky is a charming spiritual travelogue that tells the tale of a Catholic religious scholar who goes to India to study Hinduism and winds up falling in love with and marrying a Muslim.In the tradition of The Faith...

  • God's Mercies Towards The Nation - A Sermon...

    Dix, Morgan

    Excerpt from God's Mercies Towards the Nation: A Sermon Preached in St. Paul's Chapel, New York, Thanksgiving Day, 1861 Therefore, if there be any one here present who is not grateful to God on a day like this; or who dis cerns not, in the position...

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  • God The Teacher Of Mankind - Or, Popular...


    Excerpt from God the Teacher of Mankind: Or, Popular Catholic Theology, Apologetical, Dogmatical, Moral, Liturgical, Pastoral, and Ascetical; The Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Penance Fourteenth means. - The extraordinary gift of certain...

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  • God - A Human History


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - The bestselling author of Zealot and host of Believer explores humanity's quest to make sense of the divine in this concise and fascinating history of our understanding of God. In Zealot, Reza Aslan replaced the staid,...

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  • God's Country - The Trail To Happiness...

    Curwood, James Oliver

    Excerpt from God's Country: The Trail to Happiness I am strangely contented as I start the writ ing of this strangest of all the things I have written. I had never thought to give voice to the things that I am about to put on paper; yet have I...

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  • God Save Texas - A Journey Into The Soul Of...


    With humor and the biting insight of a native, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Looming Tower explores the history, culture, and politics of Texas, while holding the stereotypes up for rigorous scrutiny. God Save Texas is a journey through...

  • God's Revenge Against Murder - Or, The...

    Brownrigg, Elizabeth

    Excerpt from God's Revenge Against Murder: Or, the Tragical Histories and Horrid Cruelties of Elizabeth Brownrigg, Midwife, to Mary Mitchell, Mary Jones Their first Settlement, after maniago, was at Green. Wich, whe1e he carried on his business for...

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  • audio livro

    Gods Of Newport


    In the late nineteenth century, Newport, Rhode Island, was a cauldron of money, excess, and unapologetic greed, where reputations were made and lost in a whirlwind of parties and fancied slights. But amid the glamour of yacht races, tennis matches,...

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    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • God And Mr. Wells - A Critical Examination Of...


    Excerpt from God and Mr. Wells: A Critical Examination of God the Invisible King A good occasion for a similar exercise of urbanity? Nay, may it not be said that my criticism of God the Invisible King is a breach of discipline, like duelling in the...

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  • God's Good Man, Vol. 1 Of 2 - A Simple Love...

    Corelli, Marie

    Excerpt from God's Good Man, Vol. 1 of 2: A Simple Love Story The Reverend John Walden, however, was one of those rarely gifted individuals who cannot assume an aspect which is foreign to temperament. He was of a cheerful. About the Publisher...

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  • God And The Future Life - The Reasonableness...


    Excerpt from God and the Future Life: The Reasonableness of Christianity MY dear children, - Some of you are now at the age when you are about to leave the hands of the pious mother who has carefully and lovingly instructed you in your Christian...

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  • e-book

    God's Way of Holiness

    Horatius Bonar

    The way of peace and the way of holiness lie side by side, or rather, they are one. That which bestows the one imparts the other; and he who takes the one takes the other also. The Spirit of peace is the Spirit of holiness. The God of peace is the...

  • e-book

    God in the Dock

    C. S. Lewis

    God in the Dock is one of the best known of C.S. Lewis's collections of essays and includes Myth Become Fact, The Grand Miracle, Priestesses in the Church and, of course, God in the Dock.

  • e-book

    God Is Faithful - A Daily Invitation into the...

    David Wilkerson

    Draw closer to the Father heart of God with these 365 inspiring devotional thoughts from the beloved, bestselling author ofThe Cross and the Switchblade.

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Pursuit of Man - Tozer'apos;s...

    A. W. Tozer

    Salvation is from our side a choice, from the divine side [...] a conquest of the Most High God. - A. W. Tozer With words like these, Tozer shakes the soul. He crumbles the lies we believe and calls us to the more sure way.  In these pages, Tozer...

  • e-book

    God and War - The Church of England and Armed...


    Despite narratives of secularization, it appears that the British public persistently pay attention to clerical opinion and continually resort to popular expressions of religious faith, not least in time of war. From the throngs of men who gathered...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Armor Bearer Volume 2 - Serving...


    Each born-again believer has something unique to offer the Body of Christ. The success of the Church depends on all of its parts. Everyone in the Local Church should carry the spirit of an Armorbearer. It is the heart of a servant. To be the...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Word for Today'apos;s World

    Stott,John R. W.

    Nothing is more important than hearing, understanding and obeying God's Word. Our lives and local churches depend on this for their life, health and growth.John Stott is well known worldwide for the commitment he had to the Bible, both in his...

  • e-book

    God of the Big Bang - How Modern Science...

    Leslie Wickman

    Ph.D. expert in astronautical and aeronautical engineering provides good news for believers - new scientific research supports the idea that the universe was created by God.

  • e-book

    God Calling

    Russell,A. J.

    The message of comfort and hope that breathes through the pages of God Calling was forged out of adversity, and as a result has touched the hearts of millions, making this one of the bestselling devotional books of all time.

  • e-book

    God According to God

    Gerald Schroeder

    In this groundbreaking exploration, a biblical scholar and M.I.T.-trained physicist combines decades of research to change the debate between religion and science, presenting a new paradigm of how to understand God.Gerald Schroeder has spent his...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s High Calling for Women

    MacArthur,John F

    Dr. John MacArthur discusses major tensions for women in the church as outlined by the apostle Paul.  Complete with questions for review and thoughts for reflection, this is an excellent resource for personal or group study.

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Heart for You - Embracing Your...


    The personal, inviting style of popular speaker, writer, and counselor Holley Gerth inspires thousands of readers weekly through her DaySpring site and her well-known blog Heart to Heart with Holley. In God'apos;s Heart for You, Holley...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Word to Pastors


    Practical, hands -on wisdom for daily life in ministry! What framework does the Word of God give for the office of a pastor? Does the Bible outline the pastor'apos;s responsibility to the congregation and the congregation'apos;s responsibility to...

  • e-book

    God and Empire

    Crossan,John Dominic

    At the heart of the Bible is a moral and ethical call to fight unjust superpowers, whether they are Babylon, Rome, or even America. From the divine punishment and promise found in Genesis through the revolutionary messages of Jesus and Paul, John...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Mind in That Music - Theological...

    Jamie Howison

    As part of the growing literature on theology and the arts, God's Mind in that Music explores the substantial theological insight expressed in the music of jazz legend John Coltrane. Focusing on eight of Coltrane's pieces, themes under consideration...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Not Dead 2 - Stand with God a...

    Robert Noland; Pure Flix

    Throughout history, Christianity has come under fire for holding to a standard the culture abandons. Today's headlines increasingly reflect the pressure that comes as warning shots across the bow before the full-on attack of persecution begins. The...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Power To Change - Healing the...

    Sandford,Paula; Sandford,John Loren

    The Transformation SeriesBy John Loren and Paula Sandford Fear of rejection. Loneliness. Depression. Grief. Isolation. W

  • e-book

    God Hunger - Breaking Addictions of Anorexia,...


    In her latest release, God Hunger, author and former Hollywood stuntwoman Desiree Ayres offers a solution to the anxiety, depression, and physical challenges facing people who suffer with eating disorders. 

  • e-book

    God Bless My Senior Moments

    Karen O'apos;Connor

    Your later years can be golden! Humorist and bestselling author Karen O'apos;Connor offers brief, daily prayers to highlight the joys of living while gently poking fun at the humorous moments we all experience. These insightful prayers of gratitude,...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Just Judgment of a Nation

    James Tarter

    God gives an amazing word about nations in the Minor Prophets in the Bible that is being worked out before our eyes. This word fits into fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission and also the judgment of spiritual darkness that has come on many nations in...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Interventions In Secular History

    Kenneth B. BSL JD Deacon Alexander

    Table of ContentsIntroduction-Fall of ManBefore and Immediately After the FloodNations and gods After the FloodWilderness, Conquest, Promised LandThe Fall of Israel and JudahGod Uses Nations To Accomplish His WillGod Uses Satan to Accomplish His...

  • e-book

    God in the Act of Reference - Debating...

    Erica Appelros

    To claim to believe in God without accepting that God exists independently of human minds would mean reducing God to merely a human construct, thus not real enough for being the object of religious worship. This book sets out to challenge this common...

  • e-book

    God Has Not Forgotten About You - ...and He...


    Heartfelt encouragement for when God seems distant, leading the reader to deal honestly with their hurts and rest fully in the arms of God.

  • e-book

    God and Politics - A Collection of Essays and...

    Domenic Marbaniang

    Essays and Poems:Democracy and EthicsChrist, Truth, and PoliticsThe Sword is not the AnswerWinds of ChangeThe Rule of LawThe Kingdom in the Secular PoliticsThy Kingdom ComeAnatomy of Religious ViolenceSlumdog SouvenirStruggle for Separate...

  • e-book

    God in New Testament Theology

    Hurtado, Larry W.

    Explores how New Testament conceptions of God contribute to a contemporary constructive theology

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Healing Secrets

    Krstevski, Dr. Slobodan

    A lot of people, both young and old, expect to be sick and unhealthy as they get older.But Dr. Krstevski wants to encourage you not to accept any sickness as a 'final say' in your life, but to declare in agreement with the Word of God that you are...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Wounds

    Jeff B. Pool

    This book constitutes the first volume of a three-volume study of Christian testimonies to divine suffering: God's Wounds: Hermeneutic of the Christian Symbol of Divine Suffering, Divine Vulnerability and Creation. This study first develops an...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Generals - The Military Lives of...

    Gabriel, Richard A

    It is one of the more startling facts of military history that the founders of three of the four 'apos;great religions'apos;—Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam—were also accomplished field generals with extensive experience in commanding men in battle. One...

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