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  • God Of War - PS4



    É um novo começo para Kratos!O Santa Monica Studio e o diretor de criação Cory Barlog lançam um novo começo para um dos personagens mais conhecidos dos jogos. Vivendo como um homem, fora da sombra dos deuses, Kratos deve se adaptar a terras...

  • God Of War - a História Oficial Que Deu...

    Stover,Matthew; Vardeman,Robert E.



    História oficial que foi base de um dos mais famosos jogos da história. O livro conta em detalhes a história de Kratos, guerreiro grego que trabalha para os deuses do Olimpo e, após ser manipulado pelo deus da guerra, almeja por vingança e por matar...

  • audio livro

    God Will Make A Way: Discovering His Hope In...


    Dove Award–Winning artist says, “You can still trust Him.” Beloved worship leader Don Moen offers comfort to those wondering where God is when life is hard.

    R$ 29,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • audio livro

    God's Word Alone: Audio Lectures: A Complete...


    Historians and theologians alike have long recognized that at the heart of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation were five declarations (or solas) that distinguished the movement from other expressions of the Christian faith.Five hundred years...

    R$ 29,90
    (Assinatura Mensal com Conteúdo Ilimitado)
  • e-book

    God'apos;s Will For You - Expanded Legacy...


    'quot;Why am I here?'quot; 'quot;Why was I born?'quot; 'quot;What is God'apos;s purpose for my life?'quot; 'quot;Why do I face so many challenges in life?'quot; 'quot;Does my life even matter?'quot; These are important questions everyone asks at some...

  • e-book

    God Is Alive!

    Aimee Curtis

    This book will encourage young readers to believe in and cling to a God who hears, cares, and intervenes.

  • e-book

    God Wins - Heaven, Hell, and Why the Good...

    Galli,Mark; Alcorn,Randy; Galli,Mark

    Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins, has generated a national conversation about ultimate issues, such as the nature of hell, heaven, and the ultimate destiny of humankind. Yet, the book has also created unnecessary confusion. God Wins is a response to the...

  • e-book

    God Unbound - Wisdom from Galatians for the...


    Just as Paul led the Galatians through a radical cultural change to expand their view of God, themselves, and the church's mission, Christians are challenged to do the same today. Elaine Heath urges the church to boldly follow the Holy Spirit's...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Shalom Project - An Engaging Look...


         The author sees God as a gracious parent, intent on a restored relationship with humans.  It is that ongoing effort which Ott calls the Shalom Project.     Ott believes that 'quot;God wants a Shalom people,'quot; a community of the faithful who...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Covenant and Our Duty

    Mcmahon,Dr. C. Matthew; Samuel Willard

    Samuel Willard (1640-1707) was a reformed preacher of the Gospel in the old South Boston Church in New England, president of Harvard University, and one of the great Calvinistic teachers of his day.Willard teaches Christians about God's condescension...

  • e-book

    God Sightings - Stories of God'apos;s...

    Williams Joyce

    How awesome it is to be reminded that our God still performs miracles today!This engaging and refreshing collection of stories is designed to help you spend a few moments reflecting on God's miraculous provision. Written by Christian influences from...

  • e-book

    God Ahead of Us - The Story of Divine Grace

    Paul O'apos;Callaghan

    Pope Francis has stated that his vocation as a Christian came to him as an awareness that “God is ahead of us,” that God thinks about us and looks after us before we even realize it. This is the essence of grace, a love story that begins with God....

  • e-book

    God Logic - Christian Faith and Practice-101

    Huddleston,Jeff D.

    Christian Faith & Practice-101 is just as the name implies: A short introduction to the basics of Christian theology and doctrine.

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Promises That Keep Us

    Kalas,J. Ellsworth

    J. Ellsworth Kalas (adapted from the foreword): This book came to birth in a quite modest kitchen in Sioux City, Iowa, over a period of years in the late 1930s. On a shelf in that kitchen, just above the stove, was a box of cards, each measuring...

  • e-book

    God as He Wants You to Know Him SAMPLER

    Thrasher,Bill D.

    Enjoy these SAMPLE pages from God as He Wants You to Know Him-Every believer has a need for an understanding of systematic theology, but very few theology books present material in a personal, devotional format that appeals to th most popular level...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Lent Child - Women Who Found the...

    Dejah Fields

    Seven desperate women struggle to find God in the midst of a nightmarish loss of a child.

  • e-book

    God Our Teacher - Theological Basics in...

    Pazmino,Robert W.

    Explores recent scholarship's offerings connecting theology to Christian education, theology's role in today's global culture, and the role of theological principles for educational thought and practice.

  • e-book

    God Beyond Words


    Responding to the view that people with profound intellectual disabilities cannot enjoy spiritual experiences, this book pushes the boundaries of intellectual disability theology. Thought-provoking and sensitive, this book poses important questions...

  • e-book

    God Gives Joys to Balance Out the Sorrows of...


    'God Gives Joys to Balance out the Sorrows of our Lives' was originally intended as a legacy for the author's family, but as she found it was encouraging to a much larger audience, she decided to publish. You will laugh, cry, rejoice and find healing...

  • e-book

    God Is in the Small Stuff - and it all...

    Bickel,Bruce; Jantz,Stan

    Does God care about the details of your life—your flat tire, that argument with your spouse, your finances? Absolutely! And God Is in the Small Stuff proves it.

  • e-book

    God& Churchill

    Henley,Wallace; Jonathan Sandys

    When Winston Churchill was a boy of sixteen, he already had a vision for his purpose in life.“This country will be subjected somehow to a tremendous invasion . . . I shall be in command of the defences of London . . . it will fall to me to save the...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Covenant With You for Deliverance...


    When we stay true to our covenant with God, we can be sure that no matter what storms come in life, it is God'apos;s everlasting covenant of peace that will bring us through victoriously and sustain us.

  • e-book

    God in Motion


    'Where is God?' Countless people echo this complaint. They have needs-real needs-in their marriages, their careers, their kids, their health, or some other crucial part of their lives. They pray. They ask God to dive into their problems and work....

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Grace In Everyday Living

    Wilson,David M.

    God's grace does much more than simply save us. It changes us. It teaches us. It leads us. It provides strength for daily Christian living. It encourages us. Find out that grace is not a license for sin, but rather a power for daily living in...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Will - Finding Guidance for...

    Nystrom,Carolyn; Packer,J. I.; J I. Packer

    Renowned author and theologian, J. I. Packer, invites readers into a deeper understanding and recognition of God's direction for their lives.

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Astounding Opinion of You -...

    Harris, Ralph

    Many people would be surprised to learn that God'apos;s view of them is much greater than their own. Ralph Harris, founder of LifeCourse Ministries, helps readers experience a deeply satisfying, joyful relationship with Christ and embrace God'apos;s...

  • e-book

    God First Kingdom Business - Living a G1KB...

    Antwan K Booker

    You can’t control life’s circumstances, but you can control how  you live. In John 10:10, Jesus says He came so that we might live abundantly. All who obey His commands are guaranteed eternal life. However, one does not have to wait until eternity to...

  • e-book

    God and Caesar - Troeltsch'apos;s Social...


    H. Richard Niebuhr'apos;s powerful interpretation of Ernst Troeltsch has shaped our view of the man for over seventy years. Troeltsch is one of the most respected and renowned figures in liberal Protestant thought. Yet as Harvard philosopher of...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Marriage Code of Conduct - For...

    Joy Callahan

    For unhappy marriages or for married couples who act more as roommates than husband and wife, God’s Marriage Code of Conduct can help hurting couples overcome the loneliness and trials within their marriage.

  • e-book

    God Speaks - What He Says, What He Means


    Dr. Craig Evans opens the door to the inquiring mind as to 1) why God chose to create the Bible, 2) those vital things we so often miss when we do read Scripture, and 3) why it really matters that we pay attention to the Word of God at all.

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Truth Revealed - Biblical...


    Through His Word, God makes Himself known to those who seek Him. With Scripture as its foundation, God's Truth Revealed addresses common questions of spiritual seekers and new Christians-like Who is God? and Why am I here?

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Voice from His Throne of Glory

    Carter,John; Mcmahon,Dr. C. Matthew

    John Carter (d. 1655) was a fiery Westminster Divine and Reformed preacher of the Gospel. In two parts, first, Carter exegetes and expounds 'the wheels' of Ezekiel's vision in Ezekiel 1 and 10. Secondly, he exegetes and expounds the 'nail' in...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Priceless Treasure - How to...

    Deborah Starczewski

    Be encouraged by author Deborah Starczewski as she shares inspiring stories to show you how to see through the valley of darkness and treasure every single moment of your time with God.

  • e-book

    God in the Dock

    Lewis,C. S.

    God in the Dock is one of the best known of C.S. Lewis's collections of essays and includes Myth Become Fact, The Grand Miracle, Priestesses in the Church and, of course, God in the Dock.

  • e-book

    God Becomes Man

    Jerome Constantine Godfrey

    PUBLICATION WAS DELAYED TO BEGIN THE MUHAMMADAN SEQUEL. (PATIENCE APPRECIATED.) This story of Jesus brings the Gospel message to life with historic background and dramatic characters. Teenagers will be thrilled to discover how Jesus might have been...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Offer of Eternal Salvation

    Donald L. Perry

    This book is a defense of God's promise of salvation and reveals the core of the issues of the false teachings of Arminianism and Calvinism. The Bible teaches that God offers to every person complete eternal life, and that Jesus died for every...

  • e-book

    God Is For The Alcoholic

    Dunn,Jerry G.

    Get the revised and expanded version of this bestseller. Learn to understand alcoholism, ways to help an alcoholic, and how the alcoholic can help his or her self.

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Absolutes for Today and Eternity -...

    Clarence Mast

    Readers of this book will be prompted to examine their beliefs and consider what the Bible says we can know for certain about our eternal destiny.

  • e-book

    God Be In My Mouth - 40 ways to Grow as a...

    Gay, Doug

    Based on a decade's experience of preparing ministry students to become preachers and his own experience as one of today's most gifted preachers, Doug Gay offers an imaginative, practical and inspiring guide for all who are privileged with the task...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Creation in Purpose

    Carrigan,Vernon M.

    Have you ever wondered why God in His state of perfect unity and completeness created the universe, including you and me? And why did God create man, knowing he would sin and fall and bring suffering and death upon himself and God's Creation,...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Sinful Nature

    Sammie Hooper III

    <p><strong>God's  Sinful Nature</strong> reveals how GOD spoke through men, prophets, and  kings; of how His Word will, by all means necessary, go forth; never coming  back void. To Christians, it is a direct door to GOD's truth, both  metaphorically...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Beauty - A Call to Justice

    McCormick, Patrick T.

    What if we began our study of Christian ethics not with an examination of our moral duties but with an exploration of the call of beauty? For like justice, beauty generates a call to a larger, more generous self. God's Beauty offers a fresh, positive...

  • e-book

    God'apos;s Sovereignty Displayed

    Mcmahon,Dr. C. Matthew; William Gearing

    William Gearing (1625-1690) was a fiery puritan and practical Gospel preacher.The bible teaches God is sovereign. People who come into contact with this biblical idea for the first time find it offensive instead of comforting. This is especially true...

  • e-book

    God Is in the Small Stuff for Changing Times...

    Bickel,Bruce; Jantz,Stan

    Our world is changing fast—and those economic, political, technological, and generational differences are stressful. That’s why Bruce & Stan wrote God Is in the Small Stuff for Changing Times.

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