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  • A Liberdade De Ser Quem Você É - Um Guia Para...

    Goes,Juliana; Juzwiak,Kalina

    O que você sente sobre si mesmo?Você se sente feliz com quem é?Qual é a relação que você tem com a pessoa mais importante da sua vida – você?Vivemos em constante busca por amor. Amar e ser amados. Mas como será que anda sua relação de amor consigo...

  • A Girafa e o Mede Palmo - Col. Lagarta...

    Góes,Lúcia Pimentel

    Uma girafa distraída pode se ver em apuros por causa de seu longo pescoço. Foi o que descobriu a girafa Benedita num passeio pela floresta.

  • O Gato Guto E O Pato Pito


    O gato Guto e o pato Pito são vizinhos. Sem querer, eles estragam a comida um do outro, acabam brigando e fazem seus donos brigarem também. Mas Guto e Pito são amigos e fazem as pazes no dia seguinte. Será que os donos também vão se desculpar?

  • Manual de Direito Previdenciário - Série...

    De Goes,Hugo Medeiros



    Esta obra trata do custeio da Seguridade Social e dos benefícios e serviços da Previdência Social. Por meio de teoria consistente e questões ao fim de cada capítulo, o livro apresenta todo o conteúdo cobrado em provas de Direito Previdenciário pelas...

  • e-book

    Gao Xingjian'apos;s Post-Exile Plays -...


    Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000, Gao Xingjian is the first Chinese writer to be so lauded for his prose and plays. Since relocating to France in 1987, in a voluntary exile from China, he has assembled a body of dramatic work that has...

  • e-book

    Gao Xingjian'apos;s Post-Exile Plays -...


    Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000, Gao Xingjian is the first Chinese writer to be so lauded for his prose and plays. Since relocating to France in 1987, in a voluntary exile from China, he has assembled a body of dramatic work that has...

  • David Goes To School


    David finds that school can be great fun after he takes control of his own activities, but the teachers don't think his kind of entertainment is amusing and so try to stay one step ahead of him in order to put a stop to his wild ways. 75,000 first...

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  • Virgie Goes To School With Us Boys

    Howard,Elizabeth Fitzgerald; Lewis,Earl B.

    In the post-Civil War South, a young African-American girl is determined to prove that she can go to school just like her older brothers.

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  • Dora Goes for a Ride

    Beinstein,Phoebe; Fruchter,Jason; Fruchter, Jason

    Dora uses a bus, a car, a boat, a fire engine, a plane, a train, and a hot-air balloon, all to get to Diego's Animal Rescue Center.

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  • Virgie Goes to School With Us Boys

    Howard,Elizabeth Fitzgerald; Lewis,Earl B.

    Introduces young readers to the struggles and sacrifices that young African Americans, especially girls, had to endure in order to attend school and become educated. By the illustrator of the Coretta Scott King Honor book, The Bat Boy and His Violin....

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  • Pepper Goes to School


    Pepper the puppy joins his owner Lily at school and manages to erase the board, chase balls, and jump rope, in an interactive book that mimics the experiences of a child's day with innovative pull-tabs, flaps, and a pop-up finale.

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  • Moses Goes to a Concert


    When Moses and his class of hearing-impaired students go on a field trip to a concert, they meet the orchestra's deaf percussionist, in a story that includes signed phrases and the manual alphabet

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  • Clifford Goes To Washington


    Readers can tour of the nation's capital along with Clifford and explore its sights, including the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Full color.

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  • Lizzie Goes Wild


    When she is sentenced to serve detention with wild Angel Lieverman, Lizzie discovers that Angel's lifestyle is really exciting, but her new behavior and dress causes her family and friends to worry.

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  • Gladys Goes Out To Lunch


    Bored with eating bananas day and night, Gladys makes a successful escape from her cage at the zoo and hits the city street where she dines on ice cream, pizza, and an array of tasty treats before returning back home for the night.

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  • Sally Goes to the Farm


    Sally, a black Labrador retriever, goes to a farm where she enjoys various activities.

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  • Sally Goes to the Beach


    Sally, a black Labrador retriever, goes to the beach, where she enjoys various activities with other visiting dogs.

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  • Z Goes Home


    Follows the letter Z on its way home from the zoo as it passes a bridge, gargoyles, rocks, and woodpiles, illustrating the letters of the alphabet along the way.

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  • Stuart Goes To School

    Pennypacker,Sara; Matje,Martin

    Worried about his first day at a new school, eight-year-old Stuart wears his magic cape and hopes that it will help him get through the day. Reprint.

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  • Olivia Goes To Venice


    In her latest adventure, Olivia, everyone's favourite little pig, is off the Venice, the place of fine art, carnival and gondolas for a family holiday to remember. With her very own discerning eye for style, Olivia takes the beautiful city of Venice...

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  • Junior Goes to School

    Berger,Samantha; Viscardi,Lisa Huberman; Moreton, Daniel

    Junior Goes to School

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  • Plantzilla Goes to Camp

    Nolen,Jerdine; Catrow,David; Catrow, David

    Through a series of letters a boy, his parents, and others discuss Camp Wannaleavee, the camp bully, and Plantzilla, who has been forbidden to come but misses his caretaker and arrives in time to become the camp hero.

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  • e-book

    Harry Goes Sailing

    Michelle De Serres

    It’s the height of summer and Harry’s feeling the heat. So he scurries off to the frog pond where he hops with Melissa the frog into the garden gnome’s little sailing boat. Hauling aboard a lily leaf for a sail, they set off on a voyage across the...

  • e-book

    Max Goes to the Moon: A Science Adventure...

    Bennett,Jeffrey; Okamoto,Alan

    Max the Dog and his human friend Tori take the first trip to the Moon since the Apollo era and their trip proves so inspiring to people back on Earth that all the nations of the world come together to build a great Moon colony. From the colony, the...

  • e-book

    Bullygator - Goes to Work

    Juana Chacon

    Short story about an adorable bulldog and his office visit.

  • e-book

    Fritz Goes to Treehouse

    Heather Logan; Ella Ford-Amendolagine

    Fritz is not your average puppy. He sometimes forgets that he is a dog. Find out what Fritz learns when he visits Treehouse.

  • e-book

    Daffodil Goes to the Seaside

    Marion E. Derrett

    Daffodil the elephant lives with Rashid and his family. One day they are having a fun day at the seaside, when Daffodil spoils it by being careless and embarrassing. Daffodil is in disgrace, and Dad is all for returning home, but Rashid persuades him...

  • e-book

    Max Goes to Mars: A Science Adventure with...

    Bennett,Jeffrey; Okamoto,Alan

    Max gets ready to go on the first human mission to Mars. This time, his mission is to help the human crew in the search for life on Mars, while providing the comfort that only a dog can offer on a journey that lasts more than two years. With sidebars...

  • e-book

    Paula Goes To The Pound


    A very gifted Poodle teaches us that all Dogs are special creatures, even if they live at the Pound.  Add a very determined Ballerina, together with a Veteran who has a noble sense of purpose - and you get an epic adventure story for children and...

  • e-book

    Taeh Goes To The Vet

    Wendy Healy-Hindmarch

    In the first of many humorous books in this series we see through the eyes of Taeh the Dalmatian as she tries to conquer her fear of the vet.Come along on this adventure and see what awaits her.See as she tries to outwit her pets (humans) as they...

  • e-book

    Dinosaur Goes to the Fire Station

    Ken Alside

    The fire station is full of fun in this exciting title. Trying on a fire helmet, sliding down the fire pole, and checking out a big red fire truck are all on tap when this dino visits his fireman brother at the station. Beginning readers will love...

  • e-book

    Melvin Goes To The Dentist

    Sara Cremeno; Colleen Genest

    Melvin Goes To The Dentist is a story for children with special needs and anxieties. It clearly outlines the main events when going to the dentist for the first time to take some of the anxiety and uncertainty out of this new experience. This story...

  • e-book

    Dog Goes To The Moon - from the Dog Has A Key...

    Green,Joey; Green,Debbie

    Dog has a magic key, and when his boy Joe and Joe's Mom are sleeping, Dog sneaks out and has adventures. During his travels, Dog goes around the world, back in time and to the Moon! Dog always learns something new. Like most moms, Joe's Mom has no...

  • e-book

    Sally Goes to the Vet


    A trip to the vet! Sally, the inquisitive black Labrador retriever, takes her very first trip to the vet! Sally loves playing outdoors with her friend Bingo, however, one day while playing, Sally trips and falls and hurts her head. Told from the eyes...

  • e-book

    Sally Goes to the Farm


    Sally's first trip to the farm! Sally, the adorable black Labrador retriever, is taking her first trip to the country! Nervous about the trip, a million questions run through Sally's doggy-mind: Who will she meet? What will she do? Will she learn to...

  • e-book

    Tucker Goes to Kindergarten - Step-by-Step

    Kaylea J. Mangrum; Bartch,Lea

    Join Tucker as he shares his adventure of kindergarten. The multi-leveled text includes a simple sentence for beginning readers followed by a more detailed explanation of what to expect in kindergarten. The words and hand-painted illustrations will...

  • e-book

    Tad Goes Blueberry Picking


    In this fictional narrative, readers will learn about two different animals living at the zoo. Descriptive text structure and colorful illustrations will allow readers to compare and contrast facts about a cheetah and a sloth. This fiction title is...

  • e-book

    Tiberius Goes Camping


    Tiberius and his friends investigate a strange noise, which leads to a very spooky night-time adventure!

  • e-book

    Tiberius goes to London


    When Tiberius and his friends go on an exiting day out, they land themselves in all sorts of trouble!Follow their adventure using the special map of London included with this story.

  • e-book

    Chopax Goes To Church!?

    Schutt, Craig

    Mouse gets a most unexpected and unwelcome visit from JD Raye! But that's not nearly as shocking as the strange visitor who shows up at the local church.

  • e-book

    Dinosaur Goes to the Library

    Ken Alside

    These dino friends learn a library is full of more than just books in this exciting title. Once they get their library cards and start exploring, they find lots of media to enjoy. From books about dogs to their favorite music or newspapers, these...

  • e-book

    Amy Goes to School for the First Time - Books...


    Amy, a preschool child, feels apprehensive at first yet she discovers how wonderful and exciting can be her first day at school so as to keep it in her memories as one of her best days.

  • e-book

    Ellis Goes to the Doctor


    Poor Ellis, usually so energetic, is sick! After days of coughing and not sleeping well, his parents take him to the doctor. There, Ellis gets poked and prodded, and so does his monkey, Ballowits. It can be scary going to the doctor for the first...

  • e-book

    Clarence Goes Out West& Meets a Purple Horse

    Adams,Jean Ekman

    While visiting a western ranch, Clarence the pig plays cards, line dances, plays the washtub in a cowboy band, and reads stories at bedtime with his new friend Smoky the purple horse.

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