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  • Going To Hell


    Com o lançamento de seu segundo álbum, Going to Hell, e com sua atual turnê, a banda claramente está focada em se tornar um genuíno marco musical. Taylor Momsen e The Pretty Reckless disponibilizaram a faixa “Heaven Knows” digitalmente em 20 de...

  • e-book

    The Completion Agenda in Community Colleges -...

    Baldwin, Chris

    The Completion Agenda in Community Colleges is intended to improve understanding about the complex issues surrounding the national college completion agenda by highlighting the origins of this agenda and the dilemmas and opportunities it creates for...

  • Going To The Hospital

    Parragon Books

    Going To The Hospital

  • e-book

    Going IT Alone - The Handbook for Freelance...

    Leon Brown

    A detailed guide to self-employment for software and web developers-from identifying your target market, through to managing your time, finances, and client behaviorAbout This Book• Discover how to make money with software development skills.• Learn...

  • e-book

    Edgar Gets Going - The rise and fall and rise...

    Trevor Strong

    As bass player for the '80s one hit wonder, Rock Viper, Edgar Martin toured the world, had sex with groupies and made thousands of people deaf. But the band broke up years ago and Edgar's now middle-aged, out of work and desperate for cash. His luck...

  • e-book

    Proactive Marketing for the New and...

    Fonseca, Anthony J.; Melissa U. D. Goldsmith

    Academic libraries have continually looked for technological solutions to low circulation statistics, under-usage by students and faculty, and what is perceived as a crisis in relevance, seeing themselves in competition with Google and Wikipedia....

  • e-book

    Going Ninja - The Eight New Rules for...

    Kaplan, Samuel; Riegert, Keith

    BEING NINJA.DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?Not by yourself, that’s for sure. But the brutal, six-week programin Going Ninja will make it happen. Transforming you from aslow-refl exed nobody into a ripped, shuriken-hurling assassin.What is the best way to...

  • e-book

    Going Where the Wind Blows


    Someone killed Bill, and whoever it was stole all the money.Rita Mae came to San Francisco in the late 1800s with her man to find a better life, never mind the fact that said new life involved plans to rob a few banks. When Bill is murdered, Rita Mae...

  • e-book

    Going into the City


    One of our great essayists and journalists—the Dean of American Rock Critics, Robert Christgau—takes us on a heady tour through his life and times in this vividly atmospheric and visceral memoir that is both a love letter to a New York long past and...

  • e-book

    Going to the Dogs - Confessions of a Mobile...

    Nieman, Jan

    When Jan Nieman decided to become a mobile pet groomer, little did she know what a wild ride she was in for. Over the next 21 years, she tussled with feisty pets, wrestled with stubborn vans, chased down AWOL dogs, and learned to cope with wayward...

  • e-book

    Going Up In the World

    Mike Ball

    Continuing Mike Ball's unique series of observations of events in the 'absurd dimension'.Has the reclusive german clockmaker been leading a double life and has this impacted on his collection of weasels?Has he got a case to answer and if so will the...

  • e-book

    Going the Distance - Why Some Companies...

    Kennedy, Kevin; Moore, Mary

    Going the Distance identifies eight key obstacles to the long-term success of great businesses—and shows exactly how to overcome them. Former Cisco SVP Kevin Kennedy and leading consultant Mary Moore show how to assess corporate health and correct...

  • e-book

    The Monopoly of Violence - Why Europeans Hate...

    Sheehan, James

    Since 1945, the European states which had previously glamorised their military elites, and made going to war the highest expression of patriotism, have renounced violence as a way of settling their disputes. Violence has been eclipsed as a tool of...

  • e-book

    Going for the Gold - How to Become a...

    Buller, Jeffrey L.

    What do faculty members, academic administrators, or development officers need to know if they want to be successful fundraisers in higher education? Going for the Gold demystifies these worlds for anyone interested in higher education fundraising...

  • e-book

    Going Beyond the Theory/Practice Divide in...

    Taguchi, Hillevi Lenz

    This book identifies the gaps needing to be bridged to achieve a more inclusive and 'just' early childhood education, in relation to class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, disabilities and age, and explores various ways of bridging these gaps.

  • e-book

    Going Beyond the Theory/Practice Divide in...

    Taguchi, Hillevi Lenz

    Going Beyond the Theory/Practice Divide in Early Childhood Education focuses on the use of pedagogical documentation as a tool for learning and transformation. Based on innovative research, the author presents new approaches to learning in early...

  • e-book

    Going My Way - A Search for the Perfect Poop

    John R. Milford

    A personal and comedic twist on the subject of poop that boldly goes where no man has gone before!

  • e-book

    Going Solo - The Extraordinary Rise and...

    Klinenberg, Eric

    In 1950, only 22% of adults were single. Today, more than 50% of adults are. Eric Klinenberg explores the dramatic rise of solo living, and the seismic impact it's having on our culture, business and politics. Though conventional wisdom tells us that...

  • e-book

    Going Grey - The Mediation of Politics in an...

    Davidson, Scott

    Developed countries throughout the world are experiencing population ageing and the new challenges that arise from this change in the national demographic. The phenomenon of an ageing population has necessitated policy reform regarding the role of...

  • e-book

    Going the Distance

    Moore, Stephanie Perry; Moore, Derrick C.

    The Alec London Series is a series written for boys, 8 – 12 years old.  Alec London is introduced in Stephanie Perry Moore'apos;s previously released series, The Morgan Love Series.  In this new series, readers get a glimpse of Alec'apos;s life up...

  • e-book

    Going To the Wars


    Now available in paperback, 'Going to the Wars' studies the British Civil War as a military experience. It is not a traditional campaign history, a political history of the war, or an analysis of weapons, organization, supply or tactics. Rather...

  • e-book

    Going Beyond the Little White Book - A...

    Worth, Liz

    Reading tarot can be an incredible, illuminating experience. The cards offer valuable insights and guidance into many aspects of our lives, from relationships to career to personal growth. But learning how to interpret each card can feel...

  • e-book

    Going Global - Managing the HR Function...

    Baker, Jodi; Rickard, Cat

    As organizations operate across countries and continents there is an increasing demand for the development of an HR function designed to deliver global support. This requires rethinking the structure of HR, how it is managed and how it operates....

  • e-book

    Going to the Sources

    Brundage, Anthony

    The updated fifth edition of Going to the Sources presents a practical guide to historical research and writing for all students of history. Focuses on the basics of historians’ craft, introducing students to concepts including refining a topic,...

  • e-book

    Going Home - The Oak and the Cliff: the...

    Gary L Henderson

    There’s a lot going on. Sandy has never seen his family’s ancient home, but sets out to find it --- a mole, wandering the wide world.  Jeremiah, itinerant sailor, decides to help, and the adventure begins.  A badger and a mole set out to explore the...

  • e-book

    Going to the Sources

    Brundage, Anthony

    The updated fifth edition of Going to the Sources presents a practical guide to historical research and writing for all students of history. Focuses on the basics of historians’ craft, introducing students to concepts including refining a topic,...

  • e-book

    Going for the Gold: Sarah Hughes


    Ice PrincessSarah Hughes was born to skate, and she proved to the world with her dramatic gold medal victory at the 2002 Winter Olympics. But the road to Olympic glory was not always easy for this Long Island teen.Going for the Gold: Sarah Hughes is...

  • e-book

    Going Against the Grain - How Reducing and...

    Smith, Melissa

    Diets high in grains can lead to a host of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, and more. Going Against the Grain outlines the disadvantages and potential dangers of eating various types of grains and provides practical,...

  • Going To the Hospital


    This series introduces young children, in a amusing and friendly way, to situations they might find themselves in for the first time. Stephen Cartwright's gently humorous illustrations are full of things for children to look at, learn from and talk...

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  • e-book

    Going Yard - The Everything Home Run Book

    Freedman, Lew

    Going Yard includes everything anyone would want to know about home runs—from the rise of Babe Ruth, whose prodigious power revolutionized the sport in the Roaring Twenties and the most famous All-Star game and World Series round-trippers to...

  • e-book

    Going for the Gold: Apolo Anton Ohno

    Lang, Thomas

    Man of SpeedPart athlete, part rock star, Apolo Anton Ohno has won fans across the globe with his charisma, his movie-idol looks, and his edge-of-the-seat victories at the 2002 Winter Olympics.Going for the Gold: Apolo Anton Ohno tells the story of...

  • e-book

    Going to the Wars

    Hastings, Max

    Max Hastings grew up with romantic dreams of a life amongst warriors. But after his failure as a parachute soldier in Cyprus in 1963, he became a journalist instead. Before he was 30 he had reported conflicts in Northern Ireland, Biafra, Vietnam,...

  • e-book

    Going to University Abroad - A guide to...

    Hyde, Anthony; Hyde, Martin

    More and more students in the world now decide to undertake their university studies in another country to their own. They see advantages of quality, value and experience in studying abroad and rightly see the experience as a preparation for life and...

  • e-book

    Going Higher - Oxygen, Man, and Mountains

    Charles S M.D. Houston

    The seminal work on how the body responds to high altitude, including the current science science in this edition

  • e-book

    60 Going on Fifty: The Baby Boomers Memory...

    Poole,Ed; Poole, Kathi

    Remember the good ol' days?'  We often hear Baby Boomers ask that question, but do we take the time to really remember?  Do we share those stories with our children and grandchildren so they know who we are, how we lived our lives, and why we chose...

  • e-book

    Going to Extremes - The Adventurous Life of...

    Wade, Stephen

    Harry de Windt (1856–1933) was a man who, by any standards, was a personality, a marked presence in the world of Victorian and Edwardian literature and social life. He was a member of the literary circle around Oscar Wilde and his friend and lover,...

  • Going to the Movies


    The distinguished screenwriter, critic, and teacher offers a personal look inside the world of filmmaking, sharing insights and examples to determine those elements common to all great films and speculating about the future of great American film....

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  • Going For The Gold: How The U.S. Olympic...


    Going For The Gold: How The U.S. Olympic Hockey Team Won At Lake Placid

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  • Going To The Source

    Brown,Victoria Bissell

    Going To The Source

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  • e-book

    Going Against the Grain


    This is a true account of a cocaine smuggler in the 21st century and what it was like to be involved in this high risk business. It is one man's story from beginning to end but there are hundreds of people languishing in prisons all over the world...

  • Going To The Source

    Brown,Victoria Bissell

    Going To The Source

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  • e-book

    Going, Going, Gone! - The Art of the Trade in...

    Zimniuch, Fran

    Early in the history of America'apos;s favorite pastime, trading baseball players was almost as easy as trading baseball cards. This was before the end of the reserve clause and the advent of arbitration, free agency, gargantuan salaries, and...

  • e-book

    Going Beyond the Jesus Story

    Lockhart, Douglas

    Who am I? Why am I? Where am I headed and where have I been? These are just some of the questions that concern the author of Going Beyond the Jesus Story, a book that ranges freely across complex and intriguing subject areas such as the nature of...

  • e-book

    Going Vegan - The Complete Guide to Making a...

    Newman, Joni Marie; Gerrie L. Adams

    The fear of change, the fear of the unknown, the fear of never being able to eat bacon again! These are just a few of the reasons people are afraid to go vegan. Going Vegan seeks to change that, and provide a practical and easy-to-understand...

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