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  • The Richmond Express Grammar Of English With...

    Vários Autores



    The Richmond Express Grammar Of English With CD Rom

  • Philosophical Grammar Of The English Language...


    Excerpt from Philosophical Grammar of the English Language: In Connection With the Laws of Matter and of Thought, Deduced From the English Language Alone, Without Regard to the Grammatical Principles of Other Tongues The author of the following pages...

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  • Rudiments Of English Grammar - Being An...

    Webster, Noah

    Excerpt from Rudiments of English Grammar: Being an Abridgment of the Improved Grammar of the English Language The term substantive for name or noun, 1 have rej ect cd, as not easily understood by children. I use mode instead of mood; the latter...

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  • Outlines Of English Grammar - Calculated For...

    Walker, John

    Excerpt from Outlines of English Grammar: Calculated for the Use of Both Sexes at School; In Which the Practical Rules of the Language Are Clearly and Distinctly Laid Down, and the Speculative Difficulties as Much as Possible Avoided The moods of...

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  • A Grammar And Dictionary Of The Samoan...


    Excerpt from A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language: With English and Samoan Vocabulary The former editions of this work having passed out of print, in compliance with the urgent suggestions of several friends and a strong impression on my...

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  • The Teacher's Grammar of English

    Cowan,J. Ronayne

    The Teacher's Grammar of English

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  • First Lessons In English Grammar And...


    Excerpt from First Lessons in English Grammar and Composition: With Exercises in the Elements of Pronunciation, Words for Dictation, and Subjects for Composition A few of the words are unaccented; the proper placing of the accents belonging to them...

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  • The Royal English Grammar - Containing What...


    Excerpt from The Royal English Grammar: Containing What Is Necessary to the Knowledge of the English Tongue, Laid Down in a Plain and Familiar Way, for the Use of Young Gentlemen and Ladies A Vowel is a letter that makes a full and perfect found of...

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  • A Comprehensive Grammar Of The English...

    Henderson, Thomas

    Excerpt from A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language: Containing Many Original Features; Especially in the Treatment of Verbs, and the Omission of Technical Terms; In Two Parts, Comprising a Complete Elementary Course These variations we have...

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  • An English Grammar, Methodical, Analytical,...

    Maetzner, Eduard Adolf Ferdinand

    Excerpt from An English Grammar, Methodical, Analytical, and Historical, Vol. 2 of 3: With a Treatise on the Orthography, Prosody, Inflections and Syntax of the English Tongue; And Numerous Authorities Cited in Order of Historical Development Speech...

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  • A Short Grammar For The English Tongue - For...

    Turner, William

    Excerpt from A Short Grammar for the English Tongue: For the Use of English Schools; Dedicated to the Honourable Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge The Church ateehifm exp ain'd and rcv'd by apt Texts of Scripture. Divided into XXVI arts....

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  • The Teacher's Grammar of English

    Cowan,J. Ronayne

    The Teacher's Grammar of English

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  • The Principles Of Language - Exemplified In...

    Crane, George

    Excerpt from The Principles of Language: Exemplified in Practical English Grammar With Copious Exercises; Designed as an Introduction to the Study of Languages Generally for the Use of Schools, and Self-Instruction The faculty of speech has developed...

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  • A New English Grammar - Containing The Nine...

    Brown, John

    Excerpt from A New English Grammar: Containing the Nine Parts of Speech With a Compleat Vocabulary, Dialogues, Anecdotes, Letters Moral and Mercantile Du Nom'flh Des Nombres. M Des Gas. 1, Des Genres. 4 g 06 ation. Dela Déclinaifon (1 ms. Des...

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  • A Shakespearian Grammar - An Attempt To...

    Abbott, Edwin Abbott

    The finest and fullest guide to the peculiarities of Elizabethan syntax, grammar, and prosody, this volume addresses every idiomatic usage found in Shakespeare's works (with additional references to the works of Jonson, Bacon, and others). Its...

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  • The Richmond Simplified Grammar Of English -...

    Vários Autores

    The Richmond Simplified Grammar Of English - 4ª Ed.

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  • The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language

    Huddleston,Rodney D.; Pullum,Geoffrey K.

    The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language

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  • A Student's Grammar of the English Language


    A Student's Grammar of the English Language

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