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22 produtos
  • Promoção de Moda

    Moore, Gwyneth

    Promoção de moda é uma introdução prática a todos aqueles recursos e técnicas que podem ser utilizados para promover uma marca de moda na era 2.0. Tendo como ponto de partida para qualquer campanha o desenvolvimento do conceito de marca, o livro...

  • e-book

    Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Animals

    Potts, W. T. W.; Gwyneth Parry

    Osmotic and Ionic Regulation in Animals focuses on the processes involved in osmoregulation.The book first discusses general considerations of osmoregulation in animals, including the distinction of body fluids, definitions, and properties of...

  • e-book

    Fairy Gold

    Rees, Gwyneth

    A fourth exciting and charming novel in Gwyneth Rees's best-selling fairy series Lucy can't believe her eyes when she wakes in the night to find Goldie and Bonnie - two tooth fairies - on her pillow. The fairies tell Lucy that their job is to collect...

  • e-book

    Fairy Rescue

    Rees, Gwyneth

    The fifth exciting, fairy-filled title in Gwyneth Rees's bestselling series After a bad asthma attack Maddie spends the summer holidays at her grandparents' house. As usual, her mother is very overprotective, so Maddie is thrilled to meet Poppy, a...

  • e-book

    Fairy Secrets

    Rees, Gwyneth

    Ellie never thought she'd meet fairies when she goes to stay with her aunt in the Welsh valleys. But Myfanwy and Bronwen, the valley flower fairies, tell Ellie a big secret. The old toy museum nearby contains the entrance to fairyland - and some of...

  • e-book

    Something Secret

    Rees, Gwyneth

    Laura thinks she knows her mum, especially as it's been just the two of them since Dad left. But then Mum brings home a boyfriend and, even worse, starts acting very strangely - she's obviously keeping something from Laura. But what? As Laura digs...

  • e-book

    My Super Sister

    Rees, Gwyneth

    Emma knows that having superpowers isn'apos;t always easy, especially when you have to keep them secret. But it'apos;s even harder when your mischievous little sister can'apos;t help using them in the naughtiest of ways. And when Saffie makes the new...

  • e-book

    Cosmo and the Great Witch Escape

    Rees, Gwyneth

    Cosmo, a witch-cat, is delighted that evil Sybil - the most terrible of witches - is safely in prison. In fact, she'apos;s even fitted with a special tag, which means that if she and her cronies try to escape they will be turned into frogs. But then...

  • e-book

    Notes from my Kitchen Table - Enhanced Ebook...

    Paltrow, Gwyneth

    The Academy-Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is an icon of style and taste around the world. But for her, family comes above everything, and cooking and eating together are the key ingredients of a happy home. Now she has put her passion for...

  • It's All Easy - Delicious Weekday Recipes For...


    The #1 'New York Times 'bestselling cookbook that will help anyone make delectable, healthy meals in no time!Gwyneth Paltrow is back to share more than 125 of her favorite recipes that can be made in the time it would take to order takeout (which...

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  • e-book

    Fairy Dreams

    Rees, Gwyneth

    Evie gets a wonderful surprise when she goes to stay at her grandma'apos;s house. Fairies appear in the night. They are dream fairies and they live at the bottom of Evie'apos;s bed. Even better, Evie can go and have magical adventures with them in...

  • e-book

    Cherry Blossom Dreams

    Rees, Gwyneth

    Sometimes, something happens in your life that changes everything. When Sasha was six, her dad died suddenly and the world changed forever. Now she'apos;s twelve, it feels like things are changing all the time: her twin brother hardly talks to her...

  • e-book

    The Mum Hunt

    Rees, Gwyneth

    How hard can it be to find the perfect partner for your dad?Esmie misses her mum, even though she was only a tiny baby when she died. She has a photo by her bed, and sometimes - when she needs advice or just fancies a chat - she asks her mum for...

  • Houses



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  • e-book

    Imprisoned Fathers and their Children

    Boswell, Gwyneth; Wedge, Peter

    More than 125,000 children in the UK alone are 'sentenced' to separation from their imprisoned parents. This book draws on extensive research and experience to examine the effect this kind of separation can have on the emotional development of a...

  • Public Lives

    Gordon,Eleanor; Nair,Gwyneth

    Public Lives

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  • e-book

    The Sin Eaters - Supernatural Tales of...

    Gwyneth Edwards

    The Sin Eaters is a haunting collection of twelve short stories - with a supernatural theme - set in present day Wales. The majority of the stories are based in towns and villages that lie on the Heart of Wales Line as it runs from Swansea to...




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  • Bittersweet And Blue


    O CD 'Bittersweet and Blue' traz a cantora Gwyneth Hebert interpretando músicas com letras fortes, algumas escritas com a participação da cantora, mas ao mesmo tempo de uma delicadeza inspirada pelos tons de piano e saxofone.

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  • Two in a Boat


    The Welsh poet describes how, in her forties and recovering from a long battle against depression and alcoholism, she decided to trade in her landlubber life--a nice house in Cardiff and a sensible job at the BBC--for life aboard a small yacht with...

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