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  • Hamlyn All Colour 200 Fast Family Favourites

    Frost,Emma Jane

    This is a collection of recipes designed to take the stress out of mealtimes and provide delicious dishes for the whole family to enjoy, without the need to spend hours in the kitchen. The book contains suggestions for breakfasts, light bites &...

  • 200 Receitas de Sucos Refrescantes - Col....


    Para garantir a saúde é fundamental ingerir no mínimo cinco porções de frutas e legumes por dia. Tomar suco ajuda o corpo a se restabelecer, protege-nos contra doenças, garante a ingestão diária de vitaminas e minerais e contribui para tornar cabelos...

  • Gloriously Gluten Free

    Booth ,Susanna

    About 1 in 100 people have coeliac disease, a lifelong autoimmune condition caused by intolerance to gluten that requires avoiding wheat, barley, rye and oats, but in this age of 'clean living' and health-conscious eating many more choose to avoid...

  • Coca-cola - The Cookbook

    Hamlyn; Hamlyn

    From humble beginnings over 125 years ago, the Coca-Cola company has evolved from one product to more than 500 brands available in 200 countries around the world, and more than 1.7 billion drinks sold a day. This book celebrates the story of one of...

  • My Pilates Guru

    Hayes ,Anya

    My Pilates Guru provides the reader with the ultimate in practical instruction by combining the benefits of a fully-illustrated book with a free instructional app. The book provides core illustrated theory and step-by-step guides to Pilates positions...

  • Kitten Taming - The Fast Route To a...


    You adore your kitten, but he tears around your house, sharpens his claws on your sofa and breaks your ornaments. Kitten Taming is the stress-free way to cope with that loveable vandal. Learn simple, quick and effective methods of kitten-proofing...

  • Colour Me Beautiful

    Henshaw,Pat; Henderson,Veronique

    Colour Me Beautiful

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  • Hamlyn All Colour Best Plants


    Hamlyn All Colour Best Plants

  • 200 Receitas de Bolinhos e Biscoitinhos


    Esse volume reúne uma seleção de minidelícias doces para qualquer momento, seja um lanche, um chá da tarde, seja uma ocasião festiva. Inclui opções saborosas e variadas de minicupcakes, minimuffins, cookies, folhados, scones, merengues e macarons,...

  • Goal! - Intimate Portraits And Interviews...

    Donald, Michael

    From Uruguayan Alcides Ghiggia in 1950 through to Mario Gotze in 2016, this is a fascinating portrait of the men who have lived the dream of every soccer fan worldwide. Michael's intimate portraits are accompanied by an interview with the player that...

  • Escola de Culinária - 150 das Melhores...


    Se você adora a idéia de poder preparar suas próprias receitas, mas não se sente confiante o bastante para fazê-lo, este livro é perfeito para você. Ele o guiará por cada uma das etapas necessárias para se tornar um cozinheiro competente, a começar...

  • Classic Italian Recipes

    Conte,Anna Del; Del Conte,Anna

    'The Hamlyn Classic Recipes' series is a celebratory collection of some of the most admired chefs the world has to offer - noteworthy not only for their pioneering approach to food, but also for their dependable, uncomplicated and trustworthy...

  • The Dog Directory - Facts , Figures And...

    Newkey-Burden,Chas; Newkey-burden, Chas

    Are bulldogs good with kids? Why do shar peis frown? Which dog was bred to be eaten? For dog-lovers of all ages, this fascinating and informative book provides you with all you need to know about the amazing world of pedigree dogs. Containing the...

  • Super Grains


    Eating more of the right kinds of grains is an easy way to better health. Whole grains are packed with nutrients including protein, antioxidants, B-vitamins, fibre and trace minerals. A diet rich in these grains reduces the risk of heart disease,...

  • Know Your Dog - Understand How Your Dog...

    Sands, David

    Know Your Dog - Understand How Your Dog Thinks And Behaves

  • 200 Light Gluten-Free Recipes


    Millions of people either suffer from gluten intolerance or choose to reduce their intake of gluten as part of a healthy lifestyle. With stunning photographs and clear step-by-step instructions, Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook: 200 Light Gluten-Free...

  • Pasta

    Hamlyn; Hamlyn


  • Classic Vegetarian Recipes

    Elliot, Rose

    Classic Vegetarian Recipes

  • The Mythical Creatures Bible


    The Mythical Creatures Bible provides a complete guide to mythical beasts and beings from a variety of cultures around the world, including Mesopotamian, ancient Greek, ancient Egyptian and Chinese, Japanese, Nordic, Celtic and Native American. From...

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  • Juices And Smoothies

    Cross,Amanda; Hunter,Fiona; Hunking,Penny

    Whether you want to boost your energy levels, detoxify your system or simply quench your thirst, Juices and Smoothies shows you the tasty and easy way to drink '5 a day'. With no loss of all the essential nutrients found in fresh fruits and...

  • Cooking For A Healthy Heart - Over 80...

    Jacqui (Lynas) Morrell

    The book encourages an understanding of heart disease, who is most at risk, and highlights the importance of healthy eating as a preventative measure against this disease. It provides 83 delicious, accessible recipes specifically designed to lower...

  • Gluten-Free Cooking - Over 60 Gluten-Free...

    Costain,Lyndel; Farrow,Joanna

    Having a gluten intolerance needn't mean missing out on your favourite foods. This collection of over 60 nutritionally-analysed recipes provides easy-to-make alternatives to problem foods such as pasta, bread, pastry and cakes. From mouthwatering...

  • 200 Cakes & Bakes


    No matter what your sweet tooth may be craving, Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook: 200 Cakes & Bakes contains a selection of 200 tasty recipes for all kinds of baked treats. With this complete guide to all things cake, you'll be able to bake everything from...

  • 200 Slow Cooker Recipes

    Lewis,Sara E.

    Would you like to cut down on convenience food? Want to eat home-cooked meals but just don't have the time or energy to prepare them after a busy day? Then a slow cooker could be the solution for you. Requiring only minimal preparation, a slow cooker...

  • Just 5 Vegetarian - Make Life Simple With...


    With no more than 5 ingredients, you can create simple and delicious vegetarian meals that are packed full of flavour and easily adaptable - for example, Beetroot Pasta with Herbs, Tomato & Feta Tart, Aubergine & Goats' Cheese Gratin, Gnocchi with...

  • The Carblover's Diet Cookbook

    Largeman-roth,Frances; Kunes,Ellen

    The CarbLover's Diet revealed that eating pasta, bread, potato and pizza will actually make you happier, healthier, and thinner - for good! The CarbLover's Diet Cookbook contains over 150 delicious recipes that you'll enjoy eating and that will help...

  • Party Games - Practical Parenting

    Walters,Clare; Kemp, Jane; Kemp,Jane

    Packed with tips ranging from party bags and prizes to safety issues and suggestions for calming a boisterous crowd, this guide, endorsed by 'Practical Parenting Magazine' has over 100 ideas to keep kids entertained, arranged thematically and graded...

  • Travel Games - Practical Parenting

    Walters,Clare; Kemp, Jane; Kemp,Jane

    Featuring strategies to banish boredom, restlessness and squabbling, and transform the nightmare of a potential journey into an enjoyable experience, this title contains over 100 ideas to entertain children on any mode of transport, as well as in...

  • Learn To Play Golf In 10 Easy Lessons

    Neil Tappin

    It may be a nice relaxing game to play at the weekend, but to those picking up a club for the first time golf can seem a daunting challenge. However, with simple fundamentals and the right advice, golf isn't that difficult. This essential all-in-one...

  • Sudoku - A New Compilation of 200 Daily Mail...


    At last! A brand new collection of the Daily Mail's sudoku puzzles is now available for you to enjoy, whether you're looking to banish boredom on your daily commute or simply keep your brain active at home. This collection will please expert puzzlers...

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  • The Telegraph Killer Sudoku 1

    Hamlyn; Hamlyn

    Brace your braincells for a mental workout with this collection of killer sudoku from the Telegraph. Prepare yourself to take on the challenge that is Telegraph Killer Sudoku 1. The ultimate test of logic, these demanding puzzles will put your mind...

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  • The Recollections Of Geoffry Hamlyn, Vol. 2...


    Excerpt from The Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn, Vol. 2 of 3 A new heaven and a new earth! Tier beyond tier, height above height, the great wooded ranges go rolling away westward, till on the lofty sky - line they are crowned with a gleam of...

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  • The Recollections Of Geoffry Hamlyn, Vol. 2...


    Excerpt from The Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn, Vol. 2 of 2 You're abroad early this morning, Sir, said the man; nothing the matter, is there, sir? Nothing, said Sam, save that one Of Captain Brent wood's bulls is missing, and I came out to tell...

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  • World Atlas of Golf


    World Atlas of Golf

  • Sopas - Receitas Clássicas e Criativas


    Sopas - Receitas Clássicas e Criativas

  • New Quick Crosswords - Volume - 10


    Speedy reactions at the ready! The latest from Hamlyn's extensive crossword title series, 'Quick Crosswords Volume 10' is a rollercoaster collection of challenges from the 'Daily Mail'. Containing 200 small-but-sneaky grids to test all ages and...

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  • Mail On Sunday Super Sudoku - 5

    The Mail On Sunday

    A new compilation of demanding brainteasers from the ever-popular archives of the Mail on Sunday. Super Sudoku ups the ante of the perennially popular game and with a massive 16 3 x 4 grids in each puzzle. Challenge, frustrate and hone your grey...

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  • Firsts, Lasts And Onlys of Golf


    From Rabbit Wars waged on St. Andrew's famous Old Course to the rebellion that interrupted a Royal round, this tome is packed with facts that will tantalised and enthral. Delve into this extraordinary showcase of Firsts, Lasts and Onlys from the...

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  • Firsts, Lasts And Onlys of Cricket


    This title features 200 brilliant and bizarre curiosities highlighting the First, Last and Onlys that have occurred during the illustrious history of this sport - from the determined cricketers fined for playing on the Sabbath to the only virtuoso to...

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  • The World's Smallest Hardest Crosswords


    Quick Crosswords are great for those who don't always have enough time to complete larger puzzles, but sometimes they can be a little too straight-forward for more experienced crossword addicts. For those who find this to be true, or simply for those...

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  • The Recollections Of Geoffry Hamlyn, Vol. 1...


    Excerpt from The Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn, Vol. 1 of 3 He looks like it, said the major. He'd carry you a mile or two, yet. I thought he had died while I was in England, I said. Ah, major, that horse's history would be worth writing. About the...

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  • The Recollections Of Geoffry Hamlyn, Vol. 3...


    Excerpt from The Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn, Vol. 3 For a time their way lay straight across the broad well-grassed plains, marked with ripples as though the retiring sea had but just left it. Then a green swamp; through the tall reeds the...

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  • The Recollections Of Geoffry Hamlyn (Classic...

    Kingsley, Henry

    Excerpt from The Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn Even the Dictionary of National Biography, usually so adequate with men (if importance, dismisses Henry Kingsley with a few curt lines. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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  • The Telegraph - Ultimate General Knowledge...

    Telegraph, Daily

    Impress all your friends at your next pub quiz by becoming an expert in everything from history to sport, science to popular entertainment. This fantastic collection of puzzles provides the perfect solitary entertainment for a quiet moment, and you...

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