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  • Handbook Of Computational Quantum Chemistry


    Handbook Of Computational Quantum Chemistry

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  • Crc Handbook of Chemistry And Physics

    Lide,David R.

    Provides chemical and physical data

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  • The Biomedical Engineering Handbook

    Bronzino,Joseph D.

    The Biomedical Engineering Handbook

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  • Handbook of Physical-chemical Properties And...

    Ma,Kuo Ching; Shiu,Wan Ying; MacKay,Donald; Lee,Sum Chi

    Handbook of Physical-chemical Properties And Environmental Fate For Organic Chemicals

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  • Handbook Of Chemical Engineering Calculations

    Hicks,Tyler; Chopey,Nicholas

    Solve chemical engineering problems quickly and accurately Fully revised throughout with new procedures, Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations, Fourth Edition shows how to solve the main process-related problems that often arise in chemical...

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  • Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry...


    Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry - Principles and Practice - vol. 1

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  • Handbook of Wood Chemistry And Wood...

    Rowell,Roger M.

    Handbook of Wood Chemistry And Wood Composites

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  • Handbook of Antistatics

    "pionteck,Jurgen; Wypych, George"

    This is the first comprehensive handbook written on the subject of antistatic additives for polymers. These are additives capable of modifying properties of materials in such a way they become antistatic, conductive, and/or EMI shielding. The book...

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  • Handbook of Antioxidants

    Denisov,E. T.; Denisova,Taissa G.

    Handbook of Antioxidants

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  • Handbook of Hydrothermal Technology

    "byrappa,K.; Yoshimura, Masahiro"

    Quartz, zeolites, gemstones, perovskite type oxides, ferrite, carbon allotropes, complex coordinated compounds and many more -- all products now being produced using hydrothermal technology. Handbook of Hydrothermal Technology brings together the...

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  • Handbook of Industrial Fluorochemicals

    Leck,Thomas J.

    Handbook of Industrial Fluorochemicals

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  • Handbook of Industrial Drying

    Mujumdar,Arun S.

    Handbook of Industrial Drying

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  • Handbook Of Chiral Chemicals

    Ager,David J.

    Handbook Of Chiral Chemicals

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  • Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis 2nd...

    Speight,James G

    Introduces the reader to the production of the products in a refinery - Introduces the reader to the types of test methods applied to petroleum products, including the need for specifications - Provides detailed explanations for accurately analyzing...

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  • Handbook of Fibre Rope Technology

    McKenna,H. A.; Hearle,J. W. S.; O'hear,N.

    Handbook of Fibre Rope Technology

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  • Handbook Of Biogeneric Therapeutic Proteins

    Niazi,Sarfaraz K., Ph.D.

    Handbook Of Biogeneric Therapeutic Proteins

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  • Handbook of Near-infrared Analysis

    Burns,Donald A. (edt); Ciurczak,Emil W. (edt)

    Handbook of Near-infrared Analysis

  • Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data

    Yalkowsky,Samuel H.; He,Yan

    Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data

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  • Handbook of Spent Hydroprocessing Catalysts

    "marafi,Meena; Stanislaus, Anthony; Furimsky

    This handbook serves scientists and researchers interested in any aspect of spent hydroprocessing catalysts. Its aim is to assist in the analysis and assessment of refined catalyst byproducts and processing options, to determine whether spent...

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  • Handbook Of Fluorescent Dyes And Probes

    Sabnis,R W

    A COMPLETE, UP-TO-DATE RESOURCE OF INFORMATION ON MORE THAN 150 FLUORESCENT DYES AND PROBES 'Handbook of Fluorescent Dyes and Probes' is the most comprehensive volume available on the subject, covering all the available dyes and probes known to date...

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  • Handbook of Coal Analysis 2nd Edition

    Speight,James G

    Provides users with everything they need to know about testing and analysis of coal Includes new coverage on environmental issues and regulations as related to coal Provides the reader with the necessary information about testing and analyzing coal...

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  • Handbook Of Green Chemistry And Technology

    Macquarrie,Duncan J.; Clark,James H.

    Sustainable development is now accepted as a necessary goal for achieving societal, economic and environmental objectives. Within this chemistry has a vital role to play. The chemical industry is successful but traditionally success has come at a...

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  • Handbook of Surface And Colloid Chemistry

    Birdi,K. S.

    Handbook of Surface And Colloid Chemistry

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  • Handbook For Critical Cleaning - Applications...

    Kanegsberg,Barbara; Kanegsberg,Ed

    This second edition discusses cleaning process applications, management, and safety and environmental concerns. International contributors give the text a global viewpoint.

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  • Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Copolymer...


    Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Copolymer Solutions

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  • Handbook Of Carbon, Graphite, Diamond And...

    Pierson,Hugh O.

    This book is a review of the science and technology of the element carbon and its allotropes: graphite, diamond and the fullerenes. This field has expanded greatly in the last three decades stimulated by many major discoveries such as carbon fibers,...

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  • Handbook of Adhesive Raw Materials, 2nd Ed.

    Flick,Ernest W.

    Handbook of Adhesive Raw Materials, 2nd Ed.

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  • Handbook Of Engineering Hydrology -...


    While most books only examine the classical aspects of hydrology, the three-volume set covers multiple aspects of hydrology, and includes contributions from experts from more than 30 countries. It examines new approaches, addresses growing concerns...

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  • Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical...

    Bruno,Thomas J.; Svoronos,Paris D. N.

    Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis

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  • Handbook of Petrochemicals Production...

    Meyers,Robert A.

    Chemicals -- and the process used to produce them -- are a billion dollar business. Written by experts from major international petrochemical licensing firms, this innovative handbook details the latest and most powerful chemical processes used to...

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  • Handbook of Flotation Reagents: Chemistry,...

    Bulatovic, Srdjan M.

    Handbook of Flotation Reagents: Chemistry, Theory and Practice: Flotation of Gold, PGM and Oxide Minerals, Volume 2 focuses on the theory, practice, and chemistry of flotation of gold, platinum group minerals (PGMs), and the major oxide minerals,...

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  • Handbook Of Surface And Colloid Chemistry,...

    Birdi,K S

    This new edition of the Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry informs you of significant recent developments in the field. It highlights new applications and provides revised insight on surface and colloid chemistry s growing role in industrial...

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  • Handbook of Silicon Wafer Cleaning Technology...

    "reinhardt,Karen; Kern, Werner"

    The second Edition of the Handbook of Silicon Wafer Cleaning Technology is intended to provide knowledge of wet, plasma, and other surface conditioning techniques used to manufacture integrated circuits. The integration of the clean processes into...

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  • Handbook Of Fire And Explosion Protection...

    Nolan, Dennis P

    Written by an engineer for engineers, this book is both training manual and on-going reference, bringing together all the different facets of the complex processes that must be in place to minimize the risk to people, plant and the environment from...

  • Handbook For Critical Cleaning - Cleaning...

    Kanegsberg,Barbara; Kanegsberg,Ed

    This title provides a wealth of up-to-date information on cleaning agents and cleaning systems.

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  • Handbook For The Chemical Analysis Of Plastic...

    Bolgar,Michael; Hubball,Jack; Groeger,Joe; Meronek,Susan; Groeger,Joseph

    Polymers have undoubtedly changed the world through many products that improve our lives. However, additives used to modify the overall characteristics of these materials may not be fully disclosed or understood. These additives may present possible...

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  • Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry...


    This is the second volume of a four volume set intended to describe the techniques and applications of thermoanalytical and calorimetric methods. The general techniques and methodology are covered extensively in Volume 1, along with the fundamental...

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  • Handbook of Infrared And Raman Spectra of...

    "nyquist,Richard; Kagel, Ronald; Putzig, Cur

    This four-volume handbook presents unique data of infrared and Raman spectra that are extremely useful for the analysis of inorganic compounds and organic salts. The spectra charts as presented in the volumes may be used to facilitate...

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  • Handbook of Industrial Membranes


    This manual contains necessary and useful information and data in an easily accessible format relating to the use of membranes. Membranes are among the most important engineering components in use today, and each year more and more effective uses for...

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  • Handbook Of Sealant Technology

    Mittal,K L; Pizzi,A

    Sealing is an age-old problem that dates back to our earliest attempts to create a more comfortable living environment. Prehistoric people used natural sealants such as earth, loam, grass, and reeds to protect the interior of their homes against the...

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  • Handbook Of Commercial Catalysts

    Rase,Howard F

    Despite the advances in understanding the phenomena that occur on a catalyst surface, much of the successful catalyst development and use continues to be half science and half art. The art resides in the practical knowledge of experts in the...

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  • Handbook of Plastics Technologies

    Harper,Charles A.; Harper,Charles A.

    Understand, design, and manufacture plastics This resource provides you with the state-of-the-art information for the design, manufacture and application of plastics as well as its cutting-edge usage in nanotechnology. Includes the latest industry...

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  • Handbook Of Industrial Chemistry

    Ali,Bassam M. El, Ph.D.; Ali,Mohammad Farhat; El Ali,Bassam M.; Speight,James G.; Speight,J. G.

    The definitive guide for the general chemical analyses of non-petroleum based organic products such as paints, dyes, oils, fats, and waxes. * Chemical tables, formulas, and equations * Covers all of the chemical processes which utilize organic...

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  • Handbook Of Radical Polymerization


    (Co)polymers prepared via free radical mechanism, together with polyolefins, comprise the largest portion of the commodity plastics industry and are also used for preparation of many specialty materials. Handbook of Radical Polymerization provides a...

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