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74 produtos
  • e-book



    COMPRE 1 E LEVE 2 - EDIÇÃO ESPECIAL COM HISTÓRIA DE PRESENTE!HISTÓRIA DE PRESENTE: ENCONTRO NO ALTAR, DE JESSICA HARTVALERIE – DEBBIE MACOMBERValerie volta para casa quando seu pai sofre um enfarte. O momento é delicado, mas ela não precisa se...

  • e-book

    Renascer do Amor


    SPECIAL 98 – RENASCER DO AMOR– REBECCA WINTERSCORAÇÃO LEAL – REBECCA WINTERSAo aceitar ser barriga de aluguel de um casal da realeza do Mediterrâneo, Abby Loretto sabia que tomara uma decisão muito difícil. Quando uma tragédia arrebata a vida da...

  • e-book

    Cada Toque seu


    Cada Toque seu - Susan MeierUM LIVRO - DUAS HISTÓRIASNovo CaminhoMissy Johnson se desdobra para cuidar de seus trigêmeos e administrar seu negócio em ascensão. É muito trabalho para uma pessoa só! Ela só não contava que Wyatt McKenzie, que acabou de...

  • e-book

    Amor na Itália


    AMOR NA ITÁLIA – LUCY GORDONMAIS DO QUE UM CASASAMENTO DE FACHADASally Franklin foi para a Itália desejando mudar de vida. Mas não esperava receber uma proposta tão irresistível do sensual Damiano Ferrone. Ela seria uma noiva de conveniência. Contudo...

  • Very Special Love

    Wright,Courtni Crump; Sims,Janice; Perrin,Kayla

    Very Special Love

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  • Her Special Charm


    Her Special Charm

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  • The Ton's Most Notorious Rake


    She vowed to stay clear of men...But can she resist the ton's most notorious rake?Alone in the dirt, her ankle in agony, the last person Molly Morgan wants to come to her rescue is the handsome yet infuriating Beau Russington. Molly does her utmost...

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  • Forever A Father


    'Will you be my dad?'Ask me anything but that.Once upon a time, Dr. Daniel Delaney had it all. But he lost it in the blink of an eye, and he won't let himself fall again--not even for his dedicated new assistant, Keela O'Mara, and her adorable,...

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  • e-book

    Rebeldes Domados


    SPECIAL 100 – REBELDES DOMADOS – MICHELLE DOUGLASCULTIVANDO O AMORO policial Mitchell King achava que sua ex-namorada, Tash Buckley, precisava de proteção. Por isso, decide escondê-la em sua cabana à beira-mar. Tash não tinha medo do perigo, e só...

  • e-book

    Amor em Construção


    HARLEQUIN SPECIAL 104 - O AMOR EM CONSTRUÇÃO - MICHELLE DOUGLASProjeto de AmorDominic Weight se orgulha de sua trajetória profissional, e o próximo projeto será o passaporte para o sucesso! Mas nem tudo vai às mil maravilhas... Dominic terá de servir...

  • First Came Baby

    Fletcher, Kris

    The perfect reason to stay?Kate Hebert's fling with Jackson Boone wasn't supposed to be anything more than good fun. When she got pregnant, they married to please her dying grandmother, and Boone headed home to Peru. Now he's in Comeback Cove to...

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  • Married Till Christmas


    An impulse wedding... Strong, sexy Nell Bravo won't be fooled again. After all, Declan McGrath already shattered her heart into pieces--not once, but twice. When alluring CEO Deck sweeps Nell off her feet in Las Vegas, though, she tumbles headlong...

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  • His By Christmas


    From Four Weeks to Forever Parasailing. Hang gliding. Rock climbing. That's what hard-driving exec Calhoun Hart had planned for his monthlong Caribbean jaunt. Until a skydiving accident puts a crimp in his plans--and puts him back into work mode....

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  • Show Me A Hero

    Leigh, Allison

    She's not just another fan.She's here on baby business.When small-town cop Ali Templeton shows up at Grant Cooper's door claiming he's the uncle of an abandoned baby, the air force veteran turned famous thriller writer is shocked. By the news...and...

  • From Governess To Countess


    The scandalous truth about the count's new mistress!A Matches Made in Scandal storyCount Aleksei Derevenko has hired governess Allison Galbraith for her skills as a herbalist, not a mistress! But when rumors spread, Allison is more shocked by her...

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  • A Very Special Delivery


    A Very Special Delivery

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  • The Fortune Most Likely To...

    Ferrarella, Marie

    A powerful first love... An explosive secret...The Fortunes of Texas: The Rulebreakers continues!Dr. Everett Fortunado is sitting on the biggest secret to hit Texas--but nothing's more shocking than finding Lila Clark working for the Fortunes. Years...

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  • The Outlaw And The Runaway

    March, Tatiana

    He didn't want to be an outlaw...Can this shy runaway redeem him?When Celia's father is implicated in a robbery, she can't stay and suffer the wrath of the townsfolk. Her refuge is brooding Roy Hagan--he's tough enough to protect her. But life with...

  • Claiming The Captain's Baby


    His Daughter's GuardianFormer marine captain Giles Wainwright had seen his share of battles. When the military man turned multimillionaire learned he had a baby girl, he vowed to go to war to keep her. But Mya Lawson had her late sister's last will...

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  • A Night Of Secret Surrender


    He was her first love...Now she'll risk all to save him.Celeste Fournier once gave her innocence to the man she loved. Years later, that same man, Major Summerley Shayborne, is in Paris, and in danger! Celeste's world has changed beyond recognition,...

  • The Warrior's Viking Bride


    A Viking maiden destined for the bed with her captor!As a female warrior, Dagmar Kolbeinndottar knows she's not meant for marriage and a family. Until she's kidnapped by Celtic warlord Aedan mac Connall, who has been tasked with...

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  • The Sheriff's Nine-Month Surprise


    A shotgun wedding...or a Match Made in Haven? By-the-book attorney Katelyn Gilmore has her entire life mapped out. But a spontaneous weekend of passion with Reid Davidson upends that well-ordered universe. She's going to have a baby! And what's more,...

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  • Miss Murray On The Cattle Trail


    A cattle drive is no place for a greenhornBut this city miss is here for the ride!Cowboy Zachariah Strickland should put Alexandra Murray on the first eastbound train home. But he has no choice except to take her on his cattle trail. She hasn't...

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  • Christmastime Courtship

    (9959415) the name of love What kind of motorcycle cop gives a speeding ticket around Christmas? One as by the book as Colin Kirby. But when he stops pediatric oncology nurse Miranda Steele, little does he know that she's about to zoom straight into...

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  • Yuletide Baby Bargain


    Christmas Miracle...or Christmas Mayhem?When Lincoln Swift finds a two-month-old infant on his doorstep, it's panic time! Still, he takes the child in, believing she's his MIA brother's unless a DNA test proves otherwise. Then he turns to social...

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  • The Baby Switch!

    Senate, Melissa

    He took home the wrong baby...But gained a wife!Single dad Liam Mercer loves his son with all his heart. But the unthinkable has happened--his beloved baby isn't really his! And Shelby Ingalls is reeling to discover that her baby was accidentally...

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  • The Arizona Lawman


    The prettiest rancher he'd ever seenIn her wildest dreams, Tessa Parker never expected to inherit a ranch. But as soon as she sets foot on the Bar X, the orphaned Tessa finally feels at home. And that brusque deputy sherriff who greets her? There's...

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  • No Ordinary Fortune


    A Fortune by any other name...Still means trouble!As vice president of Mendoza Winery, Miami transplant Carlo Mendoza knows most of the famous Fortunes. So when sultry Schuyler Fortunado saunters into the tasting room, claiming a connection to the...

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  • Their Christmas Angel


    'Watch out, Daddy!' When Parker Lennox brakes to an icy halt, he narrowly misses hitting...a Christmas angel? Wait, that's Miss Bradshaw, his daughters' music teacher. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But one look in those angel eyes and the single dad...

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  • A Cowboy Family Christmas


    Dear Santa, I've been a good girl. Well, mostly. These days, I'm usually the one dishing out advice. But the readers of 'Dear Debbie' don't know that I've never been the love of anyone's life. As soon as I landed at the Rocking Chair Ranch, though,...

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  • Fortune's Family Secrets

    Smith, Karen Rose

    The man of her a Fortune in disguise!Innkeeper Cassie Calloway could easily fall for her newest guest. Out-of-towner Nash Tremont is hunky, handsome and handy, but Cassie's painful past makes her afraid to trust. In this case, caution may...

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  • Soldier, Handyman, Family Man


    He's all kinds of man. But is he a family man?It's good to be home! But civilian life isn't easy for Mark Delaney. The former surf champ copes by carving California waves and working solo as the handyman for his family's beachfront hotel. Until...

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  • Do You Take This Baby?


    Marriage is in this playbook!Football champion Ethan Ladd planned to spend the off-season dating beautiful women and living the good life. Until his ailing infant nephew is thrust into his care. Despite his best efforts, social services doesn't...

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  • Adding Up To Family

    Ferrarella, Marie

    For the Matchmaking Mamas, 1 + 2 = Happily-Ever-AfterWhen widowed rocket scientist Steve Holder needs a housekeeper who can also help with his precocious ten-year-old, The Matchmaking Mamas assign Becky Reynolds. The math whiz turned domestic...

  • Falling For The Brother

    Quinn, Tara Taylor

    A brother's secrets, a brother's loveHead of security Harper Davidson is shocked when her ex's grandmother becomes the newest resident at The Lemonade Stand shelter. The suspected abuser? The woman's own grandson, Harper's ex-husband. None of this...

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  • An Engagement For Two

    Ferrarella, Marie

    Recipe for love: two reluctant souls and a dash of matchmaking!Dr. Mikki McKenna's dedicated her entire life to her patients. But when it comes to herself? The devoted doctor's vowed never to repeat her parents' mistakes, and that means never falling...

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  • A Soldier In Conard County


    He's honoring a fallen friend... but never expected to fall in love.When he first arrives in Conard County, Sergeant Gil York is licking the wounds of combat--and mourning a beloved friend. But when he meets his fallen buddy's cousin, Miriam Baker,...

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  • The Rancher's Christmas Song

    Thayne, Raeanne

    'RaeAnne Thayne is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors... Once you start reading, you aren't going to be able to stop.' --Fresh Fiction 'RaeAnne has a knack for capturing those emotions that come from the heart.' --RT Book Reviews Keep a...

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  • The Maverick's Midnight Proposal


    Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? Rust Creek RamblingsSighting confirmed! That handsome, brooding cowboy about town is Luke Stockton--Rust Creek Falls's long-lost son. It's been over a decade since his parents' tragic death...and Luke's sudden...

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  • The Bachelor's Baby Surprise


    Okay, Evangeline Holly!You. Can. Do. This.Put that bad breakup behind you. And stop obsessing over the subsequent superhot one-night stand. Focus on your future. It's the first day of your new job! Just ignore the fact that your boss, Ryan Wilde, was...

  • A Bride For Liam Brand


    Liam Brand is done with waiting. The time has come to finally claim his bride!Single mom Kate King is juggling a daughter with a disability, a bustling horse ranch and a disappointing ex. Finding room for romance is more than challenging. But Liam...

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  • Just What The Cowboy Needed


    Summer of Her CowboyNever fall in love. Never get married. Logan Hunt knows all the things he doesn't want. But his daughter needs a summer nanny and darn if Grace Flynn doesn't fit the bill...and then some. The sweetly alluring kindergarten teacher...

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  • A Fortunes Of Texas Christmas


    OOH-LA-LA! A FRENCH FORTUNE!The Yuletide season brings something tr's magnifique to Austin, Texas, in the form of sexy French entrepreneur Amersen Beaudin. The sexy but standoffish playboy has zero interest in meeting his newly discovered Fortune...

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  • The Knight's Forbidden Princess

    Townend, Carol

    A princess captive in the tower...A Spanish knight who can set her free!In this Princesses of the Alhambra story, meet Princess Leonor, who can't escape her tyrannical sultan father. For Spanish knight Count Rodrigo, her innocence--and beauty--tug at...

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