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  • The Heart Of Betrayal – Crônicas de Amor e...

    Pearson, Mary E.

    Em “The Heart of Betrayal — Crônicas de Amor e Ódio v.2”, Lia e Rafe estão presos no reino barbárico de Venda e têm poucas chances de escapar. Desesperado para salvar a vida da princesa, Kaden revelou ao Vendan Komizar que Lia tem um dom poderoso,...

  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue...


    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue é uma coletânea de 3 versões de Kingdom Hearts, incluindo:- Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD: Uma versão remasterizada em HD do Kingdom Hearts 3DDream Drop Distance, pela primeira vez no PlayStation®....

  • The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper’S Lonely Hearts...


    Os Beatles celebram ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ com o lançamento de uma edição especial de aniversário! Foi há 50 anos, em um 1º de junho, que os Beatles John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison e Ringo Starr surpreenderam e...

  • e-book

    Hearts of Gold

    Collier, Catrin

    Book one in the Hearts of Gold series by Catrin Collier

  • Heart And Sell - 10 Universal Truths Every...

    Levitin, Shari

    Are you making it difficult for your potential customers to buy from you? Author Shari Levitin, creator of the Third-Level Selling system, offers a dynamic framework for effective selling in the Digital Age. Unlike other sales books that focus on...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    The Heart'apos;s Highway - A Romance of...

    Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

    Fans of historical romance will relish this finely wrought novel from American author Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, who brings her unique skill with characterization and local color to a memorable love story that's set in the Tidewater area of Virginia...

  • e-book

    The Heart of the Matter

    Gould, Leslie

    Anabelle Scott is beside herself with excitement for the arrival of her first grandchild. As her Daughter Ainslee'apos;s due date approaches, however, tensions over Anabelle'apos;s meddling ways reach a breaking point when Ainslee announces that she...

  • e-book

    A Heart for Robbie

    J. P. Barnaby

    Celebrated Young Adult author Julian Holmes pits the heroic characters in his Black Heart series against all different kinds of monsters. But when a critical heart defect threatens his son'apos;s life, he finds he has no champion. No amount of books,...

  • e-book

    When Hearts Collide

    Brittney Michelle

    You can meet a person, and before you know it they've changed your whole world... but what if the chemistry from the impact sparks a fire? Londyn is a 21-year-old young woman with a guarded heart, and a personality loved by many. Solo is a charming...

  • e-book

    Fierce Heart

    Na Duo

    Three hundred bones stacked recently in Shennongjia. Someone discovered the layer of bones left more than a hundred years ago in a cave located in Xinhua Township Mao er Guan Village in Shennongjia. The local people call the hole as the...

  • e-book

    The Dark Heart of Peeping Tom

    Terry Grimwood

    And now the time has come, take my hand, if you dare, and I'll take Tom's, and together we'll let him lead us down a dark alley and into the shadows...A secret that must never be passed onA tube journey into madnessA demonic terror concealed in the...

  • e-book

    Heart - The Inside Story of our Body'apos;s...

    Johannes Hinrich von Borstel

    In this lively and informative exploration of all aspects of the heart, Johannes Hinrich von Borstel offers a perfect mix of medical fact and amusing anecdote. A doctor, prospective cardiologist, and former paramedic—as well as a successful...

  • e-book

    Heart and Toxins

    Meenakshisundaram Sundaram Ramachandran

    The Heart and Toxins brings together global experts to provide the latest information and clinical trials that make the connection between genetic susceptibility, gene expression, and environmental factors in cardiovascular diseases. This unique...

  • e-book

    Heart Disease in the Tropics

    H. O. Gunewardene

    Heart Disease in the Tropics indicates features in cardio-vascular diseases induced by tropical conditions and by diseases peculiar to the tropics.The book provides chapters that discuss the incidence of heart disease in the tropics; the...

  • e-book

    Heart for the Fight

    Bruning, John R.; Stann, Brian

    This is the story of a kid from the wrong side of Scranton who made it to the Naval Academy, played linebacker for the Navy football team for four years, became a Marine officer, graduated first in his infantry officer class, led his men in two...

  • e-book

    Heart to Heart With Robert Wagner

    Diana Maychick; L. Avon Borgo

    Drawing on their in-depth interviews with Robert Wagner, authors Maychick and Borgo provide us with a rare glimpse into the private and stormy life of a Hollywood legend. We see the good and the bad - from Robert's early years as a struggling novice,...

  • e-book

    Heart to Heart Volume 1

    Kathryn, Kuhlman

    From Kathryn Kuhlman's heart to yours eleven messages to stir you and encourage you. Kathryn once said that Christian character isn't made on the mountaintop it's made in the valley.

  • e-book

    Heart and Soul

    Fred L. Helms

    Dr. David McAllister is a respected medical school professor and heart transplant surgeon with a very ill teen-age patient waiting for a heart. And maybe something more.  Over the years several heart transplant patients have shared information...

  • e-book

    Heart-Shaped Box

    Joe Hill

    Judas Coyne is a collector of the macabre: a cookbook for cannibals . . . a used hangman's noose . . . a snuff film. An aging death-metal rock god, his taste for the unnatural is as widely known to his legions of fans as the notorious excesses of his...

  • e-book

    Heart Over Height

    Finkel, Jon; Nate Robinson

    Heart Over Height tells the motivational story of how three-time NBA Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson combined an unstoppable will with dogged determination to achieve his goals, and how those traits can apply to anyone facing their own seemingly...

  • e-book

    Heart and Science

    Wilkie Collins

    This early work by Wilkie Collins was originally published in 1883. Born in Marylebone, London in 1824, Collins' family enrolled him at the Maida Hill Academy in 1835, but then took him to France and Italy with them between 1836 and 1838. Returning...

  • e-book

    Heart'apos;s Home

    H. B. Pattskyn

    Outcast werewolf Alun Blayney is jaded, fearful of what could happen if even one human were to discover monsters are real. Police Constable James Heron is an idealistic young man convinced that love can overcome any differences. When they meet over...

  • e-book

    Hearts Crossing Ranch - The Anthology: A...

    Hanson, Tanya

    Take a trail ride to Hearts Crossing Ranch where you'll encounter a family full of love, a land rich in history and contemporary challenges...and a band of brothers and sisters who'll do anything for each other and the men and women they love. Hearts...

  • e-book

    Heart of Darkness

    Conrad, Joseph; 1stWorld Library

    The Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor without a flutter of the sails, and was at rest. The flood had made, the wind was nearly calm, and being bound down the river, the only thing for it was to come to and wait for the turn of the tide....

  • e-book

    Heart and Soul

    Latonya D. Young

    Latonya D. Young is truly a unique writer. She has admitted to writing everywhere she goes. From the grocery store line to her daughters dance practices. This book is a collection of just some of the short poems that she has written during her...

  • e-book

    Heart Trouble

    Trocheck,Kathy Hogan

    Former cop, currently co-owner of the House Mouse housecleaning service, and freelance p.i., Callahan Garrity raises eyebrows when she accepts an assignment from the most hated woman in Atlanta -- a wealthy white socialite who killed a young black...

  • e-book

    Heart of Darkness

    Joseph Conrad

    CSF Publishing's Classic Literature Collection includes title's carefully updated and corrected from the original text, and features new enhancements such as the author's complete biography and bibliography, story description, list of characters and...

  • e-book

    Hearts of Controversy

    Meynell, Alice

    Fifty years after Tennyson's birth he was saluted a great poet by that unanimous acclamation which includes mere clamour. Fifty further years, and his centenary was marked by a new detraction. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the obscure...

  • e-book

    Heart Attack Watch

    Alyson Foster

    Heart Attack Watch is built around disasters large and small--those we know enough to fear but for which we can never prepare. The blackout. The car crash. The diagnosis. In these moments of reckoning, Alyson Foster'apos;s characters grow achingly...

  • e-book

    Heart of Darkness Thrift Study Edition

    Joseph Conrad

    Includes the unabridged text of Conrad'apos;s classic novel plus a complete study guide that features chapter-by-chapter summaries, explanations and discussions of the plot, question-and-answer sections, author biography, historical background, and...

  • e-book

    Hearts On The Road

    Brandmeyer, Diana Lesire

    Will Randi find love on the open road? Abandoned, betrayed, and feeling forsaken by God, truck driver Randi Davis crisscrosses Wyoming with a broken heart, vowing never to love another man. Suddenly Matthew Carter, a pastor in search of a mobile...

  • e-book

    Hearts and Diamonds

    Elyot, Justine

    The celebrity and the bad boy?Former celebrity judge Jenna Diamond has embarked on a steamy affair with a perfect stranger who cares far more about her body than her fame.However, as the press scrutiny of their relationship intensifies Jenna cannot...

  • e-book

    Heart Crush


    Heart Crush is a story about the trials and tribulations of a broken relationship. Brian and Marissa have been married for ten years. But, things are not what they used to be. In this book, you'll get a look inside the lives of this couple and view...

  • e-book

    Heart In Hand a Western Romance

    Author Burr Cook

    A fast moving fictional romance. The location moves from Buffalo, New York to a Montana cattle ranch. A lonely widow answers an ad in a lonely hearts magazine and gets involved with a hard drinking cowboy.

  • e-book

    Heart of a Dove

    Abbie Williams

    The Civil War has ended, leaving the country with a gaping wound. Lorie Blake, a southern orphan sold into prostitution at fifteen, has carefully guarded her aching soul from the disgrace forced upon her every evening. Two years have passed, leaving...

  • e-book

    Heart of Darkness - The Original Classic...


    Heart of Darkness - The Original Classic Edition

  • e-book

    Hearts Aflame

    Johanna Lindsey

    Beautiful and defiant, Kristen Haardrad meets the hot, longing gaze of Royce, Thane of Wyndhurst, with icy fury - vowing never to be enslaved by the powerful Saxon lord who holds her captive. She is his enemy and his prize - a wild and lusty hellion...

  • e-book

    Heart of War

    Masters, John

    January 1 1916: Europe is bleeding to death as the corpses rot from Poland to Gallipoli in the cruel grip of the Great War... Heart of War follows the fate and fortunes of the Rowland family and those people bound up in their lives: the Cate...

  • e-book

    Hearts Unleashed - A Second Acts Novel

    Dumont, Julia

    Hearts Unleashed is Julia Dumont'apos;s third novel in the Second Acts contemporary romance series. Cynthia Amas, matchmaking guru to everyone but herself, has just opened the new offices of her highly personalized boutique dating service in...

  • e-book

    Heart'apos;s Heritage

    Cecil, Ramona K.; Richardson, Lisa Karon

    Brave the frontier along with widow Annie Martin who tries to keep her homestead going—until its ownership is questioned. Also includes a bonus historical romance.

  • e-book

    Heart of the Highland Wolf

    Spear, Terry

    Book 1 in Terry Spear'apos;s Highland Wolf SeriesIt'apos;s a matter of pride... Modern day werewolf laird Ian MacNeill reluctantly allows a film production company to use his castle, but he knows his secretive clan has a big problem when a beautiful...

  • e-book

    Heart in Hand

    Mary Calmes

    A Warder Series NovellaSimon Kim is very much in love with Leith Haas, but Leith is a Warder. His job-hunting demons-is dangerous and important, and Simon doesn'apos;t want to distract the man he loves more than life with the small stuff. But he...

  • e-book

    Heart of the Hunted

    Grace, Viola

    Bree has worked for the agricultural department on Imrahl until this week. She has been identified as a late-blooming breeder and is now shopping for knickknacks to fill her new apartment. When her escort turns kidnapper and she is dropped on an...

  • e-book

    Black Hearts, Black Spades

    Frank Chandler

    Orphaned after tragic events during a dreadful storm, two young children, Jacob and Rachel Peterson, leave Beckinson in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains for adoption by an uncle and aunt in Chicago. Ten years later, when the opportunity arises to...

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