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  • The Power Of Habit Why We do What We Do, And...

    Duhigg, Charles

    Charles Duhigg's thesis is powerful in its elegant simplicity: confront the root drivers of our behavior, accept them as intractable, and then channel those same cravings into productive patterns. His core insight is sharp, provocative, and...

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  • The Franchise Affair - Heinemann


    When fifteen-year-old Betty Kane accuses Marion Sharpe and her mother of kidnapping her and holding her prisoner in their house, The Franchise, their lawyer, Robert Blair, determines to prove that Betty is lying, in spite of her details

  • Juan Ponce De Leon


    Describes the life of the Spanish explorer who first came to the New World with Columbus and went on to become governor of Puerto Rico and later came to Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth.

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  • Winning And Losing - Heinemann

    Jupp,T. C.

    Winning And Losing - Heinemann

  • Apartheid In South Africa

    Downing, David

    Examines the historical forces that led to the development of the system of apartheid, what life was like under the system for both blacks and whites, and the efforts that caused the end of this system.

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  • The Life and Work of Edgar Degas


    A biography of the nineteenth-century artist, known as one of the French Impressionists.

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  • Las Hojas / Leaves

    Whitehouse,Patricia; Puello,Beatriz (TRN)

    A basic introduction to leaves, describing their physical characteristics, function, and uses.

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  • John Philip Sousa

    Gillis,Jennifer Blizin

    John Philip Sousa

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  • Cells And Cell Function

    Morgan, Sally

    Cells And Cell Function

  • Heinemann Explore Science International...

    Herridge , Deborah

    Is a comprehensive, easy-to-use primary Science programme. Brilliant books, with ICT to support teaching and planning, bring science to life to engage and inspire students. This International Edition has been revised specially for teachers and...

  • e-book

    Kinetics of Chemical Processes -...


    Kinetics of Chemical Processes details the concepts associated with the kinetic study of the chemical processes. The book is comprised of 10 chapters that present information relevant to applied research.The text first covers the elementary chemical...

  • The Finite Element Method In Engineering

    Rao,S S

    Finite Element Analysis is an analytical engineering tool originated by the Aerospace and nuclear power industries to find usable, approximate solutions to problems with many complex variables. It is an extension of derivative and integral calculus,...

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  • Air



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  • Japan

    Green, Jen


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  • Peregrine Falcon


    Discusses the plight of peregrine falcons and why they are near extinction, as well as some of the ways humans can help.

  • Explorations In Language Acquisition And Use

    Krashen,Stephen D.

    Explorations In Language Acquisition And Use

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  • Leatherback Sea Turtle


    Leatherback Sea Turtle

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  • Handbook of New Product Development...


    Managing new product development is a key area of management, straddling strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship and macro-organizational behaviour.All of the contributorsin the Handbook of New Product Developmentare are well-known and leading...

  • Arrival City

    Saunders, Doug

    Arrival City

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  • Maintenance Strategy

    Kelly, Anthony

    Devising optimal strategy for maintaining industrial plant can be a difficult task of daunting complexity. This book aims to provide the plant engineer with a comprehensive and systematic approach, a framework of guidelines, for tackling this...

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  • Quality Management For The Technology Sector


    There are many standards, methods and perhaps most confusing, but most importantly of all acronyms in use in the field of quality management, and especially so in the field of technology-based products. From the seemingly simple concepts of ISO 9000...

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  • Timeshare Management

    "kaufman,Tammie; Lashley, Conrad; Schreier,

    Timeshare Management

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  • Essential Linguistics

    Freeman,Yvonne S.; Freeman,David E.

    Essential Linguistics

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  • Writing On Demand

    Christenbury,Leila; Gere,Anne Ruggles; Sassi,Kelly

    Writing On Demand

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  • Managing People

    Riley, Michael

    Managing People

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  • Visitor Management

    Shackley, Myra

    Visitor Management

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  • Resource Management

    Weaver, Margaret

    Resource Management

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  • Syndicated Lending


    Syndicated Lending aims to increase the readers awareness of the benefits and risks involved in taking part in the Syndicated Loan market.This book covers:*Who the major players in the syndication loan market are*Why syndication loans are...

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  • Sustainable Tourism

    "middleton,Victor T.c.; Hawkins, Rebecca"

    Sustainable Tourism

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  • Coaching 2e


    Coaching 2e

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  • Managing Quality

    "bell,Des; Wilson, George; Mcbride, Philip"

    Managing Quality

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  • Events Management

    Bowdin, Glenn

    Events Management

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  • Tourism In South And Southeast Asia

    "hall,C. Michael; Page, Stephen"

    Tourism In South And Southeast Asia

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  • Effective Security Management


    Effective Security Management

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  • Creating Organizational Advantage


    Creating Organizational Advantage

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  • Franchising Hospitality Services

    "lashley,Conrad; Morrison, Alison"

    Franchising Hospitality Services

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  • Contemporary Security Management


    Contemporary Security Management, 3rd Edition teaches security professionals how to operate an efficient security department and how to integrate smoothly with other groups inside and outside their own organizations. Fay demonstrates the specifics of...

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  • Strategic Maintenance Planning


    Strategic Maintenance Planningdeals with the concepts, principles and techniques of preventive maintenance, and shows how the complexity of maintenance strategic planning can be resolved by a systematic ‘Top-Down-Bottom-Up’ approach. It explains how...

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  • Practical Process Control


    This book introduces process control to engineers and technicians unfamiliar with control techniques, providing an understanding of how to actually apply control in a real industrial environment. It avoids analytical treatment of the numerous...

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  • Post-Capitalist Society

    Drucker, Peter

    Post-Capitalist Society

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  • Managing Difficult Projects


    Managing Difficult Projects

  • The New Realities

    Drucker, Peter

    The New Realities

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  • Creating Powerful Brands

    "de Chernatony,Leslie; MCDonald, Malcolm; Wa

    Creating Powerful Brands

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  • Marketing Financial Services

    "wright, Mike; Watkins, Trevor; Ennew, Christ

    Marketing Financial Services

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