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  • Materials Science And Engineering Of Carbon:...

    Inagaki,Michio; Kang,Feiyu

    Materials Science and Engineering of Carbon: Fundamentals provides a comprehensive introduction to carbon, the fourth most abundant element in the universe. The contents are organized into two main parts. Following a brief introduction on the history...

  • Rockburst - Mechanisms, Monitoring, Warning,...


    Rockburst: Mechanisms, Monitoring, Warning and Mitigation invites the most relevant researchers and practitioners worldwide to discuss the rock mechanics phenomenon related to increased stress and energy levels in intact rock introduced by drilling,...

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  • Managing Facilities

    "jones,Christine; Jowett, Valerie"

    Managing Facilities

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  • Maintenance Planning And Scheduling


    This is a hands-on reference guide for the maintenance or reliability engineer and plant manager. As the third volume in the “Life Cycle Engineering” series, this book takes the guiding principles of Lean Manufacturing and Maintenance and applies...

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  • Cash Flow Forecasting


    Budgets are like road maps -- they provide a direction for a corporates financial management. Balance sheets and statements of revenues also provide insights into how well a company is following that direction. But cash flow and cash flow forecasts...

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  • Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations


    Professor Pearson's book starts with an introduction to the area and an explanation of the most commonly used functions. It then moves on through differentiation, special functions, derivatives, integrals and onto full differential equations. As with...

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  • Security Science - The Theory And Practice Of...

    Smith,Clifton; Brooks,David J

    Security Science integrates the multi-disciplined practice areas of security into a single structured body of knowledge, where each chapter takes an evidence-based approach to one of the core knowledge categories. The authors give practitioners and...

  • Introduction To International Disaster...

    Coppola,Damon P

    Disaster management is a vibrant and growing field, driven by government spending in the wake of terrorist attacks and environmental debacles, as well as private-sector hiring of risk managers and emergency planners. An ever-increasing number of...

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  • Security And Loss Prevention - An...


    Security and Loss Prevention: An Introduction, Seventh Edition, provides introductory and advanced information on the security profession. Security expert Phil Purpura, CPP, includes updates on security research, methods, strategies, technologies,...

  • Heinemann Explore Science International...

    Lievesley ,Tara; Herridge ,Deborah

    Is a comprehensive, easy-to-use primary Science programme. Brilliant books, with ICT to support teaching and planning, bring science to life to engage and inspire students. This International Edition has been revised specially for teachers and...

  • Integrated Security Systems Design - A...

    Norman,Thomas L

    Integrated Security Systems Design, 2nd Edition, is recognized as the industry-leading book on the subject of security systems design. It explains how to design a fully integrated security system that ties together numerous subsystems into one...

  • audio livro

    Heinemann Podcasts for Educators


    Heinemann Podcasts feature insights and commentary from some of the most popular authors in K-12 education. Each Podcast provides practical teaching information and helpful advice about a specific topic in education. Tune in to Heinemann Podcasts to...

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  • Marine Propellers And Propulsion


    Propulsion technology is a complex, multidisciplinary topic with design, construction, operational and research implications. Bringing together a wealth of disparate information from the field, Marine Propellers and Propulsion provides comprehensive...

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  • Braking Of Road Vehicles

    Day,Andrew J

    Starting from the fundamentals of brakes and braking, Braking of Road Vehicles covers car and commercial vehicle applications and developments from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. Drawing on insights from leading experts from across...

  • High Temperature Coatings


    High Temperature Coatings, Second Edition, demonstrates how to counteract the thermal effects of rapid corrosion and degradation of exposed materials and equipment that can occur under high operating temperatures. This is the first true practical...

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  • Materials Selection In Mechanical Design

    Ashby,Michael F

    Materials Selection in Mechanical Design, Fifth Edition, describes the procedures for material selection in mechanical design in order to ensure that the most suitable materials for a given application are identified from the full range of materials...

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  • Underground Infrastructures - Planning,...

    Singh,Bhawani; Zhao,Jian; Goel,R K

    Underground facilities, such as tunnels, sewer, water and gas networks form the backbone of the economic life of the modern city. In densely populated areas where the demands for transportation and services are rapidly increasing and the construction...

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  • Quantum Mechanics

    Lifshitz,E.M.; Landau,L D

    This edition has been completely revised to include some 20% of new material. Important recent developments such as the theory of Regge poles are now included. Many problems with solutions have been added to those already contained in the book.

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  • Aluminum-Lithium Alloys - Processing,...

    Prasad,N Eswara; Gokhale,Amol; Wanhill,R J H

    Because lithium is the least dense elemental metal, materials scientists and engineers have been working for decades to develop a commercially viable aluminum-lithium (Al-Li) alloy that would be even lighter and stiffer than other aluminum alloys....

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  • Airworthiness - An Introduction To Aircraft...

    De Florio,Filippo

    Airworthiness: An Introduction to Aircraft Certification and Operations, Third Edition, once again proves to be a valuable, user-friendly reference guide for certification engineers engaged in professional training and practical work in...

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  • Coal-Fired Electricity And Emissions Control...

    Tillman,David A

    Coal-Fired Electricity and Emissions Control: Efficiency and Effectiveness discusses the relationship between efficiency and emissions management, providing methods for reducing emissions in newer and older plants as coal-fired powered plants are...

  • Sustainable Cities And Communities Design...

    Clark,Woodrow W

    Sustainable Communities Design Handbook: Green Engineering, Architecture, and Technology, Second Edition, brings together the major players responsible for sustainable development at both community and metropolitan scales. The book aims to explain...

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  • Handbook Of Materials Failure Analysis - With...

    Makhlouf,Abdel Salam Hamdy; Aliofkhazraei,Mahmood

    Handbook of Materials Failure Analysis: With Case Studies from the Textile Industries examines the reasons materials fail in certain situations, including material defects and mechanical failure as a result of various causes. The book begins with a...

  • Flight Dynamics Principles - A Linear Systems...

    Cook,Michael V

    The study of flight dynamics requires a thorough understanding of the theory of the stability and control of aircraft, an appreciation of flight control systems and a grounding in the theory of automatic control. Flight Dynamics Principles is a...

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  • Handbook Of Materials Failure Analysis - With...

    Makhlouf,Abdel Salam Hamdy; Aliofkhazraei,Mahmood

    Handbook of Materials Failure Analysis: With Case Studies from the Construction Industry provides a thorough understanding of the reasons materials fail in certain situations, covering important scenarios including material defects, mechanical...

  • Optimal Design And Retrofit Of Energy...


    Optimal Design and Retrofit of Energy Efficient Buildings, Communities, and Urban Centers presents current techniques and technologies for energy efficiency in buildings. Cases introduce and demonstrate applications in both the design of new...

  • Handbook Of Materials Failure Analysis - With...

    Makhlouf,Abdel Salam Hamdy; Aliofkhazraei,Mahmood

    Handbook of Materials Failure Analysis: With Case Studies from the Electronics Industries examines the reasons materials fail in certain situations, including material defects and mechanical failure as a result of various causes. The book begins with...

  • Seals And Sealing Handbook

    Flitney,Robert K

    Seals and Sealing Handbook, 6th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of sealing technology, bringing together information on all aspects of this area to enable you to make the right sealing choice. This includes detailed coverage on the seals...

  • Sulzer Centrifugal Pump Handbook

    Sulzer Pumps,

    This long-awaited new edition is the complete reference for engineers and designers working on pump design and development or using centrifugal pumps in the field. This authoritative guide has been developed with access to the technical expertise of...

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  • Statistical Physics

    Lifshitz,E.M.; Landau,L D

    A lucid presentation of statistical physics and thermodynamics which develops from the general principles to give a large number of applications of the theory.

  • Engine Testing - The Design, Building,...

    PLINT,M A; Martyr,A J

    Engine Testing is a unique, well-organized and comprehensive collection of the different aspects of engine and vehicle testing equipment and infrastructure for anyone involved in facility design and management, physical testing and the maintenance,...

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  • Nuclear Power Plant Safety And Mechanical...

    Antaki,George; Gilada,Ramiz

    One of the most critical requirements for safe and reliable nuclear power plant operations is the availability of competent maintenance personnel. However, just as the nuclear power industry is experiencing a renaissance, it is also experiencing an...

  • Software Development For Engineers


    Specialisation in software has become a thing of the past. With the move towards graphical user interface programming, engineers must have a sound knowledge of several programming languages and for the first time most of the main technical languages...

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  • An Introduction To Credit Derivatives


    The second edition of An Introduction to Credit Derivatives provides a broad introduction to products and a marketplace that have changed significantly since the financial crisis of 2008. Author Moorad Choudhry gives a practitioner's perspective on...

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  • Explorations In Language Acquisition And Use

    Krashen,Stephen D.

    Explorations In Language Acquisition And Use

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  • Concrete Structures

    Woodson,R. Dodge

    The success of a repair or rehabilitation project depends on the specific plans designed for it. Concrete Structures: Protection, Repair and Rehabilitation provides guidance on evaluating the condition of the concrete in a structure, relating the...

  • Hazard Mitigation In Emergency Management

    Islam,Tanveer; Ryan,Jeffrey

    Hazard Mitigation in Emergency Management introduces readers to mitigation, one of the four foundational phases of emergency management, and to the hazard mitigation planning process. Authors Islam and Ryan review the hazard mitigation framework...

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  • Fluid Flow Measurement - A Practical Guide To...

    Lanasa,Paul J; Upp,E Loy

    There is a tendency to make flow measurement a highly theoretical and technical subject but what most influences quality measurement is the practical application of meters, metering principles, and metering equipment and the use of quality equipment...

  • Implementation Of Robot Systems - An...


    Based on the author's wide-ranging experience as a robot user, supplier and consultant, Implementation of Robot Systems will enable you to approach the use of robots in your plant or facility armed with the right knowledge base and awareness of...

  • Maintenance Strategy

    Kelly, Anthony

    Devising optimal strategy for maintaining industrial plant can be a difficult task of daunting complexity. This book aims to provide the plant engineer with a comprehensive and systematic approach, a framework of guidelines, for tackling this...

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  • Learning From Failures - Decision Analysis Of...


    Learning from Failures provides techniques to explore the root causes of specific disasters and how we can learn from them. It focuses on a number of well-known case studies, including: the sinking of the Titanic; the BP Texas City incident; the...

  • Advanced Control Design With Application To...

    Mahmoud,Magdi S

    Advanced Control Design with application to Electromechanical Systems represents a continuing effort in the pursuit of analytic theory and rigorous design for robust control methods.Divided into seven chapters, the book provides an overview of the...

  • Managing Difficult Projects


    Managing Difficult Projects

  • Quality Issues In Heritage Visitor...

    "yeoman,Ian; Drummond, Siobhan"

    Quality Issues In Heritage Visitor Attractions

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