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  • My Hero Academia - Vol. 2

    Horikoshi, Kohei

    Vai começar a simulação de combate real! Deku precisa reunir toda a sua coragem para enfrentar os desafios que virão pela frente. E o primeiro adversário é... Bakugo?! Deku sabe o quão forte seu amigo-rival é, mas o nosso protótipo de herói já não é...

  • O Filho de Netuno - Os Heróis do Olimpo -...

    Riordan, Rick

    A vida de Percy Jackson é assim mesmo: uma grande bagunça de deuses e monstros que, na maioria das vezes, acaba em problemas. Filho de Poseidon, o deus do mar, um belo dia Percy desperta sem memória e acaba em um acampamento de heróis que não...

  • e-book

    Heroes - Godsend #2

    Joey Falco

    Farah'apos;s work at Primatech brings her into a clash with HRG and the Haitian. Plus she has to undergo a secret mission into a prison to break-out an old face from the Heroes TV show! Plus, just what is Angela Petrelli up to...?

  • Heroes Vol. 2


    The second trade papberback collection of the online comics based on the smash-hit TV series HEROES!

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  • e-book

    Hero of the Fleet: Two World Wars, One...

    Stone,William; Andrew,Hrh Prince

    William Stone died on 10 January 2009 aged 108. He received a hero's funeral. Born in rural Devon, he joined the navy during the First World War, travelled the globe just before the British Empire's light began to fade and saw action in some of the...

  • -28%

    Boneco Transformável e Acessórios - 2 em 1 -...


    Divirta-se montando e desmontando seu Super-Herói Marvel quantas vezes quiser, com o boneco Marvel Super Hero Mashers da Hasbro! Conte com um conjunto composto por diversas peças para criar um herói personalizado! Suas peças são intercambiáveis e...

    R$ 139,99
    R$ 99,99
    em 4x sem juros de R$ 24,99
  • Heróis da II Guerra Mundial - Compra Digital


    Durante os dias mais sombrios da Segunda Guerra Mundial, quando os senhores da guerra desencadearam seu terror sobre um mundo horrorizado, alguns guerreiros foram para frente de suas tropas para conduzir seus soldados à procura de justiça e,...

    R$ 29,99
  • e-book

    Steal This Hero - An Abbie Hoffman Love Song...

    Jack Preston King

    A funny and deeply moving memoir of the author's finding Abbie Hoffman's 'Steal This Book' while a pre-teen growing up in a Midwest small town at the end of the Nixon era, and of his disappointing 'coming of age' as a full-fledged Abbie-loving...

  • Lego Batman 2: Dc Super Heroes - X360


    A dupla dinâmica volta em sua ansiosamente aguardada continuação, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, e dessa vez ela não está sozinha! Super-Homem, Mulher Maravilha, Lanterna Verde e muitos outros se juntaram à luta para salvar Gotham City da destruição...

  • Marie Curie - Coragem, Determinação,...

    Santo,Brunilde Mendes Do Espírito

    No leito de morte entrevistada, com muita febre e dor, vencida pelo câncer, ela sorriu e disse que havia uma voz dentro dela, que dizia: Vai, Marie! Trabalha e estuda. O que você vai fazer ajudará a Humanidade inteira! E acrescentou: Quando reduzimos...

  • e-book

    Women Heroes of World War II-the Pacific...

    Kathryn Atwood

    After glamorous American singer Claire Phillips opened her own night club in Manila, using the proceeds to secretly feed starving American POWs, she also began working as a spy, chatting up Japanese military men and passing their secrets along to...

  • e-book

    Women Heroes of World War II-the Pacific...

    Kathryn Atwood

    After glamorous American singer Claire Phillips opened her own night club in Manila, using the proceeds to secretly feed starving American POWs, she also began working as a spy, chatting up Japanese military men and passing their secrets along to...

  • Hero Tales Vol. 2

    Zhou,Huang Jin; Kusanagi

    With the Imperial Army in hot pursuit, Housei leads Taitou and the others on a little detour to the home of his master. But the 'mean old devil woman' he had described turns out to be nothing of the sort. Master Kouei is a veritable font of wisdom;...

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  • Aama 2. The Invisible Throne


    Verloc Nim has travelled with his brother Conrad to the desert planet Ona(ji) to recover a mysterious experiment called Aama. Home to a group of scientists who have been left to their fate, the planet also plays host to an increasing number of...

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  • e-book

    When the Hero Comes Home (Vol 2)

    Ed Greenwood; Gabrielle Harbowy

    They say you can never go home again...Join us within these pages for all-new stories of heroes whose journeys have ended; whose quests and missions have been won-or lost-as they discover the fate of the people and places they'apos;d left behind.With...

  • Aviões 2 - Heróis do Fogo ao Resgate - Col....


    Labirintos, liga-pontos, cruzadinhas, canas para colorir e passatempos superlegais com os novos personagens Disney saídos da telona para brincar ao seu lado. Nada de perder tempo... maõs à obra!

  • e-book

    The Hired Hero (Intrepid Heroines Series,...

    Pickens, Andrea

    With her diplomat father away on a mission, Lady Caroline Talcott must deliver vital government documents to London. But when her carriage is attacked, she is injured and forced to flee on foot. Her only option: hire her rescuer-the infamous Earl of...

  • e-book

    Dead or Alive (Outlaws and Heroes, Book 2)

    Rush, Mallory

    Alaska was a rough and tumble place in the 1800s when outlaw Noble Zhivago was forced to run for his life-only to be buried alive in an avalanche!Now, a century later, Noble is discovered, frozen in time, by a policeman'apos;s young widow.Lori Morgan...

  • e-book

    Calling All Heroes - A Manual for Taking...


    The euphoric idealism of grassroots reform and the tragic reality of revolutionary failure are at the center of this speculative novel that opens with a real historical event. On October 2, 1968, 10 days before the Summer Olympics in Mexico, the...

  • My Hero Academia Vol. 2


    What would the world be like if 80 percent of the population manifested superpowers called 'Quirks' at age four? Heroes and villains would be battling it out everywhere! Being a hero would mean learning to use your power, but where would you go to...

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  • The Heroes - First Law World 2

    Abercrombie, Joe

    They say Black Dow's killed more men than winter, and clawed his way to the throne of the North up a hill of skulls. The King of the Union, ever a jealous neighbour, is not about to stand smiling by while he claws his way any higher. The orders have...

  • Don Quixote Volume Two

    Miguel de Cervantes

    The second volume of Don Quixote is much darker than the first, picking up the story where Volume I left off and taking us to Don Quixote's death. Don Quixote battles cats, puppets and the famous Knight of the Mirrors. He plunges head first into the...

  • e-book

    An Arresting Attraction (To Protect and Serve...

    Stef Ann Holm

    Burned-out Miami PD detective Paul Cabrera is determined to slow down. Reporting for a deputy job in Majestic, Colorado, where the most exciting police work will be writing parking tickets, Paul didn'apos;t plan on falling in lust with the very sexy...

  • A Tale Of Two Cities

    Mairowitz,David Zane

    After 18 years as a prisoner in the Bastille, Dr Manette is reunited with his daughter in England. There, two very different men - an exiled French aristocrat and a disreputable, but brilliant, English lawyer - become joined through their love for...

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  • e-book

    The Leper Spy - The Story of an Unlikely Hero...

    Montgomery, Ben

    The GIs called her Joey. Hundreds owed their lives to the tiny Filipina who stashed explosives in spare tires, tracked Japanese troop movements, and smuggled maps of fortifications across enemy lines. As the Battle of Manila raged, Josefina Guerrero...

  • The Hero Two Doors Down - Based On The True...

    Robinson, Sharon

    Based on the true story of a boy in Brooklyn who became neighbors and friends with his hero, Jackie Robinson. Steven Satlow is an eight-year-old boy living in Brooklyn, New York, which means he only cares about one thing-the Dodgers. Steve and his...

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  • Arcane Heroes 2

    Wizards Miniatures Team (edt)

    Arcane Heroes 2

    sob encomenda
  • Big Hero 6 Vol. 2


    Hiro teams up with Baymax to resolve the mysterious disappearance of his brother and role model, Tadashi. With four reliable friends and an upgraded Baymax by his side, Hiro finally confronts the masked man, the one who holds the key to the truth!!...

    sob encomenda
  • Dragon Quest Heroes 2 - Edição do Explorador...


    Uma nova aventura inicia! Após um milênio de paz, os Sete Reinos repentinamente entraram em conflito, como se fossem levados por uma força maligna e misteriosa. Agora, você deve liderar um grupo de heróis poderosos em uma missão para derrotar o mal e...

  • The Lovecraft Anthology Vol. II

    H.P. Lovecraft

    This collection reveals the nightmare worlds of Lovecraft’s imagination, exploring themes of forbidden knowledge and insanity in tale after tale of unsettling horror. Building on the success of the first volume, it showcases the talents of a new...

  • Dois Heróis É Demais

    Cali, Davide

    Na rua Urtiga tem um super herói. Supercoelho é superveloz, superforte, superágil e superlindo. Ele nunca se separa de seu superpula-pula e está sempre por perto para ajudar o mundo. Mas, um dia, chega àquela rua outro menino com as mesmas qualidades...

  • Captain Marvel- Earth's Mightiest Hero Vol. 2

    Deconnick, Kelly Sue; Van Meter, Jen

    Captain Marvel and the Avengers face the enemy within! When vicious echoes from the past of Earth's Mightiest Heroes crop up all over Manhattan, Carol Danvers refuses to be grounded by her recent and mysterious loss of power. But who is the sinister...

  • Showcase Presents- Legion Of Super Heroes...


    The Legion of Super Heroes faces evil!

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Calculated Risk - The Extraordinary Life of...

    Hoppes, Jonna Doolittle

    Famous for leading the Tokyo Raid, America'apos;s first strike against Japan in World War II, Jimmy Doolittle led a remarkable life as an American pilot. This firsthand account by his granddaughter reveals an extraordinary individual—a scientist with...

  • e-book

    Ordinary Heroes - Untold Stories of World War...

    Wagner, Stephen; Sharon Wells Wagner

    Sixty-four heroes. One story. Sharon Wells Wagner, author of Red Wells, collaborated with her son, Stephen Wagner, on this extraordinary account of one of history's greatest conflicts: World War II. Told through the eyes of its participants, Ordinary...

  • Scottish Knights - 2 - Highland Hero

    Scott, Amanda

    LADY IN DISGUISELady Marsi Cargill refuses to marry a man who wants her land rather than her love. To escape her arranged betrothal, she disguises her noble lineage and accompanies her young cousin--the future King of Scots--on a secret journey...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Coleção Aprenda A Desenhar 2: Como Desenhar...

    Jubran, Alexandre; Garcia, Arthur

    'Nesta coleção, você encontra três volumes com cursos completos para aprender a desenhar. Acompanhe o passo a passo da criação, desde o esboço até a arte-final e comece imediatamente.Um curso completo em Como Desenhar Mangá Shonen com Arthur Garcia,...

  • Luke Cage, Iron Fist & The Heroes For Hire,...

    Edkin, Joe; Ostrander, John

    Hey heroes, are you hiring? If so, Deadpool is available! And he could come in handy as Luke Cage and Iron Fist's team takes on Silver Sable and her Wild Pack! But Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are probably a better fi t to help out the short handed...

    sob encomenda
  • e-book

    Women Heroes of World War II - 26 Stories of...

    Atwood, Kathryn J.

    Organized by country, this historical exploration includes stories of girls and women from across Europe and the United States who risked their lives to perform extremely dangerous acts against the Nazis during World War II. The 26 profiles bring to...

  • e-book

    Women Heroes of World War II - 26 Stories of...


    Organized by country, this historical exploration includes stories of girls and women from across Europe and the United States who risked their lives to perform extremely dangerous acts against the Nazis during World War II. The 26 profiles bring to...

  • Bonecos Transformers - 2 Unidades - Playskool...


    Os meninos vão adorar os Bonecos Transformers 2 Unidades Playskool Heroes Trailer de Corrida da Hasbro. Agora eles vão poder ter 2 incríveis heróis bots de uma só vez. Com uma equipe de corrida completa, o conjunto vem acompanhado do Blurr, que pode...

    R$ 199,99
    em 9x sem juros de R$ 22,22
  • Horimiya Vol. 2


    Youth, ultra-lightly carbonated!! At first glance, the ultra-popular Hori-san seems like a flashy high school girl, but in reality, she's plain, practical, and domestic. On the other hand, the bespectacled Miyamura-kun comes across as an average,...

    sob encomenda
  • Dc Comics: Secret Hero Society - 2 - Fort...

    Fridolfs, Derek

    Clark Kent is thrilled when he receives an invite to a spring break academic retreat. After taking down the villains of Ducard Academy the previous year, going back to life on the farm was a bit dull. Better yet, his friends Bruce and Diana have been...

    sob encomenda
  • Os Heróis - De Alexandre o Grande e Julio...

    Johnson, Paul

    Herói é aquela pessoa que tenha sido ampla, persistente e entusiasticamente encarada como herói, durante longos períodos, por alguém razoável, ou mesmo irracional.” — Paul Johnson, autor de Os Criadores e de Os Intelectuais Como reconhecemos os...

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