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  • Análise da Estrutura dos Vertebrados - 2ª Ed.


    Este livro trata da morfologia evolutiva e funcional dos vertebrados. É profusamente ilustrado com desenhos de alta qualidade. Dos cerca de 1000 objetos ilustrados separadamente, dois terços são completamente originais e quase todos os outros são...

  • Conselhos A Uma Recém-Casada

    Hildebrand, Alice Von

    Este livro faz enfim chegar, aos leitores brasileiros, as palavras de Alice von Hildebrand, uma das vozes femininas mais importantes de nosso tempo. Aqui, a célebre teóloga, especialista nos temas do amor, do matrimônio e da feminilidade, nos...

  • e-book

    Conjugal Love and Procreation - Dietrich von...

    Schemenauer, Kevin

    While some argue that this German Catholic philosopher and theologian neglected the role of procreation in marriage, this book shows that von Hildebrand's writings on reverence and superabundant finality contribute to a contemporary understanding of...

  • Meu Primeiro Dia de Aula


    O primeiro dia de aula é um momento especial na vida da gente. Tão importante que ficamosansiosos, com o coração batendo forte. Uns ficam tão ansiosos que não param de falar; outros, querem sair correndo; outros, ficam tímidos e mesmo assustados, até...

  • Dicionário Jurídico - 9ª Ed. 2014

    A.r. Hildebrand

    Esta obra é fruto de uma incessante busca de expressões e termos mais usados nos meios forenses pesquisados ao longo de mais de seis anos no exercício da profissão de revisor de livros jurídicos. Nela você encontrará, também, exemplos de...

  • e-book

    Prayers that Change things in your...


    The need to love and the need to be loved are fundamental to life and happiness. In Lloyd Hildebrand's second book in the Prayers That Change Things series, you will find Bible - based prayers to help you in all your relationships - with God, your...

  • e-book

    Memoirs of a Happy Failure

    Hildebrand, Alice Von

    Alice von Hildebrand is a household name to many who know her from her countless EWTN appearances, her books, and her extensive articles and essays. What is little known is the story of her life, notably the thirty-seven years she spent at Hunter...

  • Marketing e o Mercado Infantil

    Rodriguez,Andres; Campomar,Marcos Cortez; Hildebrand,Diogo

    O mercado infantil envolve crianças, famílias e empresas que vendem produtos (bens e serviços) a esses consumidores. A importância da criança como mercado consumidor vai além daqueles produtos básicos normalmente relacionados a ela, como brinquedos,...

  • e-book

    Magic of Rindibar - Reawakening

    Ryan Hildebrand

    It is the Fourth Age in the world of Rindibar. Magic is something more akin to myth and legend than fact. But as the events of the three novellas of The Magic of Rindibar: Reawakening unfold, we come to see that Magic is very real indeed.Through...

  • e-book

    Basil of Caesarea

    Hildebrand, Stephen M.

    This introduction surveys the theological, spiritual, and monastic writings of Basil of Caesarea, showing the importance of his work for contemporary theology and spirituality.

  • e-book

    The Anteega Fire Mystery

    G. Irving Hildebrand

    Travel back and forth across the country in time and action with retired federal agent Gabriel Randolph as he encounters international corporate crime, personal adventure and romance. His travels take him from San Francisco to Milwaukee and the lake...

  • e-book

    To Breathe - & other stories for young & old

    Antonia Hildebrand

    'In this collection the reader discovers an inquisitive mind equally as concerned for world issues as for the dull conformity that can settle over small towns. Antonia's writing artfully moves from well researched topics to finely tuned observations...

  • e-book

    The Allegorical Crossing of the Bridge of the...

    G. Irving Hildebrand

    We've been told that there are two parts of our brain and that one side remains largely unused. Open it up, and build a bridge to new ideas. To envision some small parts of our universe, cosmologists develop theoretical models that they can overlay...

  • e-book

    Praying the Promises Changes Things


    Praying the Promises Changes Things shows the reader how to grasp God's promises through prayer. This effective method of prayer helps the reader to turn his back on life's problems and his face toward the powerful promises of God, and to believe...

  • e-book

    Bible Meditations for All Your Needs


    Bible Meditations for All Your Needs will help the reader to dive into the deeper things of God. Andrew Murray said, ''''It is in meditation that the heart holds and appropriates the Word. In meditation the heart takes it and feeds on it.

  • Analysis Of Vertebrate Structure 5Th Edition

    Hildebrand,Milton; Goslow,G. E.

    Functional approach to morphology––treatment is unique as to organization, thoroughness, and extent of biomechanical analysis. * Profusely illustrated with high quality original artwork. * Comment boxes evaluate points of controversy and note...

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  • e-book

    Dollfuss: An Austrian Patriot

    Zmirak, John; Von Hildebrand,Alice; Messner, Johannes

    Introduced in this book is Englebert Dollfuss, the Austrian hero who plotted a course for Austria against Nazism, against Socialism, and against unbridled capitalism until his assassination by the Nazis in 1934. This is the story of the Austrian...

  • e-book

    Methods of Applied Mathematics

    Francis B. Hildebrand

    Offering a number of mathematical facts and techniques not commonly treated in courses in advanced calculus, this book explores linear algebraic equations, quadratic and Hermitian forms, the calculus of variations, more.

  • e-book

    Introduction to Numerical Analysis - Second...

    F. B. Hildebrand

    Well-known, respected introduction, updated to integrate concepts and procedures associated with computers. Computation, approximation, interpolation, numerical differentiation and integration, smoothing of data, more. Includes 150 additional...

  • Functional Vertebrate Morphology

    Hildebrand,Milton; Bramble,Dennis M; Liem,Karel F; Wake,David B

    Functional Vertebrate Morphology

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  • Scuba Diving

    Berger,Karen; Hildebrand,Ron; Hildebrand,Frank

    The sole YMCA-sanctioned guide to scuba diving provides readers with everything they need to know about the sport, from choosing a certification course to buying the right equipment. Original.

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  • Rock Climbing

    Mellor,Don; Hildebrand,Ron (ilt)

    Featuring full-color sequential illustrations, photographs, and a field-tested teaching approach, a guide helps beginners move from indoor to outdoor climbing, teaching them safe climbing techniques in a logical step-by-step sequence. Original.

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Methods Of...

    MATHEMATICS; Hildebrand, Francis B

    This invaluable book offers engineers and physicists working knowledge of a number of mathematical facts and techniques not commonly treated in courses in advanced calculus, but nevertheless extremely useful when applied to typical problems in many...

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  • Switzerland

    Huber,Maya; Hildebrand,Thomas


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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Introduction To...

    MATHEMATICS; Hildebrand, F B; Hildebrand, Francis Begnaud

    The ultimate aim of the field of numerical analysis is to provide convenient methods for obtaining useful solutions to mathematical problems and for extracting useful information from available solutions which are not expressed in tractable forms....

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  • e-book

    A Most Noble Enterprise - The Story of Kent...

    Hildebrand, William H.

    The centennial history of one of Ohio'apos;s premier public universities'quot;This book tells the story of Kent State University'apos;s first hundred years. Itis a story replete with hairbreadth escapes and pratfalls, with moments of low comedy, high...

  • e-book

    2012 Is This The End?


    Since the beginning of the human race mankind has asked the question when will it all end. From every corner of the Earth there are beliefs, prophecies, and legends, most of which point to ''the year 2012''. Some of these stories point to a new...

  • The Privilege of Being a Woman

    Von Hildebrand,Alice

    The Privilege of Being a Woman

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  • Fly Fishing

    Merwin,John; Hildebrand,Ron

    An illustrated, colorful guide to fly fishing for beginners explains the basics of fly casting, knot tying, stream reading, and how to catch bass, trout, salmon, and saltwater fish with a fly. Original.

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  • e-book

    Bridging the Gap - A Training Module in...

    Hildebrand, Judy

    This book opens a very important debate for the family therapy field. At a time of treatment rationing and standard setting, it aptly draws our attention to an issue of increasing importance: training the highest quality family therapists. In...

  • e-book

    Bullies and the Three Monkeys - How the...

    Schroeder-Hildebrand,Dagmar; Schroeder,Peter W.

    From the authors of Kar-Ben'apos;s award-winning Six Million Paper Clips: The Making of a Children'apos;s Holocaust Memorial, comes a book about teaching the lessons of tolerance gleaned from the Holocaust.In Bullies and the Three Monkeys, Peter W....

  • e-book

    Crochet Wraps Every Which Way - 18 Original...

    Tammy Hildebrand

    Patterns for 18 wraps and shawls using 6 crochet techniques: traditional crochet, motif crochet, Tunisian crochet, broomstick lace, hairpin lace, and double-ended crochet.

  • e-book

    365 Winter Warmer Slow Cooker Recipes -...

    Hildebrand,Robert; Hildebrand,Carol

    What could be better than walking in the door after a hard day'apos;s work to a hot savory dinner, ready and waiting? A dinner that only requires three ingredients, that'apos;s what! With the right high-quality ingredients, you can create delicious...

  • e-book

    The Customer Experience Edge: Technology and...

    Soudagar, Reza; Hildebrand,Volker; Iyer,Vinay

    'This excellent book makes it quite clear that your business has to focus on customer experience for 21st-century business success. It's more than refreshing to read the multiple case studies and well thought out approach and to hear the experienced...

  • Dicionário Jurídico - 11ª Ed. 2017

    A.r. Hildebrand

    Esta obra é fruto de uma seleção de termos e expressões mais usados nos meios forenses, pesquisados ao longo de quatorze anos no exercício da profissão de revisor de livros jurídicos. É um dicionário misto incluindo seções de tira-dúvidas, além de...

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  • O Privilégio de Ser Mulher

    Hildebrand, Alice Von

    Os interesses femininos centram-se no lado humano de suas vidas: sua vida familiar, seus relacionamentos com os que lhe são caros, suas preocupações com a saúde, o bem estar físico, e, se cristãs, com a condição espiritual de seus filhos; em outras...

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  • Dicionário Jurídico de Bolso - 5ª Ed.

    Hildebrand,Antonio Roberto

    Produto indisponível

  • Dicionário Jurídico - 10ª Ed. 2015

    A.r. Hildebrand

    Esta obra é fruto de uma seleção de termos e expressões mais usados nos meios forenses, pesquisados ao longo de quatorze anos no exercício da profissão de revisor de livros jurídicos. É um dicionário misto incluindo seções de tira-dúvidas, além de...

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  • Dicionario Jurídico - Principais Expressões...

    Hildebrand,Antonio Roberto

    Esta obra é fruto de uma seleção de termos e expressões mais usados nos meios forenses, pesquisados ao longo de doze anos no exercício da profissão de revisor de livros jurídicos. É um dicionário misto incluindo seções de tira-dúvidas, além de frases...

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  • Trading - Presença Brasileira no Cenário...

    Grisi,Celso Cláudio de Hildebrand e; Masini,Nildo; Britto,Ricardo Pitelli de

    O livro propõe, de forma objetiva, a compreensão das tradings no Brasil e no mundo, sua importância no processo de internacionalização das empresas locais, descrevendo suas atividades na história recente das exportações brasileiras. Também identifica...

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  • Nova Lei da Reforma Urbana e o Est da Cidade

    Hildebrand,Antonio Roberto

    Este livro aborda: Parcelamento, Edificações ou Utilização Compulsórios; IPTU Progressivo no tempo; Desapropriação com Pagamento mediante T.D.P.; Usucapião Especial Urbano; Venda do Direito de Uso; Regularização das Favelas.

    Produto indisponível

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